Bedroom lighting ideas – 23 clever and unique ways to light your space

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These astute chamber lighting ideas volition assistance you re-energize your slumber space. 

The cardinal to a good lit chamber is to present aggregate layers that integrate some ambient, decorative and task lighting seamlessly. Never underestimate the prime of bully lighting – it is conscionable arsenic important to your wellbeing and preservation of eyesight, arsenic it is to aesthetics. 

'Layering your lighting is the cardinal to creating the cleanable equilibrium of warmth, coziness and relation successful your home,' says Rohan Blacker,  founder, Pooky. 'This is peculiarly important successful a chamber arsenic you volition request a operation of task and ambient lighting solutions for relaxation, speechmaking oregon getting dressed.' 

This is wherefore chamber lighting is truthful important and worthy readying successful the aboriginal stages erstwhile designing your abstraction and choosing bedroom ideas for your home. 

23 chamber lighting ideas

We've curated the champion chamber lighting ideas to assistance you connected your mode to creating a imagination chamber scheme.

1. Plan a flexible lighting scheme 

A ample  chamber  with expansive  ceiling lighting supra  a lounge country  and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

According to Chris Jordan, Managing Director astatine Christopher Wray; 'Flexibility is simply a cardinal portion of designing a lighting strategy for the bedroom. 

Layering antithetic lighting solutions, specified arsenic array and level lamps with partition oregon bedroom ceiling airy ideas volition assistance you to execute this. Ensuring you tin set the lighting to bespeak the temper that you privation with ease.

2. If abstraction allows, acceptable up a connection level lamp

A bluish  chamber  with a 4  poster bed, yellowish  accents and a golden  level  lamp

(Image credit: Future / Jan Baldwin)

Be cautious with level lamps, arsenic bedrooms thin to person little ceilings, truthful thing excessively gangly could predominate and disrupt the space. 

However, if abstraction is not a problem, a striking level airy volition let for a beauteous connection diagnostic successful the bedroom. Accent lighting should beryllium controlled connected a abstracted circuit to the ambient lighting and should mostly beryllium astatine slightest 3 times brighter.

2. Introduce adjustable airy fixtures

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a chamber  with a bluish  wall, monochrome patterned bedlinen and a partition  light

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Wondering how to program chamber lighting? Good bedroom partition lighting ideas mightiness beryllium what your abstraction requires.

‘Well-planned lighting tin make a tiny chamber look bigger oregon a basement chamber consciousness arsenic if it is supra ground,’ says lighting decorator and Design Director astatine John Cullen, Sally Storey. 

If level abstraction is astatine a premium, oregon you similar a comparatively minimal scheme, past wall-hung airy fixtures are the champion option. Opt for 1 that is fully-adjustable, with a acold reach.

3. Make a connection with oversized lamps

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a chamber  with reddish  walls and a reddish  array  lamp

(Image credit: Future / Alexander James)

Your lighting doesn't person to beryllium purely functional, it tin beryllium pretty, too. 

In this cozy chamber idea, a decorative airy adds a gentle glow, and washes brushed airy crossed the textured wallpaper.

4. Double up your lighting options

A grey  chamber  with a achromatic  pendant ceiling airy  and a array  lamp

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lewis)

Always marque definite you person directional airy for reading, arsenic good arsenic an ambient option, arsenic shown successful this gray bedroom.

'I often treble up by combining a task light, specified arsenic an Anglepoise, with a lamp connected a bedside array oregon pendant hung above,' explains Interior Designer, Suzy Hoodless. 

'I besides similar to usage decorative partition lights arsenic good arsenic a cardinal pendant successful bedrooms. They connection an accidental to make a sculptural look connected the walls arsenic good arsenic providing soft, lukewarm light.' 

Use dimmer switches to debar harsh lighting astatine night.

5. Provide capable lighting for guests

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a adjacent  up   changeable  of a bluish  chamber  with a bluish  bedside array  and an ornate bluish  and achromatic  array  lamp

(Image credit: Future / Chris Everard)

'I similar the main lighting to beryllium provided by lamps successful a guest bedroom,' says Sally Storey of John Cullen Lighting. 

Good lighting tin marque a tiny chamber consciousness bigger oregon adhd intimacy to a larger room. 

Bedside lighting helps to marque a connection of the bed, but ambient lighting isn’t ever capable truthful incorporated subtle additions.

6. Give yourself plentifulness of lighting options

A neutral chamber  with a ample  treble  furniture  with a propulsion  and cushions beneath  a reddish  ceiling light

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Where lighting is concerned, much is often better. There are galore studies that suggest optimal lighting tin amended happiness, positivity and summation energy, truthful it could beryllium beneficial to springiness yourself plentifulness of options erstwhile it comes to lighting. 

Of course, earthy airy volition ever beryllium considered to beryllium the golden standard, but erstwhile the prima sets, artificial airy truly comes into its own. 

In this master bedroom, wall-hung lamps and a array lamp mean you volition ne'er beryllium successful abbreviated proviso of lighting.

7. Ensure your airy is acceptable for purpose

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a acheronian  grey  partition  down  a furniture  with achromatic  and grey  bedding and achromatic  partition  lighting

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

Bedside lamps, similar the ones shown successful this dark bedroom, make the softest, prettiest airy successful a bedroom, but they whitethorn not connection capable airy to work by. 

This is peculiarly existent of paper shades, which thin to propulsion airy up and down, not sideways. If you privation to work by your bedside lamp, see a linen oregon pick silk shade, which offers much sideways light, amended for reading, oregon adhd a task speechmaking light.

8. Tackle task lighting successful the bedroom

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing an oversized solid  and golden  array  lamp successful  beforehand   of striped wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

A chamber needs to person a considered lighting scheme. 

‘Task lighting for speechmaking is essential,’ advises interior decorator Emma Sims Hilditch. 

A brace of impactful lamps to item a furniture is simply a must. ‘My proposal is to spell arsenic large arsenic you dare, particularly to adhd play to a state location scheme.’ Large lamps marque a connection and solid options are good, arsenic they don’t look excessively bulky. 

It’s important to person lights that tin beryllium controlled independently from each other, truthful you don’t person to scope implicit a slumber spouse to crook disconnected a speechmaking lamp.

9. Light the mode successful a dressing room

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a neutral dressing array  with curtains connected  the model   and an upholstered chair

(Image credit: Future / Mel Yates)

If you're successful request of applicable lighting to complement your dressing country ideas, deliberation astir recessed downlights. 

‘I ever effort to usage these sparingly arsenic they tin spoil a beauteous ceiling,’ says interior decorator Emma Sims Hilditch. ‘Strategic positioning successful beforehand of wardrobes tin radiance airy inside, or, if you are decorating from scratch, I counsel wiring a portion of LEDs wrong the wardrobe, activated by a power that comes connected erstwhile the doors are opened.’ 

Always enactment lights connected dimmers; lamps should beryllium connected a 5-amp circuit and switches placed astatine the bedside and the door.

10. Make a connection with bedside lighting

A colorful chamber  successful  shades of pinkish  and bluish  with yellowish  and pinkish  bedside lamps

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

‘It’s captious to see some ambience and practicality erstwhile lighting a bedroom, particularly if it’s a compact space,’ says Lucinda Waterhouse, co-founder of Oka. 

‘The lights beside your furniture are astir apt the astir important successful your home. Used daily, they are indispensable each twelvemonth circular and, what’s more, they are apt to beryllium the astir salient accessories successful your bedroom.’ 

Make a connection with a signature portion successful a punchy color, oregon support things elemental with a pared-back classical design.

11. Go for a little is much look

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a monochrome chamber  with built successful  shelving adjacent  to the bed

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Less is emphatically much erstwhile it comes to bedrooms. 

Instead of studding the ceiling with spots, interior decorator Emma Pritchard of Design Box says, ‘Position downlights successful beforehand of wardrobes oregon dressing tables but support them to a minimum. If you’re choky connected bedside array space, effort suspending ceiling lights implicit tables to make an elegant focal constituent arsenic you enter.' 

For speechmaking lamps, interior decorator Fiona Andrews advocates Vaughan’s adjustable fittings oregon the wall-mounted flexible Cama LED by John Cullen. Inside wardrobes, she favours Decolamp’s discrete Decolite fluorescent tubes.

12. Brighten up a speechmaking corner

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing a achromatic  level  lamp adjacent  to an armchair and striped wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

With the close lighting, your country tin instrumentality connected antithetic looks passim the day, nighttime and seasons. 

Add ambience with a level lamp that gets switched connected aboriginal evening, portion an Anglepoise lamp provides a directional airy suitable for speechmaking successful that comfy armchair.

13. Install a partition light

A impermanent  chamber  with a bluish  and achromatic  patterned headboard and a functional partition  light

(Image credit: Future / Jake Curtis)

Don’t place bedroom partition lighting ideas either. Downlighters particularly person go precise popular, with an array of antithetic styles, and are cleanable for adding involvement and ambience to a focal wall. 

Wall lighting is simply a fantastic enactment if you're looking for ways to illuminate your small bedroom, arsenic it negates the request for level space.

14. Consider gentle model treatments

A airy  and airy achromatic  chamber  with 2  duplicate  metallic  beds with toile curtains and achromatic  walls

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day)

Illuminate your country successful the aforesaid mode arsenic this white bedroom, with plentifulness of earthy light. Window dressings similar dense curtains tin beryllium precise airy draining. 

Fit a voile oregon muslin drape to bask a beautifully diffused airy streaming into your room, portion inactive offering immoderate privacy.

15. Incorporate lights into your joinery

A dressing country   with shelving for shoes lit with LED lights

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Incorporating chamber lighting into joinery is the perfect mode to adhd accent lighting into the room, particularly successful much modern solutions. 

‘Under-cupboard lights fitted into shelving volition illuminate objects, oregon LED contour stripes nether bedside tables make a funky, floating effect,’ explains Sally Storey. 

‘And don’t hide a level washer adjacent the entranceway to the bath to enactment arsenic a nighttime light.’

16. Have amusive with pendants

An illustration  of chamber  lighting ideas showing an oversized colorful ceiling lamp successful  a achromatic  chamber  with a bluish  furniture  successful  beforehand   of a partition  with mirrors

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

A assortment of bedroom chandelier ideas and pendants person go fashionable for their drama, but they don’t ever request to beryllium hung successful the centre of the room. 

Try hanging a pendant debased implicit a table oregon table, oregon possibly 3 blown solid spheres suspended astatine antithetic levels successful the country of a country oregon adjacent to a bed. 

Using a pendant successful an antithetic mode tin adhd a fun, caller furniture of lighting, similar successful this luxury bedroom from Rebecca Hughes Interiors.

17. Light a focal point

Bedroom with furniture  adjacent  up   of headboard and pillows

(Image credit: Elicyon)

If you similar striking headboard ideas oregon connection bedding, lighting them from supra with a ample pendant tin nutrient a beauteous effect, portion throwing airy onto artwork adds texture.

18. Zone your chamber lighting ideas

Green chamber  with 4  poster bed

(Image credit: Matthew Williamson)

Matthew Williamson designed this chamber astatine the Belmond La Residencia.

'I similar to make beauteous zones of airy that adhd ambiance arsenic you determination done a space. I person array lamps dotted each astir a country to make spots of light. However galore lights you deliberation you need, you astir apt request more. One ceiling airy and a array airy is truly conscionable the starting point.'

19. Choose a connection pendant successful a neutral room

Bedroom lighting ideas

(Image credit: The Design Buzz)

If you're looking for lighting for a neutral chamber past see hanging a connection pendant airy suggests Shalini Misra, interior decorator and founder, Shalini Misra Ltd and The Design Buzz.

'Placing an interesting, connection airy successful the centre of the ceiling provides a large focal constituent and plan involvement successful the room, particularly if you are keeping a muted palette successful the space.'  

'Complement this lighting with immoderate speechmaking lights either broadside of the furniture and a level lamp to person a much subdued glow erstwhile you are relaxing,' she adds.

An elongated plan with a elemental yet striking shape, this luxury chamber ceiling airy thought makes the astir of the gangly ceilings successful this bedroom. The silhouette echos the signifier of the distinctive architectural windows portion the brass item brings warmth and texture to the scheme.

20. Use plentifulness of array lamps for a accepted look

Bedroom lighting ideas

(Image credit: The Design Buzz)

For those looking to make a restful traditional bedroom, array lamps are a indispensable and according to interior decorator Penny Morrison you tin ne'er person excessively many. 'In my view lighting is cardinal to the ambiance of a room,' says Penny Morrison. 'Use arsenic galore partition lights and lamps arsenic the abstraction allows. As good arsenic partition lights you should person down lights connected a dimmer power successful each country of the country – this ever makes rooms consciousness larger and brighter.'

While array lamps volition enactment good for your dressing array ideas, it is besides important to ‘remember to illuminate areas specified arsenic dressing tables, wardrobes and speechmaking nooks wherever much focused task lighting is required,’ explains Charlie Bowles, manager of Original BTC.

21. Hang pendants beside the bed 

Bedroom pendant lights

(Image credit: Humbert & Poyet)

Small chamber ideas tin beryllium a situation to light, but with tiny windows they are besides places wherever lighting is astir important. The classical statement of array lamps connected bedside tables either broadside of a furniture is not ever imaginable erstwhile level abstraction is limited, truthful alternatively deliberation vertically and see hanging pendants from the ceiling down beside the furniture arsenic demonstrated successful this chamber plan by Humbert & Poyet. 

As good arsenic redeeming abstraction these 2 suspended ceiling lights from Luigi Caccia Dominioni 'add further symmetry to the bedroom, highlighting the artwork supra the headboard, and accenting the unsocial operation of colors that scope from the orangish propulsion cushions to the burgundy bedspread to the bluish walls,' explicate the Emil Humbert & Christophe Poyet astatine Humbert & Poyet.

22. Choose on-trend oversized lights

Bedroom lighting ideas oversized lights

(Image credit: Arteriors)

For on-trend lighting cleanable for a modern chamber past deliberation large advises Helen Pett, plan ambassador astatine Arteriors Home. 'This play we’ve seen a increasing inclination for oversized fixtures and fittings, peculiarly pendants and lamps,' she says.

 'Statement lighting adds a wow origin and successful the lawsuit of pendant lights, helps to gully the oculus up to make a feeling of abstraction and luxury.' A modern instrumentality connected a chandelier boasting a strong, sculptural silhouettes this Isma pendant lamp is cleanable for creating decorative involvement successful a white bedroom.

However, if you're fitting a pendant, 'it is champion not to presumption any lighting over the apical of the furniture wherever your pillows are arsenic this is excessively harsh erstwhile you are lying successful bed,' warns Shalini Misra, Interior decorator and founder, Shalini Misra Ltd and The Design Buzz.

23. Choose ambient partition lights

Bedroom lighting ideas

(Image credit: The Design Buzz)

When designing a chamber lighting strategy it's important to present a scope of lighting to guarantee the chamber is suitable for each seasons and moods explains Charlie Bowles.

‘Bedrooms are applicable arsenic good arsenic relaxation spaces, truthful program your lighting accordingly. Use a substance of task, temper and accent lighting to make a layered strategy that volition enactment astatine immoderate clip of time and crossed the seasons - cosy successful winter, airy and airy successful summer.’

As good arsenic the benignant of light, it is besides important to deliberation astir fittings. When abstraction is astatine a premium chamber partition lights tin beryllium a stylish and applicable solution for introducing ambient airy arsenic they are 'great space-savers successful small, low-ceilinged rooms and are perfect for creating a clean, boutique edifice look,' adds Charlie Bowles.

What is the champion lighting for bedrooms?

A chamber acts arsenic a sanctuary from our highly engaged lifestyles, and a bully lighting strategy should bespeak that, creating a relaxing ambiance that encourages a bully night’s sleep.

‘For a comfy scheme, I would suggest layered lighting,’ advises interior decorator Rebecca Leivars. 

Designers speech astir mixing oregon ‘layering’ airy sources to adhd extent and texture to rooms. 

Donna Grindley of Heathfield & Co lighting explains: ‘The archetypal furniture is ceiling fittings: pendants, chandeliers and down lighters for wide light. The 2nd furniture is partition lights, which make much subtle illumination and bounce shadows astir a room. Then determination are array lights – decorative, ambient lighting. The 4th furniture is level oregon modular lamps.’ 

You tin adhd layers to existing schemes. LED portion lighting adds glamour to bookcases portion a floor-standing up airy volition illuminate a acheronian corner. A decorator bedroom lighting tip is to enactment a diffuser wrong a lampshade to soften the glow.

Any airy fitting volition person 2 personalities, lit and unlit, truthful a portion whitethorn lone uncover its afloat imaginable erstwhile illuminated. Something subtle successful the time whitethorn go acold much exotic erstwhile acheronian falls, casting fantastic rays and shadows, truthful see its effect connected a country astatine each times of the day.

How important is chamber lighting?

‘Good lighting is temper enhancing. The astir important happening with each lighting is that it should beryllium dimmable. Generally, I similar low-level lighting, arsenic it’s much ambient, flattering and atmospheric,’ explains interior decorator Sophie Ashby. 

‘I would trust connected array lamps, level lamps and partition lights alternatively than spotlights, and I similar a operation of vertical uplighting and downlight. I emotion utilizing partition lights arsenic bedside lights due to the fact that they escaped up invaluable tabletop abstraction and, arsenic they are a spot higher, they nonstop the airy successful a overmuch much utile way.’

How tin I amended my chamber lighting?

Lighting tin wholly alteration a room. From a elemental dimmer power to make a moody consciousness to a agleam spotlight that draws attraction to details, a clever lighting strategy tin marque much of each country successful your home. 

A fitting doesn’t person to beryllium large and bold to adhd wow-factor to a scheme. Just by being originative with shape, proportion, measurement and materials you tin instantly alteration your room. Something arsenic elemental arsenic the symmetrical placement of a brace of array lamps tin assistance equilibrium an interior scheme.

Pendant, partition and array lights should adhd to the plan and enjoyment of the room. Soft, atmospheric lighting that doesn’t make glare tin beryllium achieved with angled downlight from the ceiling, portion pendants adjacent to the furniture that bent betwixt 100 and 150cm from the level adhd a beauteous touch.

How bash you airy a tiny bedroom?

Lighting volition assistance to visually maximise a tiny bedroom. For example, effort lighting the narrower sides of the country to supply a consciousness of width, whether with partition lights oregon tiltable recessed spotlights. Choose lampshades that let airy to bespeak upwards if you request to springiness immoderate tallness to a debased ceiling too.

‘Don’t hide the usefulness of task lighting adjacent to the furniture oregon dressing table, and carnivore successful mind, too, that downlights request to beryllium positioned astir the sides of the room, but ne'er straight implicit the pillows of the bed. Angle them towards curtains oregon into wardrobes instead, wherever you request to beryllium capable to spot clearly,’ advises interior decorator Staffan Tollgård.