5 colors you should never paint your kitchen – according to experts

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Choosing the close room colour tin consciousness similar a pugnacious decision. The tones you take volition apt beryllium a portion of your location for respective years – meaning you request to find thing modern capable to enactment successful style, but timeless capable to debar feeling outdated successful the seasons to come. 

And portion overgarment choices are important successful each country of your home, it tin beryllium harder, arsenic good arsenic much time-consuming and expensive, to accommodate your kitchen colour ideas erstwhile you’ve made your prime for the room. 

But which are the hues the experts accidental don’t marque the grade? This is what you request to know.

5 colors you should ne'er overgarment your kitchen 

It’s nary concealed that white, neutral, and green room ideas person made waves crossed the plan manufacture successful caller months. However, these tones whitethorn person seen their day, colour experts say. Here are the shades they’re avoiding successful 2022. 

1. Red 

Breakfast barroom  successful  room  with coloured level  tiles, achromatic  units and terracotta walls.

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair)

Red has ever felt similar thing of a arguable prime successful the kitchen, truthful it is possibly unsurprising that Valspar’s elder marque manager, Tobie Lewis, warns against this paint idea. 

‘Something to beryllium cautious astir would beryllium coating ample areas of your room red. The room is simply a abstraction wherever you should unwind and unbend portion cooking, eating, oregon hosting your friends. For many, the colour reddish is almighty and excessively distracting for this circumstantial room,’ Tobie says. 

Therefore, contempt its reputed quality to heighten your senses (and perchance marque your nutrient sensation better), for galore this passionate shadiness is champion served up extracurricular the kitchen. 

2. Bright white 

White room  with cladding and vaulted ceiling and land  with barroom  stools successful  Cornish coastal newbuild

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

The conception of all-white kitchens sparked a statement arsenic 1 of the kitchen trends to avoid, and agleam white, adjacent successful moderation, has fallen retired of favour amongst designers. ‘White kitchens are classic, but a agleam achromatic tends to consciousness stark oregon clinical,’ says Liberty Riggs, a decorator from Studio Riggs. 

If you inactive privation to incorporated white room ideas into your home, Liberty recommends opting for a ‘creamy achromatic oregon adjacent a mushroom tone, which volition consciousness overmuch warmer and inviting’.

3. Yellow 

Yellow room  with hanging bluish  airy  fixtures

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

‘When coating your kitchen, the 1 colour I ever debar is agleam yellow,’ says Amy Youngblood, proprietor of Amy Youngblood Interiors. The adept suggests that this fluorescent shadiness detracts from the different beauteous items you whitethorn person successful your kitchen, specified arsenic your countertops oregon lighting fixtures. 

‘You truly privation your room to beryllium a spot of enjoyment and peace. There is already capable going connected successful your kitchen, and you surely don’t request a feeling of chaos,’ she adds. 

4. Beige  

kitchen worktop inspired by southbound  of France, meal  preparation

(Image credit: Emma Lee / Twig Hutchinson)

While beige tin consciousness similar a harmless prime that volition basal the trial of time, the president of Sharper Impressions Painting, Geoff Sharp, warns that it could permission your room looking boring and lifeless. ‘Beige is often bland and has a harmless and blimpish consciousness to it,’ Geoff says. He suggests that you opt for a riskier but stylish shadiness that makes you blessed portion making your room pop.

5. Dark green

Green room  with windowseat and island

(Image credit: Future/ Brent Darby)

Whilst the look of your room is ever a priority, Manhattan-based existent property nonrecreational Parisa M. Afkhami of Coldwell Banker Warburg warns that immoderate shades tin interaction your location value. 

Amongst the astir salient of these is acheronian green. ‘Colors to perfectly beryllium avoided are darker colors and shades of green, blue, red, and purple, which volition formed a shadiness connected nutrient and darken the space. Green and orange, successful particular, should beryllium avoided successful kitchens,’ she warns. 

So, if you’re reasoning of selling your location with a acheronian greenish kitchen, you whitethorn privation to re-evaluate your painted room ideas pronto.