10 wallpapering tips from the experts – the secrets of success

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Looking for wallpapering tips from the experts? We’ve gathered insider proposal from those who cognize champion to assistance you execute a nonrecreational decorativeness successful your home.  

If you’ve decided wallpapering a room is simply a task you privation to instrumentality on, nett from the proposal of manufacture experts who person shared their apical wallpapering tips to marque your task a success. 

Knowing however to remove wallpaper volition supply the blank canvas needed for a country remodel and with truthful galore bold and beauteous wallpaper ideas retired there, hanging a caller plan tin beryllium a tempting prospect. These wallpapering tips volition assistance you get a nonrecreational finish.

Wallpapering tips from the experts

‘Wallpaper makes focal points of forgotten alcoves, adds quality to tiny location survey rooms, and a consciousness of homeliness to hallways. When hung effectively, it tin adhd texture to a scheme, maximizing your abstraction whilst incorporating patterns,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. 

Use this adept proposal for nonrecreational results.

1. Try earlier you buy

Don’t trust connected integer images erstwhile it comes to making your wallpaper signifier and colour choice. Colors tin displacement and alteration successful antithetic lighting, truthful it’s important to root samples earlier you put successful aggregate rolls. 

‘Stick them to the walls you’re readying connected wallpapering. Keep looking astatine them implicit a fewer days; cheque what they look similar during antithetic times of the time and successful antithetic lights to marque definite you’ve got your prime conscionable right,’ says Rebecca Drury, co-founder of wallpaper designers MissPrint.

2. Think practically

We thin to take wallpapers chiefly based connected their signifier and color, but it’s important to origin successful practicality, too. Think astir wherever you’re hanging your wallpaper and what challenges it mightiness look time to day. For example, if you’re hanging it successful a room oregon bathroom, vinyl wallpaper is simply a bully prime arsenic it tin withstand humidity and moisture well. 

Wipeable wallpaper is an option, too. Most travel with a washability rating, which varies from ‘spongeable’ to ‘scrubbable’. If you’re exploring hallway wallpaper ideas oregon designs for different precocious postulation areas oregon for a kid’s room, you mightiness privation to veer towards the second extremity of the scale.  

If you’ve got your bosom acceptable connected a modular wallpaper design, see applying a protective varnish – consult your wallpaper supplier for advice. 

3. Check batch numbers

Every rotation of wallpaper volition person a batch fig connected the label. These enactment similar a registration system, indicating which rolls person been printed astatine the aforesaid time. 

‘There tin beryllium precise flimsy variations of colour betwixt wallpaper batches, truthful it’s champion to cheque your rolls each transportation the aforesaid notation if you privation a azygous finish,’ advises James Watson, wallpaper adept astatine 1838 Wallcoverings .  

4. Buy much wallpaper than you need

‘If you’re successful uncertainty astir however overmuch insubstantial to buy, it’s champion to bid much rolls than you whitethorn request arsenic unopened rolls tin usually beryllium returned,’ says James. 

As a wide guide, you tin usually expect to get 3 drops of wallpaper from 1 rotation (based connected a rotation width of 21in (52cm successful the UK) and magnitude 33ft (10m successful the UK)) assuming the walls successful your country are astir 6.5 to 10ft (2 to 3m) high. However,  rolls tin beryllium sized otherwise oregon whitethorn person ample signifier repeats, truthful beryllium definite to cheque the statement earlier you buy. Most brands volition usually person a wallpaper calculator disposable connected their website to assistance you estimate, too. 

5. Double cheque your measurements earlier cutting 

‘People underestimate erstwhile cutting astir airy switches oregon wherever the baseboard is and thin to extremity up cutting excessively abbreviated – ever treble cheque your measurements and don’t get excessively carried distant with the scissors,’ accidental Whinnie Williams and Kierra Campbell, co-founders of Poodle & Blonde . 

James agrees, and adds, ‘When dealing with corners, ever adhd a fewer inches to immoderate measurements earlier cutting. It’s amended to person immoderate other wiggle country than to chopped the insubstantial excessively short.’

6. Don’t insubstantial implicit the cracks   

Preparing the partition is indispensable if you privation to guarantee a creaseless finish. Don’t beryllium tempted to conscionable screen up occupation areas – it’ll lone effect successful issues further down the enactment and perchance costly repairs. 

Check for cracks, screw holes, seams and imperfections and usage filler wherever needed. Where determination person been repairs, usage sandpaper to guarantee a creaseless surface. ‘If your partition is successful truly atrocious shape, you whitethorn request to person it plastered earlier applying immoderate wallpaper,’ says Ruth. 

7. Use lining paper 

It whitethorn consciousness similar other work, but experts counsel lining the walls earlier wallpapering to guarantee you get creaseless results. 

‘For the champion imaginable decorativeness we urge that walls are horizontally transverse lined with a bully quality, mean to heavyweight lining insubstantial and allowed to adust for a minimum of 12 hours,’ says Charlotte Cosby, caput of originative astatine Farrow & Ball. 

It’s worthy noting that lining insubstantial is considered a little costly alternate to replastering, truthful if your walls are new, you tin usually spend to skip this step.

8. Paint woodwork first 

‘It whitethorn dependable obvious, but we’d urge coating woodwork (baseboards, doorway frames, model sills etc) archetypal earlier hanging wallpaper to debar overgarment splashes,’ says James. 

9. Save clip with ‘paste-the-wall’ wallpaper 

The accepted wallpaper exertion method requires you to use paste to the backmost of the insubstantial utilizing a pasting table, which tin beryllium time-consuming, positive it’s tricky to bash if you’re moving successful a choky space. ‘Paste-the-wall’ uses a peculiar backing insubstantial which doesn’t request to beryllium soaked, meaning the paste tin simply beryllium applied straight to the wall. A comparatively caller innovation, it’s go a favourite amongst experts due to the fact that it’s truthful casual and speedy to apply. 

‘It’s simpler due to the fact that there’s nary request to use the paste to the wallpaper,’ accidental the experts astatine B&Q. ‘Fold it and fto it soak successful earlier hanging it. There’s nary request for a pasting array either. You could prevention up to 30 per cent of your clip compared to accepted wallpaper hanging methods.’

10. Go bold successful tiny spaces 

In immoderate instances, bold colour and signifier tin marque a country consciousness smaller – that’s true. However, according to the experts, if done correctly, it tin really heighten the space, not to notation makes a large statement. According to wallpaper decorator Elizabeth Ockford, the cardinal is to take a plan with a ample repetition pattern. 

‘Once you've committed to your chosen wallpaper, it's champion to debar breaking up the abstraction by coating immoderate walls oregon utilizing different patterns, arsenic this tin stress choky quarters and marque the abstraction consciousness adjacent smaller,' she advises.  

How bash I determine wherever to commencement wallpapering? 

When choosing wherever to commencement wallpapering, Victoria Ceraudo, co-founder astatine Ceraudo wallpaper, suggests starting successful an country that is comparatively good hidden, for illustration down a doorway oregon portion of furniture. 

‘As this volition beryllium your archetypal drop, it volition besides beryllium the enactment of insubstantial that your past driblet volition person to meet,’ explains Victoria. ‘There is nary warrant they volition lucifer up perfectly, truthful it is champion for it to beryllium determination comparatively inconspicuous if possible.’

How you proceed to bent your wallpaper connected the partition depends connected the benignant of signifier you’re moving with. For plains oregon tiny repeats, experts suggest starting astatine the left-hand country and moving from near to right, however, James recommends a antithetic attack erstwhile it comes to larger patterns oregon murals. 

‘In this case, you’ll privation to guarantee the plan is centralized, truthful commencement level with the mediate of the focal constituent – a fireplace oregon model for illustration – and enactment your mode outwards from some sides,’ helium says. 

How bash you get cleanable edges erstwhile wallpapering? 

As immoderate experienced wallpaper hanger volition archer you, corners successful your location are seldom ever perfectly square. You apt wouldn’t beryllium capable to archer conscionable from looking, but they tin beryllium antithetic from the apical to the bottom, which tin effect successful gaps.

‘To marque these tiny mistakes little noticeable, marque definite you decently prep your walls earlier wallpapering; this includes coating the edges the aforesaid colour arsenic the wallpaper. That way, immoderate tiny gaps volition beryllium seamlessly hidden,’ says James.