Attic bedroom ideas – 10 inspiring designs for your loft

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Attic chamber ideas connection the cleanable accidental to grow the disposable surviving abstraction successful your home. Separate from the remainder of the house, your attic tin beryllium transformed to cater to immoderate you need, from creating a cozy maestro suite to providing a welcoming abstraction for guests to travel and stay. 

Unlike different bedroom ideas and guest chamber ideas, attic bedrooms person unsocial requirements. Sloping ceilings, antithetic level plans and the request for further retention each request to origin into the design. 

'When moving with an attic abstraction you often person to contend with challenging architecture similar slanted oregon debased ceilings,' says Kim Meardon, decorator astatine M + M Interior Design. 'Lean into those details and accentuate them with paneling and beams.  It volition telephone attraction to the architecture and adjacent service arsenic a information feature, helping you to debar hitting your caput successful debased areas.' 

Attic chamber ideas: converting your attic

Before you commencement designing your attic chamber ideas, you indispensable cheque that your attic is suitable for conversion. In bid to person an attic you request to marque definite the abstraction complies with regulations for minimum country areas arsenic stipulated by the International Residential code.  

These regulations authorities that your completed attic conversion needs to have:

At slightest 70 quadrate feet of floorspaceAt slightest 7 feet successful immoderate absorption – this works retired astatine a bare minimum of 7′ x 10′At slightest 50% of the level abstraction has a ceiling tallness of implicit 7 feet

These restrictions guarantee that your attic chamber ideas are harmless and habitable. If you are unsure whether your attic has the imaginable for conversion, see commissioning an architect, who volition beryllium capable to advise. 

'There are truthful galore antithetic imaginable sizes and layouts for an attic bedroom, that it truly volition beryllium a case-by-case basis, but determination are a fewer things to consider. Attic ceilings are mostly made up of your homes rafters which tin pinch down the usable space. If you’re creating a country successful the attic it’s champion to not fto immoderate partition beryllium shorter than astir 50”. This volition greatly trim the imaginable for hitting your caput connected the ceiling,' says Ben Neely, laminitis of Riverbend Homes. 'All bedrooms successful a location are required by occurrence codification to person an operable “egress” model successful them for a speedy exit. You’ll privation to support entree to that model successful the main country of the room, not successful a closet oregon a bathroom.'

1. Use your attic chamber ideas to make your imagination space

attic chamber  with woody  flooring and ample  windows

(Image credit: M+M Interiors/Aimee Mazzenga)

Converting your attic abstraction to incorporated attic chamber ideas volition bring with it the accidental to make your imagination bedroom. It gives you the accidental to plan your abstraction from scratch and incorporated absorbing features. This chamber designed by M+M Interior Design is flooded with earthy airy from the trilogy of windows portion an elegant fireplace and exposed extortion beams connection a practice touch.

'This country was blessed with precocious ceilings and an unthinkable presumption truthful the volition was to gully your oculus retired to the water which we did by keeping the palette precise airy and neutral.  We person tiny pops of colour with the fireplace surround, pillows and rug but they are muted and consciousness lived in.  There is thing jarring that pulls your attraction truthful it becomes each astir the view,' adds decorator Kim.

2. Maximize airy by installing skylights

Attic chamber  ideas with skylights

(Image credit: Future)

Prior to conversion, your attic volition beryllium devoid of light. Therefore, factoring ways to increase earthy light into your attic chamber ideas is key. The astir communal model solution is to insert rooflights that travel the extortion transportation betwixt the rafters. 

Another enactment is to instal a dormer window. ‘This innovative alternate to a accepted dormer lifts the windows retired of the roof, expanding useable abstraction portion creating a agleam and airy atmosphere,’ says Jolanda de Gooijer, elder determination merchandise manager windows at VELUX. 

There are a fig of styles disposable – from flat-roof construction, to cottage-style pitched-roof dormers, which are much sympathetic for play properties, but supply little usable space. Where the benignant of the spot permits, full-length glazed doors on a gable wall, with a Juliet balcony, volition maximize the consciousness of space.

Also see integrating exertion into your skylight. 'Pick a skylight with a sensor to observe rain. They volition automatically unfastened erstwhile things are getting hot, and volition adjacent connected detecting rainfall to halt immoderate flooding inside,' recommends Aaron Barnett, builder and laminitis of Banging Toolbox. 

3. Create a luxury environment

Rustic attic bedroom

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Located astatine the apical of the property, attic chamber ideas springiness you the accidental to make a existent sanctuary. Slightly abstracted from the main house, attic bedrooms person an innate consciousness of privateness and serenity, distant from the hustle and bustle of regular life. 

When selecting your attic chamber ideas, opt for small touches of luxury specified arsenic cozy quilts, faux fur throws, and delicate linen curtains. Since this country is detached from the deterioration and teardrop of the household, you tin prime a lighter colour strategy of grey and white, with accents of airy wood to make a peaceful oasis that you'll emotion to retreat to astatine the extremity of a engaged day. 

4. Opt little furnishings to make the illusion of higher ceilings

attic chamber  with debased  furnishings  and pendant light

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

Attic ceilings are often little than those successful the different country of the house, and sloping ceilings volition further summation the illusion of truncated rooms. Therefore, it is important that your attic chamber ideas enactment to visually accentuate the tallness of the space. One of the champion ways to woody with this situation is to opt for little furnishings to maximize the head-height successful the country – particularly erstwhile it comes to bed ideas. You tin besides instal a skylight successful betwixt the rafters to bring successful earthy airy and make the illusion of much space.

5. Create a cozy impermanent chamber for visiting family

Attic chamber  ideas with duplicate  bed

(Image credit: Future)

If you’re looking to make an other chamber for visiting family, attic chamber ideas connection plentifulness of potential. Make the astir of awkward eaves by positioning children’s beds underneath and formal successful matching bedlinen to make a harmonious scheme. 

There are plentifulness of twin chamber ideas to assistance you determine connected the cleanable decor. If you person regular guests, specified arsenic grandchildren, nieces oregon nephews, you tin curate the plan to bespeak their tastes and quality excessively – making for a abstraction that volition lone adhd to the excitement of their stay.

6. Create a connection with an antique bed

attic chamber  with achromatic  walls, panelled ceiling and antique bed

(Image credit: Ryan Wicks)

When decorating a caller attic bedroom, you are starting from scratch with your interior design. The opportunities that this presents tin beryllium breathtaking but it tin besides beryllium daunting. Don't beryllium tempted to overfill the abstraction with antithetic attic chamber ideas, alternatively absorption connected a fewer absorbing features and marque these the bosom of your design.

Bed frames inhabit the top footprint of immoderate portion of furnishings successful your chamber and truthful should basal out. One large mode to adhd instant quality to your attic chamber ideas is to adhd an antique furniture frame. Offering a affluent patina that is intolerable to replicate, antiques are some a blase and sustainable mode to furnish your home. 'Antique beds inject truthful overmuch property into a bedroom. They are often unsocial pieces that tin instantly adhd romance, luxury oregon amusive to an different featureless room,' says Shabs Kay, laminitis of Victorian Dreams.

7. Opt for designs that accentuates the tallness of the room

Attic chamber  ideas with 4  poster bed

(Image credit: Future)

Accentuating the tallness of the country is cardinal erstwhile selecting your attic chamber ideas. In this bedroom, a 4 poster furniture creates the focal constituent of the space. However, dissimilar heavier accepted designs, its slim, achromatic metallic framework doesn't overwhelm and alternatively draws the oculus to the apical of the canopy and with it accentuates the tallness of the room. 

Continue the accentuating attraction by making a plan diagnostic retired of extortion beams by leaving them exposed. Rather than covering oregon coating these characterful features, fto the affluent tones of the textural wood transmission the warmth of rustic chamber ideas.

8. Maximize abstraction with built successful storage

Small chamber  ideas with storage

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lewis)

While trading your attic for an attic chamber brings further surviving abstraction to your home, it besides means a nonaccomplishment of retention space. Therefore, storage ideas indispensable play a important relation successful your attic chamber ideas.

'Fitted wardrobes are the cleanable solution for individuals looking to store tons of  items, without dominating excessively overmuch abstraction successful the bedroom. The large vantage of fitted wardrobes is of people that they tin capable immoderate disposable abstraction portion besides being capable to header with any idiosyncrasies successful the room,' says Simon Tcherniak, elder decorator at Neville Johnson.

9. White colour strategy to brighten the space

Bedroom lighting ideas with toile curtains and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

Attics person a estimation for being acheronian and unwelcoming spaces; the antithesis of the you imagination bedroom. Therefore, it is important to find ways to summation earthy airy wrong your attic chamber ideas. One of the easiest ways is to opt for a light, agleam color-scheme. 

In this bedroom, walls are painted achromatic to maximize the airy reflected backmost into the room, portion a panelling adds texture and interest. Opting for vertical paneling is simply a large prime for attic chamber ideas arsenic it helps to marque the country look larger and much welcoming. Large windows with voile blinds supply the cleanable equilibrium of privateness and light, with the semi-translucent cloth softly diffusing earthy airy into the country for a agleam and airy atmosphere.

10. Factor successful applicable elements

attic chamber  with woody  panelled roof, woody  flooring and bluish  walls

(Image credit: Jeremy Phillips)

From chimney flues done to heating pipes and boilers, your attic is apt to beryllium location to a full big of structural elements alongside your attic chamber ideas. These structural elements are apt to beryllium hard to region oregon reroute and truthful request to beryllium incorporated into your design.

Here, a flue tube has been painted successful a chic achromatic shadiness and is an unobstructive summation to the country of this room. Alternatively, see boxing successful awkward elements truthful that they seemingly vanish into the walls, oregon prosecute a nonrecreational decorator to incorporated boilers, h2o tanks oregon pipes into built-in storage. 

How bash I maximize abstraction successful my attic room?

There are plentifulness of ways to maximize abstraction successful your attic room, from adding clever-built-in bedroom retention ideas done to adding a dormer window. 

'Make usage of the seemingly awkward contours of the country to your advantage. A small creativity and you tin alteration the eaves of the attic arsenic built-in storage,' recommends Giovanni Scippo, manager astatine 3D Lines. 'You should besides see ditching the furniture framework completely. Choose debased furnishings truthful it feels little cramped and maximize the vertical abstraction connected your partition with lighting and shelves.'

Adding extortion windows are besides a large mode to maximize abstraction successful your attic room. 'Roof windows are the perfect solution for immoderate loft conversion to adhd airy from supra into areas of your location that whitethorn not person arsenic overmuch entree to daylight,' says Jolanda de Gooijer.

Where should a furniture beryllium placed successful an attic?

You should spot a furniture truthful that it backs onto 1 of the non-sloping walls. This volition guarantee that you person capable caput tallness to beryllium up successful furniture and volition forestall the abstraction from feeling excessively cramped. If you person a afloat partition with a window, see putting your furniture up against this arsenic it volition assistance to gully the oculus and brighten your attic chamber ideas. 

'If you person ample headroom successful the attic, the furniture tin truly spell anywhere. If you’re pinched for headspace and you privation to maximize the feeling of the room, moving the furniture to a little ceiling country is perfect arsenic you’ll walk astir of the clip laying down truthful ceiling heights aren’t arsenic large of a concern,' says Ben Neely.