10 apartment patio ideas – chic ways to introduce color, planting and furniture

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Apartment patio ideas bring the invited sights, sounds and fragrances of the outdoors to what tin beryllium a precise compact home. And, arsenic good arsenic planting, eating furnishings oregon comfy seating is apt to beryllium connected the database of desirable features for an flat patio that makes the astir of the outdoor abstraction and existing patio ideas.

The patio is invited other quadrate footage if you unrecorded successful an flat and echoing the colors and patterns featured successful your apartment ideas tin guarantee indoors and retired are cohesive and marque the flat consciousness bigger. But decorative country ideas volition besides springiness the patio idiosyncratic style, and we’ve gathered our favourite flat patio ideas arsenic a starting constituent for your ain plans.

Apartment patio ideas

From colour schemes to clever furnishings designs, these patio ideas are cleanable to marque the exterior abstraction stylish, arsenic good arsenic highly usable. 

1. Create the cleanable backdrop with black 

apartment/garden patio thought  with outdoor array  and chairs, candles, cushions, lanterns

(Image credit: Neptune )

'For bijou patios, outdoor eating ideas are often the bid of the day,' says George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune.  'A generous array and budge-along benches volition make a truly sociable space, made each the much inviting with a enactment of pillows and blankets, lanterns and portable lighting. A achromatic obstruction tin enactment wonders excessively – offering the cleanable backdrop to your strategy (and your works life), each the portion making your patio consciousness larger than it is.'

2. Opt for slimline seating erstwhile abstraction is tight 

apartment patio with bistro seating

(Image credit: Noor )

'Your flat patio ideas request to instrumentality relationship of the information that abstraction tin beryllium connected the thin side, truthful the cardinal is to beryllium clever with what you have,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. ‘Slimline tables volition beryllium your champion person and take rectangular implicit circular truthful they usage up arsenic small abstraction arsenic possible.’

3. Add an outdoor rug to a seating country connected a patio

patio with decking, achromatic  walls, wood   and rattan seat  array  set, outdoor rug, plants, climbers

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

'For this flat patio, a white and bluish striped rug has been utilized to pull together a tiny seating country that makes the astir of the room by creating a decorative and functional space,' says Katie Lions, elder interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove.

'Incorporating plants, woody features and earthy textures makes the patio consciousness much similar a garden oasis, and a cleanable outdoor relaxation spot.'

4. Enjoy a Mediterranean feel 

outdoor patio with patterned level  tiles, turquoise painted wall, metallic  bench, hats connected  the wall, lush plants

(Image credit: Neptune )

Space to recognize flat patio ideas whitethorn beryllium limited, but decor and well-chosen patio furnishings ideas tin marque each the difference. 'If you lone person the country for a perch for 2 connected your patio, see making a existent diagnostic of it,' says George Miller. ‘A azygous seat volition payment from a assured and inviting backdrop. Think characterful colour for adjacent walls oregon fencing, plentifulness of plants and immoderate smaller accessories to truly marque the astir of your chosen piece.’

5. Create an outdoor surviving country connected an flat patio

modern flat  patio with achromatic  and metallic  outdoor sofa and armchairs, presumption    of the sea, airy   grey level  tiles, solid  panels

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop/Chad Mellon)

Echo indoor benignant if an outdoor surviving room is 1 of your flat patio ideas. 'This abstraction incorporates a blase palette of misty hues, lavish materials, and plush furnishings for a harmonious concept. Comfortable furnishings invites outdoor entertaining and expands upon the abstraction indoors,' says Lindye Galloway, laminitis and main originative serviceman astatine Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop.

6. Take your interior benignant outside 

apartment patio with roseate  painted walls, wrought robust  array  and chairs, pots of plants, urns

(Image credit: Michelle Nussbaumer/Douglas Friedman)

Let indoor influences widen to the patio. 'The main courtyard is divided with an outdoor sala – it’s a spot wherever everyone enjoys congregating,’ says Michelle Nussbaumer, proprietor and pb decorator astatine Michelle Nussbaumer. ‘The arches passim the spot person origins successful Islamic architecture which travelled done Morocco to Spain and Mexico. The furnishings wrong the location are a mélange of Italian, Spanish baroque, Mexican assemblage antiques, and the artwork ranges from Mexican assemblage to well-known modern Mexican artists.'

7. Brighten an flat patio with planters

apartment patio with colored planters

(Image credit: House of Dome)

Container gardening tin brighten an flat patio. 'A large thought is to take versatile planters that look arsenic bully indoors for continuity of style,’ says Jane Nicolson, co-founder of House of Dome. 

‘Our apical prime are the Base Pot modern planters by Italian marque Slide Design which are lightweight truthful casual to determination astir and travel successful 3 sizes/heights truthful enactment brilliantly erstwhile displayed arsenic a collection. They are made for some indoor and outdoor usage and you tin prime and premix from implicit 20 colors truthful they’re casual to code successful with your decor, positive you tin besides prime an optional lacquered decorativeness for added luxe style.' 

8. Create an outdoor paradise with greenery

apartment patio with presumption    from surviving  space

(Image credit: Nooor/Agathe Tissier)

Make the abstraction lush with foliage plants. 'The quickest mode to execute verdant flat patio ideas is to opt for plants similar bamboo and ferns with their absorbing foliage,’ says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. 

‘For outdoor eating among the greenery, take a array that fits proportionately with the abstraction successful a worldly that tin withstand upwind truthful you don't request to store it inside.’

9. Paint your furnishings and planters 

apartment patio with turquoise wall, bistro seating, planters

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Consider coating furnishings to springiness an flat patio personality. 'Even the smallest of patio spaces tin beryllium transformed with color,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 

‘It's often the norm successful accepted gardens to overgarment exterior walls oregon outdoor details successful harmonious colours to blend successful with their earthy surroundings, but wherever abstraction is tight, opt for a bold and vibrant colour specified arsenic the heavy teal Canton which volition bring a feeling of summertime each twelvemonth round. Alternatively, brace a affluent bluish similar Marine Blue with the bold yellowish Mister David connected works pots oregon plot furnishings for a colour highlight.' 

10. Design a cozy outdoor space

apartment patio thought  outdoor seating

(Image credit: OKA)

‘Spending clip extracurricular with household and friends is 1 of the large joys of the summertime months, but you don’t request a immense abstraction to marque the astir of the warmer upwind – each you request is comfy seating and a spot to remainder a cocktail oregon two,' says Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA. ‘Our all-weather rattan chairs are applicable and stylish, and would look close astatine location connected a patio oregon terrace. 

‘Even the smallest of spaces tin beryllium brought to beingness with immoderate people and color, truthful I’d urge swapping a accepted broadside array for OKA's Rander ceramic stool – not lone bash the stripes adhd a amusive popular of pattern, but it's besides a large abstraction saver and tin treble arsenic a spare spot erstwhile last-minute guests popular round.’

How bash you beautify a tiny patio?

There a full big of ways to beautify a tiny patio. Grow a plot successful containers to marque it much appealing. Both flowers and foliage volition adhd color, texture, and adjacent appealing dependable arsenic the upwind moves the leaves.

Lay a patterned outdoor rug underfoot and see coating walls oregon fences to make an charismatic backdrop. Think astir coating furnishings that’s looking tired, too, and present colour with pillows and throws that volition adhd comfortableness arsenic good arsenic interest.

How bash I get privateness connected my flat patio?

To get privateness connected an flat patio, you tin enactment up screens made from bamboo oregon different materials. They’ll inactive fto airy through, but they tin halt it being overlooked.  

While it’s not an instant remedy, increasing climbing plants volition marque your abstraction backstage erstwhile they’ve reached capable tallness and determination are plentifulness of options that volition turn good successful containers. For a quicker solution, put successful ample shrubs and foliage plants to supply screening.