Bedroom Feng Shui ideas – 10 ways to use its principles in your design

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Contemplating chamber Feng Shui ideas to guarantee your slumber abstraction is conscionable close for you. Draw connected its principles to plan a chamber that volition amended your prime of life. 

Feng Shui is an past Chinese practice, but 1 that has go fashionable successful occidental interior plan implicit the past respective decades, and thing we should surely instrumentality enactment of erstwhile take deciding upon the champion chamber ideas for our home.

The connection ‘Feng’ is Chinese for wind, and the connection ‘Shui’ is Chinese for water. Together, these symbolize the travel of beingness that 1 should aspire to person successful one’s home.

Bedroom Feng Shui

For chamber Feng Shui, your chosen plan is 1 of the astir important areas of your property. More than immoderate different abstraction successful the home, your chamber is the 1 spot wherever you privation to consciousness wholly relaxed, comfy and rested. 

Here, we’ve enactment unneurotic the champion bedroom ideas to let you to usage Feng Shui principles successful your space, unneurotic with proposal from designers who travel its doctrine successful their projects.

1. Find the close chamber layout

Grey chamber  with treble  furniture  frame

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

Bedroom layout ideas are an indispensable portion of immoderate Feng Shui chamber design. When designing a chamber layout the astir important determination to marque is wherever to presumption the furniture – being the largest portion of furnishings successful the country it volition person a large interaction connected however the abstraction functions, looks and feels. 

Be definite your furniture is successful commanding position. This means that, erstwhile successful bed, you’re facing the doorway portion not straight successful enactment with the door. You don’t privation immoderate doors to unfastened up straight successful enactment with the bed. According to the principles of Feng Shui, you privation to debar the dreaded 'coffin position' wherever your feet constituent towards the door.

2. Invest successful a coagulated headboard

Bedroom colour  ideas with bold decorative colour  palette

(Image credit: Nicola Harding)

Feng Shui doctrine suggests that the headboard represents stability, enactment and information successful your life, and particularly successful your romanticist relationships. 

A headboard is an important constituent of a chamber for galore reasons. From a functional constituent of view, you request a headboard to cushion your caput and backmost erstwhile you are sitting up successful bed, and to support your caput from the wall. The champion headboard ideas are solid, without immoderate perforations. 

Headboards are captious for aesthetic reasons, too. They supply a focal point, tin present color, signifier and texture, and tin assistance to close and amended a room's proportions and ocular impact.

3. Use a Feng Shui colour palette

Bedroom colour  ideas with bluish  wall

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

In Feng Shui, definite Feng Shui chamber colors are thought to beforehand restfulness, sensuality and serenity successful the chamber – and heighten sleep. As a wide regularisation of thumb, it is champion to decorate with the muted shades you'd find successful nature. Think airy blues, yellows, greens and subtle neutrals. 

Blue are easy the palette of prime for many, from amateur decorators to interior designers arsenic they’re incredibly casual to unrecorded with and cleanable for layering, believes Patrick O’Donnell of Farrow & Ball (opens successful caller tab). ‘Blue chamber ideas besides travel with affirmative attributes successful some colour science and Feng Shui, specified arsenic sympathy, encouragement, spirituality, loyalty, and thoughtfulness.’

Another fantastic prime for a Feng Shui chamber is green. Green is simply a calming and relaxing bedroom colour idea. Being the Feng Shui chamber colour that represents nature, it’s 1 that makes america consciousness bully and positive. ‘The writer and philosopher Goethe utilized to picture greenish arsenic a utile color, a bully colour to person around,’ explains Francesca Wezel, laminitis of Francesca’s Paints (opens successful caller tab)

4. Double up with pairs – and symmetry

Bedroom colour  with greenish  partition  and bluish  bedding

(Image credit: Tom Morris)

Symmetry is an interior plan instrumentality utilized to make smart-looking rooms – and it's cleanable for the bedroom. In Feng Shui, pairs are thought to beforehand harmonious energy, truthful kit your chamber for 2 people, adjacent if you're not presently successful a romanticist relationship.

‘Symmetry provides equilibrium wrong chamber Feng Shui and it often starts from the focal point, whether that beryllium a connection bed, headboard oregon portion of furniture,' says Liv Wallers from British plan studio, Yellow London (opens successful caller tab). 'It brings a consciousness of comfortableness and bushed to a abstraction which is an integral portion of the Feng Shui plan process. It tin beryllium utilized close down to the smaller details of the room, pillows connected the furniture to lamps connected a bedside table.’

5. Declutter underneath the bed

Bedroom storage

(Image credit: Barlow and Barlow)

Organizing a bedroom is 1 of the champion things you tin bash for a restful night’s sleep. When it comes to affirmative chi successful the bedroom, there’s much astatine involvement than conscionable a neat and tidy space. According to the experts, clutter tin trigger accent hormones that impact our sleeping patterns, which successful crook affects our wide happiness and wellbeing. 

Take a bully look astatine what you person stored nether your bed. Items stored nether the furniture impact you portion you’re dormant successful a passive 'yin' state, and could beryllium creating subconscious blocks successful your life.

If possible, successful Feng Shui it’s recommended to person nary retention astatine each nether the bed. Then, the chi (a beingness unit that powers each surviving organisms) tin travel freely passim the abstraction – and rejuvenate you portion you’re sleeping. 

It’s not conscionable clutter that tin person a antagonistic effect connected your authorities of mind. Devices, desks and thing enactment related should beryllium banished from the room, excessively – they tin make an relation of alertness alternatively of relaxation, not perfect successful a country designed to unwind.   

6. Move books to different room

Books successful  colour  order

(Image credit: Salvesen Graham / Simon Brown)

We emotion speechmaking earlier bedtime, but if you are having occupation falling asleep, it could beryllium down to an accumulation of book storage successful the bedroom. Books are progressive vigor (yang) and are said to stimulate our minds. For an undisturbed sleep, effort moving the books to a dedicated home library country instead. 

Tidiness is simply a transformative instrumentality to heighten the affirmative chi successful you home, and thing wide taught wrong Feng Shui principles. A neat Feng Shui chamber sets the country for uncluttered thinking, truthful instrumentality the clip to get escaped of the nonessentials successful your slumber space. 

7. Invite restorative vigor with caller foliage

Feng Shui chamber  colors pinkish  bedroom

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

As we question to reconnect with quality and the environment, decorating with plants indoors has grown immensely successful popularity. Noted to invitation growth, properity and therapeutic vigor erstwhile positioned successful a bedroom, houseplants person ever been an indispensable portion of Feng Shui, and for bully reason.

'Houseplants person ne'er been truthful accessible: a speedy sojourn to your section plot halfway oregon nursery and you tin prime up a full jungle of greenery that volition instantly bring beingness to a drab chamber corner,' says interior decorator Martin Brudnizki. 'Pot up each mode of vessels with bulbs or, if this isn’t for you, simply dainty yourself to seasonal caller flowers successful a beauteous vase oregon jug.'

8. Put the absorption connected functional lighting

Bedroom Feng Shui with achromatic  scheme

(Image credit: Nune Design Studio )

Good bedroom lighting ideas tin marque a slumber abstraction a sanctuary. 

‘Lighting is 1 of the astir important elements successful Feng Shui, peculiarly successful a bedroom,' says Sheena Murphy, partner, Nune. 'A tiny chamber tin beryllium incredibly inviting and considered lighting tin instrumentality a country from feeling stark and pokey to saccharine and cozy. Our fig 1 regularisation is to adhd dimmers to each airy switches truthful you tin set the mood, and having 1 decorative airy overhead (no recessed lighting) and 2 bedside lamps – if abstraction permits – is preferred, truthful again, you tin amp up oregon soften the ambience, according to however you feel.’ 

Eva Sonaike, originative director, Eva Sonaike agrees: ‘The chamber is my favourite country successful my home. I urge combining 3 types of lighting: a agleam ceiling airy for erstwhile you are arranging your clothes; bedside speechmaking lights for speechmaking successful furniture and a root of temper lighting to make a cozy atmosphere.’ 

9. Use country dividers 

Room divider for chamber  with curtains

(Image credit: Future)

While the principles of Feng Shui suggest that you shouldn't usage your chamber for work, dressing oregon thing that whitethorn stimulate your mind, this isn't ever practical, particularly if you unrecorded successful a tiny home, oregon stock your location with aggregate people. 

If your main bedroom doubles up arsenic a multifunctional space, past utilize originative room divider ideas to abstracted the space. Room dividers let you to make a wide scope of clever and inspiring ways to marque your chamber enactment for you. Think: screens, partitions, and adjacent the intelligent usage of ample furniture.

A ample chamber tin beryllium 'zoned' disconnected with drapes oregon sheer curtains hung to disagreement the space. They needn't beryllium pulled close crossed a country to utterly disagreement it, but they tin make a beauteous pause, adding color, texture oregon dimension.

10. Be mindful of reflector placement 

Bedroom reflector  with antique finish

(Image credit: Future)

Bedroom reflector ideas tin bring truthful overmuch to a space. Aside from their evident usefulness, mirrors are known to brighten a room, and supply a caller presumption of the space. However, a Feng Shui chamber should not person one. According to experts, mirrors bespeak light, making the energies of our chamber excessively active, oregon 'yang'. This is said to origin insomnia, delays successful slumber and restlessness. 

Another effect of chamber mirrors is that, depending connected your twelvemonth of birth, they are believed to negatively impact your relationships, preventing them from progressing.

How should I put my chamber for bully energy?

When it comes to arranging your chamber for bully energy, the cardinal to a palmy plan is balancing practicality with style, and luckily determination are plentifulness of ideas that wed the two.

We’ve compiled a database of chamber Feng Shui tips to guarantee bully vigor flows successful the close direction:

Position your furniture centrally (not straight facing the door)Place a bedside array connected either broadside of the bed Avoid mirrors successful nonstop sight-line to the bedDecorate with colors recovered successful nature Make definite your furniture is accessible from each side Limit physics devices Invest successful a coagulated headboard Keep books successful different roomClear clutter from underneath the bedIntroduce houseplants (not excessively many)