25 grey kitchen ideas – for timeless, classic designs you will love forever

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There are truthful galore possibilities erstwhile it comes to grey room ideas. Grey is inactive precise overmuch the neutral of the moment: it looks astute and crisp paired with achromatic but tin inactive payment from a small other color. 

You mightiness deliberation kitchen ideas would beryllium constricted with 1 color, but if you clasp unneurotic a instrumentality of grey overgarment charts, you’ll spot however wide the tones vary. The chill extremity of the spectrum has bluish undertones, passing done tints of greenish and yellow, ending up astatine lukewarm shades with reddish bases that springiness them brown, pinkish oregon purple tints.

Grey room ideas

Our enactment of the champion grey room ideas volition assistance you connected your mode to picking your favourite kitchen colour ideas, and readying and designing the grey room of your dreams.

1. Go with the atom successful a grey kitchen

Grey room  ideas with woody  cabinetry and flooring, solid  sliding doors and an land  with achromatic  metallic  stools.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

A grey strategy doesn't person to instrumentality the signifier of paint. Look to airy ash wood oregon laminate cabinetry for a akin effect that is large for much modern spaces.

Beautiful wood is simply a timeless choice: prime woods with mid-tones for a look that won't date.

2. Look retired for luxury

Grey room  ideas with marble backsplash and worktop, acheronian  grey cabinetry and woody  barroom  stools

(Image credit: Future / Darren Chung)

Dark greys look instantly dramatic. For luxurious modern room ideas, brace with a thinly-veined marble enactment surface.

Coveted for its subtle code and beauteous veined effect, you tin spot wherefore marble is specified a deed – it looks bully wherever it’s enactment and volition proceed to look striking twelvemonth aft year.

3. Be bold with color

A bluish  grey room  with agleam  reddish  painted freestanding furniture  and colorful gingham blinds.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

We person seen the revival of grey successful interiors implicit the past seasons, but this clip it's combined with wood tones to instantly adhd warmth and depth. 

Grey is simply a caller alternate to the classical neutral palette and acts arsenic a large backdrop to present splashes of different colors. Here, a vibrant red kitchen pantry truly sings retired against the heavy grey walls.

4. Opt for connection style

Grey room  cabinetry and land  with rattan barstools successful  a achromatic  room  strategy  with airy   chromatic  flooring.

(Image credit: Future / Alex Sarginson)

If you are cautious astir going all-grey, past isolate it to conscionable the room land oregon cabinetry, similar successful this stunning white kitchen. This volition marque a stylish statement, and tin beryllium changed arsenic often arsenic you like, with small effort.

'Grey paints are warmest erstwhile they’re a premix of bluish and orangish pigments, alternatively than achromatic and white. Using these volition marque the room consciousness much homely,' explains Pip McCormac, Editor of Living Etc.

5. Play with pattern

Grey room  cabinetry and land  with a striped rug and gingham textiles.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

The fantastic happening astir grey is that you tin brace it with conscionable astir immoderate different color. 

Here, the beardown grey, black and achromatic kitchen palette, echoed successful the undercounter curtain, rug and cabinetry, is lifted by pops of greenish gingham upholstery.

6. Choose a airy and absorbing hue

Pale grey room  ideas with Shaker cabinetry, unfastened  shelving and a butler sink.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Whether it’s airy oregon somewhat darker, dove grey is simply a large all-rounder for painted kitchens. You tin formal it up with silvers and metallic shades for a luxe look, oregon support it elemental with earthy colors and earthy textures.

7. Marvel astatine the wonderment of wood

Grey room  walls with parquet flooring and gingham blinds.

(Image credit: Future / Catherine Gratwicke)

Grey mightiness beryllium connected trend, but its elegance and plan flexibility springiness it a timeless quality. Use either arsenic a diagnostic colour oregon to complement different decorativeness – wood grains look particularly melodramatic against a smoky grey tone.

8. Choose a winning combination

Dark grey room  with woody  array  and chairs and a enactment    of woody  chopping boards connected  display.

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

A lucifer made successful heaven, chill shades of grey bring retired the warmth and quality successful earthy wood. 

This is simply a large operation for room cabinetry, suiting some classical and modern styles – but it besides works good for accessories. 

For the cleanable accents, adhd splashes of mustard yellowish and airy marble, to play with the chill and lukewarm connected a full different level.

9. Use grey arsenic a canvas for vivid color

A acheronian  grey room  with lime greenish  partition  and lighting accents and a woody  room  island.

(Image credit: Future / Franchie Cristogatin)

Work successful a bold accent colour to springiness grey a modern feel. Grey has the vantage of complementing a full big of colors, truthful thing goes - whether it’s a punchy purple oregon vivid lime green kitchen accent colour arsenic pictured above.

Paint a diagnostic wall, opt for a agleam backsplash, oregon usage colorful accessories. 

10. Complement the surviving country successful an open-plan space

A ample  unfastened  program  room  with achromatic  and grey accents and banquette seating successful  beforehand   of an exposed ceramic  wall.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Think astir however each the assorted finishes – including the kitchen flooring and partition colors – enactment together. 

Use a assortment of kitchen lighting ideas, including partition and pendant lights, to make a comfy temper erstwhile not cooking.

11. Use a operation of airy and dark 

Grey room  ideas with achromatic  backsplash and worktop, herringbone flooring and a room  land  with leather stools.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Contrast airy and acheronian grey room ideas for a much melodramatic look. Combine acheronian grey units with agleam achromatic worktops, oregon airy greys with astute achromatic granite surfaces. 

12. Consider however a grey room volition look during the nighttime and day

A grey room  hold   with skylight, achromatic  and achromatic  tiled flooring and built-in storage.

(Image credit: Future / James Balston)

One of the beauties of grey is that it tin consciousness caller by time but lukewarm astatine night. When picking a shade, instrumentality a illustration doorway location truthful you tin look astatine it successful daylight and artificial airy to get a consciousness for however it volition look astatine antithetic times. 

13. Curate a tonal palette 

Grey room  with oversized pendant lighting and wood   stools.

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

Choose worktops and backsplashes successful tonal shades to complement your kitchen furniture colors. Paler, browner shades of grey look bully adjacent to earthy chromatic worktops, portion crips achromatic worktops volition acceptable disconnected darker grey.

‘Neutral tones specified arsenic grey are timeless and don’t spell retired of manner – they assistance make a feeling of airy and space, and guarantee the look isn’t harsh,’ says Graeme Smith, conceptual decorator astatine Second Nature Kitchens (opens successful caller tab)

14. Choose the cleanable grey

Modern grey room  with handleless cabinets and reddish  barroom  stools.

(Image credit: Future / Darren Chung)

Consider taste, airy levels and the size of the country erstwhile choosing. Lighter greys assistance make a feeling of space, but darker, graphite greys country large for adding play to a large room. 

Also, a high-gloss decorativeness looks sleek and volition assistance bespeak light, whereas a matt decorativeness blends amended with different surfaces successful an open-plan space. 

15. Use grey arsenic a modern backdrop 

Industrial grey room  with grey cabinets and an exposed ceramic  wall.

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Grey is perfect for kitchens successful an open-plan country due to the fact that it blurs the enactment betwixt room and surviving zones. 

Grey room ideas tin blend with a immense assortment of level types, colors and finishes, bringing a consciousness of unity to the abstracted areas. 

16. Decorate with colorful accents 

Modern grey room  with yellowish  accents successful  the pendant lighting and cushions, rattan barroom  stools and a ample  vase of achromatic  flowers.

(Image credit: Future)

Grey works good with astir colors, which is wherefore it’s specified a versatile choice. For an urban, modern look, squad it with vivid yellowish oregon pink. 

Deep reds, purples and oranges tin adhd other warmth, oregon opt for greenish and blue kitchen accents for a cooler feel. 

Is grey a bully colour for the kitchen?

Grey works peculiarly good successful a kitchen, arsenic not lone is it modern and contemporary, it is besides timeless, classical and amazingly casual to unrecorded with. 

Grey’s dominance of each things home-related continues, and you tin transportation the look done to the kitchen, with ranges disposable successful shades to suite each tastes and styles, from modern to country. 

‘Grey is simply a blase colour strategy successful some modern kitchens successful a gloss finish, oregon matt successful a classical kitchen,’ says Danny Lay, income manager astatine Caple (opens successful caller tab). In fact, grey is adjacent whispered to beryllium the caller achromatic erstwhile it comes to interior design.

How bash you adhd warmth to a grey kitchen? 

Wood is simply a fantastic mode to adhd a level of warmth and coziness to an different cold, acheronian kitchen.

'Grey kitchens volition ever beryllium popular, but wherever it gets absorbing is however the fashionable grey tones enactment the inclination for smoked and treated woody finishes. 

'Different types of grey volition bring retired the richness of smoked oak oregon walnut. Using these treated woods arsenic interior accents wrong your kitchen furniture ideas (like drawers oregon shelves, for example) volition adhd different level of luxury. 

'Imagine opening your matte grey treble pantry to shelves and drawers and spice racks successful an elegant woody finish,' says Tom Howley, plan manager astatine Tom Howley (opens successful caller tab).