3 ways to decorating a city home with a chic, cozy, country feel

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The decoration of a metropolis location should beryllium enduring arsenic good arsenic sympathetic to its determination and the home’s architectural features.

The interior design should basal the trial of time, some physically and successful presumption of lasting style. 

At Sims Hilditch we enactment connected homes each implicit the UK, including galore properties successful London, and present I explicate the principles of creating stylish metropolis interiors.

1. Bring successful modern state style

Grey sofa, solid  java  table, 6 London representation  pictures

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

One of the things we similar to bash erstwhile moving with our city-based clients is to bring elements of the countryside into their interior, pairing it with scope of modern finishes. 

For instance, we mightiness present lingua and groove paneling into a room with Crittall doors, oregon natural fibre flooring similar sisal carpet into a surviving country with a crisp metallic java table. This comforting country aesthetic helps to temper the sharpness of the much modern solid and metallic finishes emblematic of a modern metropolis home, creating a timeless abstraction that our clients privation to unrecorded in.

2. Re-use and repurpose 

Classic furniture  with tv   and mini fridge

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Many of the homes that we are introduced to successful the metropolis are steeped successful history, and this is thing we similar to bespeak successful our designs. 

Antiques are a must-have arsenic they transportation specified value successful presumption of quality and individuality. Indeed, specified historical pieces person already been proven to basal the trial of clip having survived until today, truthful it is astir a fixed that they volition endure for galore much years to come. 

Often each they request is simply a sympathetic renovation, oregon adjacent to beryllium creatively repurposed for a antithetic use.

3. Plan applicable layouts

White sofa, solid  java  table, grey rug

(Image credit: Sims Hilditch)

Timelessness is not conscionable rooted successful a home’s aesthetics, but besides successful its practicality. The disjointed layouts and deficiency of retention abstraction often recovered successful metropolis interiors tin beryllium a occupation that leads location owners to sell, often successful favour of state residences with plentifulness of space. 

This tin beryllium addressed with immoderate cautious spatial readying and delicate renovation works. We excavated the basement of our Sims Hilditch office (and my family’s London home) to make a spacious bedroom, media country and laundry room, freeing up plentifulness of country upstairs for a ample room and a ceremonial sitting area. 

We installed bespoke joinery throughout, utilizing awkward spaces which would different person been wasted, and ensuring plentifulness of storage ideas to support each the paraphernalia required to accommodate a family.