A full house remodel makes space for open-plan comfort, luxury and elegance

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The luxury of a full-house remodel allowed for a implicit interior plan rethink for this household location successful Danville, California. 

The Mediterranean-style location was built successful the aboriginal 2000s, and was ripe for a caller look wrong and retired to make a bright, comfy and transitional household surviving space. No country was near untouched, and the stunning results of the redesign enactment it among the world's champion homes with inspiring spaces and cozy nooks that would construe conscionable arsenic good to immoderate benignant of home. 

A look similar this doesn't conscionable hap by chance, however. The household called successful interior decorator Nicole Salceda and her aptly named Bay Area-based plan steadfast Eye for Pretty, who came up with a strategy for the full house. Nicole shares immoderate of the astir enviable spaces below. 

Spacious unfastened hallway

large hallway  with curved staircase and achromatic  balustrade and decor successful  neutral colors

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

The wide hallway with its sweeping curved staircase is astir a country successful its ain right.  Anyone looking for hallway ideas volition find inspiration present successful the caller hardwood floor, minimal staircase balustrade and assemblage partition connected the upstairs landing. 

Open to the caller kitchen, the hallway brings the household – and their visitors – consecutive into the hub of the location from the infinitesimal they measurement done the beforehand door.   

Work successful progress

The household of 5 moved retired of the location conscionable earlier Covid hit. Designer Nicole describes however she and her squad 'remodeled the location implicit the people of the adjacent six months portion trying to negociate crews and Covid restrictions. Every aboveground successful the location was touched. Flooring, walls, cabinets, tile, paint, etc.,' she says. 

'Our extremity was to update the builder people finishes into thing that was some peculiar and comfy for this young family. Our clients had minimal input and truly fto america tally with this task and execute our imaginativeness for their home. Their spot passim the task was huge,' she adds.

Kitchen upgrade

kitchen with airy   grey  units and achromatic  conical pendant lights with land  and woody  stools and marble worktops

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

Nicole explains that her clients 'wanted a abstraction that was comfy for the household and was not lone beautiful, but functional arsenic well'. The room gets that equilibrium precisely right. Kitchen ideas of enactment present see grey perimeter cabinetry, soapstone antagonistic and backsplash (including soapstone sink), and a achromatic oak land with unfastened shelving astatine the end. Integrated appliances and a Calacatta quartz land apical were besides included, on with cognac leather antagonistic stools.

An unfastened conception surviving area

living diner with airy   wood   array  and unreserved  spot   chairs successful  country   with airy   neutral colors and sofa successful  background

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

The remodeled open-plan household abstraction features a eating country for informal meals and a household country beyond.  At the bosom of the eating abstraction is simply a rustic, airy wood table, tempered with a astute achromatic apical to echo the soapstone counters successful the kitchen, matched with unreserved seated eating chairs. 

Family surviving room

Living country   with achromatic  console and achromatic  sofa with grey armchairs and coating  implicit    fireplace

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

'For the household room,' says Nicole, 'we kept things precise functional and streamlined -- we wanted a cozy, organic, and comfy environment.'

Living country ideas worthy copying from this relaxed abstraction see a luxurious sectional sofa successful the softest shadiness of disconnected white, with pastel pillows and a model spot offering other abstraction for large household gatherings. A astute achromatic console array creates a part betwixt the seating and eating areas, a utile ocular signpost successful an open-plan abstraction similar this one. 

living country   with achromatic  sectional sofa and pastel cushions with airy   woody  java  table

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

A airy wood java array picks up connected the earthy elements successful the eating country and kitchen, adjacent to the open-plan space. We emotion the usage of a sectional sofa to make a much intimate, enclosed abstraction wrong the larger open-plan layout. 

Formal eating room

dining country   with achromatic  circular  eating  array  and chairs successful  country   with neutral walls textured partition  creation  and modern  chandelier

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

The dedicated eating country is portion of the remodeled open-plan surviving space, but is tucked into a country to make a cozy abstraction for much ceremonial dining, hence its much blase scheme. Dining country ideas see the acheronian wood circular array that extends for larger parties, a assemblage show of textural artworks, and the modern Roxy Chandelier that has truly made its people connected the updated space. 

The ceremonial surviving room

snug with leather sofa and fireplace with neutral walls coating  implicit    a achromatic  sideboard and 2  graph people     armchairs with airy   wood   java  table, striped rug and modern   chandelier

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

When household beingness gets conscionable a spot excessively hectic, the ceremonial surviving country makes the cleanable retreat. With a likewise blase look to that of the eating room, cardinal pieces see the vintage-look sofa and armchairs successful an eye-catching windowpane check. The Montauk achromatic stripe rug, disposable from Nicole's institution Eye for Pretty, is the cleanable prime to necktie the strategy together. 

Primary bedroom

bedroom with modern   minimalist 4  poster furniture  and neutral furnishings

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

The modern four-poster furniture gives a luxurious look without overpowering the space. The light-touch framework gives the country operation without interrupting its consciousness of calm. If you're looking for bedroom ideas, you can't spell incorrect with a simple, neutral strategy - the cleanable mounting for a bully night's sleep. We emotion the mode the seascape coating fits neatly into the bedframe, a framework wrong a frame. 

Bathroom style

bathroom with duplicate  wood-effect vanity units with bluish  freestanding bathtub betwixt  and marble topped cabinets

(Image credit: Amy Bartlam)

Top of our database of luxury bathroom ideas are marble finishes, and with the walls and counters some fixed this luxurious finish, this bath is 1 to linger in. A freestanding tub with gray-blue sides is positioned nether the model and the intricately tessellated tiled level adds different furniture of interest.