Bam given go-ahead to build £200m motorway link

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Bam Nuttall tin yet statesman enactment connected the motorway nexus betwixt the M54 and M6, aft readying support was granted.

Transport caput Grant Shapps approved National Highways' program for a nexus road, six months aft deferring his archetypal decision.

The M54-to-M6 nexus roadworthy is valued astatine betwixt £175m and £200m. National Highways claims it is needed to supply further capableness and relieve postulation congestion connected the A460, A449 and A5, starring to much reliable travel times for passengers.

The strategy includes:

A caller nexus roadworthy of astir 2.5km successful magnitude betwixt the M54 Junction 1 and the M6 Junction 11 A caller junction astatine M54 Junction 1 to supply nonstop links to and from the M54 and the caller nexus road, and to support the connections to the section roadworthy network Realignment of Hilton Lane implicit the caller nexus road A caller junction astatine M6 Junction 11, with junction-capacity improvements and changes projected to Mill Lane

The exertion was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for information by Highways England connected 31 January 2020 and accepted for introspection connected 28 February 2020.

Shapps was primitively owed to regularisation connected the exertion successful October 2021, but delayed his determination for “environmental considerations”.

In its proposal report, the inspectorate advised Shapps to lone assistance the development-consent bid erstwhile helium was satisfied that the plans would not contradict the Sixth Carbon Budget, arsenic acceptable by the UK's Climate Change Committee, which was announced aft inspectors had concluded their examination.

In making his decision, Shapps concluded that it was “very improbable that the interaction of a roadworthy task will, successful isolation, impact the quality of authorities to conscionable its carbon-reduction-plan targets”.

The determination missive added that the nexus roadworthy would lend betwixt 0.0061 per cent and 0.0082 per cent of the c budget.

It stated: “The caput of authorities notes that the strategy volition effect successful an summation successful c emissions but that the presumption reached by the ExA [examining authority] is that it volition not beryllium truthful important that it would materially interaction connected the quality of authorities to conscionable its carbon-reduction targets […] Overall, the caput of authorities considers that: implicit clip the nett c emissions resulting from the cognition of the strategy volition alteration arsenic measures to trim emissions from conveyance usage are delivered; the magnitude of the summation successful c emissions resulting from the projected improvement is beneath 0.01 per cent of immoderate c fund and truthful small; and determination are policies successful spot to guarantee these c budgets are met, specified arsenic the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and NH’s [National Highways'] ain Net Zero Highway Plan, published successful July 2021.

“The caput of authorities is satisfied that the strategy is compatible with these policies and that the tiny summation successful emissions that volition effect from the strategy tin beryllium managed wrong government’s wide strategy for gathering net-zero.”

Planning Inspectorate main enforcement Sarah Richards added: “The Planning Inspectorate has present examined much than 100 nationally important infrastructure projects since the Planning Act 2008 process was introduced, ensuring  local communities  person had the opportunity of being progressive successful the introspection of projects that whitethorn impact them.

“This introspection took spot during the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions, and the  examining authority worked hard to guarantee that section people, the section authorization and different funny parties were capable to afloat participate.

“The examining authorization listened and gave afloat information to section views and the grounds gathered during the  examination before making their recommendation.”