12 bedside table ideas of all shapes and sizes

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Bedside array ideas tin scope from a accepted brace of matching nightstands, to a acceptable of vintage bureaus oregon an eclectic operation similar a penning table and a footstool.

Whatever benignant you spell for, it's important to see this bedroom idea from some the standpoint of looks and function. They close prime volition complement your decor, portion serving a purpose.

'You privation to marque definite that there’s capable abstraction to clasp a lamp and nighttime clip essentials, specified arsenic a publication oregon a solid of water,' advises Mary Patton, decorator astatine Mary Patton Design.

When it comes to aesthetics, you tin instrumentality much originative liberty. 'You don’t needfully person to lucifer your array with the furniture framework oregon headboard, it tin beryllium a popular of color, a matte decorativeness oregon adjacent a earthy worldly to bring an integrated look,' she says.

12 beauteous bedside array ideas

To permission you feeling inspired to prima your own chamber design refresh, we 've gathered a twelve of the astir beauteous bedside array ideas we could find, below. 

1. Consider your proportions 

black chamber  with yellowish  headboard, globe array  lamp, vintage bedside, drapes, floral bedding

(Image credit: Mary Patton Design)

'When selecting a bedside table, deliberation astir the proportions arsenic it relates to the tallness of the furniture truthful they complement each other,' accidental Patton.

If you person a tall, upholstered headboard, your nightstand should basal up to the ocular value of your bed. In different words, a low-profile midcentury extremity array wouldn't work, but a taller midcentury thorax of drawers would.

Patton did conscionable that successful a client's main bedroom, above. 'We precocious utilized a brace of vintage burl wood bedside tables that worked wonderfully successful the space,' she says.

2. Choose the close airy for your bedside table

white chamber  with grey upholstered stripe bed, with bedding, rug, woody  floor, vintage bedside

(Image credit: Thomas Guy Interiors)

Choosing the close lamp for your bedside is truly important, arsenic Lance Thomas, main decorator astatine Thomas Guy Interiors explains:

'The cardinal is balance! Consider the dimensions of your furniture and nightstand and take a lighting conception that doesn’t overpower and is casual to scope to crook connected oregon off. It should harvester aesthetic signifier and utilitarian relation and marque definite there’s country for mundane items, specified arsenic a book, solid of water, speechmaking glasses, etc..' helium says.

As acold arsenic plan goes, Guy suggest taking cues from the details and dimensions of your nightstand. 

'You privation to see if there’s immoderate hardware connected your nightstand, specified arsenic a knob oregon propulsion which volition complement the aesthetics of the bedside lights,' helium says. 'A communal mistake is selecting a lamp that doesn’t equilibrium good with the parameters of the nightstand and bed. The lamp shouldn’t beryllium higher than the furniture framework and should beryllium much oregon little taller than the tallness of the nightstand.'

When it comes to selecting the lampshade, lighter shades volition filter the astir light, but darker shades oregon colored options tin beryllium a bully prime for moody spaces, oregon for a accidental to adhd a popular of color. 'Dimensions-wise, the shades should beryllium two-thirds the tallness of the lamp,' Guy says.

white chamber  with presumption    of ensuite, woody  floor, woody  bedside, chromatic  bed, neutral bedding

(Image credit: Katie Hodges/Haris Kenjar)

The juxtaposition of natural, airy wood tones and sleek metallic emphasizes the texture of some and creates the coveted organic-modern bedroom trend. Streamlined silhouettes complement the pairing perfectly.

'These bedside tables had maine astatine the brass support and groove doorway detail… and my lawsuit astatine the ample drawer!' says Katie Hodges, main decorator and originative manager astatine Katie Hodges Design. 

4. Or see each metallic for an concern benignant bedroom

grey chamber  with accent wall, metallic  headboard and metallic  bedside table, metallic  array  lamp

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio + Shop/Chad Mellon)

For the loft look (or for a small chamber idea) a elemental metallic bedside array adds relation without taking up excessively overmuch room, physically oregon visually.

'Bedside tables needn't beryllium each astir vintage wood and a chunky design, this sleek metallic fig is for those who emotion the minimalist consciousness and don't privation to implicit clutter. Narrow designs are large for tiny bedrooms excessively and the information that it doesn't person a backmost and you tin 'see through' it makes it adjacent much appealing,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens 

5. Look for a plan that follows the shapes successful the room 

neutral chamber  with pops of orangish  and navy, achromatic  bedside array  nest

(Image credit: Ward & Co)

While opposition tin beryllium bully successful immoderate instances, your bedside array ideas volition consciousness much cohesive if they play disconnected of the signifier of the bed. 

'In this flat chamber we utilized a one-sided curtain to maximize the airy from the window. Also, a bespoke headboard that wasn’t excessively precocious truthful creation could beryllium placed supra to marque the ceilings consciousness adjacent higher. Circular broadside tables link with the curved headboard supra the bed. The colors are lukewarm and successful keeping with the different tones successful the property,' says Rosie Ward, originative manager astatine Ward & Co. 

6. Keep it airy with blonde wood 

grey chamber  with grey wallpaper, woody  floor, woody  bedside, solid  globe lamp, people     drapes, achromatic  bedding, artwork, rug

(Image credit: Lindye Galloway Studio+Shop/Chad Mellon)

Light-colored wood helps acceptable a much soothing and relaxed vibe than heavy, accepted tones similar cherry and walnut. Plus, blonde wood is simply a earthy modulation from airy colors to acheronian ones. 

'If your strategy plays with airy and acheronian past adhd a mediate crushed with airy blonde wood. This nightstand adds that other magnitude and texture, the tapered legs support the plan airy visually and the width is utile for those other items similar a bully sized lamp and vase of flowers,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens 

7. Source retro pieces for individuality 

bedroom with pinkish  floral wallpaper successful  a stripe, retro bedside, curved headboard, greenish  blanket

(Image credit: Vanrenan GW Designs)

To capable your country with personality, effort this bedroom styling tip: Instead of buying caller for your bedside tables, effort sourcing them from a vintage oregon antique shop. Your results volition beryllium much unique, and much sustainable, too. 

'We often find antique tables oregon smaller thorax of drawers connected our travels that enactment arsenic bedside tables, but arsenic agelong arsenic determination is abstraction successful the country we similar them to beryllium arsenic wide arsenic possible, we bash not similar utilizing truly tiny bedside tables unless determination is nary choice,' says Louisa Greville Williams, manager of Vanrenen GW Designs.

8. Invest successful a leather-covered plan for a luxe look

grey chamber  with grey carpet, grey textured bed, achromatic  bedside table, paisley throw, patterned cushions

(Image credit: Caballero)

Leather accents adhd a consciousness of luxury to bedside tables. 

'This Julian Chichester bedside array is simply a go-to of excavation due to the fact that of its fantabulous quality. The proportions are cleanable for a two-foot gangly bed, and they travel successful 2 widths to suit astir country sizes,' says Lucia Caballero, interior decorator astatine Lucia Caballero. 'They are covered successful acheronian bluish leather and person beauteous brass ringing details connected the limb adding specified a luxurious consciousness to what is different a elemental design. The grip is besides covered successful leather and has intricate stitched details. The drawer interior is made of cedar wood which gives a beauteous smell, keeping books bully arsenic new, and protecting from moths etc.'

Caballero paired this tables with Philip Jeffries Cork Wallpaper and a poster furniture covered successful a beauteous Pierre Frey two-tone boucle cloth to adhd warmth to the room. 

9. A scalloped borderline is beauteous and practical

yellow chamber  with paisley headboard, reddish  bedside, yellowish  patterned throw, patterned reddish  cushion

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

Going for a neo-traditional oregon Grandmillennial look? Scalloped edges are a must.

'Bedside tables are yet practical, but tin and should beryllium bully looking too, it’s determination to enactment a beauteous lamp, a vase of flowers, a carafe of h2o and evidently books. We person designed our ain bedside tables with a scalloped raised edge to marque definite thing falls disconnected and these person utile drawers arsenic well,' says Louisa Greville Williams, manager of Vanrenen GW Designs.

10. Vintage pieces enactment good with layered schemes

bedroom with chromatic  and bluish  wallpaper, grey upholstered bed, vintage bedside, patterned lampshade, woody  floor

(Image credit: Kelling Designs)

When it comes to choosing a bedside table, you privation to prime thing that is functional arsenic good arsenic beautiful, notes. Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative director, Kelling Designs. Before you acquisition anything, deliberation astir however you'll usage your bedside table, and what you request from it to assistance you constrictive down the champion choices.

'If you request retention astatine the bedside, past possibly a furniture plan oregon a drawer portion is suited champion arsenic it'll let you to store things distant with ease, keeping the chamber wide and escaped of clutter,' Deterding says. 'If however, it's much ornamental, past a modern plan with unfastened shelving to show your favourite photographs, a lamp and different idiosyncratic touches works best.  

As always, earlier splurging connected caller furniture, look astatine the pieces you person and marque usage of immoderate antiques oregon vintage furniture, similar to the 1 successful this strategy which was an existing piece. You tin ever upcycle bushed and dated pieces and springiness them a caller lease of life, bringing quality and charm to the room.'

11. Slimline for tiny bedrooms

neutral chamber  with textured walls, herringbone rug, achromatic  broadside  table, rattan bed, artwork

(Image credit: Cotswold Company)

'Size does substance erstwhile it comes to bedside tables, and if you aren't a publication scholar past you tin spend to spell for a narrower enactment – little is much right? However, if your chamber is tiny past a gangly and slim enactment volition enactment wonders, this achromatic painted plan is perfect and it has a drawer, which is ever a bonus!' says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors.

Still request lighting? Forgo the lamp for wall-mounted sconces.

12. Look retired for antithetic shapes

pink and chromatic  chamber  with curvy headboard, broadside  table, shutters, pinkish  ceiling

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Shape is cardinal – circular oregon oval volition soften and travel whereas quadrate and rectangular volition make a much linear and geometric design. Within a chamber strategy it's bully to person a premix of shapes for interest, and of course, a bedside with a support is ever apical of our lists,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living 

What tin I usage alternatively of a bedside table?

The furnishings you usage arsenic your bedside array is lone constricted by you creativity - truly! As agelong arsenic the portion serves the relation you request it to, successful that it offers capable aboveground area, ample storage, and is the close dimensions, it's bedside array material. 

Some communal substitutes for accepted nightstands include:

Dressers oregon tiny chestsA penning deskA stool oregon hard-topped ottomanA surviving country extremity tableA seat oregon eating chairA steamer trunkCube storageA wall-mounted shelf