7 geometric furniture designs from Sofa.com to bring this modern trend to your home

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With simplicity and geometric detailing astatine the centre of their latest launch, Sofa.com’s highly-anticipated scope of geometric furnishings designs are each astir sleek silhouettes and strong, angular shapes. 

Launched into prominence passim occidental schemes successful the roaring 1920s, geometric designs lent themselves to the bold, angularity of Art Deco design. Across their latest range, Sofa.com introduces a enactment of luxurious designs with striking formations to their immense collection, for those looking to simulate the influential geometric inclination successful their ain homes. 

We took a look astatine Sofa.com's range, and discovered a wealthiness of angular furnishings inspiration for each areas of your location to make a luxurious, welcoming and indulgent interior, from mid-century sofas to angular java tables. Find retired however to bring the geometric furnishings inclination into your ain location with the assistance of Sofa.com’s beautifully handcrafted collection.

1.  Introduce curvaceous design 

sofa.com geometric furniture

(Image credit: SS22 Electra Coffee Table, £2,500, Oswald sofa successful Alabaster, £2,150, Sofa.com)

Not since Eileen Gray, Le Corbusier and Marcel Breuer has determination been a greater fascination with the simplicity and possibilities of this cylindrical form. With the accent contiguous connected the surviving country arsenic a household space, utilized for socialising and relaxing, regimented rows of units and objective plan tin look a small stark. The answer? Curves. The circular Electra Coffee Table with unfastened retention – a must-have for household beingness – volition assistance the layout and soften the wide look of your room, adding a bold plan absorption oregon a subtle interaction of shaping to your décor.

2.  Sink into stylish seating 

sofa.com geometric designs

(Image credit: SS22 Chester 2.5 spot sofa successful Nefertiti Cotton Matt Velvet, £1,490, Chester Armchair successful Alpaca Textured Boucle, £920, Taylor Table, £590, Sofa.com)

Getting the sofa close successful a surviving country is 1 of the biggest challenges successful design. What sofa you take needs to beryllium stylish and lend to the property and harmony of the space. 

A modern twist connected a classical shape, the Chester sofa is unrivalled successful benignant and substance. Angular plan and mid-century benignant schemes are without a uncertainty 2 of the biggest sofa trends we’re seeing for 2022. From basal shapes similar triangles to much analyzable patterns, geometric designs adhd symmetrical simplicity to immoderate room. 

The quality of simple, geometric designs mean they are cleanable for embracing bold colours successful your home. The cleanable lines of the Chester sofa volition undoubtedly look striking successful agleam colourways, conscionable similar it’s shown successful Nefertiti fabric matt velvet, besides caller for SS22. 

Like Scandinavian design, the main intent of mid-century modern benignant is to amended regular life. Furniture is truthful not lone astir stylish elegance, but besides astir functionality – it should beryllium durable and service a purple. The beechwood framework is guaranteed for life, truthful this genuinely is simply a portion of furnishings that volition basal the trial of time.

3.  Store successful style 

sofa.com geometric furnishings  trend

(Image credit: Sorrento 5 drawer thorax of drawers successful Coconut brushed leather, £1,420, Sofa.com)

As we formed our minds backwards for the consciousness of comfortableness and assurance that familiarity brings, for 2022, we’ll besides beryllium breathing caller beingness into mid-century pieces and translating them into the 21st-century aesthetic. This is wherever the Sorrento and Amalfi Chest of Drawers travel into focus. 

Although mid-century benignant was driven by advances successful technology, it was besides inspired by the earthy world, and wood is the astir wide utilized worldly for furniture. Sofa.com’s Sorrento plan echoes the sentiments of a classical mid-century thorax of drawers – a portion to location idiosyncratic treasures – and modernised it with a mirrored flip up apical that tin beryllium folded distant astatine a moment's notice. 

While your chamber mightiness not beryllium connected amusement to visitors arsenic often arsenic different rooms, making definite you support the clutter successful cheque volition guarantee a relaxing situation for unwinding astatine the extremity of the day.

4.  Sit backmost and relax 

sofa.com geometric furniture

(Image credit: SS22 Phoenix Rocking seat successful Eucalyptus astute cotton, £720, Sofa.com)

Rocking chairs are having a comeback, and these caller fashion-forward pieces volition marque you crave a rocker of your own. Designed with comfortableness and benignant successful mind, Sofa.com’s charming Phoenix Rocking Chair beautifully re-imagines an age-old conception for modern living. 

This stylish seating volition supply a comfy retreat for weary feet, an indulgent vantage constituent for tv viewing pleasance – and a relaxed hotspot for sociable sharing and informal entertaining. 

Available successful 98 fantastic colour options, the Phoenix Rocking Chair tin beryllium styled to suit immoderate space. For a cosy yet modern aesthetic, beryllium definite to benignant your seat with a broad oregon cushion successful a contrasting colourway.

5.  Work successful sumptuous seating 

sofa.com geometric furniture

(Image credit: Edie Armchair successful Jade Smart Velvet, £790 each; Bogart broadside table, £200, Sofa.com)

Sculptural and curvaceous plan is making a comeback, and it is astir time, too. Versatile and adaptable, curves enactment successful immoderate benignant of surviving room, accepted oregon contemporary. And with its boutique feel, who could defy the undisputed elegance of the Edie Armchair? 

Think astir symmetry erstwhile styling your seating, too. Symmetry successful interior plan is introduced to make equilibrium and a feeling of calm – perfect for enhancing a abstraction successful a mid-century modern surviving room. If the architecture of your location is beardown and distinctive, a symmetrical layout volition guarantee that your strategy remains stylish yet cosy. 

And let’s not hide astir the indulgent cloth that is velvet. There is simply a extent and richness that lone velvet tin bring, keeping it harmless from the vagaries of manner and ensuring its relation arsenic a staple of elegant interior design. 

When styling the Edie Armchair, play astir with plan ideas – patterned cushions look stunning with acerb agleam piping oregon take a plain with a clashing back. Whichever operation you choose, we warrant that this velvet portion volition connection a genuinely tactile experience.

6.  Make your location bureau supremely chic  

sofa.com geometric furniture

(Image credit: SS22 Hans Desk, £1,300, Arabella Chair successful Peacock Plush Tweed Boucle, £370, Sofa.com)

It tin beryllium casual to deliberation of functionality archetypal erstwhile assessing a table for your location office. But portion a table indispensable beryllium ergonomic, it should fulfill your consciousness of benignant successful the aforesaid mode arsenic each different portion of furnishings successful your home. 

When contemplating a location bureau scheme, relation – specified arsenic furnishings and retention –  must beryllium cardinal to your design, but does not person to beryllium visually dominant. Choosing an eye-catching focus, specified arsenic this connection Hans Desk, which tin besides treble up arsenic a console array erstwhile the laptop and notebook person been neatly hidden away, volition distract from the room’s intent and marque it consciousness arsenic considered arsenic a surviving space. 

Designed with abstract angles, a monochromatic decorativeness and a triangular country portion to boost retention potential, the Hans Desk is simply a connection each connected its own. After all, what you make astatine your table is simply a enactment of art, truthful wherefore shouldn't your table basal retired too?

7.  Go for a modular masterpiece 

sofa.com advertorial

(Image credit: Astaire java array successful Spiced Honey Soft Leather, £1325, Sofa.com)

Coffee tables are the finishing interaction of a surviving room. Often the past portion of furnishings to beryllium bought – aft seating and retention – java tables are often, adjacent unintentionally, the focal constituent of a surviving room, truthful getting the cleanable 1 is simply a must. 

Introduce a timeless design-led portion to your lounge with Sofa.com's Astaire Coffee Table Set, which tin beryllium beautifully personalised with your favourite wood, leather and cloth options. 

This clever plan besides separates retired into 2 geometric java tables and a slender oak array top, allowing for greater flexibility for your surviving abstraction – cleanable for modern life. Pair it with the Chester sofa, finished successful an Ochre oregon Butterscotch, to adhd other warmth to the bosom of your surviving space.

To bring the geometric inclination into your home, observe simplistic and beautifully handcrafted furnishings designs for each interior astatine Sofa.com. Simply take a style, prime your size and prime from their wide scope of exquisite fabrics to make thing that’s genuinely fabulous. Your portion volition past beryllium handcrafted particularly for you and delivered to your doorway by their affable transportation squad wrong 5-7 weeks.