15 farmhouse living room wall decor ideas – how to add rustic charm to a blank wall

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The neutral tones emblematic of modern farmhouse benignant schemes make surviving rooms that are some calm and cozy. But portion they thin to the uncluttered consciousness of modern interiors alternatively than a busier rustic look, farmhouse surviving country partition decor remains important to bringing individuality and involvement to these rooms. 

Artwork, mirrors, partition hangings, ceramics and much present color, texture and quality to farmhouse benignant surviving spaces. Set against understated painted oregon paneled walls, they marque a beardown benignant connection and fabulous focal points. 

If modern farmhouse ideas are what animate you, and rustic partition decor is connected your agenda, this adept proposal from interior designers volition bring you beauteous rooms.

Farmhouse surviving country partition decor ideas

Our favourite farmhouse surviving country partition decor ideas tin beryllium utilized for diagnostic walls, supra the fireplace, oregon to make a vignette connected a shelf. Like our farmhouse surviving country ideas they tin boost the quality of some agrarian properties and metropolis homes wherever the warmth of a agrarian vibe is desirable.

1. Use partition decor to instrumentality the accent disconnected tech

farmhouse benignant   surviving  country   with fireplace

(Image credit: Lucas Eilers )

The TV surface is often a large diagnostic of a space, but to debar its drafting the eye, program farmhouse surviving country partition decor that captures attention.

‘It took a colony to instrumentality our plan conception for the media partition successful this surviving room,’ says Sandy Lucas of Lucas Eilers Design Associates (opens successful caller tab)

‘Sliding panels of reclaimed wood screen the ample surface TV erstwhile it is not successful use; however, we wanted an absorbing focal constituent astir the tv erstwhile the doors were open. We designed trees and plants which were enlarged and past laser chopped from iron. These robust panels were backed with talker cloth to conceal the speakers and retention astir the television. The effect is simply a tv that is readily disposable erstwhile needed, but beautifully hidden distant erstwhile entertaining does not halfway astir a sporting event.’

2. Use a partition shelving show to showcase idiosyncratic style

living country   with artwork connected  partition  and bookcases

(Image credit: Charbonneau Interiors)

Shelving with abstraction for show is perfect arsenic rustic partition decor, and the decorative pieces selected volition bring property to a surviving room.

‘We emotion utilizing things that are meaningful to our clients that adhd elements of relaxation and joy,’ says Nancy Charbonneau of Charbonneau Interiors (opens successful caller tab). ‘In our Meadow Brook project, this household loves their horses, truthful we commissioned a section creator to make creation for the location successful a assortment of mediums – paint, watercolor, enactment drawings. These pieces became focal points passim the home, showcased our clients’ passions, and supported the unthinkable artists successful our assemblage astatine the aforesaid time.’

3. Hang a reflector to make a caller view

living country   with beams and fireplace, sofa, armchair and rug

(Image credit: Nordic House)

A reflector implicit the fireplace is simply a prime that suits galore antithetic interior styles, and it has its spot arsenic farmhouse surviving country partition decor, too. Select the reflector framework to complement the remainder of the materials palette: wood is the much rustic, textural option, but sleek metals are an alternate to play up the much modern complexion of modern farmhouse style.

Hanging a partition reflector volition ever multiply the airy successful a room. However, it tin person a further vantage successful a surviving country with exposed beams, reflecting the charismatic features and creating a caller presumption of them. 

4. Choose neutral shades for a assemblage wall

farmhouse surviving  country   with sofas, java  array  and assemblage   representation   show  connected  wall

(Image credit: Creative Tonic)

A assemblage of pictures is simply a fabulous partition decor option, but however to marque it a complement to the remainder of a modern farmhouse scheme? You could travel the illustration of this interior from Creative Tonic (opens successful caller tab), and opt for images and frames successful the aforesaid soothing neutral palette arsenic the remainder of the country for the cleanable fit.

Creating an statement that breaks retired from a rectangle suits the relaxed ambience of this room, but pictures should inactive beryllium hung adjacent to 1 another, arsenic here, truthful the radical reads arsenic one. 

5. Think astir propping arsenic good arsenic hanging partition decor

living abstraction  with partition  hung table  and artwork propped against wall

(Image credit: Vipp)

Wall decor doesn’t person to beryllium hung precocious to beryllium impactful, and the strategy of propping artwork has the modern credentials of modern farmhouse style. 

Bear successful caput that it’s important to take sizeable pictures if they are going to thin against the partition alternatively than bent connected it, and usage the partition other the doorway to marque them a focal point.

Images with a earthy taxable are perfect for farmhouse style, and achromatic and achromatic photographs oregon elemental enactment drawings tin beryllium portion of the room’s neutral scheme. 

6. Consider textiles arsenic partition decor

console array  with broadside  chairs and partition  hanging

(Image credit: Lauren Ramirez)

Tapestry and different textiles are a fantastic prime arsenic rustic partition decor. ‘We selected a unsocial premix of furnishings and decor successful this surviving country to bespeak the eclectic sensation of the homeowners,’ says Lauren Ramirez of Lauren Ramirez Interiors (opens successful caller tab). ‘They brought the vintage trunk with them from the northbound eastbound erstwhile they moved to Texas arsenic 1 of their fewer heirloom pieces and we wanted to incorporated it into the country for a idiosyncratic furniture among mostly caller pieces. 

‘We commissioned the symbolic handwoven tapestry by Zanny Cox to grant the homeowner’s emotion of the scenery and cultures recovered successful the American southbound west. Bold carvings connected the console and the graphic signifier connected the broadside chairs complement the lines successful the weaving and each of these selections are calmed by the soothing overgarment colour successful the room.’

7. Anchor artwork supra furniture

white surviving  country   with beams, sofa, armchair and rugs, pictures connected  wall

(Image credit: DFS)

Artwork tin look to interval connected tall, achromatic farmhouse walls, truthful visually anchor partition decor to a portion of furnishings below. That means keeping the region betwixt a sofa, array oregon different floorstanding portion minimal capable that it and the pictures supra are associated. But bash carnivore successful caput that partition decor supra seating can’t beryllium positioned wherever it volition interfere with gangly sitters.

Work with the dimensions of the furnishings beneath from broadside to side, too, keeping the partition decor successful the country supra it arsenic with this brace of paintings.

8. Ensure architectural elements basal out

living country   with fireplace with artwork above, sofa and armchairs

(Image credit: Elizabeth Krueger Designs)

Make definite you support the absorption connected the room’s features erstwhile you’re picking partition decor. ‘I specifically kept the country neutral and elemental to truly amusement disconnected the architectural elements of the abstraction – the stairs, the fireplace brick, and the beams were the stars of the show,’ explains Elizabeth Krueger of Elizabeth Krueger Design (opens successful caller tab) of this surviving room. ‘Adding successful decor that doesn’t instrumentality distant from the elements successful the country is simply a large mode to heighten circumstantial details of the space.’

9. Work groupings

shelf with show  of vases and coating  hung connected  partition  above

(Image credit: Neptune)

Layers of subtle item are important for neutral country schemes, and farmhouse surviving country partition decor tin beryllium portion of these. Grouping ceramics connected a support tin beryllium eye-catching without deviating from the subtle palette.

Pick antithetic shapes, textures and heights and opt for the classical stylist’s pyramid signifier for the arrangement. Opt for vases and bottles and you tin adhd foliage to the statement to maximize the room’s earthy credentials.

10. Plan connected harmony betwixt the aged and new

white surviving  country   with armchairs and vaulted ceiling

(Image credit: Michelle Lisac Interior Design Photograph: Jennie Corti)

Modern farmhouse benignant celebrates the traditional, but blends it with the modern, and partition decor should bespeak this. 

‘For the support décor successful this modern farmhouse surviving country we wanted a curated feel,’ says Michelle Lisac, laminitis and main decorator of Michelle Lisac Interior Design (opens successful caller tab). ‘We included some of the client’s ain items and mixed in different pieces that had either a bully patina oregon large texture. We utilized a batch of ceramics that we purchased caller but that had a precise timeworn look. We besides utilized immoderate antique pieces specified arsenic brass candlesticks, pottery, and aged trinket boxes that we picked up astatine Elsie Green successful Concord, California.’

How bash you decorate a farmhouse benignant wall?

Farmhouse benignant walls are mostly painted successful subtle neutrals specified arsenic white, disconnected achromatic and airy neutrals with farmhouse surviving country partition decor an appealing summation to this backdrop for immoderate of a room’s walls.

Hang artwork arsenic either striking azygous pieces, oregon possibly unsymmetrical pairs that bespeak the look’s drafting connected modern style. Alternatively, usage azygous images hung successful a radical that reads arsenic one. 

As successful different surviving spaces, mirrors are a pleasing alternate to a coating oregon different representation and woody frames tin proceed the earthy materials palette emblematic of the look. 

Don’t hide that unfastened shelving with books oregon decorative accessories tin beryllium an appealing mode to decorate a farmhouse benignant wall, and provides an accidental to present sleeker materials that opposition with much rustic finishes. Shelf displays tin besides let you to bring successful idiosyncratic themes that marque the abstraction homely and welcoming. 

How bash I decorate my farmhouse benignant surviving room?

Think some rustic and modern elements for a farmhouse benignant surviving room. Natural materials are key, and pieces that amusement the patina of property tin premix with newer ones. Mix fabrics, too, showcasing antithetic textures.  

When it comes to color, furniture neutrals for a light-filled country that has a calm ambience, but is affluent successful interest. And observe architectural features specified arsenic exposed chromatic oregon brick, which look fabulous alongside painted walls.