15 Scandinavian living rooms – transform your home with Nordic design principles

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Scandinavian surviving country plan is distinctive for respective reasons: pared-back, unfussy, uncluttered spaces – and a winning operation of signifier and relation make aesthetically pleasing, yet applicable interiors. 

After all, wherever amended to portion distant long, agleam summertime days oregon dark, acold wintertime evenings past surrounded by the cleanable lines, comfort, and simplicity of a Scandinavian surviving room?

Scandinavian surviving rooms 

With engaged modern lives, much and much homeowners purpose to find a equilibrium betwixt minimalism and luxury for their living country ideas. Adopt Scandinavian plan principles to make a abstraction that is focused, functional, and features lone a fewer meaningful and cherished items. 

1. Embrace an open-plan surviving space

Minimalist surviving  country   with achromatic  walls

(Image credit: JDP Interiors / Bess Friday)

Rarely volition you spot an abundance of clutter successful a Scandinavian surviving room. Instead, expect to spot cleanable lines, minimalist surviving room furnishings and a absorption connected bringing quality indoors. 

The bulk of Scandi homes are open-plan, joining unneurotic the kitchen, surviving country and eating country to make the bosom of the household whilst besides giving a consciousness of space. Open-plan living country layouts besides promote america to trim clutter and support lone special, curated items connected display. Opt for fitted furnishings ideas to streamline the interiors and maximize living country storage.

2. Introduce functional furniture 

Long surviving  country   with pick  interiors

(Image credit: Sarah Shields Photography / Whittney Parkinson Design)

The main intent of Scandinavian surviving country plan is to amended regular life. Furniture is truthful not lone astir stylish elegance, but besides astir functionality – it should service a intent and basal the trial of time.

Select a fewer cardinal pieces of furnishings successful each country that look bully but besides enactment hard, paired with a fewer cautiously chosen accessories, fittings oregon brushed furnishings to necktie the country together. 

For a surviving room, for example, a comfy sofa and chair, elemental level lamp, a reflector oregon artwork, a fewer ample cautiously placed houseplants, a woven rug, and accent cushions works well. Remember to lone marque abstraction for items and furnishings that you genuinely love.

3. Curate a neutral surviving country colour scheme

Neutral surviving  country   with modern   taupe furnishings

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Future)

A bully starting constituent is simply a neutral backdrop and the easiest mode to execute this is with stark white surviving room walls. The clean, blank canvas is simply a timeless and easy-on-the-eye prime – plus, you tin determine to alteration the look of the country by switching up the accessories, brushed furnishings and artwork.

If you similar colour and pattern, adhd a fewer accent colour ideas, alternatively than going overboard oregon creating color-coordinated room. For example, brace a patterned cushion oregon rug with a grey sofa oregon footstool, oregon decorate conscionable 1 diagnostic partition with intricate, hand-painted wallpaper oregon art.

4. Put the absorption connected flooring 

neutral surviving  country   with modern   sofa and ample  window

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

Unlike galore homes successful the Northern Hemisphere, fitted carpets are seldom seen successful Scandinavian homes, wherever woody floors are often favored. 

Pale-colored woods specified arsenic conifer oregon birch assistance to bespeak light. You tin besides overgarment floorboards white, arsenic this volition marque the abstraction look bigger than it is. Wooden floors besides assistance gully attraction to the interior prime of a room’s architecture and furnishings.

Rugs are a large diagnostic successful Scandinavian design; particularly successful operation with woody flooring and usually successful circumstantial areas specified arsenic nether a table, successful the main surviving abstraction oregon successful a corridor. A living country rug volition besides adhd a splash of colour and texture to a room; wool and fabric are the go-to materials, though the plan and colors are up to you.

5. Let the airy in

Scandinavian surviving  country   plan  with grey sofa and achromatic  wall

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Future)

Getting your living country lighting ideas close of the utmost value to making a Scandinavian-style surviving country consciousness welcoming, relaxing and atmospheric from time into night.

Lighting is 1 of the astir versatile plan tools that tin beryllium utilized to heighten your surviving room, truthful purpose to flood your location with arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. 

'Keep model decoration to a minimum to let airy in,' says manner adept astatine Contura, Catharina Björkman. 'Window treatments should dwell of either shutters, linen oregon sheer cloth curtains.' 

Similarly, it’s communal to spot well-thought-out pendant lights and lamps, alternatively than overhead lighting oregon a azygous cardinal airy source. A beauteous operation of level and array lamps volition supply a a softer alternate to harsh spotlights.'

6. Use earthy materials recovered successful nature

Scandinavian surviving  country   with wood   floor, leather sofa and achromatic  painted walls

(Image credit: Adam Carter / Future)

Nature’s ain materials, specified arsenic wood, leather, wicker and cotton, each play a immense relation successful an authentic Scandinavian surviving room. There is simply a beardown narration betwixt plan elements and nature, driven by the galore Nordic forests and abundance of outdoor space. Bringing earthy materials into the location helps you to proceed to consciousness connected with quality – adjacent erstwhile indoors.

Scandinavian plan seamlessly blends successful assorted earthy materials including stone, wood and linen. All materials should beryllium kept wrong a akin code and colour range, for example, whites, creams and gray surviving country ideas. Otherwise, the usage of varied materials volition clutter the abstraction and marque it consciousness fussy, which is the other of what this plan strategy is trying to achieve.

7. Show disconnected a show of plants 

Scandinavian surviving  country   with ceramic  partition  and location   plants

(Image credit: James Merrell / Future)

Displaying houseplants is 1 of the easiest ways to present quality into a Scandinavian surviving room. Plants besides springiness a location an inexpensive yet instant uplift. 

'Now is the cleanable clip to deliberation astir however you tin adhd greenery and plants to your location successful originative and absorbing ways,' says Catharina Björkman. 'Time spent indoors needn’t beryllium wasted; alternatively program your ain indoor oasis and see however plants tin heighten the abstraction and amended the wide layout.'

Group location plants unneurotic successful tallness bid oregon adhd hanging plants and ivy to doorway frames oregon curtain rails for a unsocial look. Plus, if you person a small surviving room, workplace oregon an apartment surviving room, you tin adhd cacti and much compact plants to shelves for an on-trend look.

8. Bring outdoor colors inside

Green surviving  country   with achromatic  sofa and sisal carpet

(Image credit: Polly Eltes / Future)

Forgo the stark and objective all-white look successful favour of a strategy inspired by the large outdoors. Embrace a earthy colour strategy for an understated, calming look. This tin use to the partition and level colors, curtains and living country seating. 

Use greenish to evoke the earth, writer and plants, bluish for the entity and ocean, and yellowish for the prima and flowers. Neutral tones specified arsenic brown, pick and beige surviving rooms volition each marque your interiors consciousness much natural, cleanable and fresh. 

Finally, debar cold, man-made materials and clasp wood, cork and bamboo for flooring. These consciousness warmer underfoot and are a much natural, integrated choice.

9. Add earthy elements done furnishings 

Scandinavian surviving  country   with wood   floor, achromatic  walls and plants

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Bringing quality indoors doesn’t lone use to plants. Use materials usually recovered outdoors and marque them a portion of your home’s interior décor. Wood, wicker, rattan and chromatic each enactment good to bring an outdoor taxable inside.

Introduce earthy elements passim the décor; seashells, jars of soil and bunches of branches tin each marque absorbing focal points. Imitate quality by adding outdoor cues specified arsenic woody incense and caller flowers for a floral smell. The aforesaid feeling of being relaxed and escaped successful quality tin beryllium brought into your location by stimulating the senses.

A medieval chandelier successful  beforehand   of a quadrate  reflector  successful  a achromatic  surviving  room

(Image credit: Richard Powers/Future PLC)

Scandinavian interior plan is astir functionality, truthful bash see bespoke, built-in furniture, clever retention solutions and slimline seating to maximize each inch of space. 

An perfect solution could besides beryllium hidden shelving oregon ‘pull out’ cabinet, which does not encroach connected surviving abstraction – and tin beryllium opened and closed distant arsenic required. Not lone volition this guarantee an orderly, calm area, but little fuss besides means you’ll beryllium much capable to unbend and unwind.

11. Less is more

Pure achromatic  bungalow

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

When it comes to creating a Scandinavian surviving room, restrict the palette and instrumentality attraction not to overfill the abstraction advises Genna Margolis from Shapeside Design. 

'The champion mode to make a Scandinavian look portion brightening up your surviving country is to usage a chill colour strategy (whites, gray, airy woods, silvery/ bluish tones) and to retrieve little is more,' says the Los Angeles-based interior designer.

'You don’t privation furnishings that is going to capable the full space. You privation pieces that that inactive permission a batch of country truthful size of pieces should beryllium a small spot smaller than accustomed to get the look.'

Finally, see limiting partition decor to a azygous connection portion and hanging it connected a azygous wall. 'You privation to person decor connected the partition without implicit covering the partition space,' adds Margolis. 

12. Embrace texture 

Scandinavian surviving  country   b y Allison Babcock

(Image credit: Project by Allison Babcock / photograph by Francine Fleisher )

Muted living country colour schemes of whites, greys and lukewarm neutrals are a hallmark of Scandi style. When decorating successful achromatic oregon neutrals it's important to furniture up the textures wrong the abstraction to forestall them feeling chill and clinical.

'The Scandinavian aesthetic is each astir airy colors, blonde woods, and affluent textures.' says interior decorator Allison Babcock. 'The absorption is connected texture alternatively than colour oregon pattern, truthful deliberation vintage Scandinavian plan with sheepskins, boucle fabrics, and caramel-colored leather,' 

In this abstraction by Allison Babcock, wood, chromatic and factual are offset by velvet upholstery and shaggy sheepskin to make a cozy, texture-rich space. Shapely furnishings and mid-century seating supply sculptural involvement successful spot of creation and partition décor. 

13. Add wood paneling

Slatwall panels from Naturewall

(Image credit: Naturewall)

Wood is simply a cardinal constituent of the Scandinavian interior, which is utilized for floors, furnishings and walls. Light woods specified arsenic ash, beech and conifer are popular, arsenic they bring warmth and texture portion keeping rooms feeling airy and airy. 

Adding living country paneling successful a airy wood decorativeness is guaranteed to bring a Scandinavian feel. Comprising constrictive strips of timber with an oak veneer, these easy-to-install slatwall panels from Naturewall tin beryllium fitted vertically oregon horizontally to make a sleek, modern yet calming backdrop.

'Layering earthy influences and earthy tones creates a consciousness of calm and a timeless aesthetic,' says Olivia Crosher, interior decorator astatine Naturewall. 'Living rooms are 1 of the predominant areas of the home, truthful it's important that we consciousness comforted and contented successful these spaces. Bringing the extracurricular successful done integrated textures volition inject warmth and assistance amended wellbeing.'

14. Team acheronian walls with blonde wood

Living country   with walls successful  Zoffany's Ink with airy  wood   bookshelves

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

Receiving minimal hours of daylight successful the wintertime months, Scandinavian homes are often kept arsenic airy arsenic imaginable with walls successful whites and neutrals, nevertheless dark surviving country ideas tin inactive person a beauteous Scandi feel, particularly erstwhile tempered with a blonde wood bookshelf idea, arsenic demonstrated successful this scheme. 

'We wanted a earthy palette but with guts, hence the usage of stronger hues similar this heavy inky blue,' says plan and task advisor Marnie Hopkins of the family room successful her minimalist barn-conversion. 

15. Play with contrasts

Scandinavian surviving  country   with wallpaper by Borastapeter

(Image credit: Boråstapeter Vivalla wallpaper from the postulation Alla tiders Hus)

If you're looking to make a light surviving room with a Scandinavian consciousness past achromatic makes a bully base, but beryllium definite to brace it with contrasting tones and textures advises Sissa Sundling, caput of plan astatine Swedish wallpaper marque Boråstapeter.

'To maximize airy successful a surviving room, it is each astir utilizing contrasting tones to fortify the airy feeling. In this space, if everything was white, it would beryllium hard to work the full room, it would look smaller and darker.'

By having the chimney and wallpaper successful white, but with the instauration of acheronian wood panels and a brownish sofa, 'the eyes expanse implicit the spread room, from airy to dark, to light, to dark,' says Sissa Sundling.

Further texture is brought into the abstraction done the usage of wallpaper, explains Sundling. 'The Vivalla design is an archetypal wallpaper we recovered successful our archive from the 1960s. It has a textile look with a light, lukewarm grey tone, and was enormously fashionable astatine the time. The location successful this representation is besides from the sixties, truthful the wallpaper if a cleanable lucifer to the architecture.'

How bash you benignant a Scandinavian surviving room?

Scandinavian surviving rooms are casual to benignant due to the fact that their palette of neutrals and monotones is truthful casual to physique around. The champion mode to benignant a Scandinavian surviving country is to adhd successful texture and layering to make a feeling of luxury. You tin bash this by adding earthy materials, specified arsenic sisal rugs, wicker basketwork and richly grained wood, and by adding successful chunky throws, faux fur and linen, each successful suitably muted shades.