5 reasons why your toilet won't flush – and how to fix it

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How often person you gone to flush the toilet lone for it to capable up with water? That feeling of panic erstwhile a toilet won't flush and you ideate it overflowing is not thing you privation to repeat, truthful by learning a fewer elemental tricks, you tin grip the worst if it happens again. 

Usually, these tricks volition impact learning how to unclog a toilet. 

‘A toilet that won’t flush is really a truly communal contented that’s usually casual to repair,’ according to the experts astatine Homeserve (opens successful caller tab). ‘Remember that with each location DIY projects, information is important. If you don’t consciousness comfy doing a task, it’s champion to permission it to a nonrecreational plumber.’

Here are 5 of the astir communal reasons wherefore your toilet won’t flush – and however to hole them.

Why your toilet won't flush, and what to do

It's not a occupation immoderate of america look guardant to, but it is 1 that tin often beryllium done without the fuss and disbursal of calling successful a professional. Here is what to cheque first.

1. Low h2o level

If determination isn’t capable h2o successful the toilet tank, it can’t flush arsenic determination isn’t capable h2o to refill the bowl. Look successful the backmost of the vessel and cheque if the h2o level is astir an inch from the apical of the overflow tube. 

If it isn’t, look for the interval shaped similar a circular shot connected to the capable valve. Lift oregon crook the interval limb up and the h2o level should commencement to fill. In toilets with an intake assembly, simply determination the metallic clip upwards to set the h2o level.

2. Flapper oregon assistance concatenation issues

Another communal origin of toilets that won’t flush is simply a occupation with the flapper oregon assistance chain. The flapper is the rubber cupful signifier astatine the bottommost of the tank. The assistance concatenation is attached to the apical of this flapper and a agelong metallic arm, which is the handle. 

When you flush, the metallic limb usually rises, bringing the concatenation and flapper with it. If the concatenation is broken, it stops the flapper rising and letting h2o participate the bowl. If the flapper is damaged, this tin origin h2o to perpetually capable the bowl. In some cases, the toilet won’t flush and you request to regenerate the concatenation and flapper. 

To bash this, crook the h2o disconnected and flush. This empties the vessel of h2o truthful you tin easy entree the flapper and chain. Remove and regenerate with caller ones earlier investigating a fewer times past turning the h2o backmost on.

3. Clogged toilet

It whitethorn beryllium the lawsuit that your toilet is clogged up. Things similar excessively overmuch toilet paper, sanitary products, look wipes and different items tin each origin the toilet to clog. 

An casual hole is to instrumentality a plunger oregon poke it with a loo brushwood to dislodge the clog. Try plunging 3 oregon 4 times and it should bash the trick. If not, crook the h2o off, flush past adhd lukewarm h2o to the bowl. Let it beryllium for a portion and flush again. 

If this inactive doesn’t work, you whitethorn request to telephone a plumber in, who tin usage a toilet oregon closet auger. It looks similar a drain snake and has a cablegram that rotates by a handle. This should hole things quickly.

4. Faulty toilet handle

If the grip is breached it should beryllium beauteous evident this is the issue. All that’s happened is that it has go disconnected and is speedy and casual to fix. Look wrong the vessel and spot if the grip is inactive connected to the small limb and concatenation that lifts the flapper. You whitethorn conscionable request to reconnect a mates of basal parts specified arsenic a breached nexus successful the concatenation oregon a escaped nut.

5. A drain enactment problem

If each other fails, it could beryllium the drain line. This pipework moves discarded to the sewer oregon septic vessel and if different drains successful the location are besides not rinsing decently – the bath oregon room sink, shower, bath – past it’s apt to beryllium a drain enactment issue. Your plumber should beryllium capable to usage an extra-long auger to cleanable it out. In immoderate cases, trees and different roots tin creep into drain lines and origin issues, which volition necessitate much specializer help.

How tin I unit my toilet to flush?

Take a bucket of h2o and determination dilatory into the toilet bowl. Speed up gradually and the h2o should propulsion the discarded successful the vessel done the pipes, allowing you to flush the toilet successful the accustomed way.

How overmuch bash plumbers usually complaint per hour?

If you request to telephone the experts in, a plumber usually charges betwixt $45 and $200 per hour. Any tiny repairs don’t thin to request a licence to implicit the job.