Bedroom wallpaper ideas – add pattern, texture and character to your bedroom

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Picking the close wallpaper for your chamber tin beryllium a tricky task, you ideally privation the abstraction to beryllium a calming, relaxing retreat whilst inactive retaining quality and personality. Whether you privation to wallpaper the full country oregon conscionable sections, determination are an array of options and designs to take from.

When choosing chamber wallpaper, arsenic with any

chamber ideas

and decor, the questions we inquire ourselves are: 'Do I emotion it enough? Is it a cleanable lucifer for me? Will it last?'

The assortment of chamber wallpaper options and latest bedroom wallpaper trends amusement a spectrum of classical and modern styles, truthful extended preliminary probe volition ever wage dividends, particularly successful specified adventurous times for design.

Bedroom wallpaper ideas

Be inspired by this cautiously curated enactment of our favourite chamber wallpaper ideas to make your ain imagination wall decor for the bedroom.

1. Evoke a tropical paradise

Bedroom wallpaper ideas featuring a grey  tropical people     with ochre headboard, cushions and partition  lighting.

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

Even if you don't unrecorded successful a balmy equatorial climate, that doesn't person to halt you introducing a amusive and tropical consciousness into your location done your chamber wallpaper ideas.

This style, often inspired by planetary traveller’s expeditions, with a affluent palette of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and ochre tin adhd warmth and extent to the bedroom. A stand-out palm-print wallpaper volition anchor the full look of a room, and this hazy mentation is simply a caller instrumentality connected the classical greenish thenar leaves.

The earthy ochre of the linen headboard and the pinch of ginger successful the cushions against the tropical pictorial wallpaper successful this gray chamber idea evokes the representation of faraway shores.

Tana Grisaille wallpaper panel, 220x200cm, Ananbo

2. Be inspired by nature

Bedroom with green, botanical wallpaper, bluish  furniture  with bluish  duvet cover, orangish  bedside array  with array  lamp

(Image credit: Future)

Here, a botanical, leafage patterned wallpaper creates a calming allure. United with contrasting colors, textures and patterns, the wallpaper's notation to quality grounds the modern strategy with a much accepted style. Bringing the outdoors wrong is simply a large mode to make a tranquil space, perfect for a bedroom.

3. Clash with graphic patterns

Geometric chamber  wallpaper successful  a dark, moody chamber  strategy  with mismatched patterns including 2  antithetic  rug designs, floral bedlinen and spotty pillows.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

The chamber is simply a fantastic spot to experimentation with daring patterns and a melodramatic colour palette. This strategy mixes bold geometrics with contrasting bedroom colour ideas and patterns to make a vibrant country that is bursting with joie de vivre.

Graphic geometrics signifier the starting constituent of the decor, with the monochrome tumbling artifact wallpaper and pastel rug. Keeping furnishings elemental allows for experimentation with florals, carnal prints and spots for the bedlinen and model treatments. Using a assortment of scales volition adhd to the ocular impact.

4. Opt for an English folly revival

bedroom with floral wallpaper, acheronian  woody  level  and furniture, metallic  4  poster bed

(Image credit: Future)

At erstwhile whimsical and unashamedly bold, this heavy patterned style, which unites eclectic finds and architectural detailing, is present calling from crossed the ages.

In this strategy the floral wallpaper works good with the acheronian woody flooring and furniture, creating a timeless, accepted feel. The metallic 4 poster furniture adds texture and contrast, finished with calming achromatic furniture linen and a achromatic bedside lamp to bring each elements together.

5. Work successful vibrant abstracts

Bright, abstract wallpaper ideas for bedrooms illustrated successful  blue, pinkish  and grey  with matching headboard and a pinkish  and achromatic  dressed bed.

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

As acold arsenic headboard ideas go, this is 1 of our favourites. Using the aforesaid plan for your headboard and the partition down makes a wonderfully bold statement. Complementary overgarment shades that echo and enlarge the motif connected the partition and the extra-wide headboard plan unites the 2 spaces.

6. Decorate with lipstick pinks

geometric pinkish  wallpaper with braided earthy  partition  lamp, pinkish  and yellowish  accessories

(Image credit: Future)

Opting for a palette of pinks and earthy tones creates a agleam yet calming chamber space. For pink chamber ideas, this wallpaper successful pinkish and acheronian orangish forms a striking, geometric element. Paired with accessories that reflector the wallpaper's colors but successful earthy textures creates an wide cohesive, relaxing consciousness that subtly references the extracurricular world.

7. Revisit state location interiors

bedroom with airy   greenish  floral wallpaper, woody  level  and furniture, painted airy   greenish  doorframe

(Image credit: Future)

Country wallpaper ideas, afloat of whimsical patterns and relaxing colors are cleanable for the bedroom, bringing a wonderfully cosseting consciousness to this state location bedroom. 

The quintessential English benignant has been rejuvenated without losing its classical entreaty here. The timeless floral signifier creates a pleasing and inviting ambiance successful the bedroom, with the calming greenish colour prime preventing the wide effect from feeling overpowering. The earthy materials specified arsenic the acheronian woody flooring and furnishings nexus the full strategy beautifully to quality and the outdoors.

8. Transport yourself to warmer climes

Bold bluish  and greenish  bedroom, greenish  thenar  people     wallpaper with bluish  bed, woody  array  and earthy  pendant lights

(Image credit: Future)

With its casual premix of energetic prints and tactile weaves, the latest instrumentality connected tropical benignant volition transport you to lukewarm Hawaiian shores.

For those looking to indulge a emotion of colour and pattern, this bold thenar plan with its heavy blues and caller greens is simply a colorful accent partition idea that serves arsenic an exuberant focal point. 

Plain bedlinen keeps the look balanced, portion contrasting patterns and textures tin adhd accent to the tropical theme, particularly moving with earthy materials specified arsenic wood and rattan. 

9. Wow with red

Bedroom wallpaper ideas shown successful  a agleam  reddish  and achromatic  pattern, with reddish  and achromatic  striped rug and a 4  poster bed.

(Image credit: Polly Wreford)

A bold reddish colour is often considered a daring prime for interiors, but red chamber ideas utilized creatively tin present a invited burst of vigor and flamboyance. 

Simple achromatic furnishings and plain achromatic linens are the cleanable foil for vibrant chamber wallpaper ideas similar this one, arsenic they assistance to support a calm and modern consciousness successful a agleam oregon patterned scheme.

10. Make it monochrome

bedroom with monochrome, botanical wallpaper, achromatic  linen with bluish  painted chamber  door

(Image credit: House Marie)

Black and achromatic chamber ideas volition ever beryllium timeless, and you tin marque a existent connection with wallpaper. A diagnostic partition successful a monochrome people works perfectly successful a chamber mounting wherever you tin bring successful colour done different elements specified arsenic bedding, cushions and throws. 

This is an perfect prime if you’re disquieted astir choosing the best chamber colors erstwhile decorating, arsenic the look and colour palette tin beryllium updated easy and cheaply done accessorizing.

11. Look to nature

Floral patterned chamber  wallpaper ideas successful  beige, with achromatic  chamber  furnishings  and a tiny  gold-framed coating  resting connected  the headboard.

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Bedrooms and floral wallpapers are a lucifer made successful heaven. However, gone are the days of overly fussy and engaged prints.

'When the satellite astir america feels a small uncertain, what could beryllium much welcoming than this chamber successful Hegemone wallpaper with its wonderfully optimistic feel,' says Farrow & Ball's Color Curator, Joa Studholme. 

'Florals link america backmost to quality and marque america consciousness protected, peculiarly erstwhile colored successful these lukewarm reddish based neutrals. However, this is not a dainty oregon ceremonial floral – this signifier is yet relaxed, with the blooms ranging freely implicit the walls giving it a faintly nostalgic aerial which is arsenic comforting arsenic it is stylish.'

12. Pick a calming green

Bright chamber  with botanical greenish  wallpaper, vibrant yellowish  4  poster furniture  and accessories, woody  rocking chair

(Image credit: Future)

We automatically subordinate greenish with being successful nature, which is an incredibly calming feeling. This colour inclination has already taken off, with green room ideas and green surviving country ideas increasing successful popularity, but the tendency for calm has brought it into the bedroom. 

Even a busier print, specified arsenic the 1 shown above, gives disconnected that peaceful consciousness of quality erstwhile utilized successful a green bedroom scheme. The agleam yellowish accessories and 4 poster furniture framework signifier an elegant opposition with the accepted woody furnishings and greenish wallpaper, adding a dynamic, modern borderline to the full space. 

Which wallpaper is champion for the bedroom?

A wallpaper makeover could beryllium conscionable what your chamber needs for a elemental yet striking transformation. There are galore antithetic chamber wallpaper ideas and styles to see erstwhile it comes to choosing a look you’ll love. 

Your chamber should beryllium a spot to unwind and unbend aft a engaged time or, successful the lawsuit of guest bedrooms, a abstraction to marque visitors consciousness welcome, truthful selecting the close wall decor ideas is captious successful dictating the temper you privation to create. Emma Coyles, stylist astatine Sanderson & Morris & Co. states, successful the chamber 'more subdued palettes tin often marque a look consciousness safer, and much tranquil. On the different hand, the chamber is simply a profoundly idiosyncratic space, truthful immoderate volition spell bold to make a much self-empowering space'.

New developments and incremental advances successful exertion are giving designers greater state to prosecute ideas, shaking disconnected the restrictions imposed by accepted accumulation methods. 

Whether your benignant is classic, modern oregon an effortless premix of both, a greater knowing of the applicable elements of chamber wallpaper ideas volition counsel your head, truthful you tin travel your heart.

bedroom with wallpaper diagnostic   wall, survey  abstraction  with woody  table  and chair

(Image credit: Future)

How bash I take a wallpaper for my bedroom?

Let's commencement with chamber wallpaper quality. Many wallpapers are printed connected accepted paper, its prime graded by weight. 

Vinyl partition coverings person a insubstantial backing beneath a washable furniture of vinyl connected which the plan is printed. Manufacturers are progressively turning to non-woven paper, a blend of polyester fibres and cellulose from wood pulp. 

Unlike accepted wallpaper which is pasted connected the backmost and indispensable beryllium allowed to grow earlier being hung, non-woven is applied to the pasted wall. It is stronger than accepted wallpaper, hard to teardrop and overmuch easier to lucifer drops accurately.

But which wallpaper ideas and designs to choose? As we said above, the chamber is simply a spot to relax, truthful you ideally privation to take a calming plan – but, really, spell with what you emotion (and tin carnivore to aftermath up to aft a mates of glasses of vino excessively galore connected a Saturday night). 

More than immoderate different abstraction successful the house, the chamber is simply a profoundly idiosyncratic room, and should beryllium decorated to delight nary 1 but you.

bedroom with floral, william morris wallpaper connected  walls and ceiling, finished with accents of reddish  paint, maximalist chamber  decor

(Image credit: Archive by Sanderson Design)

How overmuch wallpaper bash I request for a bedroom?

There is simply a calculation successful interiors to enactment retired however overmuch wallpaper you need: (width of the partition + repeat) x tallness of the partition = X sq m. 

There is simply a batch of proposal retired determination connected how to wallpaper a room, truthful if you similar to support beingness simple, astir brands person wallpaper calculators connected their website, oregon other their experts volition beryllium capable to advise. Make definite to origin successful astatine slightest 10 per cent other for trimming and adjusting for signifier matching.