10 alcove shelf ideas – chic design options and styling strategies

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Alcove support ideas tin capitalize connected these niches wrong a room. They supply a spot for a show of decorative objects oregon to store items successful style, oregon for a operation of the two.  

Adding shelves is simply a favourite among alcove ideas due to the fact that it exploits the abstraction they supply without concealing these architectural features. And with a beauteous enactment of items connected display, attraction is drawn to these pleasing recesses.

Both the shelves selected and what’s connected amusement tin adhd to the entreaty of a room, and we’ve collected alcove support ideas arsenic a starting constituent for your ain design.

Alcove support ideas

An alcove is the cleanable determination to recognize bookshelf ideas and elevate the country with cautiously curated displays. Be inspired by these alcove support ideas.

1. Opt for freestanding shelves

living country   with solid  shelving unit, bluish  velvet sofa, occurrence  surround

(Image credit: OKA)

Think some freestanding and fitted alcove support ideas – they tin beryllium arsenic stylish. ‘A sitting country alcove is the cleanable spot for shelving, but you don’t person to spell to large measures to instal built-in living country bookshelf ideas,' says Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA.  

‘Instead, effort choosing a connection bookshelf, specified arsenic OKA’s Versailles Ashmolean design; this volition not lone marque a diagnostic of what would different beryllium a sparse space, but, successful the lawsuit of the mirrored Versailles, volition amusement disconnected your favourite ornaments and books from each their champion angles.’

2. Choose a monochromatic strategy for impact

white shelving with assorted  white, disconnected  achromatic  and achromatic  ornaments and vases

(Image credit: Emilie Bonaventure/Nicolas Matheus)

Create a taxable for an alcove support similar this striking monochromatic display. ‘Make it absorbing by choosing a substance of white, disconnected achromatic and achromatic ornaments and vases, immoderate with patterns and prints for a decorative touch. Vary the sizes, too, for other interest,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

3. Go for an all-encompassing overgarment scheme 

blue surviving  country   with painted alcove shelving, coral velvet sofa

(Image credit: Sofa.com)

Consider the colour of alcove support ideas. 'Paint alcove shelving successful the aforesaid colour arsenic the remainder of your walls to make a cohesive arsenic good arsenic modern look,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens. 

‘Don't overload your shelves, either. Keep displays good spaced truthful they stay a decorative feature.' 

4. Use woody shelves for added character 

alcove shelving with woody  shelves, greenish  velvet sofa, partition  light, marble fireplace

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

'Incorporating alcove shelving is an effectual plan diagnostic to originative extent for styling and layering the abstraction combined with applicable storage,' says Katie Lion, elder interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove.  

‘This allows for hints of opposition successful colour oregon material, arsenic tin beryllium seen successful the woody shelves that adhd warmth and quality alongside a much neutral backdrop. These punctuate the shelving plan and pb your oculus crossed the space.’

5. Think extracurricular of the container – with a box

office abstraction  with shelving successful  alcove

(Image credit: Original BTC)

'This truly is simply a genius idea, there's truthful overmuch to emotion astir it: the clever usage of the alcove arsenic an bureau space, the container shelving and of course, the people wrong it! Painting it successful a colour makes a diagnostic of it and 1 that we tin each instrumentality ideas from,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

6. Give alcove shelves a treble use

monochromatic surviving  room, alcove shelving, achromatic  shelves

(Image credit: TR Studio)

Custom alcove support ideas tin fulfill precise retention requirements. 'At TR Studio we plan tons of bespoke pieces for our lawsuit projects and the request for other and discreet retention is thing that comes up clip and clip again,’ says Tom Rutt, founder. ‘We person designed galore built-in, cleverly recessed retention and bespoke joinery wrong alcoves. In our task NCH House we created beauteous bespoke alcove shelving successful a affluent cocoa oak.

'Upon archetypal view, the shelves look to person been designed purposely deep, but they treble arsenic drawers which helped support the play spot wide and minimal. We precise cautiously tailored the shelving extent truthful that, arsenic the shelves ascend higher up towards the ceiling, the shelving decreases successful tallness to lighten them visually. The little shelving being deeper allowed america to make practical, interior retention utilizing a drop-down beforehand panel, whilst the much inaccessible, higher shelves simply show objects.'

7. Go acheronian to melodramatic effect 

dark bluish  eating  country   with coir carpet, achromatic  ceiling, solid  shelving, achromatic  and solid  display

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

'Before choosing a color combination for your kitchen shelving ideas, see what you program to show connected your alcove shelving,' says Andy Greenall, caput of plan astatine Paint & Paper Library. ‘For a harmonious and calm feel, opt for a tonal colour that coordinates with your walls and the items you volition be displaying. 

‘For a more dynamic feel, take a powerfully contrasting color. The deep, acheronian Beyond Blue works fantastically arsenic a melodramatic astir achromatic backdrop to gully the oculus to a show of achromatic porcelain.’

8. Add texture with shiplap

white bookcase alcove shelf, achromatic  linen couch, bluish  and achromatic  cushions, bluish  rug, airy   bluish  walls, shiplap

(Image credit: Neptune)

'The eventual successful signifier and function, built-in living country shelving for an alcove provides abstraction for retention and display,' advises George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune. ‘If the country successful question has a peculiar look oregon theme, effort reflecting this successful the pieces you take for your shelves. 

‘Playing with tallness and scale, and grouping items successful threes, volition besides assistance you to make coherence alternatively than chaos, without compromising connected personality. And if your alcove shelving is successful the sitting room, wherefore not make a small-scale room successful reaching region of your favourite living country sofa oregon armchair.’

9. Make a diagnostic of your alcove shelves

white chamber  with alcove shelving each   broadside  of bed. Dressing tables underneath

(Image credit: Interior Fox )

'Embrace the alcoves successful a play location by maximizing abstraction and creating clever uses. Centering the furniture successful beforehand of the chimney allows you to not lone usage each broadside arsenic a bedside table, but a decorative feature, further storage ideas and adjacent a dressing table,' accidental Jen & Mar co-founders of Interior Fox.

10. Add alcove shelves to a bathroom 

A bath  with ample  descend  connected  a marble counter, and achromatic  shelves holding decorative objects

(Image credit: Future/Jonathan Gooch)

'Some bathrooms, particularly successful older properties, volition person alcoves, but if yours doesn't, you tin make 1 erstwhile you remodel. It's truly utile to incorporated bathroom support ideas successful this abstraction arsenic it gives you person other abstraction for lotions, potions and an country for displaying your favourite pieces,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

What worldly is utilized for alcove shelves?

Wood tin beryllium a bully prime for alcove shelves. It tin beryllium matched to different woods successful the room, but tin besides beryllium stained oregon painted. Finishing alcove shelves successful the aforesaid overgarment colour arsenic the alcove creates a modern finish, portion a contrasting colour makes them basal out.

What tallness should alcove shelves be?

The tallness of alcove shelves volition beryllium connected whether they instrumentality up the full alcove oregon there’s different retention beneath them specified arsenic a cupboard successful the surviving room, oregon a nightstand successful the bedroom.

Plan the support heights according to what volition beryllium displayed oregon stored connected them. Large hardback books, artwork oregon vases necessitate bully height, whereas book storage for novels means shelves tin beryllium person unneurotic if you request to acceptable maximum numbers.