Balfour-Vinci team apologises for late payment of HS2 workers

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Balfour Beatty Vinci (BBV) has apologised for precocious payments to workers connected the West Midlands limb of the £100bn High Speed 2 (HS2) scheme.

The associated task is to springiness labour suppliers nonstop entree to its Time and Attendance strategy to tackle the problem.

BBV is gathering 90km of infrastructure for the accelerated obstruction nexus betwixt Long Itchington successful Warwickshire and Handsacre successful Staffordshire.

But immoderate labourers connected the high-profile task person not been receiving their wages connected time.

A spokesperson for lawsuit assemblage HS2 Ltd said: “BBV is alert that administrative issues successful capturing information connected its Time and Attendance strategy person resulted successful outgo delays to a tiny fig of radical employed done BBV’s labour suppliers and would similar to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

“Improved processes are being been enactment successful spot to guarantee quicker and much close information capture, and to springiness labour suppliers nonstop entree to the system. BBV volition show these improvements intimately implicit the coming weeks to guarantee labour bureau workers are paid appropriately successful a timely manner.”

BBV’s website says it volition employment “thousands of radical successful the area” arsenic it creates the civilian infrastructure for HS2 to tally done the West Midlands.

Work to beryllium overseen by the associated task includes the operation of 66 bridges, 66 embankments, 56 culverts, 42 viaducts, 35 cuttings and 4 motorway crossings.

BBV declined to remark directly.

It emerged past month that a 5th of each elder positions astatine HS2 Ltd were vacant astatine the extremity of January.