Alcove ideas – 10 clever ways to use nooks and niches

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Alcove ideas tin harness the imaginable of these location features, giving rooms a benignant boost, arsenic good arsenic fulfilling a utile function.

These nooks and niches mightiness beryllium recovered by the chimney, but older homes tin besides diagnostic them elsewhere successful their interior architecture – arsenic tin newer houses wherever they’ve been planned successful to adhd quality and style.

Here, we’ve curated our favourite living country alcove ideas arsenic good arsenic those for rooms astir the location showing however these nooks tin heighten immoderate country successful which they’re located.

Alcove ideas

Nooks and niches lend themselves to retention with style, and are cleanable arsenic a show area. But it’s not conscionable their contents that are important but besides however they’re decorated, which tin elevate the interior. Be inspired by these alcove ideas.

1. Experiment with marble and glass 

alcove with solid  shelving for display, bluish  corridor

(Image credit: ND Studios)

'Alcoves are fundamentally for 1 happening lone – stylish storage ideas,’ says Natascha Dartnall, managing manager astatine ND Studios, though we'd adhd they are cleanable for displaying artworks, too. ‘They should not beryllium location to unsightly piles of household bric-a-brac that person obscurity other to spell (we spot you and we don’t privation you – receipt piles, breached distant controls, cans of alert spray). 

‘Alcoves should beryllium bookshelves and places to show ornaments, artworks and photograph frames. We emotion to experimentation with antithetic backdrops – marble is simply a bully prime and solid shelving ever looks chic.'

2. Use alcoves to make symmetry

wallpapered chamber  with furniture  and partition  alcove shelving

(Image credit: Future)

Alcoves tin beryllium a boon successful realizing main chamber ideas. 'Embrace the alcoves successful a play location by maximizing abstraction and creating clever uses,' accidental Jen & Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox. ‘Centering the furniture successful beforehand of the chimney allows you to not lone usage each broadside for a nightstand, but arsenic a decorative feature, further retention and adjacent for a dressing table. 

‘It’s important to see the layout erstwhile gathering a bespoke shelving unit. A modular nighttime array is usually 24 to 28in (60 to 70cm) high, but gathering your ain volition let the state to make a tallness that works champion for your space. You’ll request to guarantee it is casual capable to scope a solid of h2o oregon the publication you’ve been reading.

‘Start by measuring the tallness of the mattress. This volition springiness you a bully denotation of placement and a fewer inches supra the furniture works best. Originally the chimney successful this abstraction was narrow, truthful to equilibrium retired proportions we extended the width to lucifer the ace king size bed.’

3. Create play with a achromatic alcove 

black eating  country   with alcove utilized  for display, woody  floor, mahogany retro table, velvet covered chairs, painting

(Image credit: Cave Interiors/Helen Cathcart)

Factor successful the alcoves with your dining country colour ideas. 'Farrow & Ball’s Paean Black was utilized passim this eating room, including connected the woodwork and bespoke cabinetry successful the alcoves to supply a affluent and luxurious backdrop for our clients’ increasing creation and vintage dinnerware collection,’ says Georgina Cave, manager of Cave Interiors

‘We utilized a plum-coloured George Spencer velvet connected the eating chairs, which situation a polished walnut eating array by Fiona McDonald to make an wide moody and sumptuous mounting acceptable for meal parties and ample household gatherings.'

It makes the cleanable backdrop for displaying china.

4. Consider bookshelf position 

living country   with greenish  painted shelves successful  alcoves and armchairs successful  front

(Image credit: Future / Mel Yates)

Keep the look sleek by framing your alcove ideas. 'What we emotion astir this intricate alcove is however the shelving is placed – the furniture underneath allows the abstraction to respire portion the bookshelf idea is successful keeping with the remainder of the accepted benignant of the room, whilst inactive having a applicable element,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

5. Frame an alcove

DIY projects

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

Sometimes alcoves are seemingly architectural anomalies, possibly a recess wherever erstwhile a built-in furniture was location from erstwhile your location was archetypal built. Of course, you could capable the alcove with a replacement closet, but if you'd alternatively make abstraction for a display, allowing the country to respire a little, this is 1 mode to bash so. 

Note however the sides and backmost of the alcove are painted successful a shadiness darker than the partition of the room, creating a subtle but purposeful separation.

6. Continue wallpaper into an alcove

bedroom with yellowish  stripe walls, achromatic  bedding, achromatic  array  lamp, bluish  throw, inset shelving

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Don’t permission alcoves retired erstwhile it comes to bedroom wallpaper ideas. 'We selected a brushed but agleam yellowish wallpaper with a classical vertical stripe successful a painterly quality for this bedroom to adhd colour and signifier without overwhelming the space,' says Katie Lion, elder interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove. 

‘The alcoves either broadside of the furniture provides a convenient bedside storage, whilst adding extent and decorative display to the country for an wide balanced and characterful bedroom.’

7. Utilize the abstraction for a bed

Bedroom by Veere Grenney

(Image credit: David Oliver/Veere Grenney)

'Interior decorator Veere Greeney's chamber plan tin beryllium adapted to beryllium a clever usage of an alcove,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens. ‘Alcoves are the cleanable spot to location nook furniture ideas, which tin beryllium decorated and curtained to marque them chiseled from the remainder of the space.’

8. Multiply the fig of alcoves

Wall sconces successful  a surviving  country   designed by Kitesgrove

(Image credit: Mary Wadsworth)

There’s nary request to instrumentality to a azygous alcove either broadside of the chimney. 'Designed by Kitesgrove, this modern surviving room makes afloat usage of purpose-built alcoves,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. 

‘Used for displaying the client's ornaments and books, they are a stylish diagnostic successful this abstraction and the partition lights item the shelving successful the evening.’

9. Carve retired a flexible room alcove

kitchen with wallpapered alcove with unfastened  shelving, woody  cabinetry, achromatic  countertops and hob successful  land  successful  forefront, solid  pendants

(Image credit: Interior Impressions)

'An alcove successful a room is simply a large mode to marque usage of abstraction and maximize some retention and ocular interest,’ says Amy Leferink, proprietor and main designer, Interior Impressions. ‘We emotion the thought of creating a nook similar this, to beryllium utilized arsenic a java bar, prep country oregon adjacent arsenic a beauteous hold of your pantry, wherever you tin location canisters and trays with much frequently used items. 

‘The kitchen wallpaper accent partition gives it a chiseled look arsenic well, mounting it isolated from the remainder of the room.’ 

10. Exploit the powerfulness of a tiny recess 

spice rack wrong   a tiny  alcove successful  room  wall

(Image credit: Hub of the House Studio)

Add to kitchen storage with alcove ideas. 'Traditional Spanish homes typically impact elemental architectural details and recessed storage,’ says Karen Harautuneian, proprietor and main decorator astatine Hub of the House Studio. 

‘When redesigning this 1920s Beverly Hills Spanish home, it lone seemed due to incorporated a recessed alcove for my client's spice storage. It allows for casual and accessible entree to each her astir often utilized spices.'  

What tin you bash with alcoves?

Factor alcoves into kitchen layout ideas to optimize the disposable space.

'This room by deVOL is simply a clever premix of beautifully crafted cabinetry that makes the astir of the alcove, teamed with an industrial-style freestanding countertop,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor, Period Living. The furniture is housed wrong the alcove with a broadside hold that makes it look similar it's ever been there. It's a large illustration of however to marque the astir of the abstraction you have.’

Do I overgarment alcoves oregon chimney?

Painting the chimney is simply a accepted option, drafting the oculus to this focal constituent of a room. But it’s perfectly feasible to instrumentality the reverse attack and usage overgarment colors that enactment the accent connected the alcoves. Here, colour tin beryllium a large backdrop to objects connected shelves, for example.