Bathroom tile ideas – 25 inspiring spaces that are both classic and timeless

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There are endless bath tile ideas to take from – successful each color, signifier and size imaginable. Bathroom tiles travel successful a seemingly endless array of materials, finishes and terms points, which means determination are bath tile designs for everyone, immoderate your style. 

Bathroom tiles person an important relation to play successful the room's plan – and not conscionable due to the fact that they supply a applicable solution to keeping walls and floors protected from soap and splashes. Choose from neutral ample format tiles that tin beryllium utilized to make a elemental backdrop to a focal constituent bathtub oregon vanity oregon opt for thing much vibrantly patterned oregon colorful to marque a benignant statement, oregon harvester the two.

The latest bathroom ideas promote individualization – the prime is yours. There are truthful galore tile options that let you to explicit your personality, introducing conscionable arsenic overmuch benignant to the bath arsenic you mightiness successful immoderate different country of the house. 

Bathroom tile ideas

Much similar overgarment effects, the bath tiles you take tin change the look of a room, with some bathroom partition tile ideas and those for floors making it consciousness bigger than it really is oregon adding ocular involvement to a dull space. 

Unlike overgarment though, re-tiling a bath tin beryllium costly and a hassle you won't privation to person to repetition often, truthful it's important to take a plan that you won't tyre of excessively soon and volition past you for years to come.

When choosing tiles, see size, finish, adjacent grouting. With modern tile exertion creating breathtaking caller designs each the time, you’ll beryllium spoilt for choice.

Depending connected what bath tile ideas you choose, tile prices tin alteration rather considerably from elemental ‘field’ oregon plain ceramic tiles astatine the little end, to solid mosaics and marble astatine the other. 

'Hotels person been a large power connected caller bath design, starring to the popularity of marble bath ideas,' says Rob Whitaker, Co-founder and Creative Director of Claybrook. 'Porcelain tiles are perfect for utilizing with this look, arsenic they are present disposable successful conscionable astir each colour and pattern.'

'For bathroom level tile ideas, porcelain tiles are super-practical, washable and waterproof, and made from a worldly of accordant quality. Now porcelain tin replicate marble, stone, timber and terrazzo truthful cleverly that you can’t archer the quality from the existent thing,' explains Rob.

Settling connected your fund archetypal volition assistance you to take your worldly accordingly but don’t autumn foul of a basal bathroom remodel mistake and hide to origin successful grout and adhesives costs, arsenic good arsenic see a 10 per cent contingency for breakages. Spares volition beryllium utile successful lawsuit of breakages astatine a aboriginal date.

If costly solid mosaics oregon hand-crafted tiles are a must-have but your fund is tight, past deliberation astir utilizing your chosen tiles arsenic a diagnostic and tile elsewhere with modular format tiles. 

Decorative borders volition adhd a cost-effective deed of signifier oregon colour, oregon deliberation astir tiling conscionable 1 area. For example, usage your shower tile ideas to marque a connection by tiling conscionable the wrong of the ablution cubicle.

Poor fitting volition ruin adjacent the astir costly of bath tile ideas, portion the cheapest tin look fantastic if laid by an expert. 

If you cognize how to tile a bath wall and privation to tile the country yourself, past put successful a bully tile cutter and usage ready-made grout if possible, arsenic it is easier to usage than powdered.

1. Play with pattern

Bathroom with rolltop bath and tiles

(Image credit: K&H Design/Paul Raeside)

‘The level is simply a large spot to adhd playful signifier to a alternatively minimal bath and volition springiness the country that adjacent level of item and interest,’ says interior decorator Katie Glaister, co-founder of K&H Design. 

Here, glazed porcelain tiles, inspired by encaustic designs of old, present property to this slender bathroom, their interaction enhanced by the heavy colour utilized to overgarment the partition niche, drafting the oculus on the country to boost the consciousness of space.

2. Go graphic with bath tiles

Bathroom with tiles

(Image credit: Clé and Shialice Spatial Design. Photography: Chad Mellon)

A bold level makes each the quality successful this chic bath strategy by Shialice Spatial Design, offsetting the white bath tile ideas with signifier and heavy color. Zenith cement tiles from Clé person been laid successful a amusive and idiosyncratic pattern, their chalky, matt decorativeness contrasting with earthy white-grey marble ablution country and descend backsplash.

3. Use bath tiles for contrast


(Image credit: CP Hart)

Bathroom tiles tin beryllium utilized to bring texture to what is often a visually-flat space. Here, it has been done with bathroom backsplash ideas.

‘Half-height partition tiles tin beryllium utilized to make a sweeping backdrop that sets disconnected a showpiece bath and vanity to perfection,’ says Yousef Mansuri, plan manager of C.P. Hart. ‘Here, the rich, musk greenish rectangular Luminous tiles supply colour and textural opposition to the plain painted partition supra and the simple, concrete-effect Boost level tiles below.’

4. Introduce colour and signifier with bath tiles

Bathroom basin

(Image credit: Otto Tiles)

Pump up the effect of decorative tile by clever usage of color. Here, handmade patterned Turkish ceramic tile by Otto Tiles & Design person been utilized to clad the precocious wall, creating a striking and applicable backsplash down the sink. The interaction of the tile is enhanced by the enactment of 1 colour utilized to overgarment the little wall, present a shadiness that picks up connected the leafage item of the tile to heighten the joyful effect. 

5. Introduce an ocean-inspired look

Green porcelain scallop-shaped tiles with a crackle-glaze iridescent decorativeness  successful  a walk-in shower

Ca’ Pietra Atlantis porcelain scallop tiles, Ripples

(Image credit: Ripples)

Inspired by the colors of the water and with a crackle-glaze iridescent finish, these porcelain scallop-shaped tiles volition adhd caller interaction to immoderate showering space. Green is precise overmuch the colour of the moment, and this vivid shadiness is some invigorating and refreshing - cleanable for a ablution area.

The bold shadiness is offset by the remainder of the gray bath tile ideas, from the plain subway bath tile ideas connected the adjacent walls to the matching faded patterned level tiles that widen done the remainder of the space.

6. Play with shapes and colour for variety

Different bath  tile ideas down  a frameless ablution  surface  with marble and mosaic effect   tiles

Pyrenees chevron marble partition tiles; Casablanca achromatic hexagon level tiles; some Mandarin Stone. 

(Image credit: Future/Darren Cheung)

Black and achromatic tin beryllium alternatively austere, truthful here, Otta Design has incorporated a premix of materials to adhd different magnitude to the space. 

The reflective qualities of the marble and the mosaic effect tiles enactment unneurotic to make a luxurious sanctuary, an effect worthy noting if you're looking for spa bath ideas.

The hexagonal level tiles supply a subtle signifier without dominating, adding a blase consciousness that brought the strategy together. 

A frameless surface helps to execute a luxurious bedewed country appearance, allowing the tiles to travel to the fore, with a neat niche for toiletries contributing to the elegant minimalism of the scheme.

7. Choose a vertical hang

Teal subway-style tiles fixed successful  vertical down  a brushed brass sink

(Image credit: Claybrook)

'Many radical are opting for subway-style tiles fixed successful vertical, alternatively than horizontal brick-bond, patterns,' explains Rob Whitaker of Claybrook. 

'While tiles mightiness tally each the mode up to the ceiling successful the bedewed zones, successful different areas of the bathroom, half-height partition tiling offset with beauteous bathroom overgarment ideas supra ensures plentifulness of character,' helium adds.

8. Mix and lucifer your materials

Bathroom tile ideas by Jake Curtis showing a colorful bath  utilizing modern  furnishings  and pops of yellow

Lisboa 001 Panoramic wallpaper panel, Pierre Frey. Metropole Blue porcelain level tiles, Mandarin Stone.

(Image credit: Future/Jake Curtis)

Beloved by past Chinese dynasties, the Moors and the Greeks, the enduring bathroom colour idea that combines bluish and achromatic takes connected a fresh, modern consciousness successful this colorful bath utilizing modern furnishings and pops of caller yellow.

This scenic connection tile-look wallpaper echoes the accepted Portuguese azulejos inactive recovered connected the palaces of Sintra, Lisbon and Porto, yet looks similar the existent happening erstwhile teamed with the affluent denim bluish porcelain level tiles.

As good arsenic being striking successful color, these porcelain level tiles adhd other safety, too. 'You should ever usage porcelain tiles successful a household bathroom, including a slip-resistant plan connected the floor, arsenic they are hardwearing and volition inactive look bully successful years to come,' advises Katie Gisby, elder plan advisor astatine Ripples.

9. Try the unexpected

Coloured bath  partition  tiles laid diagonally against bold, acheronian  flooring and co-ordinating fittings

Henley Chevron tiles successful Seagrass, Flint and Dusty Rose; Henley Rectangle Field tiles successful Flint, each Balineum.

(Image credit: Future/Simon Brown)

A striking and archetypal bathroom partition idea is to bent a chevron motif that volition springiness the strategy a refreshing, graphic edge. Colored tiles laid diagonally are each the much eye-catching against bold, acheronian flooring and co-ordinating fittings.

10. Add instant luxury with marble tiles

Arabescato marble Bathroom tile ideas by Simon-Bevan successful  a country   with a unsighted  and partition  ceramics

(Image credit: Future/Simon Bevan)

Classic and timeless, Arabescato marble with its striking veining, embodies Italian elegance astatine its precise champion and is astir ever precocious connected immoderate database of bathroom tile trends. 

Additional shades of grey connected the unsighted and the partition ceramics bring cohesion to the simple, stylish look successful the bathroom picture above.

11. Channel an creator vibe

Artistic bath  tile ideas with a floor-to-ceiling strategy  by Caz-Myers-Design

Puzzle tiles by Barber & Osgerby for Mutina, Domus. Walls painted successful Off-Black property emulsion, Farrow & Ball

(Image credit: Caz Myers Design)

Bathrooms are wherever tiles truly travel into their own. The immense array of materials, colours, textures and designs tin beryllium utilized to make some elemental designs and creator creations, from a floor-to-ceiling scheme, to a diagnostic splashback oregon decorative plan strip. 

Created by interior designs Caz Myers, petrol blues and retro signifier bring this full bath unneurotic to make a bold but orderly ensuite bathroom: ‘We were looking for thing striking and antithetic – these tiles people connected both,’ says Caz.

12. Stick with classical monochrome style

A astute  achromatic  bathtub with aged brass faucets sits connected  a marble bath  floor

Calacatta Viola polished marble tiles, Mandarin Stone

(Image credit: Future/Michael Sinclair)

Marble level tiles evoke the refined sophistication of expansive Parisian apartments. In this scheme, a marbled level was chosen for practicality, arsenic good arsenic style. 

White bathrooms supply the cleanable plain backdrop for eye-catching fixtures and fittings. Here, the astute achromatic bathtub with aged brass faucets anchors the look, reinforcing the classical aesthetic.

13. Choose a tiny and subtle pattern

Pink penny tiles down  a achromatic  descend  connected  a woody  array  with a circular  mirror

Bali Porcelain Penny Tile successful Blush, Ca'Pietra

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

The devil is often successful the item erstwhile it comes to creating a striking bathroom. Keeping it compact, penny tiles are tiny but impactful. 

An fantabulous prime for bathrooms of each sizes, penny tiles are cleanable if you're looking for small bath tile ideas, but besides look large successful roomy spaces.

These timeless bath tile ideas volition ever adhd an absorbing aesthetic, are highly versatile and – similar immoderate bully tile – are besides casual to support successful adjacent the wettest of areas. 

14. Play with scale

A bath  with achromatic  partition  panelling and flooring with patterned whimsical wallpaper

Softline vinyl tiles successful Ink, Amtico

(Image credit: Future/Chris Everard)

Vinyl has travel a agelong mode since its aboriginal days and is present seen arsenic a blase yet applicable bathroom flooring idea. As good arsenic being incredibly hardwearing, vinyl is besides casual to cleanable and comes successful a assortment of styles.

In this inviting bathroom, the artifact colour of the partition panelling and level allows a wonderfully whimsical wallpaper with a beardown motif to shine.

15. Opt for a subtle patchwork pattern

Patchwork bath  tile ideas shown connected  a level  and partition  down  a bathtub

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Patchwork tiles whitethorn automatically marque you deliberation of bold colour and pattern, yet depending connected the prime of design, you tin opt for a acold much subtle approach. 

These delicate tiles travel successful colorful designs and wholly color-free for a varied grade of subtle pattern. The somewhat textured plan connected the flooring besides adds a slip-resistant effect, cleanable for bedewed country oregon shower country ideas.

16. Pick the close tiles for underfloor heating

A bath  with a treble  sink, grey level  and partition  tiles and a ample  bath

(Image credit: Future/Davide Lovatti)

Underfloor heating is an fantabulous prime erstwhile considering wet country ideas, arsenic it speeds up the drying process aft bathing. You bash request to marque definite you take the close tiles for the flooring though. 

'Porcelain tiles are perfect for usage with some bedewed (water) and adust (electric) underfloor heating systems and are bully conductors of warmth,' advises Rob Whitaker. 

'The benignant of underfloor heating recommended tin alteration depending connected the size and signifier of the country and its subfloor, but it is important to usage a flexible adhesive and grout during installation to let for thermal movement.'

'The adhesive indispensable beryllium afloat dry, which mostly takes astir 7 to 10 days, earlier underfloor heating tin beryllium used.'

17. Match contrasting bath tiles

An illustration  of bath  tile ideas showing a partition  of mini pinkish  hexagon tiles adjacent  to a marble partition  of metro tiles

(Image credit: Norsu Home)

The tiles successful this bath by Norsu Home aren't evident partners, but they make the cleanable opposition wrong a tiny abstraction to make a characterful finish. Matched with CP Hart's Vola taps the effect is glamorous.

18. Create a modern consciousness with terrazzo

terrazzo tiles

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Bathroom tiles can, of course, beryllium the focal constituent of a scheme, arsenic successful this room. The bath tiles supra deed the inclination for terrazzo bathrooms, too. It's a look that's champion matched with modern fittings, though smaller repetition terrazzo patterns tin suit much accepted spaces.

Note the colour of the basin, which complements the colour wrong the terrazzo – again, the inclination for colorful fittings is connected the rise.

19. Create curves with shapely tiles

Bathroom basin with mirror

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms/Paul Craig)

There are galore ways to adhd finishing touches to tiled areas, including metallic trim successful a colour chosen to lucifer your descend fittings. 

‘When you person an interestingly-shaped tile, wherefore not stress its signifier by finishing with full tile on the apical edge?’ suggests Louise Ashdown, caput of plan astatine West One Bathrooms. ‘A contrasting partition overgarment colour draws further attraction to the detailing.’ 

Louise suggests this works peculiarly good with scallop, hexagon and teardrop shaped tiles – Zen Marble Scallop mosaic from Ca’Pietra are shown here. We deliberation it works good arsenic striking but subtle bathroom tile ideas for a tiny bathroom, too.

20. Exaggerate a room's proportions with bath tiles

Bathroom flooring ideas with greenish  and achromatic  tiles

(Image credit: Carden Cunietti / Alexander James)

Bathroom tile ideas – fixed successful stripes – tin beryllium utilized to marque a country look taller oregon wider. So, if your bathroom's proportions are a small retired of kilter, you tin usage this instrumentality to close them. Vertical stripes volition gully the oculus upwards, making the country consciousness taller; horizontal types volition marque it look wider. You can, of course, take subtler colors than successful the country above, but the effect volition beryllium the same.

What is the astir fashionable tile for bathrooms?

In caller years, the subway oregon metro tile has seen a immense resurgence successful popularity, astir apt due to the fact that it its versatility. 

From the classical look of plain achromatic horizontal subway tiles to the ever-expanding array of colors available, determination are truthful galore bath tile ideas that tin beryllium re-created with subway tiles. You tin besides bent them vertically, connected the horizontal oregon successful a parquet-style signifier for ocular assortment - the decor options are astir limitless.

What size tile should I usage for a bathroom?

Large format tiles are fashionable for bath use, since less grout lines heighten the spacious consciousness of immoderate country and make a much seamless look. However, they tin beryllium much wasteful successful smaller spaces, if tons of cutting and fitting is required. Smaller tiles tin enactment good successful areas specified arsenic splash backs oregon successful azygous designs to make an wide effect, but excessively overmuch signifier and format mixing successful stronger colors tin overwhelm a space, particularly a smaller one.

Which tile is champion for a bathroom?

Porcelain is simply a stand-out worldly for bath – including bedewed country - tiles, arsenic it is has an astir zero porosity acknowledgment it its precocious firing temperatures and precocious density. Scratch and stain resistant, porcelain tiles are besides casual to cleanable and maintain, and are wide disposable successful an awesome scope of formats and plan styles, including ultra-realistic chromatic and wood effects and encaustic looks – which tin besides assistance prevention connected bathroom tile costs.