Accent wall ideas – 20 of the latest ways to create a statement feature

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Looking for accent partition ideas that volition alteration a room? An accent partition – oregon diagnostic partition – is an attention-grabbing constituent for a surviving abstraction oregon chamber and you mightiness privation to program 1 into a room oregon bathroom, too, wherever they tin enactment arsenic well.

There are a big of wall decor ideas you mightiness usage to make an accent wall, including overgarment oregon wallpaper, but determination are different possibilities, including tile, textural materials, and adjacent displays.

Here, we’ve enactment unneurotic our favourite accent partition options to animate your ain designs.

Accent partition ideas

Indulge your creativity with an accent partition that’s eye-catching. Think color, signifier and texture to bring idiosyncratic benignant to a country design.

1. Tap into rustic beauty

Bedroom with paneled walls and plants

(Image credit: Future)

Embrace the soothing properties of this earthy material. Whether you take to clad your walls with reclaimed timber oregon caller wood, paneling ideas for walls are a large mode to boost a level space.

A shiplap partition down the furniture is simply a striking alternate to a connection headboard. The earthy patina and silvered tones of antiqued oregon reclaimed boards creates a characterful, unsmooth luxe finish. 

2. Create your ain overgarment effect implicit with drips

bathroom with textured accent wall, pinkish  painted tub, achromatic  painted floor, woody  stool, peg rail

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

You could paint a wall successful a azygous shade, but determination are different ways to usage overgarment arsenic portion of your accent partition ideas. 'This is not a look for fans of uniformity. It’s astir movement, character and depth, wherever disposable brushwood strokes and drips go a focal point, alternatively than a mistake. It’s peculiarly useful for uneven walls, allowing you to enactment with – and adjacent observe – existing imperfections,' says colour and overgarment expert, Annie Sloan. 

3. Re-work a state classic

Bedroom with achromatic  textured wall

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Shaker shingles aren’t conscionable for the extortion oregon exterior walls: they tin supply ultimate, 3 dimensional texture wrong the home, too. 

The rustic prime of an untreated decorativeness oregon earthy wood code volition bring instant warmth to a abstraction and evoke the ambiance of a cosy cottage retreat – making it perfect for the partition down the furniture oregon down the sofa successful a snug surviving room. 

Give it a modern rotation by coating shingles successful a dramatic, saturated shadiness of gray. A whitewash volition lighten the decorativeness providing involvement successful a neutral abstraction without overwhelming the space. 

4. Add texture and extent with wood cladding

green chamber  with woody  slats down  woody  bed, bluish  blanket, pendant light, mirror

(Image credit: Bert & May)

Wood is simply a versatile enactment for accent partition ideas. 'The woody cladding connected this bedroom’s backmost partition creates a cocooning effect and provides a cleanable opposition to Mylands’ heavy Market Green No. 38 paint connected the walls and ceiling. 

‘The wood has a earthy depth and reeded texture that stands retired against Mylands’ bold greenish walls, adding much involvement and quality to the space,' says Ruth Webber, originative manager astatine Bert & May.  

5. Go large and bold successful the bathroom

 Feature partition  ideas

Wall tiled successful Linea Study Ceramic Tiles (20 x 20cm) from the Sir John Soane’s Museum collection, Surface View

(Image credit: Future)

Add immoderate bath play by swapping a plain backsplash for a fabulous tile mural that exploits the powerfulness of scale successful interior design. Try a bespoke tiled frieze supra a dado utilizing an oversized representation printed connected to partition tiles. 

A wallpaper mural would enactment conscionable arsenic well, utilizing a bladed tiled borderline oregon solid sheet volition support the decorativeness from immoderate h2o damage. 

6. Create a diagnostic with 3 tonal colors

coral surviving  country   with 3  colors, chromatic  sofa, rug, artwork, broadside  tables,

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

We often notation utilizing 2 colors unneurotic connected 1 wall, but however astir three? ‘As agelong arsenic you take a trio that blends unneurotic good due to the fact that they are from the aforesaid colour household it volition work. Accessorize with matching pieces similar pillows, blinds and artwork,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

7. Take it backmost to brick

 Feature partition  ideas

(Image credit: Future)

Brick is simply a favourite erstwhile considering accent partition ideas. When choosing which partition to expose, see that it tin beryllium a beauteous bold connection truthful it mightiness beryllium champion to instrumentality to 1 partition oregon a conception of a partition specified arsenic a chimney oregon room eating country to bring affluent warmth and an concern twist to a room.

The presumption of the exposed chromatic oregon ceramic wrong the location is important. It’s porous, truthful absorbs moisture and tin beryllium cold, but this shouldn’t beryllium a occupation for interior walls.

Once exposed and repaired, a specializer masonry acerb volition brighten the colour and a sealant volition destruct drafts. If you don’t person ceramic oregon chromatic walls, cladding oregon facing slips are lighter-weight panels made with existent ceramic oregon chromatic slices. 

8. Go for the aforesaid color, but successful a antithetic material

green and brownish  room  woody  circular  table, wood   eating  chair, pendant light, tiles

(Image credit: Bert & May)

'An effectual mode to make an absorbing but calming wall feature is to construe the aforesaid colour successful antithetic materials and textures. We created our collaboration with Little Greene truthful that our tiles would beryllium perfectly with their overgarment shades, and pairing these unneurotic creates a relaxed, effortless and softly layered look. For a elemental twist, we added a vertical enactment of tiles and overgarment in Purple Brown tiles, successful opposition to the Aquamarine backdrop,' says Ruth Webber, originative manager astatine Bert & May.  

9. Go 2 tone

Living country   with sofa and 2  colour  paneled wall

Holly Two Seat Sofa successful Stone,; for akin partition colour effort Nicolson Red Aura Matte, Benjamin Moore

(Image credit:

Add involvement to living country ideas with an accent partition that’s portion painted; it’s a large enactment for a country without overmuch architectural interest.

Pitch the enactment supra cardinal pieces of furniture, making it either 1 3rd oregon 2 thirds of the wall. A lighter colour connected the apical volition elongate and unfastened up the room, with a warmer colour beneath adding a cozy constituent to a surviving room.

10. Create quality with paneling

white surviving  country   with panelling and shelf, armchair, woody  floor, broadside  table, array  lamp

(Image credit: Neptune)

'Paneling comes successful a assortment of antithetic designs, from lingua and groove and Jacobean grid to the accepted Shaker style. Whichever benignant you opt for, paneling volition adhd depth, quality and involvement to featureless walls. By integrating a representation support – painted successful the aforesaid colour – supra fractional tallness paneling, you’ll besides summation a seamless show aboveground that’s casual to update passim the seasons,' says George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune. 

11. Play with pattern

 Feature partition  ideas

Hakimi wallpaper, Sanderson Design Group

(Image credit: Sanderson Design Group)

It’s clip to beryllium fearless, if you find a wallpaper you love, spell for it and mix patterns successful a room. It volition respire property into the location arsenic good arsenic assistance to portion a ample oregon unfastened program space. Live with the illustration for a portion to marque definite you’re blessed earlier you commit. 

12. Invest successful a melodramatic mural for an accent wall

cerise sofa successful  surviving  country   with bold floral partition  mural wallpaper woody  floors and magenta walls

(Image credit: Carpetright)

'The emergence of murals successful the signifier of partition covering panels has fixed america the accidental to make stunning accent walls successful our homes. By keeping the remainder of the strategy successful a azygous colour that's taken from the design, the effect is simply a connection that's elegant and stylish,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

13. Breathe beingness into a kitchen 

 Feature partition  ideas

Anaar histrion wallpaper, Sanderson Design Group

(Image credit: Sanderson Design Group)

It tin beryllium tricky to inject property into a room and transportation the benignant of the remainder of location done to this applicable space, leaving it successful information of feeling a small sterile. 

Country wallpaper ideas for kitchens tin instrumentality the country from bland to beautiful. Like paint, wallpaper tin beryllium wiped clean. Alternatively, a ample standard people oregon mural would marque an interaction down unfastened shelving.

14. Add play to a room partition with a interaction of gold

Blue chalk overgarment   room  basal  cabinet

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

‘Teal is simply a connection colour and should beryllium treated arsenic such. Harness it to adhd beauty, play and grandeur to a abstraction alternatively than trying to usage it arsenic portion of a supporting cast. Pair with metallics to afloat stress the nuance successful the color,' says colour and overgarment expert, Annie Sloan.

15. Rethink tile placement

 Feature partition  ideas

Corsica Fan tiles, Porcelain Superstore

(Image credit: Porcelain Superstore)

It’s clip to instrumentality tiles beyond the backsplash and marque them a afloat tallness diagnostic successful their ain right. 

For a connection design, spell for either an absorbing pattern, bold colour prime oregon an antithetic shape, oregon a premix of each 3 to gully the oculus successful the kitchen. It tin make a standout country successful a engaged space. 

A glossy glaze volition adhd striking contrast, particularly erstwhile paired with a matt room finish. 

Add adjacent much astonishment and wow origin by tiling a diagnostic partition successful an unexpected country specified arsenic a hallway oregon connected a chimney. 

16. Consider hanging an antique tapestry

living country   with chromatic  floor, partition  hanging, partition  lights, vintage bench, armchair, sigh, array  lamps, broadside  tables

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

'A Verdure tapestry and antique kilim heighten the quality of this space. I adore antique tapestries. Well, each antique fabrics really, but successful peculiar Aubusson Verdure. Those greens and blues are conscionable eden – immoderate country benefits by having one,' says Henriette von Stockhausen, originative manager astatine VSP Interiors. 

17. Try the caller sheet display

Plate show  connected  eating  country   wall

(Image credit: Future)

Gallery partition ideas are a fantastic instrumentality connected the accent wall. Opt for an antithetic yet decorative partition display. This elemental and impactful eating country diagnostic partition is arsenic casual arsenic it gets.

The earthy texture and signifier brings a achromatic partition to beingness and the grouping gracefully defines the eating area.

18. Take a look astatine laser-cut pattern

Bed and nightstand with wood   partition  and mirrors behind

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

'We emotion this thought of taking a elemental plan and giving it a caller lease of beingness arsenic an accent partition idea. Having a signifier laser chopped into wood not lone creates involvement but a decorative facet excessively and the quality of it is, you could person it arsenic ample oregon tiny arsenic you want,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

19. Use overgarment and display

Feature partition  ideas

Wall painted successful Saffron matt emulsion, Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

A diagnostic partition tin besides beryllium a three-dimensional display, with each components combining to make a harmonious whole. 

Here, the shelves and partition are painted successful the aforesaid affluent colour to make a seamless basal layer. When it comes to arranging the artwork, choosing a acceptable of frames successful the aforesaid size oregon colour ties the look together. 

Framing achromatic and achromatic oregon tonal prints and photos is simply a fail-safe decorativeness that volition opposition beautifully against astir immoderate color. 

20. Hang mirrors to make a reflecting accent wall

small surviving  country   decor ideas

(Image credit: VSP Interiors/Mark Bolton)

Don’t neglect the powerfulness of mirrors erstwhile contemplating accent partition ideas.

'As agelong arsenic what you are reflecting is good, this interior plan instrumentality volition enactment a treat, and of people it volition marque your abstraction consciousness treble the size arsenic it volition lighten and brighten successful an instant,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living.

Are accent walls outdated?

Accent walls aren’t outdated, but the latest iterations are often overmuch much than the azygous overgarment shadiness that was fashionable successful the past. ‘Today’s accent walls usage patterned wallpapers, absorbing materials, murals, textural finishes and truthful on,’ says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful main of Homes & Gardens. ‘And adjacent wherever overgarment is used, alternatively than a azygous color, a tonal radical mightiness beryllium selected instead. Creativity is cardinal for a modern accent wall.’

Which partition should beryllium the accent wall?

It's important to take the close partition for your accent wall. There are nary hard and accelerated rules astir which partition this should be, but it is often the partition other the doorway to that room. Using this partition means it tin beryllium seen instantly truthful it creates the top impact. It mightiness besides beryllium the partition that's the astir evident to you erstwhile you beryllium (or lie) down.