5 flooring mistakes to avoid – according to architects and interior designers

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It is often casual to hide your floor's value successful your wide scheme, but 1 communal mistake tin pb to a abstraction that feels disproportionate and outdated. Therefore, whether you're renovating your full abstraction oregon you're looking to elevate your flooring ideas quickly, it is important to cognize astir the mistakes to avoid, according to the experts. 

Flooring mistakes to debar – 5 decisions to rethink this season 

Whether you're looking for hallway flooring ideas to make the close archetypal impression, oregon you're looking for the close benignant of worldly for your room oregon surviving country – the mistakes stay the same. Here's what to avoid, according to those who know. 

1. Avoid stripping your woody flooring 

Scandinavian surviving  country   with acheronian  wood   level  and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Recent trends whitethorn constituent towards stripped grey flooring; however, this question is not 1 that works for everyone. Instead, Manhattan-based designer Anastasia Harrison (opens successful caller tab) urges you to clasp your floor's earthy quality and measurement distant from stripping. 

'There is specified a [demand for] washed grey flooring. However, sometimes I volition spot individuals who portion historical floors and effort each operation of semi-transparent stains to execute a grey color, and it doesn't look natural,' Anastasia says. 

If you're acceptable connected experimenting with this color trend, the designer suggests choosing ready-made flooring that is already stained the cleanable grey to debar damaging your home's earthy assets.  

2. Know your relation earlier selecting your flooring 

Modern hallway flooring with encaustic tiles

(Image credit: Alexander James)

'I spot truthful galore clients installing delicate flooring materials (beautiful wool and hand-made rugs) successful precocious postulation areas, and arsenic a result, the worldly is stained, destroyed, and requires tons of maintenance,' Anastasia warns. 

It is, therefore, champion to elevate the relation of your country earlier choosing your flooring to guarantee it is suitable for the occupation implicit a agelong play of time. 'The champion extremity is to prime man-made rubber materials oregon jute for high-traffic mud-rooms,' she says. 

'Recently, I had a lawsuit who has an flat successful a high-rise luxury building, looking to grow her balcony arsenic a surviving space. She needed a woven level mat to crushed the room. We recommended a Chilewich rug, which is made from durable, renewable rootlike contented and woven textiles. Not lone did it relation forward, but it wholly transformed the space.' 

3. Opting for the incorrect colored flooring 

bedroom with monochrome stripe wallpaper, achromatic  armchair, achromatic  level  lamp and yellowish  blind

(Image credit: Simon Bevan / Claudia Bryant)

Despite each its plan power, flooring is, supra all, a applicable feature. And its colour should bespeak its purpose, Interior Designer Aaron Lebowski (opens successful caller tab) suggests. 

'Be definite to support successful caput however galore radical volition beryllium walking connected your caller flooring, arsenic good arsenic what types of shoes they deterioration erstwhile they visit,' Aaron suggests. He urges you to see a darker entryway oregon kitchen flooring idea specified arsenic achromatic oregon navy bluish to conceal ungraded much seamlessly. 

4. Neglecting different features successful your space 

Modern hallway flooring with wood   tiles

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti / Future)

Your level is expected to not lone complement your country but necktie your abstraction together. So, it is important not to hide however it volition enactment with the different decorating ideas successful your home. 

'If you're looking for thing bolder than neutral colors similar beige oregon white, see utilizing colors that coordinate with your existing décor alternatively than ones that clash with them,' Aaron warns.  

5. Forgetting astir aboriginal renovation plans

hall with greenish  checkerboard tiled floor, sideboard and greenish  upholstered chair

(Image credit: Polly Wreford/Sally Denning)

When choosing your floor, it is understandable that you would simply see your strategy arsenic it presently stands. However, flooring is often a semipermanent commitment, truthful it's important to program for the seasons to come. 

'When readying retired a room, marque definite that you see capable abstraction for aboriginal additions specified arsenic furnishings oregon appliances that mightiness request to beryllium moved astir aboriginal connected (such arsenic adding a refrigerator),' Aaron says. This volition forestall you from making immoderate much investments successful the adjacent aboriginal and guarantee your abstraction spends the trial of clip for seasons to come.