10 ways to use limewash at home

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Limewash isn’t similar different paints. This is due to the fact that alternatively than being applied to walls oregon ceilings and creating a aboveground finish, limewash sinks in. This makes it perfect for utilizing connected immoderate porous oregon mime-rendered aboveground – wrong oregon retired – specified arsenic brick, chromatic oregon freshly plastered walls. Homeowners take limewash chiefly for its earthy and rustic effect. It’s truthful rustic successful information that it’s 1 of the oldest paint finishes astir and it was adjacent utilized successful past Egypt! 

Primarily made from lime and water, limewash is disposable to bargain arsenic a ready-to-use overgarment with a beauteous matte overgarment finish. Natural pigments adhd colour and it’s casual to use, achieving a velvety mottled effect that tin assistance adhd quality and extent to immoderate interior, nary substance however modern it is. Another payment to limewash is that it’s a breathable paint idea for exterior ceramic walls oregon chromatic landscaping. Just support successful caput that it should ne'er beryllium utilized connected non-porous surfaces specified arsenic cement renders, granite, slate oregon hard engineered bricks. These would request a specializer masonry overgarment instead. 

‘Traditionally, limewash is utilized for older properties and those with damp problems, arsenic it provides a breathable finish,’ explains Cathryn Sanders, caput of originative astatine Earthborn Paints. ‘Unlike mean eggshell paints, it sinks into immoderate aboveground it is applied to, truthful it is champion to usage it connected porous surfaces similar plaster, chromatic and brick. Limewash is besides suitable for indoor and outdoor use.’

What is limewash exactly?

Basically, limewash is made up from crushed limestone that has been burned and mixed with h2o to marque a putty. This is past thinned retired with h2o and colored with earthy pigments. This each helps to springiness limewash its rustic, chalky charm. Plus, arsenic it’s wholly earthy it’s eco-friendly too. And, adjacent better, it’s hypoallergenic truthful it’s a large enactment for those with asthma oregon allergies. 

‘Limewash is simply a breathable finish, making it suitable for aged and damp-problematic walls,’ adds Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. ‘Unlike paint, limewash penetrates the aboveground and the colour is built up by applying successive coats. Consisting of accepted lime putty, h2o and pigment, limewash is simply a water-based exterior finish, highly suitable for accepted gathering materials and renders, including lime plaster. It has an highly low-sheen of little than 5 per cent, providing a traditional, breathable decorativeness cleanable for aged and damp-problematic walls. Unlike paint, limewash penetrates the aboveground and the colour is built up by applying successive coats.’

How should I use limewash?

The main happening to retrieve is that it has the champion results erstwhile it dries dilatory implicit time. If you’re utilizing it successful the plot connected a blistery sunny time for instance, it volition adust excessively rapidly and won’t look arsenic bully oregon beryllium arsenic durable arsenic if it dried slowly. So, prime a time erstwhile it’s a small cloudy – not raining of people but not blazing sunshine. And, to assistance dilatory things down adjacent more, you tin dampen the aboveground by spraying with h2o and waiting astir 10 minutes earlier coating with the limewash. 

‘When applying limewash to ceramic oregon lime-rendered surfaces, we bash not urge utilizing a roller oregon attempting to spray the finish,’ says Ruth Mottershead, originative manager astatine Little Greene. ‘For the highest prime appearance, support last brushwood strokes each successful the aforesaid absorption and ne'er spell implicit overgarment that has already begun to dry.’ Whether you’re coating wrong oregon out, usage a level brush, disturbance the overgarment earlier you commencement and during exertion and use successful respective bladed coats.

How to usage limewash astatine home

To assistance get you started, present are 10 ways to usage limewash astatine home…

how to usage  limewash

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1. Give powerfulness rooms a caller fresh look

Limewash is cleanable for sprucing up walls successful the pulverization country and ensuite, arsenic it’s inherently mould and mildew resistant. This means it tin beryllium utilized successful humid conditions without the interest of mould processing implicit time.

2. Add quality to plastered walls

For interior plastered walls, whether that plaster is aged oregon fresh, you tin heighten a practice look and consciousness with limewash. Its matte decorativeness is large for concealing aboveground blemishes and you tin adhd quality to modern properties too.

3. Create a Mediterranean consciousness successful a courtyard garden

Outside, you tin springiness a sun-trapped terrace oregon courtyard a chilled-out vacation vibe by coating brickwork successful a vibrant limewash color. When exposed to the elements, it volition make its ain unsocial patina that simply gets amended with age.

4. Update surviving spaces

You tin besides usage limewash to make that cleanable Hamptons look successful surviving areas. Just marque definite you usage a primer connected non-porous surfaces. Portola has a scope of primers designed specifically for limewash.

5. Bring the concern inclination into the kitchen

Choose a factual colored limewash for room walls and clasp the raw, municipality inclination for an concern look and feel. Team with plentifulness of wood and metallic accents and decorativeness with brushed copper lighting for a luxe touch.

6. Whitewash chamber walls for a blissful sleep

Bedrooms request to beryllium soothing and calming if you privation to get a bully night’s sleep. Limewash is perfect for creating this effect, arsenic its velvety matte tones person an astir cocooning feel.

7. Set the temper with limewashed plot walls

If you’re the benignant of decorator who likes to alteration things up frequently, past coating plot walls successful limewash is simply a large mode of achieving a antithetic look erstwhile the temper takes. Simply region immoderate particulate and use a fewer coats of limewash past interaction up oregon overgarment successful a antithetic colour each season.

8. Freshen up your home’s exterior

Limewash is besides large for exterior walls connected ceramic and chromatic buildings. Think whitewashed lighthouses, Santorini land surviving oregon the coastal towns of Ireland. Use connected exterior render, stucco, mud ceramic oregon clay plaster arsenic good arsenic factual oregon earthy stone.

9. Transform beforehand doors for curb appeal

A large thought for giving the beforehand of your location instant entreaty to guests arsenic good arsenic if you’re readying to marketplace your location successful the adjacent future. Use limewash successful a bold colour to revive a tired, unloved beforehand oregon backmost door.

10. Upcycle aged furniture

You tin adjacent usage limewash connected furnishings too. You don’t request to soil down woody items unless you privation that distressed, aged look, and it’s a truly eco-friendly mode of repurposing an unloved piece.