Bedroom color ideas – 28 beautiful shades to create the perfect mood

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Thinking cautiously astir your chamber colour ideas is captious to getting the room's strategy right, arsenic colour has the powerfulness to alteration the temper from caller and invigorating to soothing and restful. 

For a classical look, galore volition err connected the broadside of caution with their bedroom ideas and take a wholly neutral scheme, forgetting that a small assistance of colour tin cheer up a country immensely. 

Painted finishes enactment good for timeless schemes and, of course, tin beryllium updated astatine a aboriginal signifier if you’re assured capable with a paintbrush. Alternatively, spell bold with a wallpaper which tin let you to adhd much than 1 colour with ease. 

Bedroom colour ideas

Our curated enactment of chamber colour ideas are definite to animate you, whether you are looking for bold shades for your walls, oregon accents to enliven a elemental scheme. From snooze-inducing blues to earthy pinks, these room colour ideas volition assistance you take the cleanable hue for a bully night’s sleep. 

1. Keep your chamber colour strategy brushed and gentle

Bedroom colour  ideas with muted colour  palette

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

This is simply a modern chamber but the usage of brushed tones, shapes and details creates transportation with quality that makes it look astir timeless. 

‘For this Chelsea location task we worked to a enactment of nature-inspired finishes,’ says Irene Gunter of plan signifier Gunter & Co, ‘with a beardown penchant for earthy terracotta and greenish and bluish tones which are offset against sleek achromatic details.’

Irene describes this chamber arsenic having ‘a lovely, cozy shape’ which was further enhanced by the ‘warm, enveloping’ hand-woven texture of the wallcovering – Casablanca from Altfield. ‘Having a curved headboard besides allowed america to person a much generous furniture size without it overwhelming the partition behind.’

2. Combine brushed hues with bold brights

Bedroom colour  ideas with bold decorative colour  palette

(Image credit: Nicola Harding)

In this chamber by interior decorator Nicola Harding, the jewel greenish of the client’s husband’s dressing room contrasts perfectly with the brushed pinkish walls of the chamber (Farrow & Ball’s Setting Plaster).

‘We created an wide colour palette that flows done the location and truthful has a consciousness of harmony,’ says Nicola. ‘We utilized paler colors successful the rooms that person bully airy and stronger colors successful the darker rooms.’ 

Arguably, the standout diagnostic of this country is the vibrant headboard. Pattern connected headboard ideas not lone injects vigor but, arsenic Nicola points out, is besides much forgiving than a plain one, should it mark. She had this headboard made by Naturalmat utilizing the Carolina linen from Vanderhurd.

3. Modernize your neutrals with grey 

A chamber  colour  thought  with acheronian  grey walls, achromatic  armchairs and bluish  artwork

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

If you’re looking for a neutral chamber strategy that feels caller and modern, clasp grey chamber ideas

‘Greys are hugely versatile, from chill disconnected achromatic shades, done warmer neutral mid tones to the precise heavy and mysterious,’ says Judy Smith, Color Consultant astatine Crown. The walls of this chamber enactment unneurotic by Jonathan Adler thin towards the darker end, but are kept caller by being paired with crisp white. 

‘They person much colour and texture wrong them than consecutive black,’ adds Smith. ‘A monochrome strategy of achromatic and achromatic is overmuch much unforgiving than shades of slate and clay, which volition alteration subtly with the airy passim the day, giving them property and character.’ 

4. Go from greeting ‘til nighttime with white 

A chamber  colour  thought  with achromatic  walls, dove grey headboard, achromatic  curtains, pick  propulsion  and tarnished black-framed mirror

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Heading towards the lighter extremity of the spectrum, white chamber ideas person the unsocial quality to consciousness some soothing and calm earlier sleep, but agleam and airy successful the mornings. Layer whites connected whites to make a sophisticated, elegant strategy and clasp some gentle tonalities of achromatic – from dove grey to ivory – arsenic good arsenic layers of texture. On the bed, usage classical crisp achromatic sheets arsenic the base, and marque the country consciousness cozy with woolen blankets and boucle cushions. 

5. Rouse yourself with earthy reds

A chamber  colour  thought  with reddish  walls, achromatic  ceilings and a yellowish  velvet stool

(Image credit: Davide Lovati)

Your chamber strategy needs to not lone assistance you autumn asleep, but beryllium a pleasant situation successful which to aftermath up. ‘As a guide, lukewarm colors specified arsenic red, orangish and yellowish are considered to beryllium stimulating portion chill colors specified arsenic bluish and greenish thin to beryllium much restful,’ says Smith. ‘It’s utile to see these factors erstwhile designing spaces, we live, enactment and play in.’

If you’re the benignant who likes (or needs) a spot of get-up-and-go successful the mornings, see earthy tones of red. While not traditionally thought of arsenic 1 of the best chamber colors, these reds are astatine erstwhile regal and romantic. To support this prime feeling modern, take a reddish with an orangish undertone, brace with crisp achromatic ceilings, and accessorize with ochre pieces similar successful this North African-inspired scheme. 

6. Choose bluish for a serene scheme

A chamber  colour  thought  with navy bluish  walls, achromatic  ceiling and pendant airy  with oversized bulb

(Image credit: Alexis Hughes & Co/Raquel Langworthy)

‘I emotion bluish successful bedrooms due to the fact that it’s contemplative and calming,’ says creator and colour adept Annie Sloan. ‘My chamber is painted successful heavy acheronian Aubusson Blue due to the fact that I wanted the abstraction to consciousness cosy and calm.’ 

An enduring favorite, blue chamber ideas are proven to person a soothing effect connected the brain, helping acceptable you for sleep. While lighter blues oregon bold accents are much instinctive choices, don’t beryllium acrophobic to usage darker shades connected the walls. In this chamber by interior decorator Alexis Hughes, a heavy navy bluish overgarment is paired with achromatic ceilings and a gloss decorativeness to let airy to bounce astir the room.  

7. Head implicit to the acheronian side 

A chamber  colour  thought  with black-based wallpaper, bedding successful  autumnal colors, and achromatic  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Dan Duchars)

Far from being fodder for moody teenagers only, acheronian chamber schemes are gaining successful popularity among the plan conscious, with adjacent black chamber ideas making waves among jewel tones of blue, burgundy and green. 

‘Darker tones of charcoal tin beryllium utilized to adhd play anyplace successful the home, from a surviving country to a chamber oregon adjacent a tiny hallway,’ says Smith. ‘With clever lighting and mirrors you tin make a look that is some beardown and atmospheric.’ In this bedroom, a black-based wallpaper plan is built upon with patterns-on-patterns successful autumnal tones, a achromatic 4 poster furniture framing the look. 

8. Let the earthy satellite successful with green

A chamber  colour  thought  with greenish  and achromatic  wallpaper and acheronian  greenish  velvet headboard

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Following a immense overgarment inclination crossed overmuch of the home, green chamber ideas are a large mode to transmission the invigorating and relaxing qualities of the earthy world. ‘Green is simply a grounding, calming colour and works beautifully successful bedrooms, particularly erstwhile paired with the close lighting to marque the astir of each the pigments successful a high-quality green,’ says Sloan. 

In this country by plan bureau Kitesgrove, a tiny format achromatic and greenish wallpaper is paired with a heavy emerald velvet headboard. ‘Greens are soothing and a spot much unexpected than a bluish if you are trying to present color,’ says interior decorator Zoe Feldman. ‘Incorporating wallpaper tin make a ‘jewel box’ that hugs you successful your bedroom.’ 

‘Dark greenish overgarment colours are champion utilized successful a abstraction with bully earthy lighting oregon determination you’re hoping to make a consciousness of cosiness and safety,’ adds Sloan. 

9. Warm up blue’s benefits with purple 

A chamber  colour  thought  with purple walls

(Image credit: Alicia Taylor)

‘Purples successful wide are warm, comforting colours,’ says Sloan. ‘They person the receding values of blue, making a abstraction consciousness larger, arsenic good arsenic the warming properties of red, making a abstraction consciousness cosy. This makes them large for bedrooms.’ 

When picking your purple, you’ll request to take your shadiness cautiously to debar the strategy feeling dated. Pick a code with immoderate grey successful it similar successful this example, enactment airy with airy periwinkles, oregon delve into the dark chamber ideas trend with eggplants, mulberries and grapes. 

10. Layer harmonious colors

A chamber  colour  thought  with greenish  floral wallpaper, and bluish  and yellowish  velvet bedding

(Image credit: Zoe Feldman)

Of course, it’s often not conscionable 1 colour you’re looking to decorate with successful a chamber – particularly if you’re delving into the satellite of bedroom wallpaper ideas similar successful this illustration by Feldman. To make a coherent strategy that feels unchallenging and enveloping astatine the extremity of the day, furniture up connected harmonious colors i.e. ones that beryllium beside each different connected the colour wheel. In Feldman’s design, a green-based wallpaper is paired with bluish and yellowish scatter cushions connected the bed, mirroring the details successful the pattern. 

11. Rethink pinkish and take a earthy shadiness  

A chamber  colour  thought  with pinkish  walls, and bedding with sage greenish  and burgundy accents

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

Long gone are the days erstwhile pinkish was conscionable for bedroom ideas for girls. The colour is gaining traction crossed each rooms of the house, and showing a new, earthier broadside to itself. Pink’s comforting qualities marque it a cleanable prime successful a chamber for each genders, but to marque it consciousness modern, debar the sugary sorts. Opt alternatively for pinks with brownish undertones, from orange-laced terracotta to a earthy blush similar successful this bedroom, besides by Kitesgrove, and brace it with muted shades and earthy textures 

12. Take 1 colour and research each of its tones 

A chamber  colour  thought  with partition  mural and layers of tonal brownish  bedding and accessories

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

While sticking strictly to 1 colour whitethorn dependable similar an casual mode retired of concocting colour combinations, going monochromatic tin marque a existent statement.

‘To marque an impact, usage 1 colour – oregon tones of 1 colour – successful a room,’ says Smith. ‘If you overgarment walls, skirting, doors, cupboards, radiators – and adjacent model frames – successful the aforesaid colour it volition look thoughtful and sophisticated.’ 

In this example, a tonal palette is explored done the brushed furnishings utilized successful the bed ideas. Brown ochres are explored from airy incarnations connected the bedspread done to robust, lukewarm examples successful the woven headboard and lampshade, done to acheronian details successful the scatter cushions. 

13. Add involvement with all-over floral

Bedroom colour  with floral wallpaper and fabric

(Image credit: Emma Lewis / Soane)

Dahlias person been enjoying a chaotic resurgence successful popularity, truthful Flora Soames’ wallpaper was a bold, on-trend prime here. ‘It sets the code for the layering of antiques and fabrics, from Soane’s Jajim Stripe curtains to an antique cushion connected the chair,’ she says.

‘When choosing fabrics and brushed furnishings, opt for co-ordinating alternatively than matching to forestall the country from looking contrived,’ says interior designer, Birdie Fortescue. ‘Try basing colors connected a portion of creation oregon favourite people – this makes a large jumping disconnected point.’

14. Evoke stillness and serenity with color

Bedroom colour  ideas with acheronian  wallapaper

(Image credit: Little Greene)

To make a soothing space, opt for heavy soporific hues specified arsenic Little Greene’s Millefleur Tapestry wallpaper successful Knight from National Trust Papers II Collection,’ says the company’s originative manager Ruth Mottershead. ‘It works wonderfully arsenic a diagnostic partition down the bed.’

15. Decorate with a soothing bluish colour palette

Bedroom colour  ideas with bluish  wall

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

If you crave a calming ambiance successful your bedroom, bluish – successful each its variations – could beryllium the solution. 

Katie Lion, an interior decorator with Kitesgrove, chose blues for this tiny but soothing space: ‘The inky teal is simply a beauteous colour that instantly feels blase and calming. We didn’t privation it to instrumentality implicit the country truthful we constricted its usage to the headboard, cushions and built-in cupboards, past utilized a paler bluish for the walls and ceiling (Farrow & Ball’s Skylight) which helps the country consciousness airy and equilibrium the darker blues.’ 

Katie utilized space-saving tricks specified arsenic partition lights (the Padma sconce with wicker shadiness from Arteriors), to make much aboveground abstraction connected bedside shelves, and discreet under-bed retention ideas.

16. Factor successful harmonious hues

Bedroom colour  with greenish  wallpaper

(Image credit: Jessica Summer)

This chamber is each astir a harmonious duet successful greenish and white. Verdant imagery and a plot country conception were cardinal to this level by interior decorator Jessica Summer. ‘This leafy wallpaper by Liberty was the cleanable enactment for this look,’ she says.

‘I emotion colorful rooms, but I similar to present this with tonal variations and textures, alternatively than powerfully contrasting colors,’ explains Jessica. ‘This makes a cheerful yet balanced abstraction 1 volition ne'er tyre of.’

17. Take a bold attack to colour and pattern

Bedroom colour  with bold colour  scheme

(Image credit: Kate Guinness)

Use treasures from your travels to springiness your chamber some creator involvement and idiosyncratic meaning. ‘We designed this vibrant girl’s chamber to complement the client’s creation collection,’ says interior decorator Kate Guinness who sourced the rug successful Morocco.

18. Work successful threes

Bedroom colour  with greenish  partition  and bluish  bedding

(Image credit: Tom Morris)

A simplified palette tin beryllium a bully mode to attack a bedroom, particularly erstwhile you are daunted by the sheer assortment of colour options. 

‘Any much than 3 colors successful a chamber tin beryllium overpowering,’ says interior decorator Tom Morris. ‘This abstraction is ample truthful we went for this heavy greenish (Little Greene’s Olive Color), which is simply a backdrop to the indigo colors successful the fabrics and the people supra the bed.

 Which is the champion colour for a bedroom? 

Choosing the best chamber colors is astir wholly down to idiosyncratic taste. We accidental ‘almost’ due to the fact that determination are a fewer cardinal factors you’ll request to instrumentality into information erstwhile choosing a chamber color. 

If you thin to find it hard to motion off, steer wide of brights and opt for soothing colors successful much muted tones, specified arsenic blues and purples with a interaction of grey successful them, oregon adjacent grey itself. Dark colors are besides large for creating a cocooning abstraction that looks large astatine nighttime erstwhile cleverly lit with warm, glowing lamps. 

For those who don’t find sleeping to beryllium excessively overmuch of an issue, opt for thing a small much invigorating. Bright shades are inactive a no-go, but see lukewarm earthy tones oregon red, orangish and brownish to make a strategy that volition consciousness romanticist successful summertime and cozy successful the cooler months. An all-white strategy is soothing successful its simplicity by night, but caller and agleam successful the mornings. 

What is the astir relaxing colour for a bedroom? 

The astir relaxing colour for a chamber is down to idiosyncratic preference, but bluish has been proven to induce a calming effect connected the encephalon and is truthful an enduring favourite successful the bedroom. Pair with crisp whites for a caller look, oregon furniture muted tones for a softer scheme. It adjacent works amazingly good en masse successful darker shades – wall-to-wall navy bluish is simply a increasing favourite that looks stylish and is ace relaxing. 

Outside of blue, see its closest relatives. After a twelvemonth oregon truthful of being stuck indoors, greenish is gaining popularity for its affiliation with nature. Choose shades of sage and olive to enactment connected trend, oregon make a jewel container effect with emerald. Purple works good for a warmer scheme, portion brushed greys are an on-trend prime for a soothing, neutral scheme.