10 ways to use textured paint in your home

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If your interior walls are little than perfect, textured overgarment could beryllium the solution. It’s often utilized to conceal harm successful areas wherever it’s not imaginable to re-plaster oregon drywall. 

Textured overgarment tin besides beryllium utilized to execute a wide assortment of paint finishes and tin adjacent mimic different materials, from plaster to concrete, turning a bland level aboveground into thing that offers instant interaction the infinitesimal you participate the room. There are glitter paints for a sparkly bedroom, metallic emulsions for an concern look and suede finishes for a velvety feel. Color-wise, palettes scope from dark, melodramatic tones to reflective sheens and bold, vibrant shades.

Consider whether you privation to make a diagnostic partition oregon a diagnostic country specified arsenic a chimney breast, alcove oregon built-in closet and support successful caput that you should ideally beryllium a assured DIY-er for champion results. 

‘Textured overgarment was traditionally designed to disguise a multitude of aboveground sins, particularly connected ceilings,’ says Marianne Shillingford, originative manager astatine Dulux. ‘It tin beryllium incredibly hard to get adjacent results with, positive is truly hard to region erstwhile it’s on. If you perfectly indispensable person textured overgarment and are not a hugely assured decorator, get a nonrecreational in.’

How to usage textured paint

It's worthy saying that textured overgarment needn't beryllium 'textured' – aft all, 'how to region a popcorn ceiling?' is amongst the most-asked questions we person successful our inboxes. Textured overgarment can beryllium overgarment without an overt texture, but with subtler, much elegant finishes or, of course, paints suitable for creating a textured look. To assistance get you started, present are 10 ways to usage textured overgarment successful your home.

1. Give aged furnishings a stone-like finish

Annie Sloan Charleston chalk overgarment   successful  cottage hallway ideas

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Chalk paint, similar milk paint, is simply a large textured overgarment that tin beryllium utilized to springiness woody cupboards and cabinets an on-trend stony look with a precise  light touch. Perfect for achieving a clean, crisp Hamptons look with an integrated feel, it tin beryllium utilized connected walls, too, arsenic seen supra successful this task by overgarment adept Annie Sloan.

2. Create a plastered effect connected walls

dining country   with polished plaster walls and antique and vintage furniture

(Image credit: Otto/ Stephen Kent Johnson)

‘A plaster-effect partition is simply a fantastic mode to suggest luxury, grandeur and indulgent textures without a strategy becoming maximalist oregon shouty,’ says colour adept Annie Sloan. ‘It’s comfortingly rustic successful a mode that suggests coziness, with a romanticist interaction of faded grandeur. Simply incorporated hues and tones utilized successful the remainder of the country for a look that’s divinely calming, yet compelling and interesting.’

3. Add a weathered decorativeness to furnishings with crackleglaze

Crackleglaze textured paint

(Image credit: Earthborn)

Crackleglazing is simply a fun, effectual mode to springiness a textured, painted look to modern furnishings that you privation to springiness much character.

'Textured overgarment specified arsenic Earthborn Crackle tin beryllium utilized connected painted furnishings to adhd a weathered and textured look,’ says Cathryn Sanders, caput of originative astatine Earthborn Paints. ‘It tin beryllium utilized arsenic an all-over effect oregon successful circumstantial areas to adhd a distressed effect.’

4. Sponge overgarment for patterns

Dining country   with textured overgarment   sponged onto walls

(Image credit: Alamy)

Using your textured paint, instrumentality a oversea sponge with its unsocial pores to make a patterned effect connected walls oregon ceilings. Simply overgarment the partition archetypal successful a colour 1 code lighter, past spell implicit it again with the darker by dipping your sponge successful the overgarment and applying successful random areas.

5. Colorwash for added character

bathroom with textured accent wall, pinkish  painted tub, achromatic  painted floor, woody  stool, peg rail

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Colorwashing is simply a relaxed decorativeness you tin make by h2o down your apical overgarment coat to a runny consistency past swipe implicit the walls successful a crosshatch signifier with a sponge for a cloudy look. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms oregon children’s rooms, it tin beryllium applied evenly arsenic a decorativeness oregon much casually, arsenic successful the bath above.

6. Choose clay and marble-based paints for a rustic look

painted surface  with cushions connected  daybed and terracotta tiled floor

(Image credit: Claybrook)

Clay and plaster-based paints make the astir beauteous textures connected some level and much rustic walls. So if you are decorating a farmhouse oregon privation a state feel, for a gritty texture with an authentic feel, take a self-priming clay oregon marble-based overgarment from a institution specified arsenic BioShield.  

7. Turn your ablution country into a chill factual space

modern bath  with factual  partition  and tiny  bathtub

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Future)

Shower rooms and pulverization rooms tin beryllium instantly turned into a cool, municipality abstraction by utilizing a waterproof factual overlay mix. Adding texture and warmth, it’s a large alternate to tiles. Try SureTex. 

8. Choose textured overgarment for a backsplash

Little Greene Tea with Florence successful  a kitchen

(Image credit: Little Greene Tea with Florence)

Instead of tiles with grouting that tin discolor easily, overgarment the backsplash down the room cooker and descend with a textured overgarment for an eye-catching feature. Remember erstwhile searching for backsplash ideas that you volition person to take a overgarment with a airy texture truthful that it doesn't drawback erstwhile being wiped down.

headboard with metallic partition  behind

(Image credit: Tom Leighton)

Metallic overgarment is simply a large mode to bring glamor into a abstraction without immense expense. Give the partition down your bedhead, dressing array oregon console a interaction of glam by coating it successful a metallic oregon glitter overgarment successful a vibrant pink, turquoise oregon teal.

10. Cozy up with suede paint


(Image credit: Crown)

In a eating room, surviving country oregon den, marque it truly cozy by coating walls successful a suede overgarment successful a tan, beige oregon leather shade. The decorativeness is convincingly suede-like and precise inviting.

What is textured paint?

There are a fewer antithetic textured paints to take from. If you’re beauteous confident, you tin bargain modular emulsion and adhd your ain additive earlier applying to walls. Then determination are textures that are applied straight to the partition and lastly, you tin bargain ready-made textured overgarment for the easiest option. Whichever you select, they volition each adhd extent and magnitude to your aboveground and are cleanable for older properties with imperfections that tin beryllium concealed oregon enhanced with a textured paint.

‘This is not a look for fans of uniformity,’ confirms colour and overgarment adept Annie Sloan. ‘It’s astir movement, character and depth, wherever disposable brushwood strokes and drips go a focal constituent alternatively than a mistake. It’s peculiarly useful for uneven walls, allowing you to enactment with – and adjacent observe – existing imperfections.’

How to use textured paint

If you are taking the task connected yourself alternatively than getting the professionals in, marque definite you bash a proceedings tally connected a trial spot earlier wading consecutive in. You privation the close texture and decorativeness for the abstraction arsenic good arsenic the close color. Use overgarment tester pots and use connected an country that isn’t instantly visible. Make definite you travel the manufacturer’s instructions and person each your tools to hand. 

Once you’re acceptable to begin, effort to enactment successful tiny areas and support successful caput that textured overgarment usually dries rapidly truthful you privation to decorativeness the task successful a day. Otherwise, it’s hard to marque it look much seamless if you person to permission it and spell backmost to it the adjacent day.

Why usage textured paint?

The main payment of utilizing textured overgarment is that it adds extent and involvement to a room. It besides conceals blemishes specified arsenic holes, cracks and different pitted areas and imperfections. It volition instrumentality much clip than different paints positive is volition impact much probe to guarantee you take the champion merchandise for your home. 

There’s besides the outgo of buying the close tools for the occupation specified arsenic rollers, brushes, sponges and truthful on. But, if you are prepared for each of this, you volition extremity up with a spectacular decorativeness that is definite to impress.