Bedroom alcove ideas – 10 ways to decorate, design and use nooks and niches

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Bedroom alcove ideas connection a wealthiness of options for the room’s design. Large versions are the cleanable spot to find the furniture oregon seating, portion smaller nooks supply abstraction for retention oregon display.

If they’re an architectural diagnostic of the room, marque the astir of alcoves erstwhile selecting your bedroom ideas, but there’s besides the accidental to adhd alcoves into a quadrate oregon rectangular country to make item and involvement arsenic good arsenic to lick applicable problems.

Take your cue from our enactment of chamber alcove ideas present and maximize benignant and storage.

Bedroom alcove ideas

Alcove ideas tin exploit everything from the smallest of niches to spaces large capable for furnishings successful the bedroom, and partition decor tin gully attraction to them, oregon marque them discreet. These are our favourite chamber alcove ideas.

1. Highlight an alcove with an accent color

grey chamber  with grey fastener  backed bed, woody  floor, alcove, broadside  table, partition  light, seat  seat

(Image credit: Button & Sprung )

An accent shadiness volition gully the oculus to an alcove. Introduce it with bedroom overgarment ideas or, arsenic here, with headboard ideas similar this acheronian buttoned design.

'Soft neutrals are utilized to make a calm and uplifting space,' says Adam Black, co-founder of Button & Sprung of this room. ‘Some of our favourite bedrooms diagnostic a neutral colour strategy paired with a acheronian accent colour for maximum effect.’

2. Use a chamber alcove to show artwork 

Parquet wood   flooring successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

'If your furniture doesn't acceptable into an alcove you tin inactive presumption it successful beforehand of it truthful it becomes a feature,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘Use the abstraction to decorate with art alternatively – an alcove creates a cleanable framework for it.’

3. Create an alcove with bespoke storage

bedroom with alcove and fitted broadside  table, lamp and shelf

(Image credit: Original BTC)

Bespoke bedroom retention ideas support a slumber abstraction clutter-free and calming, but they besides connection the accidental to present charismatic chamber alcove ideas.

'This clever plan incorporates retention down the bed, positive it has created an alcove with a built-in bedside and a precocious shelf,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

4. Add a concealed alcove

neutral chamber  with hidden overbed storage, modern   bedside, golden  detailing connected  wall

(Image credit: ND Studios)

Think chamber alcove ideas that are concealed to store much without disrupting the room’s peaceful ambience.

'We emotion a concealed country present astatine H&G, and what's amended than a hidden mini alcove similar this fabulous plan from ND Studios ,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘You tin support each of your favourite things successful present and astatine the extremity of day, adjacent it backmost up and presumption the beauteous metallic plan connected the door.’

5.Create a cozy nook successful a model alcove

neutral chamber  with alcove model   seat, bench, woody  bedside, ochre colour  palette

(Image credit: OKA)

Building window spot ideas into bedroom layouts makes the country a backstage retreat, and an alcove tin beryllium the perfect location.

‘If you’re fortunate capable to person a model alcove successful your bedroom, past you’ve got the cleanable accidental to make a cozy spot successful which to curl up and work a publication or, adjacent better, ticker the satellite spell by,' says Sue Jones, co-founder of OKA. ‘I’d adhd plentifulness of cushions to marque it consciousness other comfortable, positive it’s a large mode to bring colour and signifier to the room. Try to prime retired shades that lucifer the remainder of the space, to make a cohesive look.’

6. Opt for a customized headboard successful an alcove

black and achromatic  chamber  with built successful  storage, partition  leith, woody  floor, artwork

(Image credit: TR Studios)

'A custom-made headboard is simply a large mode to utilize an alcove successful the bedroom,' says Tom Rutt, laminitis of TR Studio. ‘In our task NCH House we created a customized made timber headboard which wraps astir the existing chimney stack, utilizing the recesses for retention with bedside tables from a rich, cocoa stained oak. 

‘Not lone bash the headboard and bedside tables supply retention with bedroom shelving and cupboard space, but they besides framework the furniture creating a focal constituent successful the room. As the drawers were disconnected the level it besides created the consciousness of a larger and much free-flowing space.’

7. Exploit alcoves to boost airy and storage

Decorating with mirrors

(Image credit: Future/Brent Darby)

Small oregon attic bedrooms request to instrumentality features specified arsenic alcoves and usage them to the max. In this bedroom, alcoves either broadside of a chamber fireplace person had some retention built into them and mirrors installed connected the backmost walls.

'This instrumentality is perfect successful guest bedrooms wherever abstraction mightiness beryllium limited. A clever chamber alcove thought similar this tin assistance marque a abstraction a fantastic spot to stay,’ says Andrea Childs, editor, Country Homes & Interiors. ‘This charming chamber alcove by the model is the perfect spot for reflecting maximum airy backmost into the room.' 

8. Opt for a curved alcove

contemporary chamber  with alcove, achromatic  lamp, reddish  and achromatic  bedding, textured walls

(Image credit: Arteriors)

Think astir lines erstwhile contemplating chamber alcove ideas arsenic portion of a remodel. 'A curved apical is reminiscent of architectural detailing from past eras but translates good into a modern bedroom,' says Jennifer Ebert, integer editor, Homes & Gardens. ‘It volition besides make the illusion of greater height, drafting the oculus upwards. Place your bedside centrally wrong a curved alcove for a curated look.’

9. Create an alcove for a nook bed

Bed ideas for a spare room

(Image credit: Future / Simon Brown)

'Alcoves are a large plus successful the bedroom,' accidental Jen and Mar, co-founders of Interior Fox. ‘They’re a applicable and streamlined mode to adhd storage, freeing up level space, and allowing you to make a clutter-free haven.

‘Make champion usage of the abstraction by utilizing the bottommost portion to instal bespoke cupboards oregon drawers, which treble up arsenic a bedside array oregon compact desk. Utilize the apical fractional to fto your idiosyncratic benignant radiance by decorating with prints, ornaments and a enactment of your favourite books. The cardinal is to not overfill the shelves for a curated and stylish look that besides leaves capable country to adhd successful a bedside airy and solid of water.’

You tin besides disagreement a chamber alcove disconnected to make a nook bed, arsenic successful the country above, too.

10. Wallpaper the interior of an alcove 

bedroom with brownish  wallpaper, grey upholstered bed, alcove/beddroom storage, ample  bedside lamp

(Image credit: ND Studios )

Wall decor is an important origin successful chamber alcove ideas. 'Bedroom wallpaper ideas should see wallpapering the wrong of your chamber alcove to lucifer the remainder of the scheme; it volition make a much finished feel. Paint the alcove shelves successful a colour that matches the remainder of the country but works arsenic a gentle accent – successful this lawsuit a airy green,' says Lucy Searle, planetary exertion successful chief, Homes & Gardens.

What tin I bash with an alcove successful the bedroom?

An alcove successful a chamber tin beryllium utilized arsenic a niche for storage, a spot successful which to find oregon build-in furniture, arsenic a show area, oregon arsenic a framework for artwork. 

Let the size of the alcove usher your choices: a ample recess mightiness person country for a bed, an armchair, oregon to acceptable a bench, oregon could beryllium utilized to supply abstraction for customized cabinetry. Small alcoves are perfect for shelves oregon to bent pictures.

Should alcoves beryllium symmetrical?

Alcoves are often symmetrical – deliberation of those either broadside of a chimney, for illustration – but this isn’t needfully the lawsuit and, particularly successful older homes, you whitethorn deliberation they are symmetrical until you measurement and observe otherwise.

If you are creating alcoves successful a chamber either broadside of the bed, symmetry is desirable, echoing the symmetry of the room’s cardinal feature. But successful decorating shelves wrong alcoves, equilibrium without cleanable symmetry tin beryllium a much absorbing approach.