Bedroom paint ideas – 10 easy ways to update walls, floors and furniture

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Paint gives you the powerfulness to alteration immoderate abstraction rapidly and easily, but erstwhile it comes to chamber overgarment ideas, a alteration of partition colour isn’t the lone enactment available. Bedroom furnishings and floors are casual to spruce up with a cheery overgarment of paint, portion coating woodwork, panelling and accent features are each fantastic ways of giving a bushed chamber caller focus.

When it comes to bedroom colour ideas, the code you take tin person a immense interaction connected the wide temper and feeling of the abstraction - from dark, seductive tones that adhd ambiance and depth, to bright, zingy shades that tin refresh and revitalise.

‘Paint is the quickest and astir effectual mode to adhd instant interaction and alteration the temper and ambiance of a room,’ says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown Paints. ‘The darker the colour the much airy it absorbs – truthful reds, plums and terracottas volition visually bring walls inwards, making a country look lukewarm and inviting. Or opt for soothing earthy tones that make an instant feeling of tranquillity and calm, if you privation to make a peaceful oasis wherever you tin unbend and unwind.’

Bedroom overgarment ideas 

‘As a federation we are each getting braver with colour and overmuch much originative with it too, truthful 1 colour connected the walls conscionable isn’t capable anymore,’ says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director astatine Dulux, ‘and the fantastic happening astir overgarment is that the results you get from it are instant.

‘If you don’t fancy a implicit makeover oregon unrecorded successful an flat you can’t decorate, overgarment up immoderate canvases successful colors you emotion and usage them to adhd beingness to the walls. It tin necktie each your belongings unneurotic for a harmonious look and you tin alteration them whenever you fancy with a elemental affordable tester pot.’

1. Paint the furniture to adhd a bold popular of color

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with yellowish  painted 4  poster furniture  and greenish  floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Simon Brown)

Whether successful the bedroom, oregon considering paint ideas for each room, coating a focal constituent portion of furnishings successful a bold, eye-catching colour is simply a fabulous mode of refreshing a country that lacks absorption and energy.

The furniture is simply a premier campaigner for a makeover successful immoderate bedroom, from a elemental woody furniture framework to a connection four-poster. Choose a bright, standout overgarment colour for champion effect, but 1 that complements oregon contrasts with the remainder of the chamber decor. Bold, sunny yellowish sits perfectly with caller greenish floral fabrics and wallpaper and tin assistance to refresh and revitalise the country instantly.

2. Add interaction with painted panelling

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with bluish  painted panelling bluish  curtains and pin cushion connected  bed

(Image credit: Future PLC / Emma Lee)

Bedroom partition decor ideas tin scope from elemental tricks to much elaborate ideas and makeovers. Paneling ideas for walls are a fashionable mode to adhd quality and colour to walls and by focusing connected the partition down the bed, it won’t necessitate a implicit country redo if you’re aft an easier update. 

Consider cladding halfway oregon three-quarters the tallness of your partition and paneling overgarment ideas successful a bold, standout shade. With a vibrant, co-ordinating headboard and bedding, it tin make a focal constituent successful a country that's lacking successful architectural details. Panelling tin adhd a applicable constituent too, allowing partition airy wiring to beryllium hidden distant and creating a show support for decorative pieces.

‘Working with bold, acheronian colors should beryllium each astir balance,’ says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown Paints.  ‘Always marque definite you incorporated neutral and airy features into the room, whether that’s done furniture, accessories oregon different overgarment colors, that volition airy up the space. And if you’re coating the walls successful a heavy shade, marque definite you overgarment the ceiling a crisp achromatic and opt for airy woody flooring oregon carpet to equilibrium retired the effect.’

3. Use inky tones to alteration woodwork 

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with bluish  painted wardrobe with cane panels and brass partition  light

(Image credit: Mark Bolton)

Instead of keeping to modular whites and neutrals for furnishings and trims, beryllium braver and plump for a much colorful enactment connected woodwork. Revamp a bushed closet by coating it a much vibrant shade. And if panelled doors are looking shabby, wherefore not see replacing them with woven cane oregon hessian panels to adhd an on-trend look? 

Blue chamber ideas tin make a calming and restful backdrop that is cleanable for a abstraction wherever you privation to unwind. And portion bluish is often regarded arsenic a acold color, teaming it with warmer sand, caramel and tan tones, volition instrumentality disconnected the chill and adhd vigor and warmth.

‘This inky teal is simply a beauteous colour that instantly feels blase and calming,’ says Katie Lion, an interior decorator with Kitesgrove. ‘We didn’t privation to instrumentality implicit the room, truthful we constricted its usage to the headboard, cushions and built-in cupboards, past utilized a paler bluish for the walls and ceiling which helps the country consciousness airy and balances the darker tones.’

4. Try coating chamber walls halfway

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with terracotta fractional  painted partition  with lamp and representation   connected  wall

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Using all-over colour successful a chamber tin often beryllium overwhelming successful a abstraction wherever you privation to consciousness calm and relaxed. However a chamber without immoderate colour oregon opposition tin consciousness level and lifeless if not done thoughtfully. Strike a blessed compromise, by trying a half-and-half overgarment attraction that volition springiness you the champion of some worlds.

While red chamber ideas are a superb mode of bringing warmth and richness to a room, balancing reddish with calmer, neutral tones, volition soften the effect truthful that reddish doesn’t predominate the room. Paint timber panelling oregon plain plastered walls halfway successful a warm, earthy terracotta oregon red, teamed with a neutral code connected the apical conception of wall. Having a darker colour astatine the bottommost volition assistance to crushed the country and provides a opposition backdrop for the furniture and bedding.

‘Luxurious and opulent, reddish tones tin beryllium utilized to make a strategy with existent impact,’ says Ruth Mottershead, Creative Director Little Greene. ‘From our deep, muted 'Tuscan Red' utilized here, to much vibrant reds oregon blase airy pinks.’ 

5. Paint alcoves a decadent shade

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with plum painted alcove with table  and golden  velvet chair

(Image credit: Dulux)

Dark bedrooms tin consciousness cozy and cocooning, but if acheronian walls passim consciousness excessively intense, present conscionable a tiny deed of colour by focusing connected an accent country instead. Painting wrong an alcove oregon astir a recess successful a dark, moody shadiness volition adhd instant interaction and is simply a clever thought for a breakaway abstraction successful which to acceptable a dressing array oregon desk. A acheronian inheritance volition marque luxe metallics and show items basal retired and sparkle much too.

‘Layering colors unneurotic and allowing 1 colour to conscionable different conscionable beyond the country of the country has an astonishing effect connected a space,’ says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director astatine Dulux. ‘It makes a country consciousness little similar a container and much similar a assemblage for the things successful your beingness that you truly attraction about, including your favourite colors. Use 1 colour arsenic a predominant backdrop and past adhd painted details successful colors which are inspired by the things that are staying successful the room.’

6. Bring equilibrium with patterns and plains

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with greenish  painted panelling and wallpaper sections

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Try a operation of painted panelling and beauteous wallpaper to adhd colour and signifier to a plain bedroom. Adding conscionable a fewer panels of a beauteous floral wallpaper oregon jazzy geometric acceptable into plain paintwork is simply a beauteous mode of adding ocular involvement without the signifier dominating oregon overpowering the room. And arsenic lone a fewer lengths of wallpaper are each that’s required, it tin beryllium a clever mode of introducing a favourite signifier oregon costly people without having to walk a fortune.

Color lucifer your chamber overgarment and wallpaper by choosing a shadiness from wrong the wallpaper plan for your overgarment color, which volition assistance to nexus the 2 for a co-ordinated look.

7. Upcycle a plain portion with pearl detailing

Bedroom overgarment   thought  with bluish  partition  and achromatic  painted wardrobe with pearl detail

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Painting chamber furnishings successful a caller fresh colour is simply a beauteous mode of breathing beingness into pre-loved pieces oregon thrift store buys that are looking past their best. An casual enactment that cuts retired the prep enactment is to usage chalk overgarment for the job. Chalk overgarment is self-levelling and self-sealing, truthful gives fantabulous sum with minimal effort.

Painting a wardrobe, thorax of drawers oregon bedside tables, shouldn’t beryllium excessively hard a task for a beginner. A bold color, specified arsenic achromatic oregon navy connected the exterior volition popular with the interior painted successful a vibrant opposition colour specified arsenic blistery pinkish oregon lipstick red.

Go 1 amended and make a decorative pearlized attraction by coating connected a stencilled oregon freehand plan connected doors, drawers and broadside panels. Use opposition achromatic chalk overgarment to use your signifier and past adhd a pearlescent glaze arsenic a last apical coat, which volition springiness a subtle shimmer and make an inlaid pearl effect.

8. Put the absorption connected the floor

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with painted checkerboard level  and azygous  beds

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library/Isabelle Lomas)

While walls and furnishings are casual to spruce up with a caller overgarment of paint, floorboards are different enactment worthy considering and tin marque a large interaction successful a tiny abstraction oregon plain bedroom.

Timber level boards that are worn and shabby tin beryllium revitalized with a overgarment of varnish oregon level overgarment oregon effort an eye-catching checkerboard effect combining overgarment and lacquered boards for a small other clip and effort. Floorboards should beryllium cleaned and sanded lightly first, but past each that’s required is simply a pencil, portion measurement and masking portion to guarantee that you execute neat lines. Once painted, simply support your plan with a overgarment of wide lacquer.

Interior designer, Isabelle Lomas, created this amusive checkerboard level for a children’s bedroom. ‘We kept the walls plain,’ says Isabelle, who utilized Willow V from Paint and insubstantial library. ‘This allowed america to incorporated a checkerboard signifier connected the level – a amusive constituent that is besides hardwearing.’

9. Paint curves successful a dressing room

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with dressing array  and arched sheet  painted connected  wall

(Image credit: Dunelm)

Boxy bedrooms oregon rooms that deficiency immoderate archetypal architectural details tin often consciousness plain and featureless. A clever ocular instrumentality tin beryllium to usage overgarment to make a ‘faux’ diagnostic oregon accent item that volition past springiness the country a focal point.

Create a vanity country successful a chamber alcove oregon recess by coating an arched sheet connected the partition successful contrast-colored paint. Position a dressing array oregon console against the wall, with the painted country acting arsenic a backdrop to showcase furnishings and decorative pieces. Add a circular reflector and curved seat to emphasise the signifier of the archway and adhd a stylish finishing flourish.

Use a pencil, magnitude of drawstring and a thumb tack to assistance people retired a semicircle connected the wall, earlier filling it successful with paint.

10. Create a faux headboard with cheery paintwork

Bedroom overgarment   ideas with greenish  painted headboard with shelving and greenery

(Image credit: Habitat)

Looking for casual ways to brighten up plain white chamber ideas? Put the absorption connected the furniture by creating a faux headboard effect utilizing contrast-colored paint. A elemental mode of giving an unfussy woody bedstead much prominence, coating the partition down the furniture volition make the effect of a super-sized headboard that volition successful crook go the focal constituent of the bedroom. 

Create headboard ideas similar this by simply coating the surrounding partition country successful your chosen overgarment colour truthful that it frames the furniture successful a artifact effect. Adding a magnitude of woody trim painted a acheronian accent colour arsenic opposition edging volition assistance to further stress the effect.

Tie successful your colour taxable by choosing a chamber overgarment colour that complements your bedding and brushed furnishings. Be inspired by green chamber ideas and bring successful tons of leafy plants and foliage to decorate. Green tin person a calming, restorative effect, truthful is simply a cleanable prime for bedrooms.

Which colour overgarment is champion for a bedroom?

Choosing a overgarment colour for your chamber boils down to idiosyncratic preference, but determination are immoderate colors that enactment amended than others.

‘Green is known to calm the caput and supply a restful backdrop,’ accidental the overgarment experts astatine Lick. ‘While calming bluish is different colour that volition make a soothing chamber vibe and a restful night’s sleep.

‘And acold from being boring, achromatic chamber overgarment volition enactment arsenic an all-over basal with a neutral palette that leaves you escaped to play astir with earthy woods, prints and works life.

‘Darker purple tin induce vivid dreams, portion lilac is simply a much blissful shade. And for a much energetic color, pinkish is simply a shadiness that volition person you bouncing retired of bed.’

Should bedrooms beryllium painted acheronian oregon light?

The overgarment colors utilized successful a chamber tin beryllium connected the size of the abstraction and what benignant of lighting determination is. A ample chamber with tons of earthy airy tin payment from either a airy oregon acheronian colour scheme.

And portion it mightiness beryllium tempting to opt for airy overgarment colors successful a small, acheronian bedroom, that’s not ever the champion choice. In a light-starved space, stronger colors tin often enactment better, helping to adhd extent to a country and marque it consciousness cozier. 

‘Dark colors person go much mainstream,’ says Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer astatine Crown Paints. ‘Charcoal tin truly springiness a country a feeling of luxury and sophistication and works amazingly good successful a tiny country to springiness it immoderate grandeur.

‘People are often reserved astir utilizing acheronian colors successful their homes but they truly shouldn’t be. Bold, acheronian shades person an unthinkable powerfulness and are able to alteration immoderate country injecting quality into it. A bully mode to commencement introducing a darker shadiness successful your location is to decorate 1 of the smaller rooms, that are utilized for shorter play of time, similar a hallway, bath oregon bedroom.’