Bathroom wall ideas – 19 striking finishes for washroom walls

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Our bath partition ideas tin marque your abstraction consciousness genuinely unsocial – immoderate its size and style. 

No longer perceived arsenic a purely functional and objective space, your bath should bespeak the aforesaid level of quality and individuality arsenic the interior plan recovered successful the remainder of your home. No substance the plan you’re readying for your bathroom ideas, your walls supply an inviting aboveground country to instal some applicable and originative features.

Whether you privation to make a striking plan done dynamic bathroom partition tile ideas, oregon support things elemental and subtle with the usage of mirrors and artwork, our scope of bath partition ideas tin integrate into a assortment of schemes and spaces.

Bathroom partition ideas – 19 inspiring designs 

From murals to wallpaper, overgarment to paneling, we person curated a postulation of archetypal looks and beauteous partition designs to assistance you make your imagination bath space.

1. Take the pb from your flooring

Bright greenish  bath  with green, Moroccan benignant   level  and partition  tiles, textured greenish  painted walls, rounded reflector  with solid  partition  lights ether side, accepted   basin with achromatic  sinks and little   achromatic  shelf, brass metalwork

(Image credit: Drummonds)

Matching your bath partition ideas with the tiles connected your level tin make a bold, stand-out bath design. 

As shown beautifully successful this bath by Drummonds (opens successful caller tab), the agleam green, Moroccan benignant patterned tiles make a luxurious, spa-like ambiance that takes inspiration from Moroccan baths – a large illustration of green bath ideas also.

To elevate the greenish look adjacent further, portion of the walls and the ceiling person been finished with color-matched, Venetian polished plaster, creating an elegant, textured effect that mirrors the shapes and question recovered successful the geometric tiles.

2. Incorporate shelving designs  

Modular shelving portion   successful  achromatic  by String Furniture. Shelf positioned implicit    tiny  sink, toiletries and towels stored connected  the shelf, furniture  plan  with mirrored doors

(Image credit: String Furniture)

An indispensable for storing and organizing bath accessories, toiletries and towels, bathroom support ideas tin support your bath abstraction wide and tidy, arsenic good arsenic adhd ocular involvement and texture to your walls. 

In this bathroom, the sleek shelving from String Furniture (opens successful caller tab) creates a cardinal retention and show country astir the tiny sink, with the towels and objects perfectly coordinating with the greenish tiles to make a cohesive, tonal look. 

Bo Hellberg, CMO astatine String Furniture states, ‘towels and different bath essentials each request their dedicated spot and with String’s unsocial shelves, you tin find a spot for each your things portion giving your bath a modern design’.

3. Decorate your walls with artwork 

Pale bluish  bathroom, vintage dressing table, with marble top, bath and mixer taps, colorful antique artwork supra  sink

(Image credit: David Cleveland)

'When decorating with art successful the home, we often hide astir our bathrooms, but choosing beauteous designs for your bath partition ideas tin effortlessly elevate the look and consciousness of the space, adding character, colour and ocular involvement to the walls,' says Homes & Gardens' Editorial Director Sarah Spiteri.

Whether you presumption a tiny portion of artwork that you tin regard upon erstwhile successful the bath, oregon take a large, wall-to-wall plan to marque a colorful statement, adding decorative finishing touches done bathroom creation ideas tin marque the country consciousness much inviting and personal.

4. Choose colorful tile designs

Bathroom with bluish  and greenish  gloss tiled wall, ample  achromatic  bathtub, agleam  greenish  stool, vase with flowers, large, people    textured pendant, achromatic  and grey  terrazzo tile flooring

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

The bath is simply a large spot to beryllium bold and experimental with color. 

Often smaller than galore different rooms successful the home, readying bath partition ideas that clasp caller color combinations oregon striking tile designs tin make a stylish and unsocial space. For much inspiration and proposal connected colour pairings, spot our color wheel guide.

This bath uses greenish and bluish gloss tiles from Mandarin Stone (opens successful caller tab) to make an connection partition tile design. An elegant opposition is formed not lone betwixt the bluish and greenish colors, but with the terrazzo level tiles, creating a characterful bath plan that celebrates signifier and color.

5. Add extent with niches

Bathroom with marble walls and floors, achromatic  descend  and achromatic  taps, vanity portion   with towel retention  and debased  level   storage, niche adjacent  to descend  with toiletries, tv   fitted into the wall, rounded achromatic  reflector  supra  sink

(Image credit: Ripples)

A diagnostic that is becoming progressively fashionable successful bath design, partition niches make a recessed shelving country that tin beryllium utilized for storing bath accessories and decorative pieces, perfect for bathroom retention ideas.

'Establishing a cleanable and uncluttered look, niches tin beryllium planned and catered to the nonstop needs and demands of your bath space, creating useful retention and show platforms,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

Often recovered successful ablution areas to store toiletries, niches tin besides beryllium utilized crossed the bathroom, arsenic shown present successful this bath by Ripples (opens successful caller tab), with the plan creating a applicable aboveground country beside the descend to store soap and accessories.

6. Get originative with mirrors 

Large, modern   bath  with woody  paneled ceiling, modern, metallic  and solid  chandelier, marble tiles connected  1  wall, ample  achromatic  bath, partition  to partition  vanity portion   with woody  draws, marble countertop, ample  circular  reflector  supra  sinks, marble flooring, greenish  textured wall, woody  stool successful  signifier   of a manus  beside bath

(Image credit: GRAFF – Art of Bath)

Decorating with mirrors tin not lone maximize the airy disposable successful a room, making a abstraction consciousness lighter and brighter, they tin besides make an beauteous partition diagnostic and decorative connection successful a bathroom.

In this modern bath by GRAFF (opens successful caller tab), the ample reflector creates a stunning focal point. The circular signifier is calming and relaxing connected the eye, and adds texture and ocular involvement to the partition abstraction supra the sink. 

With an array of antithetic styles, shapes and sizes available, getting originative with bathroom reflector ideas tin adhd some glamorous decoration and practicality to your bath walls.

7. Make each partition different

Pastel themed bathroom, bluish  and achromatic  geometric tiles, substance  of antithetic  tile shapes and colour  connected  walls, walls painted a scope  of pastel colors, ample  achromatic  vanity uniy with duplicate  sinks and arch mirrors, partition  airy  implicit    mirrors, pinkish  bathtub

(Image credit: Ripples)

If you’re struggling to determine connected what overgarment colour oregon tile signifier and signifier to usage for your bath partition ideas, wherefore not make an eclectic plan wherever each partition is wholly different. 

A beauteous illustration of however this tin beryllium achieved, successful this bath by Ripples, each partition uses a antithetic tile plan and overgarment color. With the wide plan agreed by the beauteous pastel colour palette, the effect is uplifting, colorful and utterly unique.

8. Introduce 3D signifier for texture

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a achromatic  and greenish  marble bath with a 3D wall

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet)

Use 3D-patterned wall decor ideas to bring a textural magnitude that softens a bathroom’s hard surfaces, similar CTD Architectural Tiles (opens successful caller tab)’ Genesis range. 

For this luxury bathroom, architects Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet of Humbert & Poyet (opens successful caller tab) collaborated with Atelier Tollis (opens successful caller tab) to make a striking backdrop. 

‘Based connected our imaginativeness and drawings inspired by greenery, Atelier Tollis pressed a feather people into gold-leaf aluminium panels, lending an aerial of romance and movement,’ explains Emil.

9.  Go for a wall-to-floor tile blend 

A marble descend  supra  colorful red, brownish  and achromatic  partition  tiles

(Image credit: Future)

Carrying level tiles up the walls gives the illusion of greater extent and is simply a fashionable space-boosting method successful small bathrooms. 

Here, the modern grid-style installation of Barber & Osgerby (opens successful caller tab)’s Lane tiles lends graphic warmth to concern cement surfaces. 

When considering bath tile ideas, beryllium definite to cheque the tiles are suitable for some level and partition use. Keeping stronger colors beneath oculus level volition trim interaction for a much serene atmosphere.  

10. Add a mural for impact

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a ablution  with a achromatic  botanical partition  mural with a reddish  bird

(Image credit: West One)

Outsized wall mural ideas trump repetition signifier for interaction and drama. 

‘Upscaling truly makes an representation pop. Wall&Deco (opens successful caller tab)’s unthinkable designs are 100% waterproof truthful tin beryllium utilized anyplace successful the bathroom, including wrong the shower,’ says Kirsten Wain, designer, West One Bathrooms (opens successful caller tab)

‘Each people is rendered to acceptable the partition dimensions and tin beryllium adjusted to guarantee focal parts of the plan instrumentality premier position.’

11. Use wallpaper to bring successful pattern

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a bath  with a marble descend  successful  beforehand   of greenish  peacock wallpaper

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

As a smaller room, the bath is ripe for embracing wallpaper successful bold patterns and prints, with an array of bathroom wallpaper ideas available,

‘People interest astir durability and practicality but, with a small care, there’s thing to fear,’ assures Jamie Watkins, co-founder, Divine Savages (opens successful caller tab)

‘We urge utilizing tiling oregon painted paneling successful areas prone to splashing. Paneling the little fractional of the partition and past wallpapering supra is simply a peculiarly blase look.’

12. Use an absorbing premix of materials

A achromatic  freestanding bath with herringbone partition  tiles

(Image credit: Adam Carter)

Having a premix of aboveground materials adds extent and involvement to immoderate bath design. 

‘We emotion to premix earthy chromatic with manmade materials,’ enthuses Hamish Smith, originative manager astatine Ca’ Pietra (opens successful caller tab). ‘While 1 worldly offers a luxe consciousness and people unsocial patterning, the other, instrumentality a ceramic tile for example, tin bring coagulated colour and cleanable uniformity to the table.' 

In the master bathroom above, shared colour tones let the earthy and manmade surfaces to premix and lucifer successful cleanable harmony.

13. Use overgarment successful a bath arsenic a melodramatic backdrop

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a grey  painted bath  with a tiny  quadrate  window

(Image credit: Little Greene)

All excessively often, bathroom overgarment ideas diagnostic the colors achromatic oregon blue, but heavy tones successful a well-lit country tin marque for a abstraction that feels similar your ain location spa. 

A connection of caution – darker colors volition amusement up splashes much readily than lighter ones, truthful it's important to guarantee that the decorativeness you take is water-resistant successful areas that are apt to get bedewed occasionally.

14. Play astir with repetition patterns

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a achromatic  bath  with brass accents

(Image credit: Future)

Enliven a neutral colour palette by repeating the aforesaid signifier crossed antithetic materials. Here, Greg Natale Studio (opens successful caller tab) has besides played with scale, pitching outsized chevron timber doors against miniature chevron mosaics with striking results. 

Beware, the devil is successful the item erstwhile it comes to installation. Precise signifier alignment is important but adding a interruption betwixt materials, successful this lawsuit the countertop, tin assistance neater connections.

15. Combine wood paneling with lime plaster

An illustration  of bath  partition  ideas showing a bath  with lime plastered walls and a greenish  ceiling

(Image credit: Toby Lewis Thomas)

Wall paneling ideas, specified arsenic wood oregon painted paneling isn't a caller thought for bath walls – they are practical, and adhd texture and warmth to what tin sometimes consciousness similar a objective space.

However, if accepted looking paneling isn't your thing, wherefore not see a much modern approach? 

The bath of this London flat by architects Chan and Earys (opens successful caller tab) has a operation of limed oak brushed timber planks and accepted lime plaster mixed with a earthy greenish pigment connected the walls and ceiling. 

The resulting consciousness is brushed and tactile, echoed successful the curves of the avocado-green rotation apical bath.

16. Mix up tile styles 

A marble basin successful  a bath  with acheronian  greenish  partition  tiles

(Image credit: Oli Douglas/ Susie Clegg)

‘With truthful galore gorgeous tiles retired there, choosing conscionable 1 is sacrilege, and don’t beryllium acrophobic to premix up aboveground texture and formats arsenic well,’ advises Mandarin Stone’s Louisa Morgan. 

‘Here, the lime terrazzo pieces successful this modern level tile links to greenish tones successful the classical zellige-inspired partition tiles, creating a harmonious transportation betwixt the modern matt and accepted glossy surfaces.’

17. Create luxury with polished plaster 

A pinkish  bath  with a achromatic  bath and a walk-in ablution  with golden  hardware

(Image credit: recognition 82mm photography)

One mode to make the look of a luxe spa with bath partition ideas is to spell for an uneven polished plaster finish. This bathroom trend is simply a fantastic opposition to the much glossy elements of a bath – from brassware to tiles. 

Moroccan tadelackt has a earthy grittiness, which is tactile and textural, and makes for a striking opposition to adjacent and shiny surfaces. 

Installing it should beryllium near to professionals, explains Jamie Blake of Blakes London (opens successful caller tab). 'You’re looking to adhd conscionable capable question successful the plaster to make involvement but not truthful overmuch that the extremity effect looks messy.' 

18. Use architectural item to make a unsocial look

A achromatic  bath  with a achromatic  rolltop bath with a bluish  enactment     item  successful  beforehand   of a fireplace

(Image credit: Michael Sinclair/Future)

Taking paneling a measurement forwards, this bath partition thought is simply a favourite amongst fans of country bath ideas. 

This look tin beryllium recreated rather simply – for a carpenter, anyhow – with materials specified arsenic MDF, which, erstwhile painted with water-resistant paint, and assuming the country is good ventilated, volition basal up to damp conditions well.

19. Paint a representation with tiles

A bluish  themed bath  with bluish  and achromatic  painted tiles featuring birds and h2o  fountains

(Image credit: Future)

Bathrooms tin payment from diagnostic walls, and though the absorption is usually, rather rightly, connected the partition down the bath, if you person a peculiarly charismatic vanity unit, you tin bargain the attraction from the bath to fto it radiance with a stunning bath partition thought down it. 

If a mural is excessively modern for your tastes, this attack is cleanable – a partition of tiles that make a escaped mural. 

Keep the colour scheming elemental if you take to bash this. The tiles themselves volition lend capable detailing and texture with their shapes, worldly and grout lines – the mural is conscionable the icing connected the cake.

 What should I enactment connected my bath walls?  

When considering what to enactment connected your bath walls, combining decorative and applicable elements volition guarantee you make a long-lasting, functional design.

When we deliberation of bath walls we are often drawn to tile ideas, however, arsenic we person explored successful this piece, determination are truthful galore different options to take from, looking to paint, wallpaper and paneling ideas tin besides make a genuinely basal retired space. 

You tin besides get clever with accessories; mirrors, artwork and shelving tin beautifully heighten your bath walls with texture, colour and ocular interest.

Remember, not each partition successful you bath has to beryllium the same. You tin person definite zones that usage tiles, and others that usage overgarment oregon wallpaper, the possibilities are endless!