10 space-saving bathrooms – clever tricks to steal from interior designers

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These space-saving bathrooms are designed to marque a compact abstraction consciousness not conscionable bigger and well-functioning, but super-stylish too.

When it comes to small bath ideas, clever readying – which includes everything from layout, to fitting choices, to astute small bath storage options – is cardinal to ensuring that adjacent a tiny bath tin inactive consciousness spacious. Stylish finishes that are besides applicable are the icing connected the cake.

Up to recently, space-saving bathrooms ever required a compromise – often with the bathtub becoming the archetypal unfortunate successful the conflict for abstraction – not to notation issues arising from deficiency of storage. But the latest modern fixtures and fittings tin inactive make a luxury bath from minimal quadrate footage. 

Space redeeming bathrooms 

The champion compact designs harvester charm and practicality, truthful we've asked the interior plan experts for their apical transformative bathroom ideas to guarantee your country is simply a well-design space, nary substance the size. 

1. Blur the lines successful a diminutive space

Space-saving orangish  bath  with plastered walls

(Image credit: Beata Heuman / Simon Brown)

In this main ensuite bathroom by interior decorator Beata Heuman (opens successful caller tab), carrying the aforesaid colour tones implicit aggregate surfaces helps to blur retired awkward angles and sloped ceiling lines. 

‘All the walls and the bath are clad successful Béton Ciré, which is simply a micro factual paste and wholly waterproof,’ explains Beata. ‘The thought present was to marque the abstraction consciousness lukewarm and earthy, dissimilar astir bathrooms. The woody level continues successful from the bedroom, which connects the suite of rooms and besides makes it consciousness much spacious.’ 

The characterful vanity, made from a rustic antique table, cuts a beardown silhouette against the plastered walls.

2. Go each out

Small bath  with bluish  level  to ceiling tiles and shower

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

In a earnestly constrictive bathroom, it’s worthy utilizing each space-saving bath instrumentality successful the book. Here, a continuous agelong of flooring reaches close to the furthest partition to heighten length, portion a slender vanity with slim feet emphasizes width. 

‘Creating much disposable level abstraction opens up the space; we tiled implicit a wet room tray to execute level entry. Fitting ample format tiles and a minimalist ablution surface is visually calmer truthful besides makes it consciousness bigger,’ explains Irene Gunter, laminitis of Gunter & Co (opens successful caller tab). ‘Finally, utilizing achromatic overgarment astir the model uncover draws attraction to the abstraction extracurricular and reflects the airy backmost in.’

3. Invest successful customized cupboards

small bath  with freestanding bath, recessed retention  shelves and floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Chris Snook / Knight Frank Interiors)

Built-in bathroom storage is streets up of free-standing erstwhile it comes to making the astir of each inch. Commissioning made-to-measure retention is particularly worthwhile if you person wonky walls oregon antithetic angles that simply volition not accommodate the modular sizes of off-the-shelf furniture. Built-in retention tin besides amended the signifier of a tiny bathroom; straightening retired awkward corners to make a cleaner, much linear space. 

Here, Knight Frank (opens successful caller tab) Interiors has utilised the narrowest niche for built-in retention that’s designed for some show and hiding away. Adding cornicing and an unfastened plinth mimics the benignant of a freestanding piece, which tin consciousness much relaxed and authentic successful a accepted setting.

4. Raise the extortion successful a tiny bathroom

Small bath  with achromatic  metro tiles, bath and rainwater shower

(Image credit: Leanne Ford Interiors)

If you can’t physically summation the footprint of your tiny bathroom, see going upwards. Raising the ceiling is easiest if you person an bare loft abstraction supra – the tallness you tin execute volition beryllium connected the presumption of existing structural beams and supports. It’s omniscient to consult a structural technologist successful the archetypal instance. 

In this constrictive but gangly bedewed country by Leanne Ford Interiors (opens successful caller tab), gentle curves supply a softer aesthetic compared to a pitched oregon vaulted ceiling, portion allowing maximum tallness for an overhead ablution rose. Increasing the model tallness with a clerestory sheet and installing agleam glossy tiles maximizes spaciousness successful this small bedewed room.

5. Find your niche

Small bath  successful  an alcove with floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Darren Chung / C.P. Hart)

‘For diminutive bathrooms with existing alcove spaces oregon redundant airing cupboards, built-in baths and recessed ablution areas are a large solution arsenic they utilize each the disposable abstraction and tin escaped up the level country elsewhere,’ says Emma Scott, manager of design, C.P. Hart (opens successful caller tab)

Wall-mounted taps volition supply a neat aesthetic and let cleanable positioning for casual access. ‘Alcoves either broadside of chimney breasts besides enactment good for his and her basin units arsenic the extent is mostly shallower. For smaller, awkward areas of dormant space, see built-in niches oregon shelving for other storage,’ adds Emma.

6. Enhance with mirrors

Small bath  with ample  reflector  and grey tiled floor

(Image credit: Otta Design)

The space-boosting powers of mirrored solid are good established, and the archetypal regularisation is the bigger the mirror, the much abstraction it volition look to create. 

‘Think astir what you are trying to achieve. Tall bathroom reflector ideas tin heighten the proportions of a bathroom, making the ceiling consciousness higher. Likewise, successful a constrictive abstraction we tin instrumentality the oculus into reasoning the abstraction is wider,’ says Ali Johnson, director, Otta Design (opens successful caller tab). ‘Position a reflector other oregon adjacent to a model to amplify the earthy airy oregon spot it successful the darkest country of a bathroom, down a airy source, to promote the light’s scope done the space.’

7. Add a playful touch

small bath  with yellowish  metro tiles, pinkish  level  tiles and rattan reflector  frame

(Image credit: Barlow & Barlow / Jonathan Bond)

Sink skirts are a joyful inclination revival, and an casual mode to bring signifier and softness to your bathroom. From a space-saving point, immoderate vanity portion with ‘doors’ that descent sideways, alternatively than opening into the room, volition summation and amended the layout options successful a compact bathroom. In this colorful scheme, Barlow & Barlow (opens successful caller tab) utilized an upholstery cloth graded for outdoor usage to support toiletries and essentials neatly retired of show beneath the basin. Made from durable polyester, it is simply a applicable prime successful humid conditions and casual to clean.

8. Choose a walk-in shower

Small bath  with greenish  metro tiles and shower

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

‘Walk-in showers are an fantabulous mode to springiness the illusion of much abstraction – they are acold little ascendant visually than a afloat enclosure and tin besides supply a airy and airy consciousness successful use,’ says Eamonn Agha, director, Huntsmore (opens successful caller tab)

In this constrictive bathroom, the ablution surface was built connected apical of a dwarf partition to let successful maximum airy from the model beyond, portion keeping ablution spray safely contained and the toilet spot dry. ‘Going for a wall-hung WC leaves much of the level tiles connected show, which besides helps marque the country look much generous,’ adds Eamonn.

9. Frame the view

Marble bath  with steel-framed door

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Elevate a tiny strategy with luxurious earthy chromatic punctuated by the beardown lines of Crittall-style framing, which tin ramp up plan interaction successful the tightest of spaces. 

This bathroom, successful the Manhattan location of spot developer Elias Kefalidis, features a custom-built metallic framed ablution enclosure successful bid to execute the largest showering country possible, arsenic good arsenic a tiny bath. Extending the bath situation wrong the ablution provides a useful support for shampoo and toiletries, without reducing the width of the ablution astatine enarthrosis level.

10. Create a focal point

Space-saving bath  with partition  mural

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms / Wall & Deco)

Forget playing it harmless successful a tiny space, embracing bold colour and signifier tin person immense benefits. 

‘Color is being embraced successful space-saving bathrooms successful a monolithic mode close now,’ agrees Louise Ashdown, caput of design, West One Bathrooms (opens successful caller tab). ‘A colorful diagnostic partition astatine the extremity of a tiny bath volition gully the oculus through, ensuring each inch gets noticed.'

'In fact, patterned bathroom wallpaper is simply a truly effectual mode to present colour – acheronian green, airy pinkish and pastel bluish are peculiarly fashionable – which tin past beryllium picked up connected accessories, towels and adjacent sanitaryware. Use achromatic accents to implicit a blase palette.’

What is simply a space-saving bath?

When curating a space-saving bathroom, ratio of plan is paramount –especially if you anticipation to integrate bath ideas. Using little partition abstraction than a classical tub, country bath ideas are a applicable summation that inactive provides a luxurious bathing acquisition – an perfect summation to your spa bath ideas.

‘A country tub is simply a large solution for a bath that is choky connected space. It is besides a large mode to inactive see a bath diagnostic without sacrificing the freestanding shower, arsenic well,’ says Amy Leferink.