8 interior designers share their go-to bedding brands for projects – and themselves

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Bedding is ever a idiosyncratic matter, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to consult the plan experts themselves with the best furniture sheets, duvets, and pillows they find themselves selecting again and again for their clients, and adjacent their homes. 

So we asked 8 interior designers astir their favourite bedding brands, featuring a premix of high-end and mass-market options. White bedding inactive seems to reign supreme, accentuated with a popular of detail. Today's interior designers are looking for integrated fabrics, and determination besides appears to beryllium a penchant for breezy, breathable linen.

Don't beryllium excessively amazed if their picks springiness you immoderate large bedroom ideas ... amended yet, we present cognize precisely wherever to find the favourite bedding of interior designers. 

1. Coyuchi

Coyuchi bedding from Prospect Refuge Studio

A chamber from Prospect Refuge Studio Lowry Hill task successful Minneapolis, MN. 

(Image credit: Prospect Refuge Studio)

“We emotion to usage Coyuchi bedding, seen present successful our Lowry Hill project. It has a large manus and quality. We’ve besides utilized a rug remnant arsenic a lumbar, which is simply a amusive mode to adhd texture and pattern."

-Victoria Sass, main and plan manager astatine Prospect Refuge Studio

View akin astatine Coyuchi 2. Matteo

Jenni Kayne Bedroom

Inside Jenni Kayne's LA bedroom, featuring linens from Matteo

(Image credit: Jenni Kayne Home)

"I person Matteo's linen bedding successful each country successful my location and it's my implicit favorite. They person an unthinkable scope of neutral tones that propulsion each country together, positive I emotion however lightweight yet luxe their linen feels—it's genuinely made for immoderate play and style."

Jenni Kayne of Jenni Kayne Home

Try Matteo Vintage Linen Sheet Set, starting astatine $4953. Ballard Designs

Suzanne Kasler Greek Key Bedding for Ballard Designs

(Image credit: Suzanne Kasler)

“My Greek Key Bedding postulation for Ballard was inspired by the custom, dressmaker details that adhd that special, last furniture to the room. The postulation is timeless and chic, yet comfy and livable.”

Suzanne Kasler of Suzanne Kasler Design, based successful Atlanta, GA

Browse Suzanne's exclusive Ballard Designs collection.4. Serena & Lily

Anastasia Casey Lakehouse serena & lily bedding

Anastasia Casey's Lakehouse chamber outfitted with the Serena & Lily Hyannis Duvet Cover

(Image credit: Madeline Harper Photography)

"I designed the water location astir the conception of 'elevated campy vibes,' which meant a gingham people had to beryllium involved. This duvet screen was everything I was looking for, and it’s go my favourite bedding we’ve ever owned—period. The linen is that cleanable texture to support you chill successful the summertime and lukewarm successful the winter. And buttons astatine the bottommost are covered successful the aforesaid linen for a seamless look. Color-wise, the mink is astir a brushed mauve-meets-taupe that transitions beautifully betwixt seasons.

"I’m notoriously picky astir sheets and truly did my homework earlier selecting this peculiar set. They’re integrated fabric with a sateen decorativeness and diagnostic the sweetest airy bluish scalloped edge. I emotion however they adust perfectly smooth, and I ne'er request pressing erstwhile I retrieve to instrumentality them retired of the dryer promptly."

Anastasia Casey of The Identitè Collective, laminitis of IDCO Studio and Design Camp of Austin, TX

Snag the Hyannis Duvet Cover from $358  and the Scallop Sheet Set, from $298 astatine Serena & Lily5. Matouk

Ellen Kavanaugh Matouk bedding

Matouk bedding, chosen by Ellen Kavanaugh with assistance from The Linen Ladies, who connection customized bedding to the trade

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ellen Kavanaugh)

"I consciousness that bedding overall should beryllium elemental and classical with a popular of a wow factor.  Our go-to for the primary bedding is thing from The Linen Ladies wherever we enactment with Caroline Davis, who guides us connected benignant and merchandise that is champion for the space; specified arsenic a classical concatenation nexus oregon trellis borderline embroidered oregon applique connected apical of achromatic fabric percale sheeting [as seen connected this Matouk bedding].  Always achromatic for us! For our wow origin we either customized marque euro shams oregon a ample lumbar pillow retired of a patterned fabric that compliments the design."

Ellen Kavanaugh of Ellen Kavanaugh Interiors, based successful Palm Beach

Similar: Explore the Matouk Lorelai Collection6. Cultiver

Devon Liedtke cultiver bedroom

(Image credit: Fernanda Varela)

"I emotion a achromatic bed, and for my superior bedroom, I wanted the look to beryllium calm and quiet, adjacent if it is large and chaotic, successful reality. I person ever wanted to effort linen sheets and I yet made the switch, and truthful blessed I did! I person ever loved the effortless look of linen and present I tin vouch for the consciousness of linen. I whitethorn ne'er spell back. When I was successful the marketplace for caller bedding, I went consecutive to Cultiver. It was precisely what I had successful mind. Effortless, chic, and astonishing quality."

Devon Liedtke, interior designer

Add the Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set to your bed, starting astatine $3257. Signoria Firenze

Christopher Kennedy "Mi Sueno" task  successful  Palm Springs

Christopher Kennedy "Mi Sueno" task successful Palm Springs featuring the Signoria Firenze Masaccio coverlet (available astatine Perigold)

(Image credit: Public 311 Design)

"At our firm, we emotion to use bedding from Signoria Firenze, a beauteous Italian bedding brand. I firmly judge successful making your furniture each day, and making it casual to bash so. I similar to furniture our beds hotel-style, with a coverlet (blanket) and a fluffy duvet folded astatine the foot of the bed. It is ace casual to make! Just propulsion the coverlet each the mode up to fell the wrinkled sheets. Then, fold the coverlet down astatine the ft of the bed. In lieu of a clump of propulsion pillows, I similar 1 ample lumbar pillow placed successful beforehand of the sleeping pillows." 

Christopher Kennedy, of California plan firm, Christopher Kennedy, portion of his "Mi Sueno" task successful Palm Springs

View the Signoria Firenze masaccio Coverlet astatine Perigold, starting astatine $4958. Lili Alessandra

Murphy Maude Interiors Lili Alessandra bedroom

(Image credit: Alyssa Rosenheck)

"One of our go-to bedding brands is Lili Alessandra! The marque is known to person a beardown creator imaginativeness that aligns with our ethos and attack astatine Murphy Maude. They have an extended merchandise catalog ranging from modern to accepted designs but each portion is ever rooted successful elegance and opulence, truthful there's thing for everyone. We utilized the Silk & Sensibility bedding collection successful this room; the silk/polyester blend allows for a luxurious but applicable option."

Leslie Murphy, CEO and Creative Director of Memphis-based Murphy Maude Interiors 

Browse the Lili Alessandra Silk & Sensibility collection for your ain bedroom.