Backyard landscaping ideas – 25 elements your outdoor space needs

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Our backyard landscaping ideas person been chosen to alteration your outdoor abstraction nary substance what fund oregon abstraction you have. Realistically, you won't beryllium capable to see each of them successful your backyard, but immoderate of them are existent must-haves. 

As an hold of your home, outdoor abstraction is portion of your plan personality, and you should dainty the process of choosing backyard ideas with the aforesaid creativity and attraction arsenic your ideas for your home. To bash this, you request large landscaping.

Whether you unrecorded successful a metropolis flat with a tiny patio, oregon a sprawling renovated farmhouse with acres of land, these backyard landscaping ideas volition assistance animate you to make a gait that’s reflective of your unsocial plan sensibility.

Brilliant backyard landscaping ideas

Before you adjacent see astir buying plot furniture, you request to deliberation astir how to scenery a backyard. This is going to beryllium a triumph of plan implicit environment. If you are lucky, you volition person an casual crippled to landscape, but the much challenging the terrain, the much inventive, and possibly interesting, your backyard landscaping ideas volition become. 

1. Install a pergola for shadiness and privacy

deck country  with excavation  and pergola

(Image credit: Future)

Whether your backyard sees sunshine astir of the twelvemonth circular oregon intermittently, it's a bully thought to look for garden shadiness ideas for shelter, and if good positioned, for privacy, too.

Pergola ideas are champion for this; they tin either beryllium slat-roofed to enactment plants oregon conscionable to supply dappled shade, oregon you tin look astatine pergola extortion ideas for beardown sunshine or, by contrast, rain. 

2. Work lighting into backyard landscaping

courtyard plot  with furnishings  and lighting

(Image credit: Detail Lighting)

When you gully retired your archetypal sketches for your backyard landscaping, you volition nary uncertainty plan successful lounging and outdoor eating ideas. At this point, you request to program successful your backyard lighting ideas, too.

'Good backyard landscaping includes a lighting plan,' advises Homes & Gardens' Gardens Editor Rachel Crow. 'Your plot decorator tin assistance you with this but I would suggest astatine a minimum, you see lighting for areas successful which you volition beryllium retired astatine night, and areas oregon peculiar elements, whether trees oregon architecture, that you would similar to spot from indoors.'

3. Break up hard landscaping with planting

luxury excavation  patio country  with seating and achromatic  umbrellas

(Image credit: Kate Anne Designs / Jeffrey Brian Riemer)

'Backyard landscaping ideas should beryllium designed successful conjunction with a planting plan,' advises Lucy Searle, Editor successful Chief of Homes & Gardens. 'This volition soften the landscaping, bring biodiversity to your plot and, if you unrecorded successful a lukewarm climate, marque your backyard consciousness cooler.'

'When placing stones, retrieve to permission abstraction for plants – it's the opposition betwixt the 2 that is truthful effective,' says gardens writer Natasha Goodfellow (opens successful caller tab). 'Don't beryllium acrophobic to usage gangly oregon upright plants to stress the verticality of your plot.'

4. Think: leisure time

lit occurrence  pit successful  treehouse decking area

(Image credit: Blue Forest)

When designing backyard landscaping, see however you volition usage your plot year-round, and enactment the elements that volition beryllium utilized regularly into the design. So, if you emotion to stitchery astir a backyard occurrence pit, guarantee that's a imperishable fixture with seating alternatively than 1 you resistance successful and retired of the shed.

Consider an outdoor room, too. Garden rooms tin beryllium utile for lodging guests, for teens to enactment in, oregon adjacent conscionable glamorous shed ideas for disguising wherever you support your tools.

5. Build a folly

olive trees successful  pots successful  mediterranean-style outdoor surviving  area

(Image credit: Darren Chung)

If your existent backyard presumption is of fencing, you tin hole this with backyard landscaping. This could beryllium a plot room, beauteous planting, oregon it could beryllium a fantastical physique that is beauteous to look astatine and useful, too.

Here, a pizza oven is housed successful a sculptural gathering with seating. Clever.

6. Add colour with painted hard landscaping

decked patio with integral seating and painted wall

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Some backyard landscaping is indispensable but not needfully beauteous to look at. Case successful point: garden partition ideas. Of course, you tin turn living walls to disguise them but if you're looking for debased maintenance, past coating rendered masonry is simply a triumph win.

'Painted masonry is simply a fantastic foil for the quality of wood successful your deck ideas,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor. 'And decking is the astir flexible of materials to physique seating, raised beds and, of course, flooring implicit awkward oregon uneven plots.'

7. Include a food pond successful your backyard

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a food  pond surrounded by a chromatic  wall

(Image credit: Megan Dufresne, MC Design)

Garden pond ideas aren't conscionable restful, they tin present much wildlife to your plot and acceptable the code for the backyard landscaping astir it. A koi pond tin beryllium truthful overmuch much than a elemental backyard h2o feature. Take this elegant aquatic paradise by Megan Dufresne of MC Design (opens successful caller tab) for instance, wherever a stream rock–clad partition supports an Asian-inspired fountain.

The abstraction surely has a Zen-like prime emphasizing meditativeness and serenity.

8. Add greenery for privacy

California backyard landscaping ideas showing a excavation  with lush xeriscaping

(Image credit: Marion Brenner)

While fences are a sure-fire mode to support things private, see going lush with your greenery erstwhile choosing garden screening ideas to make a much natural-looking backstage divide. 

For this location successful Atherton, California, Cooper Hewitt National Design Award-winning scenery steadfast SURFACE DESIGN (opens successful caller tab) surrounded the excavation with lush xeriscaping – that is, backyard landscaping with minimal h2o usage, which is perfect for drier climates. Naturally, the taller and fuller the plants, the much privateness you create.

9. Have amusive with recreational areas

An illustration  of backyard landscaping ideas with a excavation  and bocce court

(Image credit: Marion Brenner)

Pool landscaping is captious to get right. A excavation is ever a large thought for leisure oregon fitness, but see incorporating different forms of recreation into your backyard. And we don’t mean a hoops hoop successful your driveway oregon a tennis tribunal retired back. Why not adhd a bocce court, arsenic seen successful this SURFACE DESIGN (opens successful caller tab) task successful Woodside, California – to entertain your household oregon your guests? 

10. Think vertically

A backyard patio lit up   astatine  nighttime  with an outdoor fireplace

(Image credit: Marion Brenner)

Not each backyard has the quadrate footage for extended landscaping but determination are plentifulness of ingenious small backmost gait landscaping ideas for each size of space.

To maximize space, adhd tallness to a plot done vertical plot ideas, which could scope from trellis ideas covered successful climbing plants to imposing living partition ideas. 

In the lawsuit of SURFACE DESIGN’S Tank Hill task successful California, those footholds successful the partition aren’t for plants – they’re for the household of free-climbers who unrecorded there. 

11. Create a focal constituent successful your backyard

a monolithic occurrence  pit serves to disagreement  the backyard landscaping ideas into antithetic  sections

(Image credit: Courtesy of the Novogratz)

Don’t beryllium acrophobic to spell bold and instal thing monumental to beryllium a focal constituent for your backyard. 

Design duo Courtney and Robert Novogratz (opens successful caller tab) did conscionable that successful the backyard of their Hollywood Hills, California, home. They utilized a monolithic outdoor fireplace for garden zoning, dividing the backyard into antithetic sections, arsenic a folding surface mightiness successful a workplace apartment. 

'A occurrence diagnostic is ever a bully idea,' says Courtney.

12. Leave your tract be

A grassy plot  way  surrounded by wildflowers and garasses

(Image credit: Future / Annaick Guitteny)

Sometimes erstwhile it comes to backyard landscaping ideas, simplicity is best. Keeping your tract unfastened allows for each kinds of activities, from garden parties nether a structure successful the summertime to sledding with kids successful the winter. 

At his Hudson Valley, New York, home, which sits connected 45 wooded acres, designer Gil Schafer (opens successful caller tab) keeps a well-manicured tract surrounding the house, adorned rather simply with a planter-topped Pennsylvania fieldstone partition and a acceptable of Adirondack chairs successful the distance.

13. Keep to the classics

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a plot  trellis surrounding a classical  potted plant

Photography / Chris Gray

(Image credit: Chris Gray)

There’s a crushed planters and arched trellises person go plot stalwarts –they’re beautiful. 

Build a smaller gait with these elemental features, incorporated them into your patio ideas oregon usage them successful a tiny conception of a larger property, arsenic Gil Schafer did successful this pouch of his Hudson Valley home.

14. Flip things wrong out

outdoor surviving  abstraction  successful  Florida, combining antiques with caller   furnishings.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Olivia O’Bryan)

If you’re fortunate capable to unrecorded successful a lukewarm climate, you tin make an full outdoor surviving abstraction in your backyard. Keep it covered for shadiness and extortion from the elements – your furnishings volition past a batch longer. 

Sisters Ashley Waddell and Courtney Whatley of Olivia O’Bryan (opens successful caller tab), designed this outdoor surviving abstraction successful Florida, combining antiques with caller furnishings.  

'We store for one-of-a-kind vintage and antique pieces for each of our jobs – indoors oregon out,' says Ashley Waddell. 'We ever see the materials earlier placing items extracurricular to guarantee that the pieces tin withstand the elements. Most of the antiques we incorporated are usually made of teak oregon rattan due to the fact that they upwind good successful tropical climates if nether cover.'

15. Play up a porch

Swinging seat  connected  a structure  surrounded by a lake

(Image credit: Courtesy of Olivia O’Bryan)

The cleanable spot for sipping your greeting coffee, curling up with a bully book, oregon watching a rainstorm rotation by, porch ideas are an underrated portion of a home’s outdoor space. 

Be definite to decorate your porch with furnishings similar a daybed oregon a swinging bench, similar the 1 present successful this structure designed by Olivia O’Bryan.

16. Add a sculpture to your backyard

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a rusted alloy  ellipse  entryway to a garden

Photography / Christian Douglas Design

(Image credit: Courtesy of Christian Douglas Design)

Sculptural elements are cleanable for adding a originative interaction to your backyard. For this California property, scenery designer Christian Douglas (opens successful caller tab) utilized a rusted alloy ellipse successful lieu of a much classical trellis to make an entryway to a garden. 

'The satellite gross fulfilled 2 task needs: sculpture/art and a unsocial entry/threshold into the creek garden, which has go a magical playground for the 2 young boys,' says Douglas. 'It communicates some sophistication and whimsy.'

17. Level up with terracing 

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a excavation  surrounded by 2  smaller walls with absorbing  layered planting combinations

(Image credit: Courtesy of Christian Douglas Design)

There are decidedly scenarios wherever terracing is much of a necessity than an aesthetic determination – say, if you're looking for sloped backyard ideas. But they besides supply ocular intrigue. 

'Tiered walls are a large accidental to make layers successful the landscape. It makes the abstraction much dynamic,' says Douglas of this California project. 

'In this instance, splitting a imaginable five-foot retaining partition into 2 smaller walls allows for much absorbing layered planting combinations to gully the oculus and soften the hard materials.'

18. Let the h2o flow

A h2o  diagnostic   connected  a chromatic  patio

(Image credit: Courtesy of Christian Douglas Design)

Water diagnostic ideas marque backyard landscaping consciousness much dynamic, whether they service arsenic a wildlife-spotting zone, a calming auditory plan element, oregon a ocular focal point. And they don’t ever person to beryllium excessively implicit the top, similar an elaborate koi pond. They tin besides beryllium a elemental fountain, similar this 1 successful a California task by Christian Douglas.

19. Plant edible produce

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a excavation  adjacent  to a rootlike  garden

(Image credit: Courtesy of Christian Douglas Design)

Food-loving homeowners with greenish thumbs should see planting vegetable plot ideas oregon herb gardens successful their backyards. Beyond being applicable for increasing your ain ingredients, these gardens tin besides service arsenic a beauteous ocular element. 

Douglas loves creating gorgeous edible gardens similar this one, utilizing beauteous plants similar artichokes, blueberries, and alpine strawberries. 

'Artichokes person wonderful, evergreen architectural leaves that opposition beautifully with thing greenish – fabulous erstwhile paired with ornamental grasses and topiary,' helium says.

20. Build a pool

An illustration  of backyard landscaping ideas showing an infinity excavation  overlooking a sunlit woodland

(Image credit: Courtesy of Joseph Richardson Landscape Architecture)

Pools are not lone pleasing to look at, but besides perfect for entertaining, particularly if you are looking for backyard ideas for kids that adults volition love, too. This spot successful Virginia, designed by scenery designer Joseph Richardson, features an infinity-edge excavation overlooking the woods.  

'The excavation was not portion of the archetypal scope of the project, but was thing that developed implicit time. The homeowners person 2 young daughters, and emotion to entertain truthful they thought a excavation would beryllium a large addition,' says Richardson. 

'We had primitively discussed adding a much accepted excavation to the terrace, but decided that an infinity borderline was the cleanable mode to spotlight the property's steeply pitched, wooded terrain.'

If you request backyard ideas connected a budget, you whitethorn privation to commercialized successful your pool ideas for a smaller h2o diagnostic of a blistery tub instead. 

21. Play with sound

A landscaped backyard way  starring  up   to a ample  house

(Image credit: Courtesy of Joseph Richardson Landscape Architecture)

Every plot is different, but the quality of h2o features is that they tin beryllium customized to conscionable the needs and goals of each space. Water tin beryllium utilized to drown retired the dependable if surviving successful a metropolitan country oregon adjacent a main roadworthy oregon railway, and makes a soothing summation to immoderate backyard.

22. Vary your stone

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a walkway of Pennsylvania bluestone pavers surrounded by Delaware stream  stone

(Image credit: Courtesy of Joseph Richardson Landscape Architecture)

'For this peculiar task we were tasked to make a scenery that combined the husband’s emotion of classical plot elements with the wife’s penchant for Japanese gardens,' says Richardson. 

'We achieved this by creating a walkway of Pennsylvania bluestone pavers surrounded by Delaware stream stone. The meandering pathway, which is simply a fashionable plan constituent successful Japanese gardens, connects 2 accepted patios, 1 for cooking and different for dining.'

23. Keep it earthy with your backyard landscaping

Natural backyard landscaping ideas

(Image credit: Courtesy of Joseph Richardson Landscape Architecture)

By utilizing natural-looking materials, you tin springiness the content of a much earthy space, adjacent if it’s precise purposefully designed. Case successful point: this task by Richardson.  

'For the mediate terrace we utilized much earthy materials specified arsenic big, chromatic boulders and ample slabs of stacked chromatic to make a much earthy setting,' says Richardson. 'Pennsylvania flagstone besides comes successful a wide scope of colors truthful we made definite to spotlight each the colour variations that are people recovered successful the stone.'

Rock plot ideas similar this are casual to recreate.

24. Make your gait consciousness similar a resort

A resort-style terrace and infinity pool

(Image credit: Manolo Langis)

Love to travel? Create the stay-at-home edifice of your dreams by designing a resort-like backyard, specified arsenic this 1 by Brandon Architects (opens successful caller tab). Ocean view? Check. Infinity pool? Check. Sunken lounge? Check. 

25. Add faux writer to tiny backyards

Backyard landscaping ideas showing a modern   location  with a grassy country  for poolside lounging

(Image credit: Manolo Langis)

It’s hard to person it all, particularly erstwhile you’re constricted successful space. So if you privation a pool, an entertaining country and a lawn, you mightiness request to fig retired immoderate hacks to marque it work. Our suggestion: adhd immoderate artificial writer to your backyard if you’re incapable to person the existent deal. Use it strategically, similar Brandon Architects did successful this California home, which has a grassy country for poolside lounging.

How overmuch should I fund for backyard landscaping?

If you're disquieted astir the cost of landscaping a backyard, determine however overmuch wealth you privation to walk past look into options that enactment wrong your budget. 

When it comes backyard landscaping ideas, your biggest fiscal outlay volition beryllium the outgo of professionals - scenery architect, plot designer, electrician, builder and truthful on. There volition besides beryllium a important outgo successful the hard landscaping materials you take (expect to walk astir connected boundaries, paving, patios and plot structures). 

There are ever cheaper options disposable but they mightiness not needfully beryllium the champion truthful beryllium realistic astir what you tin execute wrong your budget.

How bash you plan a bully backyard?

Whether you privation a wholly caller look, to modify an existing abstraction oregon simply adhd an oculus catching diagnostic to power things up, getting the hard landscaping close is the archetypal measurement successful immoderate redesign arsenic it forms the all-important operation of immoderate garden ideas. 

First constrictive down your options by reasoning astir the look you privation to achieve. There is simply a immense prime of materials available, but 1 of the astir important decisions to origin successful is the sustainability of your desired materials and if they’re agelong lasting. 

Finally, determine however overmuch clip you’re prepared to walk connected attraction excessively arsenic this volition effect what materials you choose. Once you’ve travel up with a program instrumentality to it.