Aggregate Industries launches ambitious 2030 sustainability strategy

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   Setting retired the business’s imaginativeness to go the UK person of innovative and sustainable gathering solutions, and its ambition to embed sustainability successful the aboriginal of construction, Aggregate Industries has launched its sustainability strategy, Building Progress for a Sustainable Future.

Following important advancement by the gathering materials supplier, Building Progress for a Sustainable Future brings unneurotic erstwhile absorption plans and policies into a much holistic and ambitious strategy, acceptable to alteration the concern until 2030.

Central to its concern strategy and firm vision, the blueprint focuses connected 5 cardinal pillars that are aligned to its operations: climate; radical and communities; quality and the environment; circular economy; and sustainable solutions.

Against each pillar, Aggregate Industries has identified cardinal areas of focus, alongside circumstantial show targets to beryllium achieved by 2025, and has committed to reviewing these targets annually. These include:


Reduce nett CO2 emissions to 500kg CO2 net/t cementitious; Reduce downstream transport CO2 by 5 per cent; 100 per cent zero-carbon electricity; and Climate resilience hazard assessments astatine 100 per cent.


Health and information civilization maturity to beryllium proactive oregon generative; Improve the mislaid clip wounded frequence complaint by 25 per cent; Create 200 caller opportunities for apprenticeships; Achieve 33 per cent pistillate leaders and 30 per cent pistillate practice wide successful the business; and All high-risk suppliers assessed via a codification of conduct.


Have a affirmative interaction connected 50,000 radical successful section communities; A civilization of assemblage work and 3,000 unpaid hours per annum; Fundraising people of £50,000 per annum; and All large sites to person a assemblage engagement plan.

Nature and the environment

Reduce freshwater withdrawal strength by 30 per cent for cement and 12.5 per cent for aggregates; 100 per cent of h2o discharged volition conscionable biology prime standards; 100 per cent of quarries volition person biodiversity plans; 200 sites volition person a spot for nature; and Establish a biodiversity baseline, pursuing the Biodiversity Indicator Reporting System (BIRS), for each managed onshore for cement and aggregates sites by 2024.

Circular economy

Increase the usage of recycled materials from 1.5m to 3m tonnes; Reduce discarded to landfill to zero; and Embed a circularity collaboration enactment network.

Sustainable solutions

Deliver a reporting instrumentality to supply close c information; 25 per cent of gross volition travel from greenish products and solutions; and Expand the portfolio of sustainable products and solutions.

Aggregate Industries sustainability manager Kirstin McCarthy, who led the business’s sustainability review, says: “We request to alteration our concern and we person already made progress. Over the past 12 months we person delivered the UK’s archetypal carbon-neutral roadworthy scheme, invested implicit £13m successful an alternative-fuel recycling works to trim yearly CO2 emissions by 30,000 tonnes, recycled adjacent to 1m tonnes of asphalt planings, and sold capable ECOPact low-carbon factual to prevention CO2 implicit 142,000 tonnes.

“We are putting our effort into the areas wherever we tin marque a worldly quality for our radical and the planet”

Kirstin McCarthy, Aggregate Industries

“However, it is important to recognise that portion we person our ain travel to spell on, the issues facing our satellite are genuinely global. That’s wherefore we person structured our strategy astir the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, arsenic good arsenic cardinal UK argumentation and manufacture standards. We are putting our effort into the areas wherever we tin marque a worldly quality for our radical and the planet.

“Our priorities are to trim our interaction connected the climate, support and heighten quality and the environment, thrust the modulation to a circular economy, and support and enactment our radical and communities. We person created robust goals and measurable cardinal show indicators for each 1 of these pillars. We besides recognise that this strategy volition evolve, which is wherefore we’re committing to reviewing and reporting connected our advancement annually.”

Future-facing business

Aggregate Industries main enforcement serviceman Dragan Maksimovic says: “Aggregate Industries is simply a progressive, future-facing business; a institution that is intrinsically sustainable, trusted and respected by stakeholders and the communities successful which we operate. Our recently developed sustainability strategy is cardinal to transforming our business. It volition accelerate our modulation to nett zero, providing wide milestones and measurable results on the way.

“Society’s improvement is babelike connected the gathering sector. As a arrogant subordinate of Holcim Group, the planetary person successful innovative and sustainable operation solutions, we recognise our work to play a cardinal relation successful the modulation towards nett zero, portion gathering advancement done sustainable products and services. We recognize that it is successful what we bash contiguous that builds a sustainable aboriginal for our communities, manufacture and the world. It is my idiosyncratic committedness to thrust this guardant done everything we bash and however we bash it.”

Aggregate Industries’ sustainability director, Kirstin McCarthy, volition beryllium speaking astatine this year’s Construction News Decarbonising Construction league connected 14-15 June.

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