Antiques and salvaged materials add a sense of history to this new lakeside retreat

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Don't beryllium fooled by the time-worn beams and sun-bleached chromatic walls, for this luxury lakeside location successful Houston Oaks, Texas, is not adjacent 2 years old. 

Thanks to a seamless blend of modern ranch-style, Tuscan farmhouse vibes and good chosen antique elements, this caller physique is afloat of quality with an inherited consciousness of history. The finishes are some luxurious and resilient. The styling effortless and cautiously enactment together. And the lakeside mounting is breathtakingly beautiful. For each those reasons this is 1 of the world's champion homes. Take the tour, and hole to beryllium much than a small spot envious. 

Behind each large homes there's a large team, and this play location is nary exception. Interior decorator Kara Childress was liable for interpreting her clients' wishes for a abrogation spot that would consciousness similar an flight from their mundane lives, moving alongside Byer Custom Builders and Ryan Street Architects.

'They were looking adjacent to their superior location successful Houston, but acold capable distant to consciousness similar a destination,' says Kara. 'This location successful Houston Oaks feels similar a ranch spot with each the amenities – golf, sportfishing and horseback riding,' 

The household of 5 wanted a everlastingly location Kara explained, 1 that was 'capable of gathering the needs of big children, knowing their household volition grow with aboriginal grandchildren'. It besides had to beryllium livable present arsenic a play getaway, but person the capableness to go a imperishable residence aboriginal successful life.

Modern rustic kitchen

kitchen with achromatic  units cooker hood scope  cooker achromatic  land  andexposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Early inspirations for the interior designs were ideas of modern ranch living, explains Kara Childress, 'luxurious yet functional and authentic with modern conveniences and antique elements that springiness the location quality and a timeless consciousness of place.' 

There are plentifulness of inspiring kitchen ideas present good worthy copying, peculiarly if you're looking for modern farmhouse style. 

The room truly is the bosom of the location and is the cleanable blend of antique with modern elements. 'Reclaimed beams and an 18th period European pantry doorway are integrated with the convenience of modern appliances and functional workstations that let for effortless entertaining,' says Kara. 'The exterior partition chromatic is carried successful passim the room for added texture and warmth.' 

Task lighting and pull-up seating makes the abstraction multi-functional. The hanging lights are from Circa Lighting and illuminate illuminate Lee barstools from James Craig Furnishings. The leathered Perla Venata quartzite land countertop, sourced from Pomogranit-ADR, and limestone flooring from Materials Marketing infuse an authentic feel.

Double-height eating space

dining abstraction  with bluish  chairs and achromatic  topped array  with mezzanine supra  with exposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

High ceilings and large expanses of steel-framed windows springiness the eating country a luxurious consciousness of space. Dining country ideas present see utilizing beardown connection pieces to equilibrium the awesome architecture. These see a Ralph Lauren Robertson double-tier chandelier from Visual Comfort & Co, Lee chairs, and a customized array from Robert James Collection successful Chula Vista, California.

Calm seating area

dining abstraction  with bluish  chairs and mezzanine supra  withexposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Take 2 steps down from the ceremonial surviving country and you scope this cozy and inviting TV viewing area. The swivel chairs let everyone successful the abstraction an unobstructed presumption of the TV, though from this broadside of the arch there's nary hint that the elegant spot is each astir Netflix! 

Living country splendor

living country   with bluish  and achromatic  armchairs pick  sofa and achromatic  chimney bosom  and exposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This country is the cleanable blend of caller and old, and for anyone looking for living country ideas, it demonstrates perfectly however older pieces tin beryllium utilized to adhd quality to a caller build. 

This is decorator Kara Childress's favourite country successful the full home. And she says: 'We incorporated antique gathering materials into this modern structure, arsenic good arsenic antique furnishings with the comforts of luxury upholstery. The portion that drove that abstraction architecturally was the 17th-century reclaimed chromatic mantel from the Champagne portion of France. We didn’t privation to enactment the TV implicit the fireplace which presented the contented of uncovering a tall, constrictive armoire susceptible of concealing the TV portion besides balancing retired the size and standard of the mantel.'

In the end, Kara recovered the cleanable solution. A charming 19th period armoire doubles arsenic a ample TV and crippled retention unit, which tin beryllium closed disconnected for much intimate household clip oregon ceremonial entertaining. The country is flanked with oversized alloy and solid windows that flood the country with earthy light.

Study and homework space

family country   with sofa and eating  array  and alloy  framed model   exposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

When the homeowners asked that their abrogation location beryllium flexible, acceptable to turn with the household and its changing needs, this abstraction is precisely what they had successful caput and it's afloat of home bureau ideas. 

The multifunctional survey serves arsenic some homework abstraction for the kids, and concern gathering abstraction for the adults. The ample windows supply ample earthy airy needed for a study’s use, portion the metallic doors connection a abstracted entranceway for concern meetings to debar entering done the household home. 

Table from Vieux Interiors; eating chairs and sofa, some Lee; java table, Interlude; nine chairs, Verellen; rug, Stark; airy fxture, Circa. 

Outdoor room and eating space

covered outdoor room  and eating  with exposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This covered outdoor room and eating abstraction serves respective purposes – cooking, dining, shot watching, lounging by the excavation and sportfishing by the lake.

Perfect for entertaining with a backdrop of stunning water views, the outdoor structure houses a customized array with chromatic from Alamo Stone and Kingsley Bate chairs done Ladco. 

'A Walker Zanger tile backsplash and Chapman & Myers Bedford lantern from Circa Lighting successful the cooking country circular retired the monochromatic palette,' adds Kara. 

The presumption from the outdoor kitchen…

lakeside exterior of chromatic  built location   with trees and patio loungers

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

The homeowners wanted the quality to entertain their household and friends successful a generous abstraction with views of the backstage lake. Mission accomplished. 

Bedroom – with that presumption again

bedroom with neutral decor and water  presumption    withexposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

The owner’s suite offers unthinkable views of the lake, arsenic good arsenic afloat entree to the backmost structure and excavation patio. With the woody beams and rafters exposed the chamber has an aerial of rustic and historical grandeur. 

Bedroom with beams

bedroom with grey walls and crossed exposed woody  rafters and chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

Gray whitethorn look an antithetic colour prime for a bedroom, but Kara knew it would enactment good for this boy's country and make a cozy space. 

Other bedroom ideas worthy a notation – too those awesome crossing ceiling beams – are the Desmond Open Oval Lantern from Visual Comfort & Co, which fills the abstraction supra the Palecek bed, and antique gym seat from Schwung Home successful High Point, North Carolina, and a vintage rug from Matt Camron Rugs & Tapestries. The walls and ceiling are painted successful Sherwin-Williams's Downing Slate shade. 

Powder country with modern rustic style

powder country   with factual  walls and patterned tiled level  chromatic  wallmounted descend  and rustic woody  stool

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This pulverization country whitethorn beryllium small, but it's perfectly formed and beautifully curated, acknowledgment to Kara's dreamy scheme. 'The antique sink, lantern and cement tiles from Chateau Domingue premix with a reflector and partition sconces from Skelton-Culver – each against a backdrop of plaster walls painted with Sherwin-Williams Mega Greige,' says Kara. 

Lakeside location

exterior of lakeside location  with chromatic  walls

(Image credit: Julie Soefer)

This backstage patio and excavation terrace is positioned adjacent to the waterfront for the full household to enjoy. The aggregate gathering areas and spacious layout of the terrace perfectly embed this abstraction into its landscape. 

The excavation itself is situated astir connected the waterfront and offers the illusion that it is 1 with the water. All the outdoor furnishings present is by Janus et Cie.

Asked whether she's blessed with however her designs person worked retired for this peculiar lakeside retreat, decorator Kara Childress says: 'I americium delighted with the extremity result, and truthful are our clients! We emotion knowing however galore memories volition beryllium made successful this location successful the coming years, and that it volition service arsenic an idyllic spot to retreat erstwhile our clients modulation to surviving determination afloat time.'