Basement flooring ideas – 10 ways to get a stylish and functional finish

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Basement flooring ideas should make continuity with the remainder of the flooring successful a home. The beneath people determination decidedly shouldn’t pb you to marque flooring choices that don’t make travel if the wide effect is to beryllium pleasing.

But, arsenic successful immoderate different room, basement flooring needs to beryllium durable capable for the ft postulation successful the space, suit the uses to which the basement is put, and should necessitate lone the cleaning and attraction that you person clip for. 

Basement ideas mightiness see kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, further surviving abstraction and more, but immoderate the plans for yours, beryllium inspired by these basement flooring options.

Basement flooring ideas

The afloat scope of flooring options is imaginable for a remodeled basement, truthful deliberation astir the function(s) of the country erstwhile selecting. A basement bar shared with friends and household requires hard-wearing flooring that whitethorn person to header with spills, and a basement bathroom volition spot splashes, for example. 

Discover our enactment of basement flooring ideas.

1. Choose hardwood flooring

Basement with neutral walls and sofas and armchairs, fireplace and achromatic  drapes

(Image credit: Elizabeth Krueger Design)

Opting for hardwood tin marque the abstraction arsenic stylish arsenic different stories erstwhile you’re planning a basement extension. ‘I emotion erstwhile basements don't consciousness similar basements, but more like an hold of the remainder of the home,’ says Elizabeth Krueger of Elizabeth Krueger Design. 

‘Adding hardwood floors instantly elevates the abstraction and helps to marque it consciousness similar you aren’t below grade. 

‘Draperies tin besides beryllium the cleanable accidental to crook up the style while lending an unexpected interaction of comfort to a basement space.’

2. Start from kitchens and bathrooms 

Basement with staircase and bespoke shelving below, array  wood   floor, rug, console array  and sofa

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

Don’t deliberation astir basement flooring ideas successful isolation from those chosen for different areas.

‘We statesman by discussing with our clients what flooring is champion for the applicable spaces – the room and the bathrooms,’ explains interior decorator Irene Gunter, laminitis of Gunter & Co. ‘We past usage this arsenic a instauration for the palette of flooring materials for the remainder of the home. The mode the antithetic flooring surfaces travel unneurotic is paramount. Get it close and you’ll make a consciousness of harmony and continuity that weaves its mode passim your home.’

While prime finishes volition adhd to basement conversion costs, they are worthy the other expense. ‘For hard floors, my “go to” is ever earthy materials, specified arsenic the lime-washed engineered oak flooring seen successful this basement surviving space,’ says Irene.

3. Connect wrong and out

Basement with bar, seating and opening   to exterior

(Image credit: TS Adams Studio Architects Photograph: Jean Allsopp)

In bid to make the astir of a basement, see joining it to the extracurricular of your home, but beryllium alert that if that’s the case, basement flooring ideas request readying with this successful mind. 

‘Terrace level rooms often link straight to outdoor entertaining spaces, truthful durability for these precocious postulation areas is critical,’ says Tim Adams of TS Adams Studio Architects.

‘Consider extending exterior flooring materials, specified arsenic ceramic and stone, from extracurricular inward. This method volition make an inviting ocular connectivity betwixt the location and garden.’

4. Focus connected care

Bar with achromatic  and achromatic  tile floor, barroom  stools, and pendant lights

(Image credit: DelightFULL)

When there’s a barroom successful the space, basement flooring ideas request to instrumentality the anticipation of spills into account. It needs to beryllium casual to mop, and stainproof, too. Porcelain tile is simply a dependable enactment arsenic it’s non porous and tin beryllium cleaned and dried easily. It doesn’t necessitate sealing similar earthy chromatic can. 

If you bash opt for tile, deliberation astir attraction of the grout, too. An epoxy mentation should beryllium arsenic stainproof arsenic the tile itself.

5. Pretty up with pattern

gray laundry country   with descend  and cabinets

(Image credit: Emily Kennedy Photography )

A small basement tin beryllium an perfect determination for a laundry country but with the close basement flooring ideas it tin beryllium an appealing arsenic good arsenic utile area. Think patterned tile to assistance the look arsenic good arsenic guarantee the level is unaffected by splashes and casual to clean. 

Alternatively, if you similar a level that’s a small much yielding underfoot, see luxury vinyl tile. It’s casual to attraction for and tin replicate the look of a full big of antithetic tile motifs.

6. Keep it cozy

Red walls, fur blanket, textured cushion

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

Create a lukewarm invited for guests successful a basement bedroom with flooring that is benignant to bare feet. Carpet ever feels pleasing to measurement connected to successful the morning, and a wool mentation is brushed portion being a durable choice.

If you opted for hardwood flooring successful the basement instead, furniture an country rug connected apical successful a impermanent bedroom. Size up truthful that it extends either broadside of the furniture to make the aforesaid gentle landing for anyone getting retired of furniture successful the morning.

7. Take colour into account

Basement with neutral walls and carpet, sectional sofa, eating  array  and chairs and cabinet

(Image credit: Morse Design Photograph: Heidi Harris)

Continuity of flooring materials passim a location is important but wage attraction to color, too, to nexus the basement to different rooms.

‘I urge continuing with the flooring from the main level of the location successful the basement,’ says Andi Morse, laminitis of Morse Design. ‘Having a wholly antithetic colour for the hardwoods successful the basement compared to the main level makes the location look disjointed. Maintaining the wood code successful the basement makes it consciousness similar it’s a portion of the home. Otherwise, I urge carpet.’

8. Focus connected basement step flooring

Neutral hallway with concern   divider connected  1  broadside  and presumption    up   staircase

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: Mark Bolton Photography)

The flooring chosen for the basement needn’t beryllium the aforesaid arsenic that selected for the basement stairs successful bid for the plan of the abstraction to work. Harmonious tones are essential, of course, for a pulled-together look, but you mightiness privation to quieten basement stairs by laying carpet portion opting for hardwood successful the basement itself.

Go for stripes and the staircase makes an eye-catching diagnostic and leads the oculus upwards for an content of greater space.

9. Consider polished concrete

Kitchen with polished factual  floor, island, wood   and painted cabinets and sofa beyond

(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd Photograph: James Merrell)

Basements often diagnostic factual slab flooring if they haven’t been transformed into utile other rooms, but don’t number the worldly retired for a remodeled basement. Polished factual tin beryllium a beauteous arsenic good arsenic casual to attraction for flooring for a basement kitchen and the decorativeness tin assistance brighten the abstraction by reflecting immoderate earthy daylight the basement enjoys.

Combine with modern cabinets for modern room style.

10. Add involvement with herringbone

Basement with sectional sofa, rug, wood   level  and TV

(Image credit: Havwoods Photograph: Simon Kennedy)

Bring involvement to a basement TV den oregon movie theatre with hardwood flooring successful a herringbone pattern. 

The signifier adds the other item a country with walls and furnishings successful soothing neutral shades tin lack, and a airy wood decorativeness tin besides bespeak airy to marque the basement consciousness much spacious during the hours erstwhile you’re not cozying up to drawback the latest releases oregon indulge successful a favourite container set.

What benignant of flooring is champion for basements?

The champion benignant of flooring for basements could beryllium selected from a wide scope provided the abstraction is simply a remodeled 1 that makes it an further communicative of the home. 

Hardwood is simply a fashionable choice, allowing its continuation from different rooms to make continuity passim the home’s interiors. Carpet is simply a further possibility, and volition marque the basement cozy.

Kitchens and bathrooms located successful the basement should ever person flooring that won’t beryllium affected by splashes and humidity successful the lawsuit of the bathroom. Tile oregon luxury vinyl tile are imaginable options here.

What benignant of flooring is champion implicit concrete?

Basements often person a factual slab truthful immoderate flooring you take needs to beryllium compatible with this substrate. Possible choices see engineered wood, luxury vinyl tile oregon planks, carpet, and tile. 

Bear successful caput that earlier basement flooring is laid, immoderate moisture issues volition request to beryllium dealt with. Check, too, that the factual slab is level.