5 colors to avoid painting a landing – and the secret to choosing the right shades

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You would beryllium forgiven for forgetting astir your landing erstwhile considering colour schemes for your home. This transitional country is 1 you walk done portion en route to different societal oregon applicable space, and is often a past thought erstwhile it comes to decor. But that doesn't mean your landing ideas should beryllium overlooked. 

The colour decisions you marque for your landing tin beryllium incredibly impactful, improving the travel betwixt it and the spaces disconnected it. This is wherever paint ideas travel into play, mounting the code for each adjoining rooms, including the staircase, and your hallway overgarment ideas supra and below. 

However, precisely due to the fact that the landing is simply a abstraction wherever colour tin beryllium utilized to nexus rooms of antithetic colors, it tin beryllium casual to take the incorrect shades. Therefore, knowing which hues to take and to debar present is key. 

5 colors you should debar coating your landing

From acheronian greenish to charcoal gray, interior designers are steering wide of immoderate of this year's astir sought-after tones connected their landing. Here's what you request to cognize earlier painting.  

1. Beige 

Green painted landing with array  and chairs

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Beige surviving country ideas mightiness beryllium popular, but it's a overmuch trickier colour to usage connected a landing due to the fact that of however it reacts successful antithetic lights and with different colors. 

'I would ever debar coating a landing immoderate benignant of beige. It is 1 of the astir tricky colors that exist,' says Lucy O'Brien, the Principal Designer astatine Tartan & Toile (opens successful caller tab). 'There are pink, gold, and yellowish beiges, and each person precise antithetic colors that they tin beryllium paired with – if you prime the incorrect one, the full happening volition clash.' 

If you're looking for a brushed code that offers the comfortableness of beige without the hazard of a clash, Lucy recommends opting for a warmer achromatic oregon a much 'muted white' specified arsenic Farrow and Ball's Cabbage White (opens successful caller tab) which is among the designer's favorites.

2. Charcoal Gray 

Grey hallway ideas

(Image credit: Future)

You whitethorn deliberation it would beryllium hard to spell incorrect erstwhile decorating with gray, but it is imaginable to beryllium wrong-footed by definite tones successful this fleeting space. 

'I would ne'er overgarment a landing a charcoal gray. It is simply a colour inclination that is fading retired and volition marque your location look instantly dated,' Lucy warns. 

Instead, she recommends Farrow and Ball's Pigeon (opens successful caller tab), which offers a much dusty gray-blue aesthetic that is much apt to basal the trial of time.  

3. Black 

Grey hallway ideas

(Image credit: Paul Raeside / Future)

Black volition ever person stylish qualities, but Lisa Rickert, the CEO and Creative Director of overgarment institution Jolie Home (opens successful caller tab) warns against bringing this colour for applicable reasons. 

'Black and off-black tin beryllium precise chic, but not for your landing. If lights are dimly lit astatine night, you bash not privation to hazard idiosyncratic falling arsenic they effort to navigate the stairs,' she says. 

Since your landing is archetypal and foremost a transitional space, the adept suggests choosing a lukewarm achromatic that volition enactment seamlessly connected your walls. '[It can] tally done the halls of a home, creating continuity and visually enlarging the abstraction adjacent if you bash not person overmuch earthy airy successful the area,' Lisa adds. 

4. Bright reddish  

red hallway with metallic  console array  and gilt mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC / Davide Lovatti)

Bright and bold colors similar reddish oregon orangish whitethorn beryllium stressful for radical passing done your landing,' says Amy Youngblood, Owner & Principal Designer of Amy Youngblood Interiors (opens successful caller tab). This color idea is best-reserved for societal spaces that request to marque a lasting impression, whereas your landing is champion kept uncomplicated. 

'You privation your landing to beryllium airy and unfastened for institution passing through. The landing is not a abstraction for lingering, truthful it's a bully thought to support it neutral and simple,' the decorator adds. 

5. Dark greens  

Green painted landing with array  and chairs

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

'I thin to enactment distant from immoderate dark, dense colors unless the full staircase is painted successful 1 coagulated color, and adjacent then, it indispensable beryllium precocious gloss overgarment for it to work,' says Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer astatine MC Design (opens successful caller tab). Megan warns that acheronian greenish is amongst these 'heavy colors' that are 'generally hard to enactment with oregon get conscionable close successful your landing.'

'[These colors] besides thin to marque a space, particularly a tiny abstraction similar a landing, consciousness adjacent smaller and precise enclosed,' Megan adds. 

What colour should I overgarment my landing?

'Since landings are connecting places it is champion to take colors that make a seamless ocular nexus to the rooms that pb disconnected them, though usually successful a paler tone. Ideally, a whole-story palette volition beryllium complementary, adjacent if country colors are different, truthful the colour you take for a landing needs to respond to this,' says Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief, Homes & Gardens.

'So, if each the rooms disconnected your landing are successful heavy earthy colors, your landing is apt to beryllium astir palmy being a overmuch lighter earth-tone; if you emotion a coastal look, you mightiness take blues and whites for bedrooms and bathrooms, and past the palest of blues oregon agleam achromatic for your landing.

'Essentially, landing colors are astir palmy erstwhile they are airy and neutral, truthful that they complement the colour of the rooms beyond alternatively than combat for attraction oregon clash.'