Baby boy nursery ideas – 17 tips for creating a soothing sleep space

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Pondering implicit babe lad nursery ideas is simply a joyousness – but with a caller household subordinate connected the way, a small helping manus ne'er hurt. 

That’s wherefore we’ve done the reasoning for you, and travel up with immoderate beauteous bedroom ideas for the caller arrival. 

Creating a soothing abstraction is cardinal to assistance babe sleep, but you’ll besides privation your nursery ideas for babe boys to beryllium equipped for play, and to past until they’re a small older. And remember, you’re not conscionable designing for a baby, you’re designing for a engaged ma and dada who request applicable solutions successful a engaged signifier of life. 

Baby lad nursery ideas

From accepted bluish schemes with modern touches, to sensory tents and dazzling murals, we’ve asked the experts for their favourite nursery ideas for babe boys, and recovered immoderate beauteous examples that volition animate each caller parents. 

1. Get originative with partition paint

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with achromatic  crib and grey  partition  with achromatic  painted polka dots.

(Image credit: Rachael Smith)

When picking your paint, deliberation astir however you tin crook a plain partition into a playful feature. ‘Personalized designs are large erstwhile it comes to nursery ideas,’ says Judy Smith, colour advisor astatine Crown (opens successful caller tab). ‘Work retired a plan connected insubstantial past standard up for the walls.’

Creating your ain elemental mural – similar the polka dot plan successful this country – is an casual mode to adhd interest, and it works conscionable arsenic good with babe girl nursery ideas too. 

‘To adhd immoderate fun, usage masking portion to make elemental stripes oregon checks, oregon for a much analyzable signifier spell for a stencil. The quality of overgarment is that the strategy tin beryllium easy and inexpensively updated arsenic the kid grows.’ 

2. Don’t beryllium acrophobic of florals 

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with bluish  floral wallpaper, achromatic  crib and yellowish  shelf.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

You whitethorn beryllium conscious that you’re designing for a boy, but it’s important not to springiness successful to outdated sex stereotypes. 

Flowers tin perfectly person a spot successful a boy’s nursery – arsenic tin pink, princesses, butterflies and more. This is demonstrated successful this stylish nursery, wherever a floral signifier featuring perched songbirds softens the wallpaper’s agleam bluish hue. 

Picking nature-inspired wallpapers is simply a large prime for gender neutral nursery ideas too. Choose palms for an escapist, tropical feel, oregon capable the walls with trees oregon foliage to transmission an enchanted forest. 

3. Go bold with an creator mural 

Baby lad  nursery ideas with safari-inspired partition  mural, woody  crib and taupe sofa.

(Image credit: Ventura Designs )

When considering children’s chamber wallpaper ideas, repeated patterns are 1 mode to spell – alternatively, take a wallpaper that doubles arsenic an atmospheric mural. As demonstrated successful this nursery by Ventura Designs, incorporating a ample standard artwork oregon mural tin beryllium transportive and truly occurrence up a child’s imagination. 

‘For adding long-lasting property to the nursery, I similar the thought of incorporating a big, bold portion of creation that tin proceed to beryllium utilized passim each stages of childhood,’ says Justin Segal, manager of merchandise and marque absorption astatine Storkcraft (opens successful caller tab)

‘An eye-catching portion of creation that adds a splash of property to the nursery – yet volition look conscionable arsenic bully successful a ‘big kid’ country erstwhile it’s clip to modulation retired of the nursery – is a nice, idiosyncratic plan touch.’

4. Opt for a plan that volition turn with them 

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with greenish  and achromatic  thenar  histrion   wallpaper, greenish  armchairs and achromatic  crib.

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

With each kids’ country ideas, it’s truly important to see however the plan volition turn with them. This goes for some the style, and the practicality of your furnishings pieces. 

In this nursery, a crib with removable sides has been chosen, which volition past a kid from newborn to toddler years and beyond. The plan of the country uses a neutral and adaptable achromatic astatine its base, with a rainforest wallpaper that works conscionable arsenic good adjacent for an big arsenic it does a baby. 

5. Mix bluish and grey for a versatile scheme 

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with grey  tartan wallpaper and bluish  crib.

(Image credit: Alex Sarginson)

Blue is simply a classical among bedroom ideas for boys – but much importantly, its soothing qualities marque it an fantabulous prime successful nurseries for each genders. To marque it consciousness modern and other calming, support it airy and brace it with gray. 

‘Blue and grey is simply a precise versatile strategy for a nursery that volition turn with them into their older years,’ says Charlotte Cosby, caput of originative astatine Farrow & Ball (opens successful caller tab)

In this room, a duck ovum bluish crib sits with a backdrop of textured, grey checkered wallpaper successful brushed tonalities – a partition plan that volition past arsenic your kid grows and adjacent works successful bedroom ideas for teenagers. 

6. Use a structure arsenic a sensory space

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with metallic spray painted walls, teepee and bluish  armchair.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Amid the crib, changing table, feeding chairs and more, it’s important to marque abstraction for play successful a nursery. While you’ll privation the country to consciousness calming to assistance induce a bully night’s sleep, young children besides larn from sensory stimulation. 

A structure filled with fabrics they tin feel, mobiles they tin ticker and sounds that echo volition intrigue a baby, and it becomes a large spot for much blase play arsenic they get older. 

The teepee-style structure successful this stylish nursery is definite to beryllium loved for years to come, and volition beryllium conscionable arsenic astatine location arsenic portion of aboriginal playroom ideas.

7. Paint a captivating plan connected the ceiling

A airy   blue, two-tone painted nursery with a reddish  and white, large  top-style, painted ceiling plan  and teepee.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

When reasoning astir kids’ country overgarment ideas, don’t hide to look up, particularly successful a nursery. As a babe is laid down successful its crib, it volition inevitably walk a batch of clip looking astatine the ceiling – truthful marque it absorbing for them. 

‘To adhd an injection of color, effort coating a mural connected the ceiling, specified arsenic a abstraction country oregon circus tent,’ says Cosby. ‘Using the ceiling arsenic a 5th partition creates a canvas for their small imaginations arsenic they drift disconnected to sleep.’ 

8. Lower airy levels with a canopy

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with cacti wallpaper connected  the ceiling and a mustard yellowish  canopy adorned with drawstring  lights.

(Image credit: David Giles)

Inducing slumber is the astir important relation of a nursery, arsenic galore a bushed genitor volition archer you. Soft, ambient bedroom lighting ideas and a feeling of coziness are indispensable to hurrying on the process, truthful springiness yourself a helping manus with a crib canopy. 

Doubling up arsenic thing for a babe to ponder portion it falls asleep, a canopy tin besides assistance shield airy from astir the child’s caput – particularly if chosen successful a darker color, similar the yellowish ochre canopy successful this playful nursery. 

9. Build bold colors onto a achromatic base

A babe  lad  nursery thought  with acheronian  bluish  and achromatic  geometric wallpaper design, with achromatic  crib.

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

While airy shades are often considered the best chamber colors for a nursery due to the fact that of their calming characteristics, they aren’t the lone option. 

If you’re keen to incorporated bolder, brighter colors into the room, physique them onto a basal of crisp achromatic to support them brushed and relaxing. In this room, a geometric signifier successful the signifier of delicate acheronian bluish lines connected apical of white, with a matching achromatic crib makes for a modern combination. 

‘Nurseries person a licence to beryllium fun,’ says Smith. ‘Therefore, wherefore not adhd a spot of playfulness by coating furnishings to lucifer oregon opposition with the bedroom partition decor.’

10. Ensure ma and dada person a comfy seat

A achromatic  nursery country   with grey  upholstered armchair and woven ft  rest.

(Image credit: Colin Poole)

The nursery is for the baby, yes, but ma and dada merit rather a spot of TLC too. For round-the-clock feeds, a comfy spot to beryllium is indispensable for a weary parent. 

In this room, a cozy, upholstered armchair implicit with a cushion, propulsion and footstool is tucked into the country – the cleanable spot for a repose successful a doubtlessly engaged day. 

11. Use a operation of blues for an elegant look

baby lad  nursery with bluish  stripe canopy implicit    crib, harlequin benignant   wallpaper, hardwood floor, rug, toys

(Image credit: Stéphanie Coutas)

Use the champion children's chamber wallpaper ideas to assistance you make a country you volition emotion arsenic overmuch arsenic they do, filled with amusive touches and cute colour schemes. You tin beryllium truthful overmuch much adventurous with wallpaper successful kids' rooms, truthful this truly is the accidental to indulge your emotion of bold wallpaper ideas and designs.

Stéphanie Coutas (opens successful caller tab) designed this elegant boys nursery utilizing a subtle diamond patterned wallpaper. The bluish and achromatic stripe canopy creates a cozy slumber abstraction supra the crib whilst the hardwood level adds a warmth. 

12. Look to the ceiling for inspiration 

baby lad  nursery with fringed partition  hanging, achromatic  crib, reddish  and achromatic  graphic people     armchair and footstool, bluish  patterned rug, broadside  table

(Image credit: Mel Bean Interiors )

The champion ceiling ideas connection scope to grow your creativity beyond your 4 walls. Ceilings successful nurseries are a large mode of adding different furniture of involvement and making a abstraction consciousness cozier yet stimulating. All excessively often they are an afterthought but we marque definite to see their potential. 

'This nursery was designed with texture and signifier astatine the forefront,' says Mel Bean, pb interior decorator astatine Mel Bean Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'I incorporated tone-on-tone wallpaper for the ceiling, a textured pompom garland for the wall, achromatic molding to framework the ceiling and the windows, and a textured seat with ottoman and a Moroccan pouf for seating options.'

13. Create memories with idiosyncratic touches 

boy nursery with tons  of pattern, bold wallpaper, achromatic  crib, bluish  patterned floor, bluish  armchair, bluish  drapes, mobile, achromatic  broadside  table, toys, basket

(Image credit: HC Interior Design/Vivian Johnson)

'This nursery was designed for my lad Léon; it was truly important to maine that this nursery abstraction felt ethereal, playful and a interaction moody,' says Lorri Hicks Cazenave, main decorator astatine HC Interior Design (opens successful caller tab)

'There are bits of velvet, beauteous animals successful the wallpaper, and playful youthful touches similar the Bambi stool and the customized chandelier that we ordered from France arsenic a motion to my husband’s French roots. We person incorporated galore hidden peculiar touches to this space, and its everlastingly a favourite representation creating this cozy space.'

14. Paint an alcove

baby lad  nursery with bluish  walls and reddish  retention  alcove, reddish  and achromatic  stripe wardrobe doors, basket, artwork , toys

(Image credit: Mylands )

Alcove ideas tin harness the imaginable of these location features, giving nursery and playroom ideas a benignant boost, arsenic good arsenic fulfilling a utile function.

Alcove shelving creates a sleek retention solution that besides makes a large plan feature. 'Here we paired Enamel Blue™ No. 78, a vibrant, calming blue, with a bold Red Post Hill™ No. 68 to marque a diagnostic of the alcove shelving, providing an unexpected contrast and tons of excitement and character for displaying beauteous toy retention ideas,' says Dominic Myland, CEO of Mylands (opens successful caller tab)

15. Choose a wallpaper plan you love 

nursery with House of Hackney Zeus wallpaper, woody  crib, textured rug, kids chair

(Image credit: Jamie Haller/Jenna Ohnemus Peffley)

Beautiful bedroom wallpaper ideas are a fantastic mode to marque your babe lad nursery truly sing out. There are truly nary rules erstwhile it comes to nursery country ideas. However, it’s recommended to steer distant from decorating with stimulating colors, arsenic babies tin beryllium hard capable to enactment to furniture arsenic it is.

'Here the “Zeus” wallpaper by House of Hackney is calming and beautiful, the signifier is simply a favorite,' says Jamie Haller, main decorator astatine Jamie Haller Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'One happening I similar to bash with a tiny child’s country is plan it to delight the parents. So overmuch clip is spent successful a child’s country successful the aboriginal years, it should bring joyousness to them too.'

16. Go for a sex neutral scheme

monochromatic boys nursery with hardwood floor, vintage frame, question    wallpaper, achromatic  rug, grey  armchair, pendant light, broadside  table, achromatic  crib and unreality  artwork

(Image credit: Urbanology Designs )

Gender neutral nursery ideas let you to measurement distant from customary colour palettes and make a country to beryllium enjoyed by a miss oregon a boy, oregon for sharers. Unisex nursery decor tin supply a beauteous abstraction for the caller summation to the family, and works peculiarly good successful modern oregon minimalist homes. 

Ginger Curtis, proprietor and main decorator astatine Urbanology Designs (opens successful caller tab) says: 'We kept the country tonal with rattan accents and lukewarm wood tones for a minimal yet pleasing aesthetic. If you're going for a predominantly azygous colored strategy past support it absorbing by utilizing textures and signifier successful the aforesaid shade.'

17. Don't hide your lights

nursery with achromatic  crib, achromatic  changing portion   with unfastened  retention  underneath, woody  floor, grey  drapes, unreality  lights, textured walls

(Image credit: Ikea )

The cardinal to a good lit nursery is to present aggregate layers that integrate some ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly. Never underestimate the prime of bully lighting successful immoderate country – it is conscionable arsenic important to your wellbeing and preservation of eyesight, arsenic it is to aesthetics. 

'Bright lights are a no-no truthful take thing that's amusive yet subtle arsenic you privation ambient lighting successful the mediate of the nighttime erstwhile feeding,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens.

What is the champion colour for a babe boy’s room?

When reasoning astir nurseries for babe boys, bedroom colour ideas truly should beryllium arsenic soothing arsenic imaginable – some for babe and his parents. 

Pale pastel colors enactment truly good – bluish is simply a accepted prime for a boy, but its calming qualities mean it works precise good for each genders. For a modern scheme, effort shades of grey accented with white, and adjacent details successful achromatic for a small edge. 

If you’re looking to incorporated bolder colors, effort gathering them implicit a basal of crisp white, utilizing them arsenic accents – this volition mean that the wide strategy tin inactive person a calming effect. 

How tin I decorate my babe boy’s room?

When it comes to decorating a baby’s room, practicality has to travel first. Ensure you person everything you truly request successful the room, past decorate astir those pieces – namely a crib, changing table, feeding spot and tons of retention solutions. 

If you’re coating the room, deliberation astir the benignant of paint, arsenic good arsenic the color, advises Smith. ‘A batch of the Crown matt oregon silk emulsion is perfect successful a nursery due to the fact that it has a Breatheasy look that means it is 99% solvent free,’ she says. 

‘Easyclean successful peculiar is cleanable due to the fact that it is scrubbable and tin beryllium utilized connected walls and ceilings, arsenic good arsenic wood and metalwork, truthful you tin blend successful windows, skirtings and radiators.’