A guide to eggshell paint – and when to use it

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Eggshell overgarment is simply a fashionable option, a sheen that is highly resistant to mundane deterioration and tear, making it a large prime for each astir the home. When it comes to decorating the home, of course, we each emotion to walk the bulk of our clip reasoning astir the colors. With truthful galore to take from, determination is simply a tone, shadiness and palette to suit each interior and each mood. But arsenic good arsenic the color, it’s besides important to see paint finishes, too, which is wherever hard-wearing eggshell comes in. 

Rather than being an afterthought, selecting the close sheen for the occupation volition not lone heighten your plan but it volition besides beryllium hardwearing, durable and casual to cleanable astatine the aforesaid time. But what is it precisely is eggshell overgarment and however bash we usage it?

‘Eggshell is simply a decorativeness perennially fashionable with nonrecreational and DIY painters alike,’ explains Helen Shaw, UK manager astatine Benjamin Moore. ‘It has a low-sheen reminiscent of level oregon matte but is infinitely much durable. Widely disposable successful a assortment of colors, eggshell provides a smart, easy-to-clean, astir shine-free finish. It’s an perfect prime for wood trims and cleanable for areas that endure from precocious deterioration and teardrop specified arsenic room cabinets.’

Dominic Myland, CEO of Mylands, agrees, ‘Eggshell is simply a fashionable overgarment sheen, arsenic it works universally connected each colors, but is besides precise resilient and casual to clean which makes it perfect for wood and metallic surfaces. Eggshell has a flimsy gloss that reflects much airy to springiness your overgarment pigment a brushed glow.’

So if you are astir to tackle painting a room, here's what you request to cognize astir erstwhile and however to usage eggshell paint.

What is eggshell paint?

Eggshell overgarment looks and feels level successful essence but really has a flimsy gloss to it. This means it falls determination betwixt matte and satin overgarment sheens, reflecting subtle airy for a debased luster to springiness rooms a delicate glow. It’s casual to attraction for, durable and hides immoderate bumps oregon blemishes well. 

What is eggshell overgarment utilized for?

Use eggshell erstwhile painting walls successful surviving spaces, eating areas, hallways, location offices, basements and bedrooms arsenic good arsenic engaged spaces specified arsenic kitchens and bathrooms. Just effort to debar coating ceilings with it, arsenic these should ideally person a level alternatively than shiny sheen. 

Is eggshell overgarment suitable for wood?

Eggshell overgarment is simply a large prime for woodwork.

‘Eggshell is simply a traditional, tough, washable, low-sheen overgarment decorativeness designed for woodwork similar doors, model frames and furniture,’ says Marianne Shillingford, originative director at Dulux.  

‘In caller years this decorativeness has go hugely fashionable again and due to the fact that it reflects little airy than glossier surfaces, it helps to fell imperfections and makes colors look richer and smoother. Choose a premium eggshell finish, which has a speedy drying precocious prime nonrecreational formulation that is casual to usage and has little interaction of the situation due to the fact that it is h2o alternatively than solvent based.’

What are the benefits of utilizing eggshell paint?

There are galore reasons to usage eggshell paint. For one, it isn’t that reflective oregon shiny, truthful it won’t amusement up immoderate aboveground bumps and blemishes. This makes it perfect for older properties wherever walls whitethorn person a small pitting, hairline cracks oregon an uneven finish. Eggshell overgarment is besides casual to use without that horrible overlapping effect that you tin get with a glossier paint.

What's the quality betwixt eggshell, satin and different finishes?

Eggshell has little of an evident sheen than satin paint, but much of a sheen than matte oregon flat-finish paints.

‘Eggshell overgarment is simply a mid-sheen finish,’ explains James Greenwood, overgarment and wallpaper adept astatine Graham & Brown, 'meaning it sits successful betwixt matte and glossy paint. For an thought of wherever this decorativeness sits connected the standard from matte to gloss, our eggshell overgarment has a 35 per cent sheen level whereas our matte absorption overgarment sits astatine 1 per cent and our gloss astatine 70 per cent. Its sheen level makes it somewhat much hardwearing than matte paints and truthful it’s a large decorativeness to usage for woodwork specified arsenic skirting boards and doors oregon metallic specified arsenic radiators and furniture.’

What's the champion mode to use eggshell paint?

'Every benignant of overgarment has a definite mode of applying it for champion results and eggshell is nary different. Eggshell overgarment is simply a silk sheen, water-based, durable, washable and scuff resistant overgarment that is usually utilized connected interior woodwork,’ reveals Cathryn Sanders, caput of originative astatine Earthborn Paints. 

‘Eggshell paint can beryllium applied by brush, roller oregon spray. For champion results, overgarment connected to untreated, bare wood. Wood surfaces should beryllium prepared with primer, specified arsenic our Multi-Purpose Primer and lightly sanded anterior to application. We urge pursuing this with 2 afloat coats of eggshell. Sanding successful betwixt dried coats volition supply an other creaseless finish. Don’t hide to usage a look disguise and instrumentality attraction if adust sanding.’