Best indoor plants – 10 top plants to grow at home

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Discover the champion 10 indoor plants to adhd colour and involvement to each country with our easy-to-follow guide. Full of adept tips arsenic to which location plants volition past champion successful your home, you tin banish immoderate worries of greenish fingered failures for good. 

From statuesque favorites specified arsenic the Swiss Cheese works and Kentia thenar to the smaller but conscionable arsenic spectacular Calathea and Anthuriums, you tin larn however to marque assured location works choices and capable your location with undemanding but ace stylish plants.

With astir indoor plants originating from the tropics, there’s a wide scope of antithetic works shapes and habits to take from too. While dainty trailing beauties specified arsenic String of Hearts and the funny Jade necklace vine volition look stunning cascading from a precocious support oregon mantlepiece, a ample glossy leaved Elephant’s Ear oregon Kentia thenar volition bash a fantastic occupation of cozying up an bare corner. Then, of course, determination are air cleaning indoor plants to consider, too.

Best indoor plants

Leading works writer Veronica Peerless, writer of How Not To Kill Your Houseplant (published by Dorling Kindersley) explains, ‘There’s a horticultural saying of ‘Right plant, Right place’ and this surely applies to location plants arsenic good arsenic those successful the garden. Be realistic erstwhile it comes to placing a works indoors, see its applicable needs arsenic good arsenic your aesthetic perfect and beryllium prepared to compromise.’ 

Below, we archer you which location plants are the champion acceptable for you and your home.

1. String of hearts

String of hearts plant

(Image credit: Alamy)

Extremely casual to look after, this delicate trailing works is precise tolerant and undemanding. Pairs of tiny bosom shaped leaves are silver-grey with a rose-pink underside. Just similar a succulent it stores h2o successful its agelong stems, and these tin scope up to six and fractional ft (2m) long. As a result, this works looks stunning connected a support oregon popped into a hanging planter supra the stairs oregon window.

Happy astatine astir country temperatures, conscionable debar draughts oregon nonstop sun, it tends to similar moist but not waterlogged soil. Want to springiness it an occasional boost? Then mist with a h2o spray and popular by a model for a fewer hours successful the greeting oregon evening.

2. Snake works oregon Sansevieria

Snake works  successful  a bedroom

(Image credit: Alamy)

It’s the striped and twisting sword-like leaves that makes this works truthful dramatic. Tough and highly drought tolerant, it is often referred to arsenic mother-in-law’s lingua – and makes the cleanable showstopper connected a broadside array oregon sitting neatly successful a corner. 

There are plentifulness of antithetic varieties of snake works to take from, including dwarf varieties specified arsenic Sansevieria fischeri astatine 16 inches (40cm) up to 3-4ft (91-121cm) for Masoniana and trifasciata types. Relatively dilatory growing, they tin header with debased airy conditions but volition turn faster successful brighter conditions. 

Native to westbound Africa these plants tin enactment extracurricular successful HDSA zones 9-12. They volition dice though if near successful temperatures beneath 50℉ oregon exposed to frost. During outpouring and summertime h2o erstwhile a week but bash driblet to erstwhile a period successful autumn and wintertime erstwhile the works is dormant.

3. Peace lily

Peace lily

(Image credit: Alamy)

The epitome of elegance, the Peace lily with its glossy teardrop shaped leaves and axenic achromatic flowers is 1 of the astir fashionable indoor plants. Effortlessly chic, they radiate tranquillity and simplicity but tin beryllium a small temperamental astatine times. They bash similar moist soil, but the bully quality is that these plants volition archer you erstwhile they are thirsty arsenic the leaves volition droop. Pop it adjacent to the ablution for the occasional boost oregon mist with a h2o spray. 

Do debar nonstop prima hitting the foliage arsenic it volition scorch, but spot successful a light, agleam spot for the healthiest heavy greenish leaves. This works reaches astir 30 inches precocious (75cm) and volition thrive successful temperatures 64-75℉ (18-24°C) but tin header with lows of 53℉ (12°C).

4. Monstera deliciosa oregon Swiss Cheese Plant

Plants to debar  successful  the bathroom

(Image credit: istock)

Giant glossy leaves and tropical vibes – what’s not to similar astir Monstera deliciosa - oregon the Swiss Cheese Plant arsenic it’s besides known. Native to Mexico and Central America it’s an indoor works that makes a large interaction and looks fantastic. 

‘Think of the clime and conditions successful the rainforest, wherever these plants travel from,’ says Mark Lawlor of Happy Houseplants. ‘Humidity is high, rainfall is occasional and heavy, airy is agleam but usually shaded by taller trees. You tin replicate these conditions successful a steamy room oregon bath astatine home, and adjacent successful a lukewarm surviving room!’

These instantly recognizable plants are climbers with aerial roots, truthful indoors they bash request to beryllium trained up moss screen poles to mimic the trees it clings to successful the wild. Indoors it tin turn up to 78 inches (2m) high, but the size of cookware volition bounds its growth. Preferring lukewarm temperatures of betwixt 64-80℉ (18-27°C) it tin tolerate chilly conditions down to 53℉ (12°C). Do debar acold drafts.

5. ZZ works oregon Zamioculcas zamiifolia oregon Zanzibar Gem

Zamioculcas zamiifolia houseplant

(Image credit: Alamy)

Fancy a houseplant that looks similar nary other? Then the ZZ works oregon ric-rac works is simply a must. Dark glossy slender leaves with chiseled undulating edges, it makes a existent interaction placed connected its ain connected a broadside oregon java table. 

A precise undemanding plant, it volition merrily thrive successful a shady spot arsenic good arsenic indirect airy and is blessed to beryllium basal bound, reducing the request for regular repotting. Extremely drought tolerant and hard to kill, the gangly foliage dilatory grows up to 3ft (just nether 1m) precocious and prefers temperatures of 59–75℉ (15°C to 24°C).

One other bonus is that the ZZ works besides has aerial purifying capabilities, removing harmful compounds specified arsenic benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene. Give it an other maturation boost by feeding it with liquid fertilizer erstwhile per period successful outpouring and summer.

6. Philodendron 

Philodendron houseplant with trailing leaves

(Image credit: Alamy)

If you are aft a tall, upright works that won’t invade your abstraction past effort a philodendron. A ample leaved climber hailing from the Caribbean, it loves agleam airy positions but tin besides header with a spot of shade. 

A earthy and prolific climber, it tin beryllium trained up a mossy rod and looks stunning successful a raised planter. ‘These plants volition thrive successful astir each levels of humidity, nevertheless placing them successful precocious humidity environments volition promote larger leaves,’ accidental the works experts at Hortology. They besides suggest to, ‘Increase the bushiness of this works by pinching retired aft a leafage node connected azygous stems. This volition beforehand disconnected shoots and much branches, meaning much leaves.’

With implicit 489 taxon to take from you won’t beryllium near wanting. Preferring a humid environment, you whitethorn privation to occasionally mist your works oregon spot it successful a steamy bathroom. Temperatures of betwixt 60-75℉ (16 – 24°C) are perfect for this quality and carnivore successful caput that it tin turn up to 13ft (4m) truthful you whitethorn request to trim it arsenic needed.

7. Succulents


(Image credit: Getty Images)

With their intriguing and intricate shapes, succulents are hugely fashionable plants – some indoors and out. Gynelle Lyon writer of Prick, (published Mitchell Beazley) says, ‘the word "succulent" refers to those plants, that implicit clip person undergone modifications to their signifier and structure. These person resulted successful a immense fig of weird and fantastic plants that are not lone pugnacious but besides elemental to grow.’

Varying successful shape, size, colour and height, these small gems marque a fantastic indoor show grouped unneurotic successful idiosyncratic pots lined up connected support oregon model ledge oregon planted en masse arsenic a array focal point. Echeveria, sedum, lithops and haworthia are each easy found, decorative and emotion a bright, sunny spot. Avoid humid areas specified arsenic bathrooms oregon kitchens, alternatively opt for adust conditions with lukewarm temperatures from 64-75℉ (18 – 24°C). Allow the compost to adust retired wholly earlier watering thoroughly, avoiding the rosettes oregon glaucous leaves arsenic this volition origin the works to rot.

8. Pothos oregon Devils ivy

Pothos works  attraction   - pothos works  connected  windowsill with watering can

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Easy to attraction for and highly rewarding, Pothos are ample leaved climbers (or trailers depending connected your preference) are prolific and astir thrive connected neglect. With a immense scope of antithetic colored foliage to take from; neon greenish and metallic bluish greenish are conscionable 2 striking options, you tin adhd existent interaction to practically immoderate country successful the house. The fleshy stems tin scope up to 65ft positive (20m+) successful the chaotic but are apt to scope little indoors. Trim if needed.

Preferred country temperatures scope from 50-73℉ (10 – 24°C) and though they bash similar humid conditions lone h2o erstwhile the apical 2 inches of compost are dry. The leaves thin to curl somewhat erstwhile thirsty.

9. Peacock works oregon calathea

Small peacock works  successful  bluish  vase

(Image credit: Happy Houseplants)

Proud owners of the astir decorative foliage; peacock plants person fantastically striped leaves successful shades of green, yellow, pinkish and white. ‘Sometimes referred to arsenic the supplication works due to the fact that its leaves prevarication level during the time and fold upwards astatine night, arsenic if successful prayer,’ explains Mark Lawlor of Happy Houseplants. 

Big fans of lukewarm humid conditions, these plants similar toasty temperatures of astir 64-75℉ (18 – 24°C) and payment from a regular misting. ‘Overwatering is simply a communal mistake with Maranta; alternatively than travel a routine, deliberation astir however overmuch sunshine your works receives done the day. Overwatered Maranta volition amusement signs of distress, specified arsenic yellowing leaves. When successful doubt, travel the elemental regularisation 'drench past drought', ensuring the ungraded ever dries retired betwixt waterings,’ continues Mark. 

Place them successful nonstop but not beardown airy – a northbound oregon eastbound facing model is perfect – for the champion leafage coloring.

10. Bromeliads


(Image credit: Alamy)

Exotic and highly colored – these tropical plants emotion agleam sunny spots and are easy-to-grow, agelong lasting location plants. From the centre of the heavy tube-like rosettes of foliage, the works produces a brilliantly colored angiosperm spike – this tin beryllium fuchsia, orange, yellowish oregon reddish depending connected assortment – and they marque a spectacular indoor feature.

In the wild, h2o people collects successful the lowest ‘cup’ of leaves truthful imitate this erstwhile watering the works indoors. Empty the h2o retired play to region immoderate collected insects and debris. 

Fans of a changeless somesthesia of 59℉ (15°C), these antithetic plants besides admit their leaves being misted erstwhile a week during summer. Increase humidity further by lasting the works connected a gravel filled saucer partially filled with water. Do debar leaving the roots successful lasting h2o though, arsenic this tin origin the works to suffocate.

What is the champion indoor plant?

Definitely a substance of idiosyncratic opinion, but 1 of the astir awesome and hard to termination indoor plants is the Kentia thenar (below and top). Able to header with astir airy conditions this elegant thenar grows up to 10ft (3m) tall, has slender leaves, casting beauteous shadows and simply oozes people and sophistication. Pop it successful a cookware distant from nonstop airy and it volition beryllium blessed with minimal fuss.

‘The aureate regularisation is not to permission this works sitting successful water,’ accidental the squad astatine Crocus. ‘They similar a moist ungraded but don't similar to person their roots sodden, truthful consciousness the apical of the ungraded earlier watering. In the wintertime it volition inactive request watering but not arsenic much.‘

Indoor plants including Kentia Palm

(Image credit: Alamy)

What is the champion location works for a surviving room? 

Fibrous and rhizomatous begonias marque fantabulous houseplants acknowledgment to their highly decorative foliage. Finding them a agleam spot but retired of nonstop sunlight is cardinal to their occurrence on with immoderate humidity. ‘Begonia’ Gryphon’ is grown for its fantastic architectural foliage,’ says works specializer Sarah Raven. ‘The maple-shaped leaves are heavy green, marked with metallic connected their aboveground and acheronian reddish beneath making it a striking statement.’

Overwatering is simply a communal occupation with begonias truthful bash hold until the leaves statesman to droop earlier watering. Avoid getting immoderate h2o connected the leaves arsenic this tin pb to fungal illness and powdery mildew. You volition request to cognize how to overwinter begonias if you privation to turn them outdoors.

begonia picotee sunburst orangish  blooms

(Image credit: Farmer Gracy)

Watering indoor plants

More location plants are killed disconnected by overwatering than thing else. In our keenness to nurture and capable our homes with lush foliage we thin to scope for the watering can, but this is often not the answer. Plant writer Veronica Peerless says, ‘Indoor plants request little h2o than we realize. Use the ungraded arsenic an indicator. It’s good for the apical inch to beryllium adust but if its much past it’s clip to soak the plant. Soak the plant, successful its integrative cookware for 30 minutes, let it to drain earlier popping it backmost successful place.’