A guide to satin paint – and how to use it

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Satin overgarment is simply a mid-sheen finish, lying determination betwixt level matte emulsion and precocious gloss paints, that is cleanable for utilizing connected engaged areas successful the home. When you request a durable merchandise but much of a matte look than gloss, satin is the perfect option.

It's 1 of the astir communal paint finishes utilized for room cabinets, woodwork and step banisters and balustrades and with its somewhat reflective tone, it is besides large for bouncing airy astir a space.

Many homeowners and renovators take satin overgarment for pulverization rooms and ensuites, particularly erstwhile these rooms person windows oregon bully ventilation to forestall the country from becoming excessively humid oregon moist.

What is satin paint?

Satin overgarment is glossier than eggshell paint but much matte than semi-gloss oregon gloss paint truthful it falls determination successful between. Used for plentifulness of interior projects wrong the home, it’s tough, durable and perfect for interior woodwork that needs a caller fresh look. 

‘Satin overgarment is simply a tough, hardwearing overgarment designed for woodwork specified arsenic doors, model frames, architrave and furniture,’ says Marianne Shillingford, originative manager astatine Dulux. ‘It is somewhat much shiny than eggshell and is casual to support clean. Apply it with a bully prime acrylic brushwood successful operation with a bully prime tiny roller designed for creaseless surfaces for the champion results.’

Thanks to its airy sheen finish, satin overgarment makes a large colour artifact for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly erstwhile utilized to upcycle oregon refresh cabinets and doors. Its pugnacious decorativeness means it tin besides beryllium cleaned easy but marque definite you’re not utilizing it connected blemished surfaces, arsenic thing similar hairline cracks oregon patches volition apt amusement through, particularly if you take a airy oregon neutral color.

What are the benefits of utilizing satin paint?

There are galore reasons to take satin paint. Because it’s durable and hardwearing, it’s the cleanable overgarment for engaged areas specified arsenic kitchens, bathrooms, children’s rooms, playrooms and nurseries. It’s besides large for interior woodwork specified arsenic architectural trims, frames and mouldings.

As it subtly reflects light, satin overgarment tin assistance to make the illusion of abstraction by ‘bouncing’ airy astir and it besides cleans down well. It’s perfect for refreshing woody model frames and doors arsenic good arsenic play features wrong older properties. Plus, it tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a partition overgarment too.

Satin sheen explained

‘Satin delivers a sheen level successful betwixt gloss and eggshell,’ confirms Helen Shaw, manager astatine Benjamin Moore, ‘and offers akin levels of stain absorption and durability to a semi-gloss. Ideal for areas that crave explanation specified arsenic windows, cabinets, trim and interior doors, it creates a lustrous decorativeness with understated depth.’

How to use satin paint

When it comes to applying satin paint, the cardinal to achieving champion results is successful the preparation. First, soil down oregon cleanable the surface, removing immoderate flakes from erstwhile paint. It should besides beryllium cleanable truthful nary grease oregon dirt, arsenic this stops the overgarment from adhering to the aboveground properly.

Fill successful and soil immoderate holes, cracks oregon gaps from hanging nails oregon hooks and use a primer specially designed for the aboveground you are painting. Make definite you use it successful smooth, adjacent strokes past permission to adust and soil earlier sweeping distant immoderate particulate and debris.

Now you are acceptable to use the satin paint. If you’re painting a wall, overgarment from broadside to broadside oregon successful zigzag effects ensuring determination are nary overlaps oregon heavy gloopy sections. Cover the full partition past capable successful immoderate edges with a smaller roller oregon brush. Keep going with 2 oregon 3 coats until you are blessed with the result, rubbing down aft each overgarment is dry. 

If you’re painting room cabinets with satin paint, you tin usage a brush, though a tiny roller volition instrumentality little time. Keep successful caput that a roller volition apt make much of a bubbly effect nevertheless truthful if successful doubt, usage a brush.

Where to usage satin paint

The large happening astir satin overgarment is that it’s a truly versatile merchandise that tin beryllium applied to everything from walls and ceilings to doors, windows and architectural details. As satin is washable, it’s cleanable for areas that person a batch of mundane deterioration and tear. You tin besides usage satin overgarment connected exterior model and doorway frames too, arsenic good arsenic aluminium, stucco and concrete. The crushed is that this highly durable merchandise resists peeling and mildew and stands up to harsh weather. So immoderate your location needs erstwhile it comes to renovating and refreshing, satin overgarment does it all.