A new event to bring you innovative suppliers: CN launches Construction Meetup

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The manufacture is facing important marketplace volatility and operation leaders volition necessitate caller solutions to stay competitive. Working practices person changed, and solutions to immoderate of the industry’s astir pressing issues volition travel from collaboration and innovation with supply-chain partners.

To assistance contractors enactment with suppliers much efficiently, Construction News is launching a caller initiative, Construction Meetup, to assistance them travel together, stock ideas, and research innovative products and services that volition assistance the full manufacture flooded challenges specified arsenic gathering net-zero c targets and improving productivity, and making amended data-driven decisions.

We person consulted top-tier clients and contractors, procurement directors and operation directors to gauge appetite and make our archetypal Construction Meetup. It volition beryllium the cleanable level to:

Source caller clients and place innovative supply-chain partners; Participate successful peer-to-peer discussions; and Connect with manufacture experts to place caller solutions.

Construction Meetup is an exclusive one-to-one meetings and collaboration event, bringing operation leaders unneurotic with innovative supply-chain partners.

The lawsuit volition link you with caller and established contacts successful a affable and relaxed environment, wherever you tin stock champion practice, place solutions to conscionable the industry’s toughest challenges, and unearth immoderate of the astir innovative and competitory solution providers successful the market.

Taking spot connected the day of 14 July, ahead of the CN Awards, our inaugural Construction Meetup is aimed astatine clients, contractors, subcontractors and their supply-chain partners.

Opportunities disposable to you astatine the event:

Join peer-to-peer radical conversations discussing, debating and sharing approaches to existent operation challenges; Hold a minimum of 5 15-minute meetups, with plentifulness of opportunities to publication further clip with clients, suppliers and peers; Meet caller and innovative suppliers, and place workable solutions and services that marque a difference; Gain entree to contented sessions with manufacture experts; and Touch basal with existent and aboriginal clients, suppliers and thought leaders.

To find retired much astir the lawsuit and to register, visit: meetup.constructionnews.co.uk