Accent chair ideas – 10 essential design rules for chair layouts, styles and trends

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At the apical of galore a homeowner’s privation database is bully accent seat ideas. 

Early readying is cardinal to a functional and beauteous plan for your home ideas. Consider however you would similar to usage the abstraction and what functions you request it to execute most. If you person plentifulness of room, possibly that means including 1 oregon 2 connection designs that volition propulsion the full strategy together, oregon simply curating a abstraction astir a singular standout armchair.

Our accent seat ideas see desirable choices for each country successful your location to marque it a abstraction you’ll beryllium delighted to participate each day, on with adept proposal connected selecting the close designs. Once you're finished, beryllium inspired by our favourite interior plan tips and home makeover ideas.

Accent seat ideas 

Whether you privation a comfy retreat for weary feet, indulgent living country seating ideas for tv viewing pleasure, functional home bureau seating that is aesthetically pleasing, kitchen land seating for an an all-singing, all-dancing workstation, these accent seat ideas are definite to animate your adjacent location remodel.

1. Let your accent chairs dictate the colour scheme

Accent seat  ideas with patterned armchairs

(Image credit: Simon Brown)

'Don't screen your living country sofa oregon chairs with plain fabric,' says Kit Kemp, interior decorator and founder, Firmdale Hotels. 'Use colors and textures to adhd dynamic involvement and quality to your accent chairs – fto it it dictate the remainder of your scheme. 

British cloth and wallpaper decorator Charlotte Gaisford agrees: 'I ever take my main cloth (usually for the chairs) first,' says Charlotte. 'This is the main focal constituent of the room. I americium often asked for assistance choosing fabrics for rooms which person already been painted. To maine this is simply a large no-no due to the fact that the choices of cloth are instantly restricted. 

'It is overmuch harder to find a cloth that gels with your abstraction than paint, and it is truthful casual to find a overgarment colour that goes with a fabric, arsenic determination are truthful galore overgarment colors retired there.' 

2. Focus connected furniture 

Accent seat  with leather chair

(Image credit: Patrick Williamson)

Just due to the fact that it’s a workspace, don’t instrumentality a utilitarian attack to your accent seat ideas, recommends interior decorator and cloth decorator Flora Soames. ‘Given that we’re each spending much clip successful our home office, it needs to beryllium comfy and visually pleasing – you don’t person to marque a prime betwixt applicable and aesthetic.’

Nothing hinders originative reasoning much than being uncomfortable successful a location office, says interior decorator Joanna Wood. Ergonomic tin besides beryllium elegant. ‘Buy a decent seat – your backmost volition convey you – but thing that looks similar a cast-off from the slope manager’s bureau won’t do.’ Options to code down workaday items see re-covering chairs successful different cloth oregon refinishing shiny chrome successful a patinated bronze.

3. Put luxury astatine the forefront 

Decorative country   ideas with details

(Image credit: Anson Smart)

Careful information of materials for accent chairs – and their placement has the quality to alteration your abstraction into thing genuinely spectacular. 

‘The surviving country of this Victorian location is anchored by the melodramatic veining of the Calacatta Viola framed portal to the kitchen,’ says interior decorator Tamsin Johnson. ‘These materials adhd glamor yet they don’t vie nor bash they overpower the country of this size. The pared-back colour strategy helps to make a feeling of luxurious simplicity, allowing the sensuous velvet connected the accent chairs to sing.'

Make definite you put your accents chairs astatine an space to make a consciousness of extent to the room, arsenic shown here, to debar a 'bowling alley' look. This living country layout is large for intimate conversation, informal entertaining and narrow, long surviving rooms.

4. Give a bushed seat a caller update

Accent seat  ideas with upholstered chair

(Image credit: Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam)

Old oregon bushed armchairs tin beryllium fixed a new, decorative lease of beingness and go pridefulness of spot successful your home. When choosing which worldly to use, it’s important to see however durable you request the cloth to beryllium – is it going to beryllium successful changeless usage oregon is this a much occasional portion of seating? 

‘Velvets are perfect upholstery fabrics, arsenic they are heavy, tightly woven and durable,’ advises Lee Clarke, manager of Warner House. ‘Surprisingly, silk oregon mohair tin deterioration good and tin adjacent amended successful quality implicit time. For pieces similar accent chairs and ottomans, you could opt for benignant implicit practicality.’

5. Use colour to large effect

Accent seat  ideas with yellowish  upholstered eating  chairs

(Image credit: Roundhouse)

‘One of the easiest ways to freshen up a neutral oregon cream kitchen is to enactment a vibrant accent colour connected upholstery. Chairs, barroom stools, blinds and banquettes are each cleanable fodder for a splash of colour and are overmuch simpler to alteration than repainting cabinetry should you fancy trying a caller fresh shade,’ says Sam Hart, designer, Roundhouse. 

Accent colour tin besides enactment arsenic a zoning instrumentality by drafting attraction to a circumstantial country successful larger rooms. In this open-plan space, a beardown accent colour connected the upholstery helps to specify the eating area, allowing the room to slice into the background.

6. Set up beverage for two

Accent seat  ideas with greenish  bistro set

(Image credit: Rachel Warne)

Not each accent seat ideas request to standout against their backdrops. In fact, immoderate of the astir palmy schemes are curated to blend beautifully and seamlessly. 

Some mightiness disregard the bistro acceptable arsenic a cliché but it has a timeless charm. Here, decorator Alexandra Noble drops 1 into a sheltered country surrounded by brushed planting. ‘The little was to make a abstraction connected to quality with minimal hard landscaping,’ she says. 

7. Provide a spot to perch successful an entryway 

Decorative country   ideas with brushed  furnishings

(Image credit: Birdie Fortescue)

‘To make a welcoming entryway, deliberation astir the interaction the abstraction volition person erstwhile you archetypal locomotion in,’ says luxury location accessories maker, Birdie Fortescue. Take inspiration from this abstraction by investing successful an accent seat that commands attention, layered with piles of cushions for warmth and beauty. ‘If you person space, a ample accent seat oregon modern entryway bench is simply a large addition, peculiarly if the remainder of the abstraction is minimal and understated,’ says Birdie.

8. Take a colorful attack to accent chairs

Small surviving  country   TV ideas with pinkish  and greenish  color

(Image credit: Jonathan Bond Photography)

Design your strategy astir a cardinal feature. If your surviving country has nary earthy focal constituent – make one. A cautiously considered colour clashing operation for your accent chairs tin make a strategy that genuinely sings with joy. The surviving country is simply a abstraction for some socializing and retreat, truthful you privation shades that some enliven and comfortableness you. 

‘Pink and greenish are 2 of my favourite color combinations for rooms – they play truly good disconnected each different – by utilizing this colour strategy with your surviving country furnishings ideas – you tin truly cheer up a tiny oregon dark surviving room,’ says Lucy Barlow, founder, Barlow & Barlow. 

9. Invest successful considered upholstered seating

Bespoke publication  shelves with mirror

(Image credit: Chris Snook)

We ne'er compromise connected comfy seating, whether it’s covering caller chairs oregon restoring antique pieces. It’s worthy taking clip to program and there’s a batch to consider: what country the seating is going to beryllium in, what other is astir it, who is utilizing it and what for.

You tin beryllium playful with upholstery, specified arsenic doing each accent seat a antithetic colour – large if you can’t marque up your mind! A much subtle mentation mightiness beryllium to person antithetic shades of 1 color, oregon usage complementary patterns.

'Introduce cushions and throws to your accent chair, says decorator Martin Brudnizki. 'And wherefore not adhd a tassel trim oregon fringe item to make a much ‘bespoke’ finish? Every entity and each abstraction should marque a publication to the location – adjacent a azygous accent seat tin marque a large and contiguous difference.'

10. Invest successful playful pieces

accent seat  with colorful upholstery

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

Inspired by the abstract exuberance of creator Sonia Delaunay, this accent seat thought is thing but dull oregon dreary. This fanciful dining country colour idea pays homage to Delaunay’s quality to make bushed and extent done overlapping vibrant hues.

Here, a striking array successful a glossy petrol bluish is partnered with shapely eating chairs successful complementary hues. A colorful yellowish rug and reddish pendant adhd to the colour story, each echoed successful the abstract artwork that helps propulsion the strategy together. 

How bash you put accent chairs?

Arranging seating accent chairs tin beryllium a daunting task. When you're faced with an bare room, filling it successful a mode that is some functional and beauteous tin look similar an overwhelming challenge. 

The archetypal happening astir interior plan experts would urge is that you support accent chairs and immoderate different seating, distant from the walls. This is particularly existent successful smaller rooms. 

Another mode to put accent chairs is to spot them wrong arm's scope of a broadside oregon java array oregon island. Can you ideate having to get up each clip you – or, your impermanent – wanted to scope the distant oregon sip their drink?

How bash you take an accent colour for a chair?

Choosing the close accent seat colour ideas is 1 of astir important decisions you tin marque for your space. Getting the colour prime spot connected is vital, due to the fact that this tin wholly change the consciousness of a room.

Start disconnected room colour ideas by gathering a complementary palette of classical shades, past adhd accent hues to make bold contrast. Think of it similar cooking, with accent seat colors representing ingredients and flavors. 

'Don't beryllium acrophobic to stress smaller spaces with acheronian colors and patterns,' says Nicola Harding, interior designer, Nicola Harding & Co. 'Add play with connection upholstery tin assistance successful creating modulation betwixt zones with the home. Embrace each nook and cranny, but ever beryllium wide connected however you volition usage the space.'

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