Bedroom ideas for teenagers – 20 cool and practical schemes for teens

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These elemental yet blase chamber ideas for teenagers volition shingle up your teen's country – from on-trend colors to stylish accessories and ace clever storage. 

If you've ever been perplexed astatine however to decorate bedrooms for kids that volition past them done to adolescence, past you've landed connected the close page. 

Discover however to alteration immoderate country into a dreamy teenage retreat. 

Bedroom ideas for teenagers

Be inspired by these bedroom ideas for teenagers, which volition soon person them personalizing their ain spaces with artwork, photos and absorbing prints.

1. Add extent with pattern

Bedroom ideas for teenagers illustrated successful  a airy   pinkish  country   with woody  floorboards and a patterned divan furniture  and headboard.

(Image credit: Future / Damian Russell)

Playing with standard is simply a striking mode to adhd extent to a country scheme, particularly erstwhile looking for small chamber ideas. Here, 2 antithetic sized prints from the aforesaid postulation person been utilized connected the divan and headboard, giving a consciousness of unity. 

Pair with soft, washed linen for an inviting finishing touch. The pastel hues and freshly chopped flowers successful this strategy are the cleanable finishing interaction for immoderate girls' chamber decor.

2. Decorate with yellowish to lukewarm up a north-facing room

yellow teen   miss  chamber  with achromatic  and achromatic  spot   blanket, shelving, artwork, woody  floor, bluish  headboard

(Image credit: Mylands )

'Yellow tin marque a large colour for a teen girl’s bedroom, particularly a lukewarm sunshine shadiness similar Beehive Place™ No. 140,' says Dominic Mylands, CEO of Mylands (opens successful caller tab). 'It’s bold capable to marque a statement, yet its warmth and subtlety creates a cozy abstraction that’s cleanable for relaxing in. It is grown up and youthful astatine the aforesaid time, a large prime for teenage years.'

3. Introduce a carnival of colour successful a teen bedroom

Bedroom ideas for teenagers successful  a colorful chamber  with bluish  and achromatic  walls and agleam  brushed  furnishings

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

No chamber ideas for teenagers are implicit without a riot of colour and pattern. Introducing immoderate amusive elements into a elemental strategy volition ringing the changes. 

Evoke the exuberant benignant of Latin America with vivid shades and bold signifier for a chamber strategy with sunny entreaty that volition enactment conscionable arsenic good successful bedroom ideas for boys oregon girls.

4. Embrace the colors recovered successful nature

green loft chamber  for kids, azygous  bed, committee  game, patterned lamp shade, coloured retention  chests, bluish  broadside  table

(Image credit: Kitesgrove)

'When designing bedrooms for children and teenagers, we often make a timeless strategy that volition turn with the room’s occupants,' says Clara Ewart, caput of plan astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab)

'For this bedroom, we chose a calming and welcoming greenish which could beryllium arsenic loved by a young child, a teenage miss oregon boy, oregon so an adult. It feels caller yet grown up, and offsets different colors beautifully.'

Green country ideas committedness to renew your transportation to quality and is said to evoke feelings of balance. It comes to beingness with plentifulness of earthy airy but tin besides enactment successful a acheronian constrictive space. Decorating with green tin let for you to get backmost to quality with a caller palette. 

5. Choose a focal wallpaper 

pink and grey  chamber  with feather wallpaper, teen   girl, fastener  backed ottoman, grey  and achromatic  drapes, broadside  table, array  lamp

(Image credit: Murphy Maude Interiors/Lisa Hubbard)

'My champion proposal for a teen miss country is to support their needs astatine the forefront of the design,' says Leslie Murphy, proprietor and originative manager of Murphy Maude Interiors (opens successful caller tab). 'Choose furnishings with elemental and classical silhouettes that person much longevity arsenic they proceed to grow. To adhd personality, I similar to get originative with the walls – successful this lawsuit we did a customized wallpaper from our textiles enactment Mable Originals' (opens successful caller tab).

6. Pick a beauteous botanical wallpaper 

gray and citrus  yellowish  chamber  with grey  azygous  colour  wallpaper, citrus  yellowish  blanket, achromatic  robust  azygous  bed, bulb pendant light, achromatic  broadside  table

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball )

'Avoid the accustomed tropes of teenage chamber decorating and see wallpaper –something gentle and not overtly demanding with a tiny people and restful palette volition bash the trick,' says Patrick O’Donnell, marque ambassador astatine Farrow & Ball (opens successful caller tab)

'Small people papers, particularly those connected the neutral side, volition adhd texture and warmth without dominating a country and adjacent forgive the summation of a achromatic tacked poster oregon two.'

7. Be playful with carnal prints

Bedroom ideas for teenagers successful  a luxury chamber  with patterned wallpaper and brushed  furnishings and a monochrome leopard people     bench.

(Image credit: Future / Catherine Gratwicke)

Layering carnal prints with arsenic graphic florals and stripes successful a standout monochrome palette creates a stylish decorator look. Used successful moderation, carnal motifs adhd a interaction of exotic sophistication to immoderate chamber ideas for teenagers. 

Rather than going wild, present focused hits of signifier done brushed furnishings oregon bedroom wallpaper ideas and you mightiness beryllium amazed to find that a leopard truly tin alteration its spots.

8. Take inspiration from planetary influences

Bedroom ideas for teenagers successful  a bluish  chamber  with patterned headboard and orangish  accents.

(Image credit: Future / Damian Russell)

Embrace your interior nomad with a considered premix of Eastern, African and South American patterns with earthy materials, affluent textures and bold hues for an elegant, satellite look.

An oversized headboard is simply a stunning mode to marque the astir of an exquisite fabric. Here, it creates a striking focal constituent against heavy bluish walls, portion an Indian Kantha quilt adds different furniture of involvement to the inviting premix of textiles connected the bed.

9. Pretty up with a summertime palette

Bedroom ideas for teenagers successful  a pastel bluish  chamber  with pinkish  headboard and achromatic  anglepoise lamp.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Indulge successful soft, pastel shades, good textiles and beauteous accessories to guarantee your small chamber ideas for kids person the consciousness of an inviting sanctuary with an elegant vibe. 

An upholstered headboard with contrasting buttoning makes a striking focal point, and adds a interaction of grown-up glamor to this bedroom.

10. Opt for creator elements 

A luxury chamber  with a bluish  and greenish  jungle histrion   people     partition  mural, pinkish  upholstered furniture  and blue, pinkish  and achromatic  accessories.

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis)

If you are aft chamber ideas for teenagers that are adult-worthy, past this is the benignant for you.

A teen chamber is the cleanable spot to propulsion the boundaries connected style. Celebrate the exuberant charm of murals and connection wall decor for bedrooms, from fantastical scenes and stylised inky imagery to good architectural drawings.

With a palette of oversea greenish and heavy blue, the playful jungle plan sets the country for this relaxed interior, wherever a premix of signifier and affluent hues bring further vibrancy.

11. Create a elemental Scandi scheme in a teen bedroom

Minimalist chamber  ideas for teenagers successful  a grey  loft chamber  with azygous  duplicate  beds

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

A Scandi, minimalist benignant is simply a fashionable trend, alongside earthy wood and superb whites. It’s a clean, astute and versatile look that fits successful good with different country schemes and tin turn with your family. 

Try starting with a neutral palette, specified arsenic achromatic oregon gray, and past accessorising with bedding, toys and prints for a strategy that is easy adaptable if you are looking for shared chamber ideas.

12. Add a quirky feature

A grey  teen   chamber  with bluish  bedding and connection    ceiling printed with a representation  of the world.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Use maps to adhd the tone of escapade to chamber ideas for teens. Maps and charts are large to enactment with arsenic a decorating device. 

Detailed, intriguing and cleanable for adding a spot of colour and pattern, they gully the oculus and adhd involvement without being overly-dominant. And determination are designs to suit each scheme.

13. Use creation to adhd interest

A graffiti-style connection    partition  with the London skyline down  a neutral furniture  and golden  ceiling light.

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

Eschew wallpaper and plain kids' country overgarment ideas for thing genuinely bespoke that volition resonate with your teenager. Here, a graffiti creator was commissioned to make this colorful and originative enactment of creation down the bed. It lone takes 1 partition to springiness a country the wow factor. 

Generally your bedroom accent wall volition beryllium the 1 you spot archetypal erstwhile entering a room, but you could take 1 down a cardinal portion of furnishings specified arsenic down the furniture oregon table area.

14. Pack a punch with pattern

Bedroom ideas for teenagers featuring a bluish  and achromatic  patterned wallpaper and furnishings with a pinkish  rug and yellowish  bedside lamps.

(Image credit: Future / Mary Wadsworth)

Decorating motifs successful colorful patterns adhd instant quality to chamber ideas for teenagers. Perhaps 1 of the easiest ways to adhd signifier and color, and 1 that is elemental to update, is to usage wallpaper and fabric. 

However, if you are aft thing much changeable play aft season, adjacent tiny touches of signifier and colour specified arsenic bedding, curtains and lampshades tin beryllium capable to inject winning property to the space. 

15. Introduce location plants to a teen bedroom

Bedroom ideas for teenagers with rustic gray-washed wood   panels, location   plants and reddish  patterned furniture  throw.

(Image credit: Future / Catherine Gratwicke)

Choose the close works for the close concern and greenish fingers are an optional other erstwhile it comes to adorning a teenager's chamber with surviving plants. 

House plants person had thing of a revival of late, and they volition besides springiness your teen thing to look aft – too that puppy oregon kitten they support asking for.

Line up trailing plants connected shelves, enactment ferns successful pockets against a achromatic partition oregon stitchery a assortment of cacti unneurotic successful an eye-catching statement connected a broadside table. 

16. Pretty up with purple

Purple chamber  ideas for teens with a assortment  of purple hues connected  the walls, drapes and furniture  linen.

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

While purple whitethorn person fallen retired of favour successful caller years, it is present having thing of a resurgence, and it is casual to spot why. Associated with royalty, prestige and luxury, purple is uncovering its feet arsenic a earthy spouse for ever-popular shades of blue, pinkish and white. 

Add touches of brushed metallic oregon solid accents, and you’ll truly bring this daring colour to life.

17. Create a cozy homework corner

home office/bedroom table  with noticeboard, wallpaper, bunting, table  accessories, chair, baskets

(Image credit: Neptune )

With a comfy table and chair, and fewer decorative touches, you tin carve retired a country that’s dedicated to homework but inactive feels inviting. 'Neutral colored furnishings volition basal the trial of clip arsenic teen trends travel and go, portion originative touches similar handmade bunting and a memo committee tin beryllium easy personalized and updated,' says George Miller, location decorator astatine Neptune (opens successful caller tab)

18. Install bespoke retention solutions

teen miss  chamber  with dressing array  and built successful  storage, wide   drawers, cupboards above, turquoise trunk, sheepskin covered stool

(Image credit: Zulu Fish)

‘Today’s ever-changing teen needs a chamber that arsenic responds to their evolving beingness arsenic they grow,' explains Caroline Milns, caput of interior plan astatine Zulufish (opens successful caller tab). 'Bespoke retention offers a multitude of options and creating a wall-to-wall model is often the astir businesslike usage of space. It besides offers greater flexibility, combining unfastened shelving to show favourite toys and books, with the summation of cupboards with doors, for those aforesaid toys to beryllium hidden distant successful aboriginal years. 

A table country is an essential, incorporating it wrong retention volition escaped up the remainder of the room, arsenic good arsenic let for cabling and wiring to beryllium hidden from view. It tin besides make a abstraction to person amusive and bring successful a consciousness of property with a patterned wallpaper oregon pinboard for photos and memories.'

19. Add a colour to the bottommost fractional of the wardrobe

teen miss  chamber  idea, treble  bed, painted wardrobes, creator  palette and artwork connected  wall

(Image credit: Kitesgrove )

Creative colour choices are a fantastic mode to adhd unsocial property to a bedroom, and nary much truthful than successful child's room. 

'Here we painted the walls successful this chamber a crisp white, and the bottommost 3rd with a dusty plaster pink, which together create the illusion of higher ceilings and cocooning feeling astir the room,' says Katie Lion, elder interior decorator astatine Kitesgrove (opens successful caller tab). 'Color tin alteration a abstraction and present the wide ambiance of the chamber is calm, comfy and inviting.'.

20. Use colour blocking for a bold look

red and navy teen   miss  chamber  with graphic carpet, raised bed, pinkish  stripe bedding and cushions, achromatic  tree

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore )

'In bid to debar a look aging rapidly arsenic your teen grows up, guarantee you see a strategy that offers longevity and tin beryllium easy updated with caller accessories oregon furniture. It doesn’t mean you person to debar a agleam bold color. 

'Consider colour blocking to make antithetic zones successful the country portion besides adding a amusive signifier to the room,' advises Helen Shaw, UK Director astatine Benjamin Moore (opens successful caller tab)

How tin a teen decorate their room?

The cardinal is to present applicable and accessible bedroom retention ideas, colorful accents, and 1 oregon 2 striking elements for a look that tin germinate arsenic your teen grows and their tastes inevitably change. 

While chamber ideas for teenagers request to beryllium flexible to accommodate their changing needs, definite concern items won't change, specified arsenic beds and wardrobes, truthful marque definite they volition basal the trial of time. 

Quirky and colorful touches and patterns tin past beryllium added done fabric, artwork and accessories that bespeak your teen's personality.

How tin I marque my teenage chamber look good?

The zeitgeist is to debar trends – alternatively clasp your teen's passions and interests. Don’t hide to let for plentifulness of escaped level abstraction to assistance support the strategy clutter free. 

The cardinal to creating palmy chamber ideas for teenagers is talking to your teen astir their perfect room. Listen to their ideas astir colour and benignant and travel to a sensible compromise truthful they consciousness excited and progressive successful the plan process.