Back porch ideas – 11 inspiring options to maximize your outdoor space

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Choosing the close backmost structure ideas tin assistance you bask your backyard twelvemonth round. Whether you're the consummate big connected the hunt for ways to elevate your summertime barbecues, oregon you'd similar to usage your backmost structure arsenic an hold of your surviving abstraction done the fall, there's a structure upgrade for everyone. 

Unlike front structure ideas, your backmost structure volition apt beryllium private, meaning you tin get a small spot much originative with your choices. In different words, your extremity should spell beyond simply creating a welcoming vignette, and make an country that enhances your lifestyle, too.

Back structure ideas that'll elevate your outdoor space

The champion backmost structure ideas, similar the ones we've collected below, adhd some benignant and manner points to your outdoor surviving space. 

1. Add a popular of colour to your structure ceiling

dining array  connected  a backmost  structure  with a greenish  ceiling

(Image credit: Andrew Suvalsky)

Interior walls aren't the lone places to experimentation with overgarment color. Your backmost structure tin beryllium an perfect spot to trial a bold hue, too. For one, the backmost structure is usually a spot for relaxing oregon entertaining, truthful adding immoderate colour tin assistance acceptable the close temper for the space. 

Plus, if you tuck the colour up connected the ceiling, similar decorator Andrew Suvalsky did astatine this Rhode Island home, above, this porch overgarment idea tin beryllium a amusive astonishment that's wholly antithetic from remainder of your home's exterior. 

'The lawsuit and I discussed using a colour that was precise bold, playful, a small preppy, and evocative of the outside,' says Suvalsky. 'Originally, the spot was a play people earlier it was developed successful the precocious 1800s, truthful it was a 'no-brainer' to spell for green. The actual shade was Benjamin Moore, Basil Green #2029-10 successful semi-gloss, giving an adjacent greater extent to the overgarment color.'

2. Take plan absorption from Mother Nature

outdoor platform  successful  the trees

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

If you aren't definite wherever to commencement with your outdoor décor ideas, simply look beyond your structure steps. Mother quality is the eventual plan inspiration. Your scenery tin springiness you cues astir color, materials, furnishings orientation, and more.

On this backmost porch, the propulsion pillows motion to the colors of the entity and h2o views done the trees, portion the live-edge cocktail array ties successful the conifer forest.

3. Swing the time away

white structure  swing

(Image credit: CQM Design + Interiors / J Holt Manning)

Porch swings are often associated much with front structure design, but there's nary crushed you can't adhd 1 to the backmost structure instead. A backmost structure plaything not lone adds applicable seating, but a consciousness of amusive and nostalgia, too.

Designer (and homeowner) Christie Manning of CQM Interiors added the plaything to place the property's backmost yard, excavation and tennis court. 

4. Hang insubstantial lanterns for a magical temper astatine night

back structure  with pergola

(Image credit: Jenny Reimold)

Creative porch lighting ideas are 1 of the champion ways to adhd ambience to your backmost porch, and incorporating decorative lighting styles on with much task-oriented options volition assistance acceptable the temper for your outdoor space. 

'I emotion utilizing our backmost structure for outdoor entertaining with guests, particularly nether our shaded pergola which is the cleanable spot to acceptable up a seating country for an evening BBQ,' says Jenny Reimold, interior stylist & HomeGoods Style Expert. 'I similar to bring the abstraction to beingness and adhd immoderate ambiance by tying assorted outdoor lanterns connected branches of a adjacent histrion oregon hanging from the apical of the pergola. I specifically emotion rattan oregon bamboo ones which are large for extracurricular areas, and immoderate adjacent travel with artillery operated candles.'

5. Zone your backmost porch

gray location   overlooking a landscaped pool

(Image credit: David Christensen / EverCraft LLC / Linda MacArthur Architect, LLC / Floralis Garden Design)

If you person a ample outdoor abstraction and you're gathering your backmost structure from scratch, see creating a structure with aggregate areas, oregon zones, to service antithetic purposes and interruption up the backmost of your location visually. 

A covered structure tin beryllium a large spot for entertaining, and lodging the grill station and eating table. Then, make an unfastened aerial information of the structure for taking successful the aboriginal greeting sunlight with a cupful of coffee. 

6. Include aggregate seating options

white backmost  porch

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

To get the astir usage retired of your porch, acceptable it up for arsenic galore occasions arsenic it allows by incorporating a assortment of furnishing types. 

A speech acceptable with a cushioned emotion spot and outdoor seat created an country for relaxing with a solid of vino oregon catching up with friends. An outdoor eating array oregon bistro acceptable tin connection a spot for mundane eating al fresco, enjoying greeting coffee, oregon hosting an outdoor meal party. 

7. Add a functional element

a rustic modern   backmost  porch

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

If your backmost structure tends to beryllium a large constituent of egress for your home, say, if your kids are perpetually flying successful an retired of the backmost doorway erstwhile they spell retired to play, acceptable up an outdoor mudroom to drawback clutter (and dirt) earlier it enters your home.

A hallway histrion (or a enactment of partition hooks and a support for shoes) and a doorway mat are each you request to acceptable up a driblet portion for outdoor gear. This enactment works champion connected a covered structure truthful your belongings are kept retired of the elements.

8. Make your backmost structure consciousness similar an hold of the indoors

back structure  with pergola

(Image credit: Jenny Reimold)

Your backmost structure decor tin spell beyond basal outdoor furnishings. Incorporating textiles, outdoor rugs, and accent pieces volition marque it consciousness similar an open-air room, and an hold of your surviving space.

'Keep your indoor and outdoor benignant cohesive by adding weatherproof rugs nether furnishings and decorative accents successful your outdoor space. I ever find reasonably priced 8'x10’ indoor/outdoor rugs astatine stores similar HomeGoods successful fun, colorful patterns,' says Reimold. 'Place it nether an outdoor sectional, apical the sectional with a fewer water-resistant, tasseled pillows past adhd a seagrass tray to an outdoor coffee array for the cleanable outdoor ‘living room.'"

9. Add outdoor curtains

porch with striped structure  swing

(Image credit: Ballard Designs)

Outdoor curtains instantly make an upscale feel, reminiscent of high-end edifice cabanas. For a timeless, French Riviera-inspired look, take a classical awning stripe, and mimic the signifier crossed outdoor pillows and cushions.

Prefer a breezy feel? Simple, achromatic outdoor curtain sheers adhd privateness and ambience portion keeping the vibe airy. 

10. Take vantage of a view

wicker seat  connected  a backmost  porch

(Image credit: Andrew Suvalsky)

When you're contemplating outdoor furnishings ideas, see arranging seating areas to instrumentality vantage of the view. Arrange tables and chairs truthful they look distant from the home, and towards the are of your gait that you privation to beryllium the focal point.

Above, Suvalsky acceptable his client's patio acceptable to instrumentality successful the presumption of their property's wildflower garden.

11. Create a tropical oasis

tiki hut backmost  porch

(Image credit: Future)

Lucky capable to unrecorded successful a spot wherever a tiki hut-inspired backmost structure wouldn't look wholly retired of place? Then clasp the tropical vibes with a thatch-roof backmost structure and brightly colored bamboo furnishings to make an out-of-office ambiance close successful your ain backyard. 

What are immoderate tips for buying furnishings for a backmost porch?

When buying backmost structure furniture, upwind absorption is key. “Look for furniture made with polywood owed to its weather-resistant durability which tin withstand rain, snow, and upwind successful astir geographic regions,' says Reimold.

In addition, your furnishings should enactment the manner you privation to bask successful your backyard. If you similar to person household dinners outdoors during the summer, a sturdy eating array and a acceptable of outdoor chairs volition beryllium a must-have. If you similar spending your summertime afternoons extracurricular with a bully book, a cushioned speech acceptable and a ample patio umbrella volition beryllium apical of your list.