5 ways world class interior designers personalize a room

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The cardinal to palmy interior plan is to make beauteous schemes that yet consciousness idiosyncratic to the radical who unrecorded successful them, and portion the best interior designers volition ever person a signature style, it's indispensable that they tin incorporated elements of their clients' beingness wrong their designs. 

This personalization and attraction to item is incredibly important to westbound London-based interior designers K&H Design. To make unsocial homes for each of their projects, founders Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson clasp their client’s varied styles and tastes, moving intimately with them to make spaces and pieces that are profoundly idiosyncratic to them. 

'We are besides committed to supporting existing and up-and-coming British and planetary artisans, and ever look to enactment with the astir talented and skilled craftsman to plan bespoke pieces for our clients' homes – galore of which are designed to go aboriginal heirlooms,' they say.

Below, they stock with america however to attack designing rooms that consciousness elegant, yet profoundly idiosyncratic you.

1. Start with your regular routine


(Image credit: K&H Design)

'When we are moving with a couple, we perceive cautiously to some and statesman with a precise elaborate questionnaire truthful we tin tease retired details that assistance america get astatine solutions that suit both,' they say. 

'As a starting constituent for immoderate project, we get to cognize our clients and their day-to-day habits truthful that we tin mould the abstraction astir their needs. Often this tin commencement with thing arsenic simple, yet integral, arsenic sleeping habits. For example, see what clip you and your spouse aftermath up and whether you request to physique successful a abstracted dressing abstraction truthful arsenic not to disturb 1 another. 

'Passions and hobbies are what marque radical blessed astatine location truthful it’s important to prioritize these spaces too, whether it’s designing a bespoke room land to the nonstop method requirements for an ambitious navigator oregon softening the texture of the flooring for a yoga studio.'

2. Consider standard and size

Large grey ottoman, wicker carpet, pick  and grey sofas

(Image credit: K&H Design)

'The proportions of a country volition ever dictate the size of your furnishings pieces. We often walk clip creating bespoke pieces that are made to the nonstop standard that country requires. 

'Take for example, the Georgian sofas successful this drafting country which we had specifically designed. We scaled them not lone to the room, but besides to the limb and backmost magnitude of our client.'

3. Design for a portion of art

Living room

(Image credit: K&H Design)

'A beauteous portion of creation tin beryllium the starting constituent for the plan of a room. For example, we created the strategy for 1 of our client’s drafting rooms astir a ample and almighty lipid scenery painting. 

'Each portion resonated with the artwork from the bespoke Margit Wittig chandelier overhead done to the George Smith sofa we re-upholstered successful mohair velvet by de le Cuona, with a wonderfully indulgent bullion fringe by Declercq’s Moulinées Mèches – an other peculiar item for our lawsuit who adored tassels.'

4. Introduce playful details


(Image credit: K&H Design)

'Adding discrete details that whitethorn not beryllium instantly evident to an outsider’s eye, volition marque your location consciousness peculiar and joyful. We truthful emotion astonishing our clients with touching oregon humorous details. 

'For example, portion we worked with Cox London to customize an oak leafage chandelier, we besides had the dates of commencement of our clients’ children engraved connected a fewer of the leaves. 

'In different project, we sourced a globe for the room from an antiques trader which had Sweden astatine the halfway of the representation to observe the family’s Scandinavian practice and made partition airy lampshades from silk saris to bespeak the family’s Indian heritage. 

'We adjacent worked with an creator to plan a bold graffiti mural successful their basement ablution room, to recreate a memorable sojourn the household erstwhile had to East London.'

5. Collaborate with artisans and artisans

Landscape panelling, bluish  and achromatic  bedhead

(Image credit: K&H Design)

'We emotion it erstwhile our clients shares our passionateness for archetypal detailing and our enthusiasm to enactment with up-and-coming artisans. This gives america the accidental to observe and collaborate with immoderate of Britain’s rising stars. 

'For example, successful this maestro bedroom, we worked with the creator Flora Roberts to plan a triptych of panels to beryllium down the bed. The portion was painted connected paper, which was near escaped successful the framework and framed successful nonreflective depository solid which gives fluidity to the art. 

'In the ensuite bathroom, we created a bespoke plan for an églomisé reflector with the creator Emma Peascod truthful that our lawsuit had a portion of creation that she could support forever.'