Balfour scoops £176m roads contract

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Balfour Beatty’s attraction limb has scooped a £176m highways attraction declaration with Buckinghamshire Council.

The eight-year declaration has been awarded to Balfour Beatty Living Places to oversee the attraction of road assets crossed the county.

The contract, which starts successful April 2023, comes with an enactment to widen for a further 4 years. The contractor volition enactment connected improving up to 5,000km of highways, carriageways, footpaths and rhythm routes. 

In addition, Balfour Beatty Living Places volition beryllium liable for delivering wintertime attraction services for the section assemblage and travelling public, arsenic good arsenic the cognition and attraction of the county’s thoroughfare lighting and cardinal assemblage assets, including gullies and postulation signals.  

A connection from the contractor said it would harness innovative solutions and materials specified arsenic reused rubber asphalt erstwhile laying caller roadworthy surfaces to thrust down c emissions and trim waste.

It besides plans to instal electrical charging points astatine its depots for its electrical conveyance fleet, successful enactment with its sustainability strategy, ‘Building New Futures’.

Buckinghamshire Council furniture subordinate for transport Steven Broadbent said: “We cognize however important the information of our roads and footpaths is for section residents, and this caller declaration volition let america to representation retired a elaborate strategical program for the future.

“We are focused connected channelling our resources into making lasting improvements, whilst astatine the aforesaid clip lasting by our committedness to chopped our c emissions, and instrumentality the pb successful adopting caller and innovative techniques that execute worth for money.”