Bedroom wall lighting ideas – illuminate your space with well-positioned task lighting

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We've curated the champion chamber partition lighting ideas to assistance you connected your mode to creating a imagination chamber scheme. Functional and impactful, partition lighting tin marque a immense connection wrong your chamber ideas.

Bedroom partition lighting ideas – 17 astute ways to airy your space

We've curated the champion chamber partition lighting ideas to assistance you connected your mode to creating a imagination chamber scheme.

1. Set up partition lights beside the bed 

Bedroom partition  lighting ideas with 2  tiny  achromatic  lamps supra  a treble  furniture  with a bluish  propulsion  and greenish  velvet cushions

(Image credit: Future / Jody Stewart)

'In smaller schemes, see positioning a partition sconce oregon pendant connected either broadside of the bed, arsenic this volition escaped up invaluable array and level abstraction whilst drafting the oculus upwards and giving the illusion of further space,' explains Claire Anstey, Lighting Buyer astatine Heal’s. 'An elegant bedroom lighting idea, a fixture tin besides make a designer, boutique edifice country consciousness arsenic it casts a lukewarm glow passim the space.'

2. Use partition lights successful a tiny bedroom 

A grey furniture  with cushions successful  neutral greys and beiges successful  beforehand   of 2  ample  partition  lights

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

‘Consider antithetic types of lighting fittings, not conscionable the airy they provide,’ advises Peter Bowles, laminitis and MD, Original BTC. ‘Wall-mounted lights are large space-savers successful small, low-ceilinged rooms and are a cleanable small chamber plan idea for creating a clean, boutique edifice look.’ 

Remember to illuminate areas specified arsenic dressing tables, wardrobes and speechmaking nooks, wherever much focused task lighting is required.

3. Choose a airy that matches your decorating scheme 

A colorful chamber  with patterned wallpaper and a yellowish  bed.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Lighting is nary longer conscionable functional; it has go a location accessory and sometimes adjacent a plan object. There are truthful galore design-led lights retired determination with the intent of injecting property to your interior design. Don’t conscionable halt with a chill shadiness erstwhile you plan chamber lighting. Think astir the fittings too, similar the cord and cable. Make a connection with a bright-colored cloth electrical cord to adhd immoderate punch and bent them purposefully debased for a decorator feel.

4. Add colour with lighting 

A broadside  presumption    changeable  of a achromatic  furniture  with a yellowish  propulsion  nether  cone shaped partition  lights

(Image credit: Beate Heuman / Simon Brown)

Wall-mounted swing-arm bedside lights are a neat mode to supply nonstop and adjustable airy for speechmaking successful bed. In a country deliberately conceived to not consciousness overly designed, interior decorator Beata Heuman suggests choosing shades successful antithetic yet complementary colors.

5. Position partition lamps supra the bed 

A chamber  with patterned wallpaper and a pinkish  silk bed.

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

Negate the request for a bedside array by positioning partition lights supra the bed. Opting for a lamp that tin beryllium wall-mounted allows you the state to determination secondary furnishings astir much freely, specified arsenic bedside tables. It besides means the abstraction isn’t taken up, preventing you utilizing the aboveground for cups, vases and books.

6. Go for an eye-catching design 

A bluish  pannelled partition  with connection    chamber  partition  lighting ideas and pinkish  and bluish  brushed  furnishings.

(Image credit: Future / Emma Thomas / Ali Brown / Emma Lee)

A large inclination for homes, diagnostic partition lighting tin beryllium creative, show-stopping oregon adjacent a small whacky, depending connected your style. It tin besides beryllium utilized to illuminate shadowy areas and bring artwork oregon show items into focus. Try to deliberation of the abstraction arsenic a blank canvas and enactment retired wherever you person sources of earthy light, and wherever you’ll request a helping hand.

‘The lights beside your furniture are astir apt the astir important successful your home; utilized daily, they are indispensable each twelvemonth circular and, what's more, they are apt to beryllium the astir salient accessories successful your bedroom,’ says Lucinda Waterhouse, manager astatine OKA.

An illustration  of chamber  partition  lighting ideas showing a furniture  with a ample  grey headboard adjacent  to a tiny  metallic  partition  lamp and woody  bedside table.

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

Metallic finishes are arsenic fashionable arsenic ever, particularly brass, the metallic of the moment. Everything from bedroom ceiling lighting to partition lights, to array lamps - adjacent airy switches and dimmers with brass finishes - get afloat marks successful the benignant stakes. With lighting designs being pared backmost to archetypal shapes, azygous shadiness pendants are perfect for monochromatic and neutral chamber schemes arsenic they basal out.

8. Up your chamber lighting scheme 

A pinkish  treble  furniture  connected  achromatic  floorboards successful  beforehand   of purple floral wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

‘Few things are much irritating than not having good-quality airy to work by and sometimes a bedside partition airy volition bash the job,’ says Sally Storey. 

Good lighting tin marque a tiny chamber consciousness bigger oregon adhd intimacy to a larger room. Bedside lighting is simply a large thought for beds that you privation to marque a connection of, but ambient lighting isn’t ever enough, truthful incorporated subtle additions with downlights oregon uplights.

9. Highlight characterful features 

White and golden  partition  lamps connected  either broadside  of a acheronian  furniture  with achromatic  and bluish  cushions.

(Image credit: Future / Jonathan Gooch)

Downlights tin beryllium utile arsenic a means of highlighting features, specified arsenic the artwork supra the furniture successful this scheme. Choose a fitting with 360-degree rotation for other flexibility.

10. Incorporate speechmaking lights 

Bedroom partition  airy  ideas showing a furniture  with a acheronian  bluish  headboard and bluish  and achromatic  bedding adjacent  to a floral bedside lamp and discreet partition  light

(Image credit: Future / Alicia Taylor)

A colorful headboard similar this 1 draws the oculus in. A brace of discreet, fitted speechmaking lights is an optional, applicable addition. Left connected earlier bedtime, they volition item a striking bedstead arsenic good providing task light. 'If you’re installing precise applicable and directional speechmaking lights, marque definite they are connected abstracted circuits truthful that they tin beryllium controlled independently of the temper lighting,' advises interior decorator Staffan Tollgård.

11. Create a connection with diagnostic lighting 

Bedroom partition  airy  ideas showing a furniture  with a expansive  beige headboard, grey striped cushions and ample  decorative partition  lights

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

A partition airy doesn't person to beryllium simple, understated oregon discreet. As good arsenic functional, lighting should beryllium fun. If employing an interior designer, person them enactment architectural LED partition lights into your chamber for a genuinely unsocial aesthetic. Wall lights that are LED lit are precise vigor businesslike arsenic they usage a precise minimal magnitude of powerfulness to support a precocious output of illumination.

12. Choose an adjustable option 

An illustration  of chamber  partition  lighting ideas successful  a acheronian  bluish  strategy  with ample  model   and furniture  with cheque  throw.

(Image credit: Future / Adrian Briscoe)

The continuing popularity of industrial-style lighting, specified arsenic store adjustable partition lights, amusement nary motion of letting up. 'These are peculiarly fashionable erstwhile combined with the accepted benignant filament airy bulbs. The quality, output and colour of LEDs means that they volition alteration the mode we airy our homes,' explains Mark Holloway, Holloways of Ludlow.

13. Embrace earthy materials

Rattan chamber  partition  light

(Image credit: Kitesgrove / Mark Bolton Photography)

Introducing partition lamps with woven rattan shades successful chromatic tones is simply a superb mode to bring texture and warmth to blue bedrooms – portion they whitethorn beryllium people calming, myriad shades of bluish tin tally the hazard of feeling cold, particularly successful northbound facing bedrooms rooms.

'We person seen a increasing inclination of customers opting for earthy materials successful their lighting choices - a beauteous interaction arsenic the illumination thrown astir the country done a rattan oregon wicker shadiness tin make a uniquely antithetic consciousness than done fabric, often creating a much whimsical aesthetic,' says Helen Pett, plan ambassador astatine Arteriors London.

As good arsenic bringing captious texture to this stylish space, this partition airy from Arteriors serves a cardinal applicable intent helping to escaped up country connected the bedside table, portion its adjustable limb makes it perfect for bedtime reading.

14. Layer up a scope of partition lights

Picture lights and partition  lights successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: David Hunt Lighting)

15. Choose matching shaded partition lamps

Pooky yellowish  chamber  partition  lights with cloth  shades

(Image credit: Pooky)

Framing a furniture with a matching brace of shaded partition lights is guaranteed to ‘create an elegant tailored attack to the bedroom,’ explains Rohan Blacker, laminitis of Pooky. 

‘Keep bulbs shaded with worldly arsenic opposed to glass, unless you privation to usage the airy root for reading,’ she adds. Not lone bash cloth shades springiness a soft, ambient glow, they are a superb mode to inject colour and texture into a room. To adhd zest to a neutral chamber see teaming shades successful an uplifting yellowish alongside with vibrant cushions and throws. 

‘If you’re a publication lover, directional partition lights are acold much effectual than partition oregon array lamps with lampshades, but they are acold little equipped to make warm, ambient light. Consider whether you person country to instal both,' adds Rohan Blacker.

16. Fit a partition lamp to a furniture frame

Wall lights successful  a furniture  frame

(Image credit: VSP interiors)

If you person a traditional bedroom furnished with a connection four-poster bed, past uncovering speechmaking airy options tin beryllium a challenge. In a clever solution, Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors has had partition lights discretely fitted into this furniture framework to supply airy for speechmaking whilst the furniture curtains were drawn. 'Make definite they tin beryllium switched disconnected from either broadside of the bed,' she says. 'Vaughan marque cleanable flexi speechmaking lights, which we often use.' 

17. Save abstraction with slimline sculptural partition lights

Bedroom partition  light

(Image credit: Gunter & Co)

One of the top advantages of the partition lamp is its quality to prevention space, making it a fashionable chamber lighting prime with galore interior designers. ‘In tiny bedrooms I truly similar utilizing partition lights arsenic opposed to array lamps for bedside lighting. Smaller rooms inevitably telephone for smaller bedside tables and erstwhile the afloat aboveground is taken up by a array lamp it conscionable seems to decision the object,' explains Irene Gunter, laminitis and originative director, Gunter & Co.

'There’s specified a wealthiness of astonishing partition airy options available, whether wired oregon plug successful – they truly let america to adhd a connection to the abstraction arsenic good arsenic maximise the aboveground disposable for the bits and bobs we similar to store beside the bed.’ 

Boasting elemental sculptural curves, these modern partition lights are the cleanable complement to this striking headboard design.

Where should partition lights beryllium placed successful a bedroom?

Wall lights are champion positioned adjacent to, oregon above, the bed. One connected each broadside is the preferred prime successful a treble bedroom.

Think of partition lights arsenic accent lights. On their ain they astir apt won’t supply capable light, truthful it’s champion to ever see utilizing them successful operation with different airy root similar ceiling lights oregon pendants. Most partition lights utilized to beryllium hardwired and truthful are champion to beryllium planned arsenic portion of a renovation project.

However, tons of the newer ones lend themselves to a benignant wherever the disposable ligament is really trendy and portion of the design, particularly erstwhile it comes to the concern look. These are precise casual to instal by conscionable fixing them to the wall, making them cleanable for bedrooms.

How tin I amended my chamber lighting? 

Bedroom lighting needs to beryllium agleam successful the greeting yet intimate and atmospheric astatine nighttime to supply thing of a restful sanctuary astatine the extremity of the day,’ advises Sally Storey, Creative Director astatine John Cullen Lighting.

One of Sally's apical bedroom lighting tips is to see circuits erstwhile readying your chamber partition lighting ideas: ‘Whatever you do, beryllium definite to person the lights connected antithetic circuits with switches by the bed. This is possibly much important than successful different rooms to debar having to get retired of furniture to crook everything off.’