10 royal residences: the palaces and houses that the royal family call home

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As anglophiles astir the satellite tune successful to ticker the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration, you whitethorn beryllium near wondering wherever does Her Majesty The Queen and the remainder of the royal household really live? 

Unsurprisingly, their homes are immoderate of the world's champion homes, and galore members of the steadfast person much than 1 palatial residence that they telephone home. 

10 royal homes – wherever bash the Royal household live?

From lesser-known backstage houses to the astir celebrated of Crown-owned castles, H&G takes a look astatine the apical Royal residences astir the UK, from Buckingham Palace to Balmoral, to Frogmore and Kensington Palace.

1. Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace

(Image credit: A. Astes / Alamy Stock Photo)

During the Platinum Jubilee weekend, Queen Elizabeth II volition beryllium staying successful backstage quarters astatine the celebrated 775-room Buckingham Palace successful London. 

In the bosom of the capital, Buckingham Palace has been the authoritative London residence of the British sovereign since 1837, and it the astir notable of each the royal residences. Queen Victoria was the archetypal monarch to settee successful the 775-room palace. She introduced a ample country which was, astatine the clip of operation successful 1853-5, the largest country successful London.

The awesome 40-acre plot sets the country for galore summertime plot parties and the palace itself is location to the backstage offices and apartments for different moving royals.

2. Balmoral Castle, Aberdeenshire

Balmoral Castle

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Balmoral Castle is the Scottish location of the Queen Elizabeth II. The backstage residence, primitively purchased by Queen Victoria, reportedly sits connected 50,000 acres with 150 full buildings.

The majestic architecture is emblematic of the Scottish Baronial period. It is utilized arsenic the backstage residence of the Queen and her household – they often instrumentality residence successful the castle each summer. 

The location mostly remains unchanged since the location was purchased by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria successful 1852. The castle sits connected the 20,000-hectacre Balmoral property successful Royal Deeside.

3. Sandringham House, Norfolk 

Sandringham House

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The beauteous Sandringham House successful Norfolk is the much-loved state retreat of the monarch. It has been the backstage location of British monarchs since 1862 and successful that clip it has seen the lives, and so deaths of galore a royal family. 

This twelvemonth to people the historical juncture of The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, celebrations volition instrumentality spot passim 2022 astatine Sandringham.

At Christmastime, the Queen, and different members of the royal household famously caput to Sandringham property successful Norfolk, which Elizabeth inherited from her father, George VI. Locals tin often spot the household making their mode to religion connected Christmas morning.

4. Windsor Castle, Berkshire

Windsor Castle

(Image credit: Dylan Garcia ARPS / Alamy Stock Photo)

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle successful the world. This spectacular location has been the household location of British kings and queens for astir 1,000 years.

The castle was established by William the Conqueror who began gathering astatine Windsor astir 1070. It took 16 years to complete. It is an authoritative residence of Her Majesty The Queen and is inactive precise overmuch a moving royal palace today.

The Queen spends astir of her backstage weekends astatine Windsor Castle and takes up authoritative residence for a period successful the outpouring for Easter Court, and for a week each June, erstwhile she attends Royal Ascot and the work of the Order of the Garter.

5. Clarence House, London

Clarence House

(Image credit: MICHAEL DUNLEA / Alamy Stock Photo)

Clarence House, which stands beside St James's Palace, was built betwixt 1825 and 1827 to the designs of John Nash for Prince William Henry, Duke of Clarence, and his woman Adelaide. Today Clarence House is the authoritative London residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, and is the determination for galore authorities visits.

The statement of the rooms stay recognizably arsenic they were successful Queen Elizabeth's time, with overmuch of Her Majesty's postulation of works of creation and furnishings successful their erstwhile positions. The stucco-fronted abode was formerly the London location of the Queen Mother until her decease successful 2002. 

6. St James’s Palace, London

St James's Palace

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Built by Henry VIII successful Westminster betwixt 1531 and 1536, St. James's Palace has been the mounting for immoderate of the astir important events successful Royal history, having been a residence of Kings and Queens for implicit 300 years until the reign of Queen Victoria. 

The Chapel Royal saw the marriages of George III and Queen Charlotte; Victoria and Albert; and George V and Queen Mary. The past sovereign to unrecorded successful the Palace was William IV until his decease successful 1837. 

Family occasions person besides been held astatine t James's Palace implicit the years, astir precocious the christening of Prince George successful 2013.

7. Kensington Palace, London

Kensington Palace

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The glorious Kensington Palace was bought successful its erstwhile incarnation arsenic Nottingham House by William III successful 1689. The Jacobean mansion was aboriginal extended and improved by Sir Christopher Wren. Royal residents person occupied the palace since King William III and his woman Queen Mary II.

Today, Kensington Palace Apartment 1A is the location of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their 3 children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The State Rooms are unfastened to the nationalist and managed by the autarkic foundation Historic Royal Palaces, a non-profit enactment that does not person nationalist funds.

8. Frogmore Cottage, Windsor 

Frogmore Cottage

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Frogmore House is an exceptional royal retreat successful the grounds of Windsor Castle. It was primitively constructed betwixt 1680 and 1684 and was a large favourite of the royals, particularly Queen Victoria who admired the bid and tranquillity. For astir 20 years, Frogmore was the location of Queen Victoria's mother, The Duchess of Kent.

Today, the location is inactive owned by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who utilized £2.4m of payer wealth to renovate the property, earlier paying it backmost successful afloat successful aboriginal 2020 erstwhile they moved to California.

9. Highgrove House, Gloucestershire

Highgrove House

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Highgrove House, the picturesque spot successful the idyllic Gloucestershire countryside, is the household residence of the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The royal mates telephone Highgrove House their 2nd home. Prince Charles has owned this location since 1980, and helium antecedently spent weekends determination with his archetypal wife, the precocious Princess Diana, and their children, Princes William and Harry. 

Prince Charles indulges his emotion for gardening, and ensures his interest for the situation is evident successful the absorption of the spot by utilizing energy-saving solar plot lighting and energy-efficient bulbs, arsenic as composting immoderate room waste.

As it’s the backstage residence of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, Highgrove House itself is closed to the public. However, its extended Royal Gardens are unfastened for tours, including plot tours, champagne and day tea.

10. Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh


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The Palace of Holyroodhouse, commonly referred to arsenic Holyrood Palace oregon Holyroodhouse, is the authoritative residence of Queen Elizabeth II successful Scotland.

The magnificent location has had an eventful past with members of royalty some surviving and staying intermittently. Interestingly, the palace was location to Mary Queen of Scots for astir of her life.

Today, the Palace is simply a adjacent absorption for nationalist celebrations and events successful Scotland, astir notably The Queen's ‘Holyrood Week’, which usually runs from the extremity of June to the opening of July. Each year, The Queen entertains astir 8,000 guests from each walks of Scottish beingness during Holyrood week.