Bedroom ceiling light ideas – 15 ways to brighten up your sleep space

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These chamber ceiling airy ideas volition animate you to make your imagination scheme. 

Getting your lighting close is perchance the azygous astir important determination you volition marque erstwhile decorating a room. It isn’t simply a substance of function. Bedroom ceiling lights tin beryllium objects of quality and the close prime tin alteration the quality of your scheme. 

Bedroom ceiling airy ideas – 15 ways to brighten up your country with decorative lighting

We've curated the champion chamber ceiling airy ideas to assistance you connected your mode to creating a imagination chamber scheme.

1. Go for a ample light

An illustration  of chamber  ceiling airy  ideas showing a achromatic  furniture  successful  beforehand   of decorative golden  partition  mirrors and beneath  a ample  blue, pinkish  and greenish  ceiling light

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

‘The inclination for oversized pendant lights is gathering pace,' says Charles Edwards, Charles Edwards Lighting. 'Hanging a airy supra a furniture oregon dressing array is simply a astute lighting thought for the bedroom due to the fact that it volition specify the country and adhd a decorative element. Lights hanging supra a furniture tin beryllium positioned somewhat lower. Consider a airy that is fitted with a diffuser, to debar unwanted glare and reflection.’

2. Create a layered look

A airy  and agleam  chamber  with a achromatic  furniture  with a purple propulsion  nether  a white, layered ceiling light

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

'All types of lighting should beryllium considered erstwhile creating a restful chamber environment,' explains Chris Jordan, Managing Director astatine Christopher Wray. 'When you plan chamber lighting for rooms with higher ceiling heights, determination is simply a greater flexibility successful presumption of the types of fittings that tin beryllium used.

The airy formed by a shadiness suspension, pendant oregon adjacent a tiny chandelier tin thin to beryllium excessively dim connected its own, resulting successful mediocre lighting. However, paired with a array oregon partition lighting this adds to a layered effect that tin beryllium built connected erstwhile needed, meaning you bash not request to compromise connected a beauteous and cardinal plan diagnostic successful the room.

A wide regularisation and bedroom lighting tip would beryllium to usage a flush mounted ceiling oregon pendant light, if the ceiling tallness permits, alongside array oregon level lamps to make a brushed lukewarm feeling successful a bedroom.'

3. Invest successful quality

An illustration  of chamber  ceiling airy  ideas successful  ornate glass, successful  a greenish  and achromatic  botanical scheme.

(Image credit: Future / Chris Everard)

Go for a decorative, design-led attack erstwhile choosing a ceiling light. 'In presumption of materials, Murano solid is 1 of our favourite materials to usage arsenic the colours and effects which tin beryllium created are incredible,' says Chris Jordan.

'The crystal sparkles and refracts the airy better, creating aggregate spectrums of colour. Additionally, the accomplishment and craftsmanship that goes into creating specified pieces is 2nd to nary and lone adds to its appeal.'

4. Incorporate directional light

Bedroom ceiling airy  with LED spotlights and fitted cabinetry

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

Adding discreet lukewarm achromatic LEDs successful the ceiling tin assistance transmission airy to the close places. Here, they illuminate an artwork, which gives the oculus thing striking to absorption on.

5. Hang it up

Bedroom ceiling airy  with tiny  achromatic  pendant

(Image credit: Carolyn Barber)

No abstraction for a bedside array and lamp? Bedroom partition lighting oregon elemental pendant lights tin beryllium suspended successful the champion presumption for reading, adding a diagnostic that is arsenic eye-catching arsenic it is practical.

6. Make a statement

Bedroom ceiling airy  with crystal chandelier

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

‘My proposal is to spell arsenic large arsenic you dare,’ advises interior decorator Emma Sims Hilditch. ‘Large lamps marque a connection and solid options are good, arsenic they don’t look excessively bulky.’ Always enactment lights connected dimmers; lamps should beryllium connected a 5-amp circuit and switches placed astatine the bedside and the door.

7. Take it to caller heights

Bedroom ceiling airy  with sculptural airy  and patterned wallpaper

(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)

Pendant lights drawback the oculus and tin beryllium utilized to item a focal point; successful this case, the quality of the intricately patterned wallpaper.

8. Add glamor with a chandelier

Bedroom ceiling airy  chandelier with wood   headboard

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

The prima of the amusement successful this elegant bedroom idea is simply a sparkling chandelier, which makes a beauteous statement, whether connected oregon off. A king-size furniture with a unsocial headboard accentuates the melodramatic effect successful this design.

9. Choose task lighting

Bedroom ceiling airy  with LED task   light

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

LED downlights supply the wide lighting and lavation down the gangly cupboards to make a striking effect successful this scheme. Adding a fewer LED downlights creates reflected airy connected the walls for a subtle lighting boost.

10. Keep it simple 

Bedroom ceiling airy  with representation  partition  and pendant

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Light fixtures don't ever person to beryllium eye-catching. If your ceiling is the prima of the show, support lampshades simple, understated and elegant. This clear, solid plan is the cleanable illustration of blase designed.

11. Choose a solid plan successful a colorful room

Glass chamber  pendant lamp

(Image credit: James Merrell)

If you are looking for ceiling lights for a colorful bedroom, which volition marque a connection without clashing with the palette, past wherefore not see a sculptural solid design? Sculptural yet transparent this pendant adds involvement whilst not deterring from the vibrant bluish walls and chinoiserie panels.

'If you privation to marque a connection of the lighting fixture, past a pendant successful glass, metallics oregon thing successful wood oregon rattan volition look the portion and make a focal constituent successful the ceiling, aft all, your lighting should look the portion whether switched connected oregon off,' says Emma Deterding, laminitis and originative Director, Kelling Designs. Be definite to acceptable a dimmer power arsenic it volition let you to alteration the temper and ambiance with ease, whilst creating a calm and cosy consciousness erstwhile needed successful the evenings,' 

12. Choose an ornate crystal pendant 

Chandelier successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Statement lighting needn't beryllium reserved for ample bedrooms arsenic this attic chamber proves. In fact, ceiling lights tin beryllium a large mode to adhd decorative involvement to smaller bedrooms wherever scope for introducing signifier and colour whitethorn beryllium limited.

‘Ceiling lights supply an accidental to beryllium much creative,' says Rohan Blacker, laminitis of Pooky. 'Choose a colorful oregon ornate portion to supply a focal constituent successful the room, oregon for the much adventurous, a chandelier is simply a large summation to a chamber to make a consciousness of grandeur.’

13. Hang pendant lights implicit bedside tables

Bedroom ceiling pendant lamps

(Image credit: VSP Interiors)

If you're looking to airy a small bedroom past hanging low-level pendant lamps tin beryllium a applicable space-saving solution. In this abstraction by VSP Interiors elemental and discreet hanging lights escaped up abstraction connected the bedside tables, but besides marque a beauteous plan statement. Positioned framing the furniture to crate elegant symmetry, the lamps besides assistance gully the oculus to the decorative sculptures connected the bedside tables portion their metallic decorativeness adds to the feeling of luxury.

14. Add spotlights implicit a table area

Hidden desks and tiny  location  bureau   ideas

(Image credit: TG Studio)

With much radical moving from location than ever before, successful smaller properties bedrooms are sometimes doubling arsenic bureau abstraction during the day. If you are looking to make a bedroom layout thought with a desk past beryllium definite to origin successful the close task lighting supra the table to marque it a applicable workspace arsenic done present successful this TG workplace project.

15. Take a cue from the architecture

bedroom ceiling light

(Image credit: Mel Yates)

Bedrooms with precocious ceilings are the cleanable spot to marque a large, eye-catching pendant lamp, giving abstraction to truly amusement disconnected a connection design. When reasoning astir what lighting fixtures mightiness champion suit a abstraction beryllium definite to deliberation astir the architectural features that whitethorn already beryllium arsenic this tin assistance usher the plan choice. Echoing the beardown angles of the aggregate extortion beams, this pendant lamp with aggregate arms successful a brass decorativeness is the cleanable finishing interaction to this loft bedroom.

What is the champion lighting for debased ceilings?

A debased ceiling is simply a communal occupation successful a bedroom. It crops up successful play properties but besides successful modern basement conversions and it tin consciousness a small claustrophobic. It is not a diagnostic that is casual to alteration successful itself but you tin play clever games with layout, finishes and lighting to equilibrium proportions and make an illusion of large space.

Make definite you see the size of your country earlier choosing your ceiling lighting and deliberation astir the functionality. While a debased hanging pendant whitethorn acceptable successful a eating country setting, we urge opting for thing a small much applicable successful a smaller space, specified arsenic the bedroom.

Positioning lamps successful the country of a country volition people instrumentality the oculus retired to the borderline of the country and marque it look much expansive. Bedrooms with debased ceilings tin besides payment from 1 oregon 2 uprights, too, arsenic they propulsion airy onto the ceiling, which past bounces backmost into the room.

You whitethorn privation to see up-lighting supra gangly wardrobes and bookcases, which tin marque a ceiling look higher, and recessed oregon partition alternatively of pendant lighting.

How bash I take a ceiling airy for a bedroom? 

It’s captious to see some ambience and practicality erstwhile lighting a bedroom, particularly if it’s a compact space. Choose layered lighting that tin beryllium utilized for antithetic purposes. A pendant oregon ceiling lamp volition illuminate the full room, which is cleanable for dressing.

'Ceiling lights supply an accidental to beryllium much creative,' explains Rohan Blacker, laminitis of Pooky. 'Choose a colourful oregon ornate portion to supply a focal constituent successful the room, oregon for the much adventurous, a chandelier is simply a large summation to a chamber to make a consciousness of grandeur.

Consider hanging pendants implicit each bedside array for an absorbing alternate to a array lamp oregon partition light. A dimmer power is ever a bully enactment for the bedroom, it offers flexibility, providing brighter lighting for erstwhile you are getting dressed and softer temper lighting for bedtimes.'

Bedrooms are each astir creating atmosphere, and temper lighting plays an important role. 'In a modern scheme, lighting needs to beryllium some architectural (almost invisible) and besides decorative,' advises interior decorator Staffan Tollgård.

'Pendant lights should adhd to the plan and enjoyment of the room. Soft, atmospheric lighting that doesn’t make glare tin beryllium achieved with angled downlights from the ceiling, portion pendants adjacent to the furniture that bent down to betwixt a metre and 150cms from the level level adhd a beauteous touch.'

Can I enactment a chandelier successful my bedroom?

A chandelier is not conscionable for the surviving country oregon hall. In fact, successful the close scheme, it tin marque a fantastic summation to a bedroom. 'Aim for a premix of accepted and modern styles wrong a home,' says Luke Thomas, John Cullen Lighting.

'In a play chamber with decorative cornicing, for example, wherefore not see a precise modern chandelier, alternatively than a classical option. Discreet, low-glare, architectural benignant lighting tin enactment good with astir schemes, arsenic it volition subtly heighten your chosen style.'