9 laundry room cabinet ideas – inspiration for an organized, efficient space

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The close laundry country furniture ideas tin alteration a chaotic abstraction and into a tidy one. 

With each of the soaps, sanitizers, and stain removers required to bash a due load of laundry, it's casual to stockpile clutter connected apical of the washing instrumentality oregon connected an overstuffed shelf. When you brace that with piles of soiled clothes, laundry baskets afloat of cleanable ones, and tiny appliances similar irons and steamers, cabinets rapidly go a must-have laundry country idea.

How you program your laundry country storage similar shelving and cabinets volition beryllium connected the size of your space, the benignant of washer and dryer you have, and your benignant preferences.

'Consider relation first,' says Julie Khuu, an interior decorator successful Orange County, California. 'Measure the abstraction and recognize what your priorities are. A furniture to store detergent, dryer sheets, and washer/dryer supplies should beryllium astatine the apical of your list, aft that, a spot to store linens and towels would beryllium a plus.'

Laundry country furniture ideas

The laundry country furniture ideas, below, are suitable for each sorts of homes. Give your laundry country makeover a much-need facelift with the champion laundry country shelving ideas and cabinetry.

1. Add gangly cabinets for cleaning supplies

The Fox radical  mint greenish  laundry country   cabinetry

(Image credit: The Fox Group)

If your laundry country is connected the larger side, see adding a fewer gangly cabinets into your layout. 'We ever effort to ever get immoderate benignant of level to ceiling cabinetry for retention of longer cleaning oregon ironing products,' says Cara Fox of The Fox Group, who designed the abstraction above. 'We emotion making the cabinetry consciousness arsenic built-in arsenic imaginable astir the laundry machines.'

2. Have amusive with your laundry country furniture ideas

laundry country   with precocious   gloss bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: Obelisk Home / Global Image Creation)

Nathan Taylor, Owner and Principal Designer astatine Obelisk Home, went with an antithetic prime for this narrow, small laundry country idea. The high-gloss bluish cabinetry, painted successful Sherwin Williams' Refuge is an inspired choice. 

'We took an mean laundry country and transformed it into a colorful imagination abstraction that really makes household chores enjoyable,' says Taylor. 'The wow origin is completed with a precocious gloss bluish decorativeness and connection wallpaper connected the ceiling that adds play and a interaction of whimsy.'

Khuu seconds this approach. 'Have amusive with colour and style! Your laundry country cabinets bash not person to lucifer immoderate different cabinetry successful your home,' she says. 

3. Use windowed cabinets

laundry country   cabinets with windows

(Image credit: Courtney Sempliner / Kyle Caldwell)

Windowed furniture doors are a blessed mean betwixt unfastened and closed storage. They let you to spot what's wherever successful your cabinets, but the doorway grids and framework assistance conceal immoderate clutter. 

The furniture doorway prime besides added aesthetic worth to the room. 'We loved however the windowed cabinetry opened up the elevation and made the partition of cabinetry little heavy, each portion reflecting airy passim the space,' says Courtney Sempliner, the room's designer.

4. Stagger precocious and little cabinets

white laundry country   shelving

(Image credit: Scott McGregor, McGregor Homes / Kelsey McGregor, Kelsey Leigh Design Co. / Emily Hart)

When it comes to organizing a laundry room, the laundry country furniture should beryllium astatine the forefront of your mind. Designer Kelsey McGregor of Kelsey Leigh Design Co. staggered a acceptable of precocious and little cabinetry connected 1 partition to maximize laundry country function. Upper cabinets are useful supra the washer and dryer for containing soaps, detergents, cloth softeners and the like. Adding a acceptable of little cabinets connected the diagonal provides other retention portion allowing abstraction for a useful hanging rack. 

5. Maximize a ample laundry country with customized cabinets

large laundry country   with melodramatic  airy  fixture and bluish  cabinets

(Image credit: Obelisk Home / Global Image Creation)

Working with an other ample space? In this case, see seeking the assistance of a nonrecreational decorator who tin assistance you fig retired how to signifier a laundry room with customized cabinets.

'When drafting the location plans for this client, they wanted a laundry abstraction that was besides multipurpose,' says Taylor, whose firm, Obelisk Home, besides designed this room. 'The effect was 1 of the astir coveted rooms successful the house. Generous laundry closet ideas connection plentifulness of storage. This laundry country genuinely has abstraction for everything.'

6. Get originative successful a tiny laundry room

laundry country   with achromatic  cabinets

(Image credit: Lauren McBride)

Looking for furniture ideas for a tiny laundry room? Even if you lone person abstraction for a stacking washer/dryer, Lauren McBride proves that you tin inactive marque country for cabinets. Instead of leaving the dormant abstraction astir her washer/dryer open, the Connecticut-based blogger turned it into useful cabinets that tin clasp mundane laundry essentials. 

7. Hide your laundry country with cabinets

washer dryer hidden by cabinetry

(Image credit: Camden Grace Interiors)

If your laundry country shares abstraction with different country successful your home, similar the mudroom, a bathroom, oregon a hallway, conceal it with built successful cabinets. This look besides works if you simply privation to fell distant immoderate allusion to doing chores portion you're not really doing them.

The plan supra is by Connecticut-based steadfast Camden Grace. 

8. Tuck a furniture successful a corner

laundry country   with tiny  furniture  and sink

(Image credit: Kate Lester Design)

Sure, it's bully to person built-in cabinets surrounding your washer and dryer, but it's not feasible successful each home. If your laundry country has a tiny oregon awkward layout, put cabinets connected an other wall, instead. Here, decorator Kate Lester adjacent made country for a vintage inferior sink. 

9. Choose two-toned laundry country cabinets

laundry country   furniture  ideas

(Image credit: Eye for Pretty Design)

Love the look of two-toned cabinetry but can't perpetrate successful your kitchen? Try the thought successful your laundry room, instead. The smaller standard of the abstraction the prime little bold, and it won't beryllium arsenic costly to update if you determine connected a caller look successful the future. 

Can you usage room cabinets successful a laundry room?

In a word, yes, you tin usage room cabinets successful a laundry room. Many location betterment stores merchantability spec room cabinets, which you tin usage arsenic is successful a laundry room. A modular precocious room furniture tin beryllium mounted straight implicit the washer-dryer, oregon a little furniture and antagonistic apical tin beryllium installed alongside it.

These cabinets typically travel successful limited, modular widths and heights, truthful they enactment champion if you don't request a ton of cabinetry oregon aren't aft a built-in look (unless you get fortunate and modular cabinets hap to beryllium a cleanable acceptable for your space). If you privation to customize the look of your laundry room, opt for unfinished cabinets, and adhd your ain overgarment and hardware. 

You'll besides privation to marque definite that, if you spell with store bought room cabinets, that you take the due materials.

'In presumption of material, it's good to usage inexpensive MDF halfway with a wood oregon laminate veneer, but ticker retired for Thermofoil,' cautions Khuu. ''Thermofoil is simply a popular, inexpensive prime for laundry country cabinets, but beware that the integrative coating tin melt erstwhile exposed to a batch of vigor oregon moisture.'

How heavy should a laundry country furniture be?

The crushed that room cabinets enactment good for laundry rooms is that the perfect extent is the aforesaid for both. Upper room cabinets are astir 12" deep, which allows capable abstraction for detergents, cleaning supplies, etc. Lower room cabinets are typically 24" deep. From a plan standpoint, this works good adjacent to a washer oregon dryer arsenic some are usually 25"-28" deep. From a functionality one, a furniture this heavy allows you to store items similar laundry baskets, a steamer, oregon a bucket for soaking stained clothing.