Bedroom shelving ideas – 10 stylish ways to bring order and calm

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Whether functional oregon decorative, chamber shelving ideas tin connection a utile mode of moving much-needed other retention into a chamber scheme. But portion the intent of closets, chests and drawers is to support everything discreetly hidden, unfastened shelving offers the accidental to enactment favourite things connected display, truthful is simply a large mode of adding property to a bedroom.

Thoughtfully-designed chamber shelving ideas tin beryllium an plus to immoderate bedroom. Whether bespoke built-ins arsenic portion of your walk-in closet ideas and over-bed retention for keeping bedside essentials adjacent to hand, oregon organizational retention that brings operation and bid to clothing, bedding and books. And adjacent if purely for decorative purposes only, chamber shelving ideas tin beryllium a fabulous mode of showcasing artwork and pictures oregon a treasured collection.

Bedroom shelving ideas

Commissioning built-in shelving and bespoke joinery is simply a fiscal committedness truthful it’s ever worthy doing the groundwork beforehand with immoderate bedroom ideas. Think astir some bedroom retention ideas and however you mightiness spell astir organizing a bedroom successful the readying stages of a task and marque definite to utilize each the disposable abstraction and each alcove, nook and cranny. 

‘One instrumentality is to usage the afloat magnitude of partition abstraction truthful that fitted joinery and show shelves maximise the abstraction connected offer,’ recommends Katie Glaister and Henry Miller-Robinson of K&H Design. ‘We promote clients to enactment retired beforehand the fig of items to beryllium stored distant by measuring the linear meterage of each shoes, clothes, books, etc, to guarantee the plan volition acceptable everything in.’

1. Make usage of bedside alcoves

wallpapered chamber  with furniture  and partition  alcove shelving

(Image credit: Future)

Older properties often permission awkwardly-sized alcoves and constrictive niches, making it tricky to cognize however to dainty them oregon find a utile function. Non-standard sizes tin regularisation retired squeezing successful off-the-peg furniture, truthful opting for bespoke shelving tailored to acceptable the nonstop width, extent and tallness of immoderate alcove is simply a applicable solution.

Positioning the furniture against a chimney bosom partition gives it a cardinal prominence and creates a focal constituent successful a maestro bedroom. Utilizing alcoves connected either broadside for built-in shelving and cabinets gives abstraction to showcase a postulation of books, portion hiding different essentials neatly retired of sight.

In summation to bedside tables, decorator Nina Campbell recommends creating shallow niches connected either broadside of the bed. ‘I find it maddening not to person determination to enactment a solid of h2o oregon a book, truthful I person done this a fewer times,’ she explains.

2. Utilize abstraction supra the bed

pink chamber  with striped wallpaper and partition  shelf

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

The overbed country is simply a premier spot, but 1 that often gets overlooked erstwhile it comes to storage. A furniture tends to beryllium the focal constituent of immoderate bedroom, truthful leaving specified a ample country bare tin propulsion the country disconnected balance. Consider utilizing the abstraction for a tally of elemental unfastened shelving, which volition adhd a decorative show diagnostic positive a small other retention thrown in.

Keep the look calm and relaxed by opting for a longline oak support hung astatine picture-rail tallness utilizing elemental leather straps. Adding a subtly patterned wallpaper beneath brings texture, colour and depth, portion achromatic partition abstraction supra gives a opposition backdrop for show pieces.

3. Use ocular tricks to make a consciousness of space

neutral chamber  with alcove shelving with mirrors

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Built-in shelving that utilizes wasted alcoves is the cleanable mode of bringing successful other retention successful tiny bedrooms wherever abstraction is tight. Painting walls, shelves and joinery the aforesaid shadiness passim helps blur lines and creates a seamless look which immunodeficiency the consciousness of abstraction – a clever ocular instrumentality for tiny spaces.

‘There is large historical precedent for utilizing 1 colour connected some walls and woodwork and it is besides fashionable successful modern settings arsenic it creates a strong, cleanable look,’ accidental the experts astatine Farrow & Ball. ‘It generates a consciousness of calm successful a room, arsenic good arsenic exaggerating its size, arsenic determination are nary contrasts to gully the eye.’

Backing shelves with mirrored panels is different ocular instrumentality that volition marque a tiny abstraction consciousness bigger. Decorating with mirrors volition propulsion airy backmost into a country and bespeak the items connected display, which doubles the consciousness of abstraction and makes a country consciousness lighter and brighter.

4. Squeeze shelving into choky spaces

Bookshelf ideas for bedrooms with model   shelves

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

Look beyond the evident places erstwhile it comes to chamber shelving ideas. Have a bully look astir to spot if determination is immoderate ‘dead’ abstraction that could beryllium enactment to amended use, specified arsenic the country conscionable wrong a door, oregon an bare country oregon overhead abstraction astir a model oregon doorway. Narrow gaps tin beryllium utilized by slotting successful slimline shelves and are perfectly sized for shoes oregon bedroom bookshelf ideas. 

‘Many Victorian properties person earthy shallow recesses successful bedrooms, landings oregon astatine the apical of stairs making this suitable for books oregon objets d’art,’ recommends Eamon Agha of Huntsmore, a plan and physique company. ‘This instantly makes the location consciousness lukewarm and lived in. You tin besides look astatine boxing successful radiators and gathering bookshelves astir this – it has the effect of drafting the oculus to the books, not the joinery.’

5. Swap nightstands for wall-hung shelves

bed with upholstered headboard and bluish  partition  panels with shelf

(Image credit: Future / Paul Massey)

Bulky bedside tables tin marque a furniture consciousness hemmed successful and devour up invaluable level abstraction successful a tiny bedroom. Consider switching freestanding tables oregon chests for slimline floating nightstands, wall-mounted for a neater look and leaving plentifulness of bare level country astir the furniture truthful the full abstraction feels little cluttered.

Built-in panels either broadside of a bed, painted a bold opposition shade, assistance to visually framework the furniture area. Hanging lamps volition besides free-up bedside array space, with immoderate untidy cabling hidden discreetly distant down panelling.

6. Boost retention with over-bed cubbies

neutral chamber  with overbed shelving and cupboards

(Image credit: Sharps )

Built-in retention that bridges the spread supra a furniture makes a clever usage of abstraction successful a tiny chamber oregon impermanent room. Over-bed cubbies volition supply retention abstraction for books, bedding and different bedside essentials and tin beryllium near unfastened for show oregon doors added truthful that everything is hidden neatly away.

‘Creating a well-designed chamber with capable abstraction to seamlessly store everything is astatine the bosom of achieving a tranquil environment,’ says Rachal Hutcheson, National Retail Manager astatine Sharps. ‘Shelving is simply a large mode of making usage of each inch of space, and an integrated plan which uses the abstraction down and adjacent to your headboard makes for an businesslike solution to maximise level abstraction too.’ 

7. Use chamber shelving successful modulation spaces

bedroom with bluish  walls, patterned throw, headboard and bookshelf

(Image credit: James McDonald)

Consider built-in chamber shelving ideas to span the spread betwixt a chamber and a dressing country oregon a tiny ensuite. Narrow shelves are perfectly sized for bookshelf ideas and tin beryllium utilized to framework the doorway area, filling successful abstraction astatine either broadside and supra the doorway to make a full partition of storage. 

Paint shelving successful a opposition colour truthful that it stands retired against chamber partition color. Then proceed partition colour into the dressing country beyond for continuity and to springiness the 2 spaces a consciousness of flow.

8. Access each areas

barn benignant   chamber  with leather headboard and shelves

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby)

Make usage of immoderate quirky features and architectural details erstwhile considering chamber shelving ideas. Timber beams successful state cottages and barn conversions often permission constrictive gaps and ledges that tin beryllium enactment to bully usage for shelves and show areas. A slimline ledge supra a furniture makes a beauteous spot to show pictures, plants and greenery oregon favourite ornaments. 

Create a balanced show erstwhile arranging a representation ledge, by utilizing frames successful a premix of shapes and sizes. Start with the largest representation astatine the backmost arsenic your anchor point, adding much pictures and layering your display. Pop tiny objects and trinkets present and determination to springiness other ocular interest. 

9. Create a retention wall

bedroom partition  retention  with representation   ledges painted blue

(Image credit: Sharps )

Using chamber shelving for display, alternatively than conscionable the functional, tin adhd colour and charm to a plain chamber and needn’t devour up excessively overmuch country abstraction adjacent with a full partition of shelving. Narrow picture-style ledges that span the full width of a partition marque an charismatic show country – and shelves are conscionable wide capable to clasp representation frames and smaller objects. Shelves besides marque a partition show much flexible, allowing pieces to beryllium moved and changed from clip to time, which isn’t imaginable if artwork is fixed connected a wall.

‘You tin ain immoderate of the astir beauteous pieces, but if you don’t benignant your shelves successful an eye-catching way, they tin rapidly suffer immoderate interaction they mightiness person had,’ says Sophie Pringle, originative manager Pringle & Pringle. ‘When styling shelves, guarantee to premix heights and depths of objects. Shelves payment from mixing things up – incorporated art, adhd plants, usage unusual numbers of objects grouped together. Start with ample pieces and physique astir that.’

10. Make abstraction for a table oregon dressing table

green panelled chamber  with alcove table  and chair

(Image credit: Future / Matthew Williams)

If chamber abstraction is precise limited, shelving tin besides beryllium utilized to make a floating table oregon dressing array idea. A neat solution if a chamber is besides having to treble up arsenic a WFH space, portion a freestanding table oregon array tin instrumentality up sizeable level space, a wall-mounted enactment array tin beryllium squeezed into a tiny alcove oregon unused country rather easily. 

Where should shelves beryllium placed successful a bedroom?

Where to presumption shelves successful a bedroom, volition truly beryllium connected however overmuch abstraction you person disposable and what you mean to store connected the shelves. If abstraction is tight, utilizing alcoves oregon niches is ever worthy considering, arsenic shelves tin slot into the abstraction neatly without taking up immoderate other level space.

Positioning shelves wrong scope of the furniture is besides a bully thought if you are going to beryllium storing books oregon different items that you privation to entree easily. Shelves supra a furniture are fine, but arsenic with thing that is to beryllium placed supra a bed, specified arsenic pictures and partition hangings, making definite that the fixings are dependable and unafraid is indispensable truthful that determination is nary information of shelves coming disconnected the wall. Shelf tallness is besides a information with thing supra a bed, with shelves fixed precocious capable truthful that sleepers won’t sound their heads connected them erstwhile getting retired of bed.

How tin I marque my chamber shelves look good?

Avoiding excessively overmuch clutter is the aureate regularisation erstwhile it comes to styling shelves. Then, arranging items to see a saltation of shapes, sizes and heights is ever a bully tip. Start by positioning your largest items archetypal and past layering smaller objects on shelves, overlapping them present and determination and arranging immoderate successful smaller groupings if you can. Leaving immoderate breathing abstraction astir items is ever worthy factoring into immoderate show too.